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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling- Monday Nitro

Woo-hoo, another Monday Nitro! The typical Nitro video and theme music plays, followed by pyro, and then the cameras go straight to the commentators for introductions.

Tony Schiavone: Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to Monday Nitro! I am proud to be here calling the action for all of you fans once again, as is my broadcast friend and partner, “The Professor” Mike Tenay!

Mike Tenay: It is always an honor to be announcing for World Championship Wrestling with you, Tony.

Schiavone: I agree whole heartedly, Mike. But Mike, lets get rolling onto tonight’s action! It is going to be an action-packed night again with a huge main event in store for you because it will be “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner going one-on-one with Diamond Dallas Page!

Tenay: Last week on Nitro, Scott Steiner cost DDP the chance at winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, so you can be sure that Page is going to be looking to gain some revenge tonight by beating Scott Steiner!

Schiavone: Indeed he will, Professor. But that isn’t all! The remaining two quarterfinal matches in the United States Title Tournament will take place as Chris Kanyon fights Hugh Morris and Konnan does battle with The Wall!

Tenay: Well it looks like we can’t hype tonight anymore, Tony, because the action is about to get under way right now with Shannon Moore taking on Evan Karagias!

Evan Karagias vs. Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore took on another of his former 3 Count band mates, looking to defeat Karagias after failing to beat Helms last week. The two men put on an average cruiserweight match, with the crowd not caring about the match or who won in the slightest. Not even the commentators cared about this match, as Tony and Tenay were busy hyping up the US Title Tournament, and what took place at the end of Nitro last week between Steiner, Booker T, and DDP. The two men, who you know, were actually having match, went back and forth for five minutes, exchanging a couple of nice spots throughout the match until Shannon Moore picked up the victory with a roll-up after nailing a direct kick to the groin. Afterwards, Karagias attacked his former 3 Count friend, hitting some right hands before throwing him from ringside.

Shannon Moore def. Evan Karagias at 5:09
Star Rating: * (55, 35, 75)

Schiavone: Shannon Moore picks up a win here over Evan Karagais, but Professor, you have to question the tactics used by Moore to obtain victory here tonight.

Tenay: Well Tony, Shannon Moore is just a man who wants to prove himself in WCW, and if he wins his matches, then he’ll get a chance to be a star. It is all about stardom for Shannon, and by defeating Evan Karagais here tonight, he is one step closer to stardom.

Schiavone: Well that is certainly debatable, but right now we’re going to send you backstage where “Mean” Gene Okerlund is standing with “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner!

The Genetic Freak Wants His Gold Back

Gene Okerlund: Thanks guys. Alright Scott, let’s get right to it. Why did you come out and ruin the main event last week by attacking Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page?

Scott Steiner: Mean Gene, you little twerp, why the hell do you think I went out there and made Booker T and DDP may bitches? Because I can! I am Big Poppa Pump, and Big Poppa Pump wants the WCW World Heavyweight Championship back around his luscious waist. All of my freaks want to see me holding the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, not some bitch like DDP, or some dumb “sucka” like Booker T!

Okerlund: Well, alright then, Scott Steiner wants back the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

S. Steiner: You’re damn right I do, Mean Gene! I was the WCW World Heavyweight Champion for four God damn months, Gene, FOUR! I was unstoppable! I took out Sting! I took out Goldberg! I took out Kevin Nash! I took out Sid Vicious! I’ve taken out the legends of this company, and its big time stars. Page, if you think you can stop the Big Bad Booty Daddy, try me! I will kick your ass! Booker T, I want back my belt you stole from me! I want it! Slamboree, Booker T, face me one-on-one so I can win back my WCW World Heavyweight Championship! Booker T, you may be riding pretty damn high up in the clouds, but just so you know, your time is running out. It is just about my time again! It is about time for Scott Steiner to be the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! Big Poppa Pump! Big Bad Booty Daddy! Genetic Freak! I want my Title back! Anyone who wants to wants to try and get in my damn way is just going to experiencing one big ass whooping, courteous of Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner! Now get out of my damn way Gene, or I’ll freakin’ break you in half!

