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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling- Monday Nitro

The Main Event

The Nitro entrance video and theme plays to start the broadcast, and then cuts right to a video of the events that have taken place between Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, and Scott Steiner. The video shows Steiner taking out both men in the main event on the 05/07 edition of Nitro, and then the ending of the Steiner/Page match last week on Nitro, followed by Booker T chasing off Steiner, leading to a stare down between Page and Booker. The video ends, and Nitro cuts right to the ring, where Booker T and Eric Bischoff are standing in the ring. Eric is in a bland black suit, simply standing there. Booker is in his tan khaki slacks and shirt, the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Belt around his shoulder. Book has a microphone in his hand, and looks unhappy.

Booker T: Alright sucka’s, let’s get right to ‘dis thing. Ya see, da past two weeks, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner has been creatin’ some drama on Nitro. Two weeks ago, sucka took me and DDP both out, and then did a numba’ on Page again last week. And ya know, I was pretty pissed still about that chump takin’ me out da week before week, so I went out there an’ I was gonna put an end to this. I got ridda’ Poppa Pump, but this whole thing just couldn’t be over wit’. Diamond, you had to get all up in muh grill, and try n’ challenge me for my Dubya See Dubya World Heavyweight Championship.

Booker T stops, and paces the ring a bit. He wipes his mouth with his wrist, and then continues.

Booker T: So sucka’s, it seems ya’ both want a shot at my title. Steiner, Page, if ya both think ya can just waltz up and take muh World Heavyweight Title, then think again! I worked muh ass off ta’ get back dis title, and I ain’t lettin’ go of it that easily. I wanna keep this title around muh waist, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna be a chump like some of the other champions in WCW’s past; I’m gonna be a fightin’ champion! And that is why I have brought Eric down here with me tonight. Eric, you’re the President of WCW now, so Eric, I want you to do me a favor. Give me DDP and Scott Steiner at Slamboree!

The crowd erupts into huge cheers at Booker’s request. They definitely want to see Booker T versus Diamond Dallas Page versus Scott Steiner at Slamboree. Bischoff takes the mic from Booker T, and is ready to give his answer.

Eric Bischoff: Booker T, you want to face Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Steiner at Slamboree? Well then you got it! At Slamboree, Booker T will defend his WCW World Heavyweight Championship against Scott Steiner and Diamond Dallas Page in a triple threat match! And not only that, but tonight, you are all going to see a bit of a warm up for that match. Since it seems both you and Page are dying to get at Steiner the most, I have another announcement. Tonight, you, Booker T, are going to team up with DDP to take on Scott Steiner and his brother, Rick Steiner!

The crowd continues to cheer thunderous praises and screams of delight at the matches just made for tonight, and for Slamboree.

Bischoff: You want DDP? You want Scott Steiner? Well Booker, you got ‘em! Best of luck at Slamboree and tonight, but hey, enough of this crap. This is WCW Monday Nitro, so let’s get the show rolling!

Bischoff’s music hits, and he walks to the back while Booker soon follows. The camera’s then cut to the commentators.

Segment Rating: 81%

Tony Schiavone: Hello ladies and gentleman, and welcome to Monday Nitro! I am Tony Schiavone, alongside me is ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay, and Professor, what a night it will be!

Mike Tenay: What a night it has already been! We already have our main event signed for Slamboree, and our main event for tonight! Booker T versus DDP versus Scott Steiner at Slamboree for the WCW World Heavyweight Title! Booker T and DDP versus The Steiner Brothers tonight!

Schiavone: And not only that, but we will see the United States Title Tournament Semi-Finals as Hugh Morris takes on The Wall, with the winner moving on to face Lance Storm in the finals at Slamboree in six days time!

Tenay: Plus we’ll see Shane Helms versus Evan Karagias, a 4-team elimination match for the right to face Rey Misterio Jr. and Billy Kidman for the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles at Slamboree, and much, much, more!

Schiavone: This is a show you will not want to miss because this is our last stop before Slamboree, the WCW return to Pay Per View! It is going to be an excellent show at Slamboree and tonight, so don’t miss the action leading up to Slamboree!

