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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

DH6's Royal Rumble Feedback

~First time ever reading one of your shows, so I'll probably make stupid comments that you won't understand. Also, I'm sort of newbish, so that may also explain some of my comments

The opening video package was fabulous. It went along with the whole gimmick you had planned for the Royal Rumble.

I thought that we would kick things off with the World Tag Team Titles, but the United States Title is just as good. Realistic to have Kennedy talk on the microphone before his title defense. I think it would have been better for the face to go for the first pinning attempt of the matchup because it entertains the fans. Also, it's pretty realistic if you think about it. It was good that it was just a quick cover and that Matt kicked out before the two count. I like how your sentences are a fairly lengthy. For me, longer sentences are easier to read. Kennedy hitting a dropkick took me by surprise, but at least you're mixing up his moveset a bit. It was realistic because if he can hit a Kenton Bomb, then he can hit a dropkick. Smart booking decision to have Kennedy still holding the title from July. This gives him some strength as well as credibility, which might even help him win a World Title eventually. I found it a little strange that the heel got the better of the face in the opening, because having the face gain control in the first few minutes usually gets the crowd into the match. Matt hitting a Moonsault so early in the matchup took me by surprise. It's good that you're making him more extreme, because it suits him. The eye poke was the obvious momentum and control changer, and it was a good move to swing the momentum over to Kennedy. Kennedy's offense didn't last long, though, but it still worked to get him over more. Matt seems to be more of a daredevil in your thread, and I'm liking it. Some great back and forth action as the match was developing. I thought it would have been over after the Facewash, but I guess I was mistaken. The Twist of Fate was probably the best finish you could use. A roll-up also could have gotten the job done, but the Twist of Fate was even better. 9/10

JBL as your SmackDown! General Manger is very interesting. Don't think everyone would leave on a 'break', but I guess it worked for what you had planned for the segment. This segment was fantastic, and I could really picture it. Some good humor in it too which helped it out a lot. 10/10

This match is obviously the weakest match on the card, but I still think it will deliver. I'm not sure if the Haas/Flair team is like a veteran taking a rookie underneath his wing or something with that similarity. Having Haas and Benjamin was a good way to start things off since they were former partners. The slap on Flair really surprised me, and I didn't think it was totally necessary. Haas got beat down without Flair even getting in the ring, which I don't think was the greatest decision. But Flair not entering makes the fans even more anxious and excited when he finally does enter the match. Good that Flair finally did get in the match because I think if you left him out too long, the fans might get a little upset and maybe even bored. Flair's offense when he entered didn't last as long as it should've, but having the youngsters get back on the attack was good. The match felt too back and forth, and having the heel team get more of an advantage might have helped. The finish was good, and Burke/Benjamin getting the win was a little surprising, but it was quite realistic, imo. Good decision to get the titles off of Haas/Flair, and we'll have to wait and see what's next for them. 8.5/10

The sending a message paragraph with Orton here was absolutely brilliant. I have a lot of trouble writing Orton for some reason, but this paragraph showed me that Orton can be written extremely well. I think it would be better if you put the crowd's reaction, because they would have reacted a lot for this interview. The first paragraph was definitely the best of the interview, imo, but the rest was still really well done. 10/10