Scott Steiner storms away from the interview area, as does Midajah, who was standing by Steiner the whole time.

Segment Rating: 75%

Schiavone: Those are some strong words from Scott Steiner, Professor!

Tenay: I think that may be an understatement, Tony! Big Poppa Pump is a monster, and he will do anything and destroy anyone to get back the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.


Chris Kanyon vs. Hugh Morris- United States Title Tournament Quarterfinal

The third US Title Quarterfinal match-up is next, and the two men in the ring put on a mediocre match-up that got over alright with the fans. Morris dominated early in the match, but Kanyon ended up gaining control with a low blow and rake of the eyes. Kanyon almost had the match won with a Flatliner attempt, but the big man fought back. Kanyon kept trying to put Morris away, but Hugh always fought back, and finally got some momentum of his own after reversing a DDT into a northern lights suplex. From there, Morris gathered some momentum before finishing Kanyon off with his No Laughing Matter Moonsault to advance to the semi-finals.

Hugh Morris def. Chris Kanyon at 7:43
Star Rating: * (67, 66, 68)

Schiavone: What a great victory for Hugh Morris! Hugh fought off all of Kanyon’s attempts, both cheap and clean, to put him away. Morris showed great resiliency for a man his size, and earned that victory tonight!

Tenay: Well that’s the thing, Tony, Hugh Morris is not your average big man. He’s very resilient, as well as agile in the ring. Not many men his size can pull off that spectacular moonsault that he does, and I think Hugh has all of the necessary tools to win the whole tournament. I am definitely expecting to see him in the finals at Slamboree against Lance Storm.

Schiavone: You can’t count out Konnan or The Wall though, who will meet in the ring later on tonight to find out who will face Morris next week in the semi-final! But moving along, it is now time for KroniK to face off against the young cruiserweight team of Air Raid!

Air Raid vs. KroniK

For those of you who thought that AJ Styles would pull off a huge upset for his team and beat KroniK… think again. Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke totally manhandle the young cruiserweight team from the opening bell, using their superior size advantage over the two men. After some stiff brawling from KroniK, Adams gave Paris a nasty-looking swinging sidewalk slam, and Clarke gave Styles a Meltdown to score a double pin fall. After the match, KroniK decided to leave one last mark on Air Raid, hitting both men with their signature double team move, High Times.

KroniK def. Air Raid at 1:17 (Double pin)
Star Rating: DUD (66, 51, 81)

Schiavone: Wow! KroniK just manhandled Air Raid! Air Paris and AJ Styles didn’t even stand a chance against Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke tonight!

Tenay: These guys are former WCW Tag Team Champions, and they showed tonight why they have been a feared tag team in WCW for a while now. If I were Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire, I’d be watching my backs for KroniK!

Gaining Some Revenge

The cameras cut backstage where Jim Duggan is walking around, saying ‘hi’ to some of the passing wrestlers. Duggan turns a corner, and is immediately jumped by Rick Steiner! The Dog Faced Gremlin tackles Duggan to the ground and starts laying into him with a flurry of punches to the face. Head of Security Doug Dillinger and his crew of security are right there to break it up, but that doesn’t mean Steiner doesn’t try to fight them off. The large pile of security finally is able to restrain Rick Steiner, while some of the lower card face wrestlers tend to Jim Duggan. While security escorts Steiner, he can be heard yelling…

Rick Steiner: Jim Duggan, your ass is grass! You screwed me last week, and now I am gonna’ kick you fucking (bleeped) ass!