Air Raid vs. Kwee-Wee & Lash Leroux vs. Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo vs. Yung Dragons- Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Number One Contenders Match

So it is our third Nitro of the “new” WCW, and the cruiserweight tag team division finally gets some TV time. However, it is safe to say no one is really into the cruiserweight tag team division, let alone the cruiserweight division, despite the good talent pool. It should be noted that Skipper and Romeo do not come out to the Team Canada music, and there is no mention of them being a part of Team Canada, verifying that Team Canada is indeed dead. Anyways, the match is elimination style, and the first team to be put away is the total makeshift team of Lash Leroux and Kwee-Wee. About three minutes into the match, Elix Skipper hits Kwee-Wee with the Play of the Day, eliminating Leroux and Kwee-Wee. The match moves down to six men, and it is a lot of flippy-floppy action by the cruiserweights, with Air Raid botching several of their spots. After stinking the match up, Air Raid is put away at the five minute mark when Kid Romeo pins Air Paris with the Last Kiss. The match finally gets down to two teams, with those teams being Skipper & Romeo and Yung Dragons. Skipper and Romeo have all the momentum so far, having elimination the other two teams. The former Team Canada tag team control the match for three minutes, but in the end, the Yung Dragons make a great comeback with some nice spots from Hayashi and Yang. The Yung Dragons secure the victory at about the nine minute mark when Yang hits Romeo with the Yang Time from the top turnbuckle.

After the match, the Yung Dragons celebrate, but their celebrations are cut short by the music of the Filthy Animals. Rey Misterio Jr. and Billy Kidman come down to the ring with the Cruiserweight Tag Title Belts, and charge into the ring. The two men raise the belts up into the faces of the Yung Dragons, and a brawl ensues. The Filthy Animals clean house however, and soon toss the Yung Dragons from ringside, leaving the Filthy Animals to celebrate with their belts.

Yung Dragons def. Skipper & Romeo, Air Raid, and Leroux & Kwee-Wee at 9:16 (Yang pins Romeo)
Star Rating: * ¾ (62, 52, 86)

Tenay: The Yung Dragons win a hard fought cruiserweight tag team contest, and they will now move on to Slamboree and face those two men standing in the ring, Rey Misterio Jr. and Billy Kidman!

Schiavone: Professor, this cruiserweight tag team division is so exciting to watch! These men can really perform in the ring, and wrestle with everything they got every night! I can promise you all that the match at Slamboree between the Yung Dragons and the Filthy Animals will be an exciting contest to watch!

Tenay: Indeed it shall, Tony. But ladies and gentleman, don’t go away because up next, KroniK will take on the Mamalukes!


KroniK vs. Mamalukes

KroniK is out here in the ring for the second straight week, this time facing a team that actually has some credibility in WCW, unlike Air Raid. The bad thing is though, this match goes longer than last week’s contest, and their opposition is not as good as Air Raid. KroniK and the Mamalukes do battle for four to five minutes, with KroniK dominating most of the match. Johnny The Bull is isolated for the most part of the match, just getting manhandled by Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke, making it seem creative is pretty high on KroniK for some reason. Anyways, KroniK continues to dominate the match, and are only on the defensive for a short bit when Big Vito mustered some offense, but in the end, he fell victim to a Clarke Meltdown. From there, KroniK gave both Vito and The Bull High Times, with Clarke pinning Vito to end the squash match.

KroniK def. Mamalukes at 4:46 (Clarke pins Vito)
Star Rating: ½ * (66, 68, 80)

KroniK Receives Their Shot

After the match as KroniK celebrates, Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo come out onto the stage. The two men are dressed in jeans and no shirts, their Tag Title belts slung over their shoulders. Both men are holding mics, and cockily applaud KroniK.

Sean O’Haire: Well done, boys, well done. For the past two weeks, you have been able to kick the crap out of Air Raid and the Mamalukes. Job well done to you guys.

Chuck Palumbo: But what you haven’t done, is beat a real tag team. You haven’t fought and beat a team like Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire!

O’Haire: And that is exactly why we’re out here right now. You see, we were watching your little match with the Mamalukes, and we were impressed with how you just beat the crap out of the Mamalukes. So we went to Eric Bischoff, and we asked him his thoughts on how good the big, bad, KroniK team was.

Palumbo: And he told us that you guys were pretty damn good, good enough to be considered the number one contender’s to the WCW Tag Team Titles. We laughed at that because we know that no team is as good as us, but hey, the boss has spoken.