Surprised to find out that RVD's title reign as WWE Champion lasted seven and a half months. Probably the biggest push of his life, and he deserves it. Good guy to do it with, but not really liking that it ended in an Elimination Chamber. But that's in the past, and the main focus is the current match, of which I predict Orton will win. It's questionable considering Orton got more momentum heading into the Rumble, but for BTB, I don't think people judge it on who walks in to the match with the momentum. Having the crowd chant "E-C-W" is very realistic, and shows just how over RVD is over with the crowd. Maybe that chant could eventually change to "R-V-D" because that would put him over as a WWE Superstar, and not just with what he did in ECW. You have your own way of writing matches. When I say that, I mean you don't have the face gets control, then the heel dominates, then the face comes back again. I still think it would have been better to have RVD get the advantage right off the back, as it would have gotten the fans more into the match. The first little bit was all Orton, and I thought Van Dam would actually get right back in it quickly after the first cover. Rob manages to come back after the submission attempt, but having the heel try and submit the face before the face gets in any offense is too unrealistic. Rob's first moves were his tandem offense, which was good, as it opened him up if that makes any sense. Hard to explain it, but what I mean is having RVD use his quick moves like that as his first moves signals that a fair bit of the match will feature quick paced moves. The R-V-D thumb taunt is an excellent way to book Van Dam after he has just demolished his opponent with his traditional move set. Orton connects with a picture perfect dropkick~! Realistic, because Orton's dropkicks are pretty much picture perfect, and I really enjoy him using it. One of my favourite moves from his moveset, and I think it's in your best interest to keep it on him, though I'm sure you were going to unless he all of a sudden has a gimmick change. No gimmick change please. Back to the match (I get carried away sometimes ). A little not, I'm not sure if clothes lining is supposed to be together as clotheslining, but that's just me. I know Spell Check says differently (I believe), but it does that with a fair bit of wrestling terminology. Vertical suplex on the outside would be damage inflicting, and it might even give Van Dam a reason to target Orton's back. Spinning Heel Kick to the back!! I'm a huge fan of this move (seems as if I'm a fan of every move), and it really goes over well with the fans, especially the ones sitting at ringside. I think it would be better if you showed the referee's countout ten count, as it would be slightly more realistic, tbh. It's a shame Van Dam's first cover didn't come until about 5 minutes in, which makes him look weak. However, it's not too bad because the fans probably aren't timing the match. The roll up followed by a cradle was excellent, especially since both got near falls. Springboard Cross Body into the barricade~!~! Total awesomeness, even though I'm seeing one of my favourite wrestlers crash and burn. Good way to get the crowd's hopes down. That sounds awfully mean, but it's true Take away what I had said earlier about the count out, because I realize now that you are doing it, and maybe when RVD did hit the vertical suplex earlier, the referee just didn't have time. **Just reading now that you put he didn't, extremely sorry for missing this ** ECW Originals 'getting rowdy'. Haha, interesting wording that gave me a laugh or two. But good to have this, as it's very realistic. Smart to have Orton use that Backbreaker of his. I think RVD would sell it perfectly, but that's just me. MOONSAULT!!! Sorry, I always mark out when Rob connects with a top rope move, especially something as high-impact and credible as a moonsault. Having Orton kicking out just before the three count is very realistic, tbh, because I don't think Van Dam's Moonsault has enough credibility to get the three. RVD getting his foot on the ropes kept the credibility in tact of Orton's DDT, which was good. RVD KICKS OUT OF THE PUNT!! This would be very unrealistic, imo, unless you've lowered it's level of credibility in your thread, because in that case, it would be fine. RVD getting his foot at the ropes again is a little too much, even though it was underneath the ropes. I think one person should only get to the ropes during a pin just once in a match. Despite the fact that Rob kicked out of the punt, it was good that you continuously had Rob sell the move. Van Dam hitting a Double Underhook Facebuster surprised me, because isn't it basically a Pedigree? I think I'm wrong, but I'm not quite sure on what exactly the move is. GOES FOR THE 5 STAR -- BUT NO!!! Sorry, I'm really getting into this match, and missing the 5 Star Frog Splash was a defining moment, tbh. An ECW Original interfering was expected -- but he hits RVD and Orton takes him out! Good finish right there, lots of controversy in my opinion. Fabulous match, and Orton retaining was quite suspected. 9.5/10

~Can't wait for what you have in store for 'Mania. I like how it's in a smaller arena, not a stadium, because WrestleMania always needs to be in a smaller arena. I also like the 'hotter than hell' gimmick you've got going for it

Good little segment here with Orton and Edge, and I think they'll both go into 'Mania as champions. This segment wasn't all that great, but it got the point across, which is what matters. I didn't know they were apart of Rated RKO, even though they're on separate brands, so maybe you could give me some clarification on that. 8.5/10