Segment Rating: 76%


Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’Haire © vs. Crowbar & David Flair (w/Daffney)- Non-Title

Palumbo and O’Haire have their first match back with WCW, and they certainly impress the crowd by making quick and easy work of David Flair and Crowbar, not that it should surprise anyone they annihilated the basic jobber team. The match was basically tornado style the whole time as the basic tag format never came into play. After taking out Crowbar and Flair with brawling and a couple of slams, Palumbo took out Crowbar and Flair both with Jungle Kicks before O’Haire finished the match off by pinning Flair after hitting a Seanton Bomb.

Palumbo & O’Haire def. Flair & Crowbar at 1:47 (O’Haire pins Flair)
Star Rating: DUD (68, 64, 72)

Tenay: Well it looks like KroniK isn’t the only team looking impressive tonight because our Tag Team Champions dominated just as much as KroniK!

Schiavone: That’s right, Professor! Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire certainly did a number on David Flair and Crowbar in this match, proving why they are the WCW Tag Team Champions! Th- wait, wait just a minute! That is the music of Ric Flair! Ric Flair is coming out onto stage. Ladies and gentleman, don’t go away because it looks like we’re going to hear from the legend, “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair!


The Initial Confrontation

Right before break, “Sprach Zarathustra” did indeed hit the sound system, and ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair walked out from the curtain and down the entrance ramp during the commercial break. During the break, Flair simply did his struts and played to the crowd with his signature “WOOO”. However, once the break ended, the cameras turn back on to see Ric Flair standing in the ring in his Armani suit, a slight grin on his face.

Ric Flair: WOOO!

The crowd in returns chants ”WOOO” collectively.

Flair: You know, I am not going to waste much of your guy’s time because I know you all want to see some wrestling! So I will get right to the point, and say what I gotta say. Last week, I said some things that I have received some flak for over the last week. Last week on Nitro, I said that all of you fans made The Nature Boy. Last week on Nitro, I said that all of you made Ric Flair. But I was touted as a liar for that.

The fans boo the men and women who called Flair a liar.

Flair: Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I was told all last week that ‘Ric Flair doesn’t care about the fans’. This whole past week people have told me that ‘I’m the dirtiest player in the game, and I’ll screw over anyone to get to the top, whether I screw over my opponent, the company, my family, or each and every one of the fans’. And you know what, the men and women who called me a liar may just be right; I am the dirtiest player in the game! I’m ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, and I will do what it takes to win. But that does not mean I don’t give a damn about the fans! That does not mean that all of you have not made Ric Flair, Ric Flair! What I said last week was the one hundred percent truth!

The fans cheer The Nature Boy, and a small “Flair, Flair” chant breaks out.

Flair: Everything I said last week was true. If it wasn’t for the fans, I wouldn’t be here today. Even though you all booed me for most of my near 30 years in this business, you all still respected Ric Flair, and you all still made Ric Flair the biggest wrestling star in the world!

The crowd once again bursts out into cheers for The Nature Boy.

Flair: But that isn’t the only thing I said last week that was true. Last week, I said I was going to help make WCW the number one promotion in the world once again. And you can be damn sure I meant that! My whole entire life has been made what it is because of WCW and the National Wrestling Alliance. My life is what it is today because of WCW and the NWA, and I am the legend that I am today because I wrestled for such prestigious companies like the NWA and right here in WCW. World Championship Wrestling is one hell of a promotion, filled with prestige and tradition. And I have been a pioneer for WCW and the NWA for about 27 years, and this is a company that I love with all of my heart! So you can guarantee that I am not going to turn my back on this company! I will not screw over WCW! I will not screw over my family or you fans! I will not stab WCW in the back!

Ric Flair looks to be getting pretty into his promo, but he is suddenly interrupted by “Chosen One”… Jeff Jarrett walks out onto the stage holding a microphone! Jarrett is sporting jeans and his ‘Chosen One’ T-Shirt, but no guitar on him tonight. He is being heavily booed, especially for interrupting Ric Flair. Jarrett stares at Ric, rolls his eyes, and then slowly applauds before speaking.