O’Haire: Now we know you guys aren’t the smartest team ever, so we’ll break it down for you.

O’Haire and Palumbo nod at each other and start walking down the entrance ramp to the ring. Adams and Clarke look at each other and nod too, and get out of the ring and onto the apron. This brings a stop to Palumbo and O’Haire, who are a mere five feet away from KroniK now.

Palumbo: At Slamboree, it’s gonna be Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire versus KroniK for the WCW Tag Team Titles!

O’Haire: Oh, and hey KroniK, me and Chuck here, we’re all about cashin’ checks and breakin’ backs!

O’Haire just used KroniK’s trademark phrase, and that has certainly pissed off Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke! KroniK dive off of the ring apron at Palumbo and O’Haire, and they tackle them to the ground! It is one huge brawl on the outside of the ring as KroniK and the Tag Champions all exchange right hands! Head of Security Doug Dillinger and his security staff rush down to the ring though and are able to break them up. KroniK is held back at ringside, while Palumbo and O’Haire flee up to the top of the entrance stage, grabbing their WCW Tag Title Belts as well. Palumbo and O’Haire raise their belts up in the air, taunting KroniK, who are forced to be held back with even more force after that. Palumbo and O’Haire walk to the back in a cocky manner, leaving KroniK to continue to fight the restraints of security.

Segment Rating: 88%

Schiavone: Wow! What a huge match that is going to be at Slamboree! Palumbo and O’Haire defend the WCW Tag Team Titles against KroniK!

Tenay: That match will definitely be an interesting one, Tony, but we have to take another commercial break! But stay tuned because coming up next, Shane Helms takes on Evan Karagias!


Evan Karagias vs. Shane Helms

So for the third Nitro in a row, a 3 Count member takes on a 3 Count member. Is this foreshadowing Tank Abbott’s return to WCW to get the band back together!? Only time will tell! Anyways, the match doesn’t last very long, nor is it that good. Karagias fails to put on an exciting cruiserweight match for the second straight week, against a second great cruiserweight talent. Helms carries the match, making Karagias look better than what he is in the contest. Helms seems to dominate most of the match, working over the neck of Karagias, softening him up for the Vertebreaker. The match is running along as smooth as it can be at the five minute mark, when Shane Helms hits a cross body block. However, Evan Karagias rolls through the cross body on the landing, and ends up getting the pin on Shane Helms! Evan Karagias upsets Shane Helms! The ending was totally out of nowhere, and it doesn’t go over well with the crowd at all, or at least the part of the crowd that was watching the match.

After the match as Evan celebrates his upset victory, Shannon Moore comes out from the crowd and attacks both Shane Helms and Evan Karagias! Moore takes it to both men with right hands, but after a few moments, Helms and Karagias unite together to knock down Shannon Moore with a double dropkick. Helms goes to shake hands with Karagias, but Karagias turns on Helms and hits him with a low blow and a DDT! At this point Doug Dillinger and security comes out again to break things up, and all three cruiserweights stare each other down.

Evan Karagias def. Shane Helms at 5:04
Star Rating: * ¾ (59, 58, 74)

Schiavone: A huge upset victory for Evan Karagias against WCW Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms here on Nitro!

Tenay: A huge upset indeed, Tony, but my question is- what in the hell was Shannon Moore doing down here in the ring after the match? He had no business down here!

Schiavone: Well, I think it is like you said last week, Shannon Moore wants that attention. Shannon Moore wants that opportunity to be a star. He certainly has gained the attention of our cruiserweight champion and Evan Karagias, so we will have to see if anything comes from that. We will update you if we find out anything of this whole fiasco between Moore, Karagias, and Helms.

The Match Is Made

Schiavone is cut off by the screaming fans because “Sprach Zarathustra” hits the sound system, bringing out ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair! Flair was once again in an Armani suit, but tonight, Flair just marched right down to the ring, looking quite angry. Flair got into the ring and quickly received a microphone from a stagehand. The fans all let out one enormous “WOOO”, but Flair just shakes his head.