Had no idea that Angle/Edge go so far back in your thread, even if they were on and off for a little while. It seems as if both main event matches have seen someone go through a table before the event, which is a little too much, imo. I like how they got right at it with some hard offense, because it shows just how important and rough this match is gonna be. Things got on the outside in a hurry, and Edge leaping off the top rope so early was quite a surprise. Angle using his quick instincts to send Edge over the barricade was smart writing, and much like Angle. Having wrestlers go into the crowd really gets the fans into the match, especially when it happens this early. Nothing wrong with doing it so early since it's a fairly intense rivalry for the World Title in an I Quit Match. I was really surprised that this match ends up going backstage. I didn't think it would happen, but I'll have to keep reading to see if they get back to ringside. German Suplex through a table! Huge moment, but would have been sold better if it was at ringside, tbh. Even more surprised that they end up going outside of the entire arena itself. I think this was a little overboard, but it was good for what it was worth. Slam into the car was complete brutality, and was fitting for the match gimmick you chose. I'm not sure how Edge and Angle could enter the arena, and immediately be at the stage where the superstars make their entrances. But excellent that they did get back into the arena, because I would be extremely disappointed if the whole match took place backstage and outside. However, I think you're too smart of a booker to do something like that. Hopefully the sign Edge took was from somebody who WWE has hired, because I would be pretty pissed if Edge walked up to me and ripped my sign Edge is bleeding! Wow, didn't expect that. I figured Angle would be the bleeder, or even the first to bleed, but I guess not. Back where we started in the center of the ring, which is always good. The 2x4 to the head was tremendously extreme, and some more buildup before hitting Edge could have really enhanced the moment. You put that Angle slid into the ring with another table, but I thought the table used was from backstage I'm confused, but maybe I misread something. THE CON-CHAIR-TO!! I honestly thought that would be it, since Edge has established it so well, but Angle saying no was just as expected, making this match pretty much unpredictable. That's obviously a compliment, because if something's unpredictable, you've booked it right. BACK BODY DROP THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE~! Holy shit moment right there, and also a priceless moment all the way. Realism and entertainment combined into one = 'Crimson Mask' -- really good description used often to describe a blood-covered face, so good terminology. Angle beating down on Edge with a pipe was sort of a way to let out Angle's frustrations, which is good. Burchill helps out Edge! Pretty much expected, and it looks as if Angle may possibly be screwed out of the title thanks to Burchill. A ladder gets involved~! Did not see that coming, and I'm thinking it could lead to the finish. Smashing the ladder onto the ankle would be killer, and I'm surprised that it wasn't the finish. Angle is busted open!! About time it happened, but at least it did happen. BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE!!! That would be awesome to witness, and I can picture it happening. Also, it's fairly realistic, which is good that you used it. The referee gets knocked down~! That's an obvious signal that there will be a controversal finish of some sort. Tape Recorder finish!! I give you props for this finish as it keeps the belt on Edge, but Angle keeps all of his credibility. This is one of the most controversal finishes I've ever read in a BTB, so again, props for that. 9/10

Nice little segment with Coach and JBL. Have no idea where JBL has to go. Maybe he's gonna interfere in the Rumble match? Who knows, but it will be interesting to see, for sure. 9.5/10