Jeff Jarrett: Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair- the biggest two-faced son of a bitch WCW has ever seen!

Jarrett gets mega-heel heat for the big insult to Ric Flair.

Jarrett: Ric, stop your damn lying. Everyone knows that what you said last week and tonight has been lies. You don’t give a damn about this company! You could care less about World Championship Wrestling! You are here to try and prove that you are still ‘the big thing’ in professional wrestling, but we all really know you’ve been past your prime since 1991! Ric, you’re the dirtiest player in the game. You will screw over anyone and anything to get to the top and stay there.

Jarrett is cut off by more boos from the crowd.

Jarrett: You all can boo all you want, but guess what slap nuts? It’s the damn truth! I would know because I have been a victim of Ric Flair! I was used by The Nature Boy for Flair to get back in the spotlight, ain’t that right Ric?

Flair is silent, as is the crowd. Flair just simply glares at Jarrett.

Jarrett: That’s right, you have nothing to say because you know I am right. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we Ric? Just this year, you and I were teaming up together. You teamed up with me, the biggest star in WCW, to get back in the spotlight. You got recognition once again by being my partner. After getting the entire spotlight, what did you do then Ric? Oh yeah, that’s right, you abandoned me!

Jarrett is booed more, while Flair just continues to glare at Jeff.

Jarrett: Uh huh, you abandoned me once you got back into the spotlight, going and having a ‘respect’ match with your new good buddy Sting. Last week your praise Sting for being a freaking god of WCW. But you know what else you did last week, Ric? You know what you did that really pissed me off? You praised crap like Booker T, Rey Misterio Jr., and Konnan as the real talent in WCW. But you know what, Nature Boy? You forgot the best talent in WCW; me! Jeff Jarrett!

Jarrett gets booed even more by the crowd while Flair just glares at Jarrett even more, biting on his lip to stay silent.

Jarrett: C’mon, Ric, aren’t ya’ gonna say something? Aren’t ya’ gonna verbally kick my ass? Oh wait, no, you’re not going to. And you know why? Because you know everything I have said is the truth! You’re pathetic, Ric Flair! You’re an old has-been who needs to realize his time is up, and that you’re standing in my ring! Ric, it is time for you to realize you’re not the Nature Boy anymore. You are no boy. Hell, you belong in a retirem-

Jarrett is finally cut off by Ric Flair.

Flair: WOOO! WOOO! WOOO! Jeff Jarrett, WOOO! Jeff, shut the- WOOO- hell up!

The crowd breaks out into cheers and chants of “Flair, Flair”. Flair is fired up now, taking off his Armani coat, and loosening up his tie.

Flair: Jeff, you want to come out here and interrupt my time!? My time!? You want to come out here and accuse me of lying, Jeff? You know what I have to say to that? WOOO! That’s what I have to say! I don’t need you to help me get the spotlight because I’ve been the man obtaining the spotlight for almost 30 years now! I’ve worked my ass off to get my spot Jeff, not running around and breaking guitars over people’s heads! I earned my spot Jeff Jarrett, I God damn earned it!

Jarrett: You never earned your spotlight, Ric! You’ve always been mooching off of others to get that top spot! You’ve cheated your way to the top, and used and screwed others your whole career! The Four Horseman and Arn Anderson! Sting! Ricky Steamboat! Me! The list goes on, and on, Ric. I am so sick and tired of you coming out here and talking about being a legend because all you are is an overrated piece of crap who ‘made it big’ by ripping off of other talent. You’re a piece of crap, Ric, and although these people think you’re a legend, I know the truth! I know you have no real legacy! And it is time that it is exposed to the entire wrestling world that you’re a joke! I’d watch my back if I was you, Ric, because you never know who is going to break a guitar over your head.

“Chosen One” hits, and Jarrett slowly walks backwards to the curtain, staring down Flair the whole time. Flair just glares at Jarrett, pissed off at the words of Jeff.