Ric Flair: Oh no! Not tonight! Ric Flair is not in a mood for being laid back and yelling out a “woo” here and there. Tonight, I am out here to call out Jeff Jarrett! JEFF JARRETT! You wanna come out here and run your mouth about me, huh!? You wanna call me some washed-up has been, who’s not a real legend!? Jeff Jarrett, you little punk bitch, I’ll kick your ass right here, right now!

The fans burst out into cheers, but Flair simply rips off the coat of his Armani suit, and loosens his tie. Flair’s face is getting red, but Flair just looks directly into the camera.

Flair: JEFF JARRETT! Come out here right now and kick my ass! Come out here, Jeff, and show the world that Ric Flair is a piece of shit! (bleeped) Jeff Jarrett, come out here and break a guitar right over my head! Jeff Jarrett, bring your ass out here right now! I wanna fight you, Jeff!

Ric Flair takes a deep breath and waits. Flair is waiting for Jarrett to come out, but he never does. About ten seconds go by, and still, no Jarrett.

Flair: Come on, Chosen One! I thought Jeff Jarrett was this all-star wrestler who was the biggest thing going in WCW today! Alright, Jeff, if you don’t want to fight me here, fight me at Slamboree! I’m challenging you to a match, Jeff Jarrett, this Sunday, at Slamboree! Beat the Nature Boy’s ass and prove that I’m a no body!

Ric Flair takes another deep breath, and waits again, hoping that Jarrett will come out and face him.

Flair: I see that you’re not man enough to come out here and accept my challenge man-to-man, Jeff, I understand. But Jeff, I’m telling you right now, whether you want to face me or not, this Sunday at Slamboree, you are going to wrestle the Nature Boy!

“Sprach Zarathustra” hits the sound system again, and Ric Flair drops the microphone, looking to exit the ring. Flair gets to the ring ropes, when “Chosen One” cuts “Sprach Zarathustra”, and starts to play! Ric Flair starts grinning and steps back into the center of the ring, waiting for Jarrett to come out from the backstage. Flair waits for Jarrett, yelling out ‘come kick my ass Chosen One’, when all of a sudden- WHACK! Guitar shot to the head! Jeff Jarrett just came out from the crowd and broke a guitar over the head of Ric Flair! Ric Flair crumbles to a heap in the ring, and Jarrett just picks up the fallen microphone, grinning.

Jarrett: I told ya’, Ric, that ya’d never know when someone was gonna’ break a guitar over your head. You weren’t expecting it, Ric, so I had to do it. I had to bust that guitar over your head! I had to knock you out! I had to prove to all these slap nuts that you’re weak and pathetic! Nature Boy, if you want to get your ass kicked at Slamboree, then fine, you’ll get it. You versus me at Slamboree! I’ll be waiting to kick your ass there too, Nature Boy. Ha, ha, so long, slap nut.

“Chosen One” hits the sound system again, and Jarrett walks backstage, receiving a large amount of jeers from the crowd. Jarrett gets to the stage, and turns around to face the ring. He sees the unconscious Ric Flair, and smirks. Jarrett then turns around and walks backstage.

Segment Rating: 92%

Schiavone: What a jerk! Jeff Jarrett is an arrogant jerk, Mike!

Tenay: Jeff Jarrett is a sly son of a gun, Tony, and he proved just why by sneak attacking Ric Flair. But nevertheless, Tony, it is official; Jeff Jarrett will face-off against Ric Flair at Slamboree!

Schiavone: That is very true, Professor, but will Flair be in top condition after just getting that guitar broken over his head?

Tenay: I don’t know, Tony, but I can only hope Flair will be okay to kick Jeff Jarrett’s butt at Slamboree.

Schiavone: Me too, Professor, me too. Well ladies and gentleman, we have to take another commercial break. But before we go, I have just been informed that at Slamboree, Shane Helms will defend the WCW Cruiserweight Championship against both Evan Karagias and Shannon Moore! Well, ladies and gentleman, we do indeed have to go to our commercial break, but coming up next, Hugh Morris versus The Wall in the semi-finals of the United States Title Tournament! Don’t go away!