Tazz and JR can call the Rumble match extremely well, so good booking decision to choose them to call it. I think it would have been more believable if a video package was included, because video packages show the important of a match, imo. Number one entry is Finlay. I think that's a pretty good choice, but then John Cena's number two!! Wow, if you're shocking me before the match starts with entries, that's an obvious signal that this match is gonna be full of surprises. I look at Cena as somebody who enters after number 20, not as number 2. I don't see him winning now that he entered so late. You have a lot of detail between entrants, which is excellent and shows the amount of effort you've put in to the match. Finlay's fight in the beginning took me back a little bit, but I'm glad to know that Cena isn't Mr. Superman or anything, because that would mean he would win the match. Don't think Finlay would ever 'toy' with his opponents. He would probably just beat them down until they can't get up. Good that you had them try for eliminations before somebody else entered, because that's realistic and more entertaining for the Rumble Match. It seems as if Kenny is the number 3 jobber in a lot of threads, including mine (I think, can't even remember my own Rumble Match). Usually he's quickly eliminated and it's back to number one and two, but I guess you took a different approach than that. Matt Hardy as number four is a really good choice, especially since he's an upper mid-carder, the new United States Champion, and competed earlier tonight. Cena goes for the FU early, but no, Finlay gets out. I expect Cena to hit the FU eventually, even if it's out of the ring, but glad that it didn't happen so early. You kept Matt's momentum going by having him eliminate Dykstra. SHAWN MICHAELS!!! Wow, having Shawn come in at number five was totally unexpected. Sucks now because I don't think he'll win the match at number five, but I guess I'll wait and see what goes down. Shawn might get screwed by JBL, tbh, but I'm not quite sure. Quite a few big names here in the opening, which might be a little too overboard. Joey Mercury comes in, and shortly after, Joey Mercury goes out, courtesy of The Showstopper. Excellent decision, since by the sounds of the commentating, Mercury hasn't been doing much anyways. Didn't know Jamie Noble as been Cruiserweight Champion for a year. This makes him much stronger doing into the match for a Cruiserweight, so I expect he'll last a decent amount of time. Possibly another Cruiserweight will eliminate him to set up a match for the title at No Way Out, or even WrestleMania. Haas is a decent enough tag team competitor, so it's good you finally got one in the match. Number 8 is a good spot for Haas, so good booking. Mark Henry will probably dominate then get thrown out, so I'm just waiting for it. It could really work if Kane's number ten. Instead, Helms is number ten. I don't think this was the best number for Helms. Numbers 10, 20, and 30 should be for bigger names, even if you're pushing Helms. Finally we got some more eliminations going, but I think having Noble go out like that was a little upsetting, even if it was by Mark Henry. Finlay sure didn't last long, which was a shame, tbh.
Burke comes in and goes after Haas. Pretty obvious, yet realistic and effective . Brian Kendrick is a good number 12 entry, but with Mark Henry still in there, he'll probably get squashed quickly. But of course, you're too good of a booker for that and have Cena eliminate Henry. Superman, pft, but I guess it builds up Cena's strength and credibility. It's actually a good way to get rid of Henry, tbh. And then Haas gets vengeance from the tag team match earlier and eliminates Burke, which was also a good decision. Ric Flair as number 13?! I guess it's fitting since you have him as a tag team wrestler. Haas and Flair teaming up when Flair entered was a no surprise, and was a great way to put the two over as a team. I figured Haas and Flair would double team and eliminate somebody shortly after Flair entered, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Jeff Hardy as entry number 14 is fairly good, and I can see him lasting quite a while. Having CM Punk enter at number 15 builds up his credibility in a way, and it was an alright choice for this entrant. CM Punk gets even more credibility by entering and quickly eliminating Helms, since I think Punk may be the only person in the match to have done this so far. And then J.Hardy gets rid of Haas, which was another good move because it separated a team, meaning that the matchup will slightly change. It's a shame that Nitro has entered and Mercury is gone, but this way it doesn't mean that the ring's been piling up with tag teams. Kane coming in was good, but I expected some eliminations to come, and it disappointed when he didn't get any before the next entrant. I guess having 9 superstars in the ring at once isn't that bad, though, because it's not overly crowded, but there are still a good enough to keep the match going. HAAS COSTS FLAIR WITH A DISTRACTION!!! Did not see that coming, but the attack afterwards was expected, and was appropriate. Sabu seems like a filler at number 18, but it doesn't matter, because it depends how you've booked him in your thread. If he's been booked half decent, some of that may drop because more people would be focused on Haas's attack than Sabu's entrance into the match, tbh. Sabu bringing the chair into the ring did give him the right attention, and it was excellently written. Realistic that Sabu would bring a chair with him, since it's pretty obvious he has anal sex with steel chairs JBL IS IN THE RUMBLE~! I did not see that one coming at all. I thought that he would screw somebody out, but I guess he's gonna compete. JBL going to the commentators table was great, and it suited him perfectly. Finlay comes back and eliminates Cena!! Finlay must have come from backstage since Cena eliminated him ages ago. Not really liking the fact that it could possibly be Cena/Finlay at WrestleMania, but if it does turn out to be that, I'll have to see how you book it.