Segment Rating: 93%

Schiavone: Does Jeff Jarrett have any respect for anyone!? Ric Flair is a legend in this business, how dare he insult Ric Flair’s legacy!?

Tenay: Because he think he’s God’s gift to this Earth! Jeff Jarrett was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and because of that, he thinks he is the ruler of the world.

Schiavone: Well the kid with the silver spoon in his mouth just made some nasty comments that have definitely infuriated one Ric Flair! Jeff Jarrett better watch himself instead of Flair watching Flair because The Chosen One has angered a legend in this business.

Tenay: That’s for sure, Tony. Jeff Jarrett made low ball comments at Ric Flair that were disrespectful, but I am sure he will get his.

Schiavone: I certainly hope so, but we are going to have to take a commercial break, but fans, do not worry because coming up next, is the main event! It will be Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner vs. Diamond Dallas Page! Don’t go away!


Feel The Bang!

The cameras cut backstage as Nitro returns from break, where Diamond Dallas Page is walking towards the ring area, when he is quickly approached by ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund, who is running up to Page.

Gene Okerlund: Diamond, Diamond, wait just one moment!

DDP stops while Okerlund catches up to him.

Okerlund: Thank you Diamond, I just want to ask one quick question before your match with Scott Steiner. What are your thoughts on the match?

Diamond Dallas Page: You want my thoughts, Mean Gene? Here is what I gotta say about me facing Steiner. Big Poppa Pump, you want to interfere in my matches and cost me my chance at being the WCW World Heavyweight Champion!? You want to screw with DDP!? Well then, fine! You want the WCW World Heavyweight Championship too, so tonight, let’s settle this. You and me, and the winner can get the chance to face Booker T for the gold. How does that sound?

Page walks out of the sight of the camera, but returns moments later.

Page: Oh, and Steiner, get ready... to feel, THE BANG!

Page once again walks out of camera sight as the music of Scott Steiner can be heard in the background.

Okerlund: Well ladies and gentleman, it is time for the main event, so Mike, Tony, have fun calling this one!

Segment Rating: 86%

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Scott Steiner (w/Midajah)

DDP gets another main event match on Nitro, and again he doesn’t put on that well of a match, but hey, he was facing Scott Steiner! The two men battled for seven minutes, and the match saw Steiner dominate most of the match after DDP got an early advantage to start things off. Steiner focused on the neck and upper back of DDP, hitting some vicious forearms to the back of the neck, as well as hitting some nasty-looking belly-to-belly suplexes. Steiner almost got the victory late in the match after going for a second rope fall away slam, but DDP was able to shove him off the second rope to the ring canvas and hit a flying elbow drop for a near three count. Page then gained momentum and almost hit the Diamond Cutter for the victory, but Steiner hit a low blow and grabbed his lead pipe while Midajah distracted referee Randy Anderson. With Anderson distracted, Steiner bashed the pipe over the back of DDP’s head, seemingly knocking him out. From there, Steiner locked in the Steiner Recliner and ‘choked out’ DDP to gain the victory.

Scott Steiner celebrated in the ring with Midajah after the match, laying the boots to Steiner, but Booker T came running down to save Diamond Dallas Page from Steiner. Booker T came in swinging his WCW World Heavyweight Title Belt, chasing Scott Steiner and Midajah from the ring. Booker helped DDP to his feet, but Page shoved Booker T away! Page pointed at the World Heavyweight Title Belt and then Booker T, causing Booker T raise the title belt high into the air between the two men, with Steiner glaring at both men as Nitro comes to a close.

Scott Steiner def. Diamond Dallas Page at 7:37
Star Rating: ¾ * (83, 87, 75)

Overall Rating: 74%
TV Rating: 4.26
RAW Rating: 6.83

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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World Championship Wrestling 2001 - The Trio Ownership
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