Hugh Morris vs. The Wall- United States Title Tournament Semi-Final

And so we have our first, and final, semi-final in the United States Title Tournament. This is hyped up by the commentators throughout the match that Lance Storm already got a bye to the finals at Slamboree. Anyways, the match itself is a pretty decent match for it being two big men, with The Wall dominating most of the match. The Wall earned several near falls throughout the contest, but could never put Morris away, leading to the commentators hyping up Morris’ resiliency for the second straight week. Hugh Morris wouldn’t stay down, and finally was able to get some offense in after getting beaten down for six minutes. From there, Morris continued to gain momentum, and put The Wall away after a DDT and No Laughing Matter. The win gives Morris the right to face his former arch-rival, Lance Storm, at Slamboree for the United States Title.

Hugh Morris def. The Wall at 7:17
Star Rating: * ½ (61, 61, 76)

The Finals

As Hugh Morris celebrates, Lance Storm’s music hits, and Lance walks out onto the entrance stage, holding a microphone, and dressed to wrestle. Storm simply stares at Morris, and continues to do so as Storm walks right down the entrance ramp and into the ring. Upon entering the ring, Storm gets right up in Morris’ face, showing no fear.

Lance Storm: Congratulations, Hugh Morris, you’ve just beat some worthless, pathetic, excuse of a wrestler to advance to the finals of the United States Title Tournament. Now you get to fight the greatest wrestler in WCW, for the greatest championship in WCW, the Canadian National Championship.

Lance Storm is immediately cut off by boo’s from the crowd, who hate hearing Storm praise Canada, and jeer USA. Morris doesn’t like to hear it either, who snatches the microphone away from Lance Storm.

Hugh Morris: Lance Storm, I think there is something you need to know because I don’t think you know what you’re heading into. At Slamboree, you’re going to face the biggest, baddest, no fear, son of a bitch, in this company, and you’re going to be fighting for the greatest title, the United States Title!

That earns Morris an easy cheap pop, and then a chant of “USA, USA”.

Morris: Lance, you may be one hell of a wrestler, and you can fight for Canada all you damn well want to, but Storm, this is the United States of America! This is my home turf, so boy, you better know that when you face me at Slamboree, not only are you going to have to beat me, you’re going to have to beat this whole country!

Morris gets another cheap pop, and he taunts for the crowd, soaking up the reactions he is getting. Lance Storm looks disgusted, and snatches the microphone back from Morris.

Storm: Hugh Morris, if I could please be serious for a moment! I am not out here to hear you praise a fascist nation, filled with in-bred morons like yourself! If I have to beat you and this entire horrid nation at Slamboree, then so be it!

Lance Storm turns to leave, but then turns back around to Morris.

Storm: But if I am going to have to fight those odds at Slamboree, then I guess I should get a head start!

WHAM! Lance Storm just hit Hugh Morris with a direct kick to the groin! Morris falls like a sack of bricks to the ring canvas, holding himself in extreme pain. Storm pounces on top of Hugh, and lays into him with a flurry of lefts and rights! Storm continues to punch Morris, but stops after a while to inflict more pain to him. Storm gets to his feet, and then drags Morris to his feet by the hair! Storm whips Morris hard into the corner. Morris snaps off of the turnbuckles, and staggers back into the center of the ring, right into a Super Kick! Lance Storm just took out Hugh Morris! Morris is down and out! Storm sadistically grins at his work, and leaves the ring after spitting on Morris.

Segment Rating: 80%

Schiavone: Talk about a man not having any respect! Lance Storm has no respect for this company, this country, or Hugh Morris! That attack on Hugh was cheap!

Tenay: Indeed it was, Tony, but you have to give credit to Lance Storm for being a tactician and getting an advantage going into Slamboree.

Schiavone: I won’t give that scum anything, Professor!

Tenay: Well make no mistake about it, the battle between USA and Canada rages on in WCW once again! At Slamboree, Hugh Morris and Lance Storm will do-battle once again for the United States Championship, or the Canadian National Championship!

Schiavone: It is the United States Title, bottom line, not the Canadian National Title!

Tenay: Well ladies and gentleman, we’re going to take our last commercial break! Coming up next, Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page will team up to take on Rick Steiner and their Slamboree opponent, Scott Steiner! Don’t go away!


The Steiner Brothers Are All Set

Before the scheduled main event takes place, the cameras go backstage where ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund is standing by with the Steiner Brothers and Midajah.

Gene Okerlund: I am standing by the Steiner Brothers, who will team up once again, to take on Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page. First off, Scott, Rick, what are your thoughts on this big tag team match?