Paul London as number 20 is too small of a name, and he enters, but his partner is out right away. That kinda was a let down, but I guess the fans can't get everything they want Nitro probably would have sold the Chokeslam to the outside well, so it was good for him to get eliminated like that. Commentators said Carlito hasn't been doing much lately in better words, which is a shame, tbh. He has great ability and potential, and hopefully you'll start to use him more in your thread. Double leg drops by the Hardys were good, but I'm disappointed it happened on HBK. None-the-less, the fans would have liked them. Mr. Kennedy as Number 22 is great, and Kennedy is definitely a favourite to win the Rumble now that he's lost his United States Championship. Kennedy talking on the microphone before he actually competed was unique, but I don't know if it should've happened. Kennedy targeting Matt Hardy is obvious realism. Batista as number 23 is also a great move, because I can actually see Batista going on to win the match. Batista eliminating Kane was huge, and it gave him a lot of momentum right off the back. JBL finally gets into the match, but Sweet Chin Music~! That was perfect, and it was unique booking to even include JBL in the matchup. Wow, all the big names are being saved up for the end, which is realistic. However, I think they should be spread out more, but that's just me. I don't see Jericho going to the end, but possibly final 6? Jericho got in, but didn't do much as Michaels put him to a halt. Sabu is eliminated thanks to Batista, which keeps his momentum going. This keeps my bets on Batista for winning the match. I'm glad you gave London some attention with some good offense, because we know he's not going to win so he needs to look good somehow. Umaga caused serious damage right away by eliminating London and Punk at the same time. This immediately got Umaga over as the unstoppable force of the match. Carlito going was alright, but I was hoping he would stick around a little longer. I'm surprised the Hardys haven't been separated yet, but I have a distinct feeling it will happen soon. Undertaker at Number 26! You're making it even more unpredictable on who's going to win. Undertaker was probably the best person to use to get rid of Umaga, but Batista eliminates Taker! I'm marking out since Batista's chances of winning keep getting better and better. MVP as lucky number 27 is an excellent entrant choice, but there's just no way that he's going to win, tbh. It became even more obvious that MVP wouldn't win when he hardly got any momentum when he entered. Matt had a good run in the match, which gave him more champion credibility, but Kennedy eliminating him was the best thing to do. Triple H as number 28 is another huge decision. Now I'm leaning towards Triple H winning, so excellent booking on your part making it extremely unpredictable. Batista, or Triple H, imo, but Shawn Michaels is the dark horse at this point. Jeff Hardy going short after Matt was also good, because finally getting rid of Hardys would do good favours at this point. Batista and Jericho teaming up is different, but I think it just happened, and it's not going to lead to anything.
I forgot about Shelton, but I guess it was because Burke was already eliminated. I expect Benjamin/Burke team to get quite a push, and I think it will really play into effect over the next couple of weeks. MVP didn't last the longest, but I think he got some decent credibility out of it. Rey Mysterio is Number 30~! Sort of shocked, and I don't think he's the best person you could choose for that entry. Mysterio and Shelton go at it, and Shelton getting eliminated was no surprise whatsoever. However, I think Shelton still made a name for himself in some sense. This next bit of action was fabulous, and I really enjoyed it. TRIPLE H ELIMINATES BATISTA!!!!! Did not see this coming this early, and Batista was my favourite to win!! This definitely puts Triple H over, but Batista put on an amazing showing and got a lot of credibility. The Triple H/Michaels moment was wonderful, and it would have gotten every single person in the arena standing on their feet, tbh. SHAWN MICHAELS ELIMINATES TRIPLE H!!! Wow, there goes the next obvious favourite, which leaves in my mind that Michaels is going to win. Kennedy is definitely an option, however. The action here was absolutely great, and Chris Jericho being the next to go wasn't a surprise, and it was the best booking decision you were left with. Kennedy eliminating Rey gets him a lot of strength to put himself up against the hometown boy Shawn Michaels in the final two. Kennedy just isn't ready for WrestleMani yet, tbh, so I can see HBK winning from Entry Number 5. Kennedy and Michaels put on a good one-on-one battle. SHAWN MICHAELS WINS THE RUMBLE!!!! It's absolutely incredible, tbh, and an excellent booking decision. I think it will be Michaels vs. Orton at 'Mania (Haven't read Raw so don't know if it's been announced), but I think Michaels vs. Edge would be far better. 10/10

Overall, all I can say is Wow. This was a fantastic event, and I had an awesome time reading it. Weakest match was the Tag Titles, but tbh, it wasn't really that weak of a match. The Royal Rumble Match had amazing detail, quality, and delivery, as did the entire event. Possibly PPV of the Year, without a doubt. Fantastic job! Overall Rating = 84/90 = 93%
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