Scott Steiner: Let me tell you something, Mean Gene, I don’t give a damn about this tag match! All I care about is beating the crap out of Booker T and DDP! Both of these pieces of crap have been thorns in my side for far too long now, and tonight, and then at Slamboree, I am going to end their pathetic excuses of careers! Tonight, I am going to start my mission to end their careers by beating them both down to a bloody pulp with my brother, Rick, here. And then, this Sunday at Slamboree, I am going to finish what I start tonight, and win back the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Rick Steiner: Mean Gene, just like Scott, I don’t give a damn about this match. All I am going to do is go out to that ring, and beat the crap out of those two punks with my brother here! I will help soften these two little pieces of crap up for my brother, even though he doesn’t need it. All I care about is getting my hands on that piece of crap Jim Duggan! Jim Duggan, I already got it made official by Eric Bischoff: at Slamboree, you and me, Jim Duggan, are going to go one-on-one! I am going to break you in half Jim! I am going to break you in half!

S. Steiner: Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, I hope you guys are ready for an ass kicking because you’re about to get one, courteous of the Steiner Brothers! Now Holla If Ya Here Me!

The Steiner Brothers walk off camera and head towards the ring.

Okerlund: Well ladies and gentleman, let’s head back to ringside so we can see the main event!

Segment Rating: 84%

Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page vs. Steiner Brothers (w/Midajah)

It’s main event time, and the crowd is red hot! The audience was digging this match from the ringing of the bell to start the match, although that didn’t necessarily make the match good. The four men all put on an eight to nine minute contest that was your typical WCW main event; high in star power, low in talent. The story in this match was Booker and DDP having to work together to take on the Steiner Brothers, but not being able to fully function as a team due do the fact that they’d be opponents in a mere six days. The hostility between Booker T and DDP led to them getting dominated for most of the match by the legendary Steiner Brothers, with Booker T ending up being worked over the most. Mid way in the match, Steiner almost had the match won it seemed when he locked in the Steiner Recliner, but DDP saved his partner. Later on, Booker T made the hot tag to DDP, and from there, chaos broke out. DDP went to work on Scott Steiner, and Booker T ended up doing a number on Rick Steiner. Rick ended up hitting a cheap shot on Booker T, which brought out Jim Duggan. Duggan came down into the ring and chased Rick Steiner out of it, and the two then began brawling at ringside, and then through the crowd and out of sight. This left Booker T and DDP in the ring alone with Scott Steiner, and it did not go to well for Steiner. The two faces worked together to take out Big Poppa Pump with right hands, before Booker hit Steiner with the Harlem Axe Kick. From there, DDP finished Scott Steiner off with the Diamond Cutter to gain his team the victory.

After the match, DDP and Booker T celebrated, but when Booker was handed his WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt, tension mounted between the two men. The two had a stare down, and when Booker raised the title into the air, DDP attacked him! The two men exchanged right hands, but were then both blindsided by Scott Steiner! Big Poppa Pump tried to attack both DDP and Booker T, but he was quickly fought off when the two men united together. Steiner was thrown to the outside of the ring, making it DDP and Booker again, with DDP standing behind Booker T. When Booker turned around, DDP went for a quick Diamond Cutter, but Booker shoved Page into the corner turnbuckles. Page staggered backwards into the center of the ring, where he was then planted with the Book End! With both of his challengers down and out, Booker T raised his World Title high into the sky and celebrated as Nitro came to a close.

DDP and Booker T def. Steiner Brothers at 8:39 (DDP pins S. Steiner)
Star Rating: * (72, 85, 71)

Tenay: Nitro will end this week with Booker T standing tall, but will this be the same ending in six days at Slamboree?

Schiavone: I don’t know, Professor, but there is only one way to find out, and that is to order Slamboree, this Sunday on Pay Per View! Ladies and gentleman, you’re not going to want to miss this great Pay Per View, so be sure to contact your local Pay Per View provider and order Slamboree, this Sunday night, at 8 PM, Eastern Standard Time! For Mike Tenay, I’m Tony Schiavone, so long and goodnight ladies and gentleman, and see you at Slamboree!

Overall Rating: 74%
TV Rating: 4.30
RAW Rating: 6.81

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