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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

World Championship Wrestling- Monday Nitro

A marvelous showcase of pyrotechnics goes off to kick off the Monday Nitro debut on the USA Network! The cameras look around the arena in Atlanta, giving the crowd a chance to get on TV before the cameras cut to the commentator’s table, where Mike Tenay and Tony Schiavone are sitting.

Tony Schiavone: Ladies and gentleman, I proudly welcome you, once again, to World Championship Wrestling’s Monday Nitro! It is 8PM Eastern Standard Time, and you must be tuned in to the USA Network! Hello fans, I am Tony Schiavone alongside ‘The Professor’ Mike Tenay!

Mike Tenay: Tony, it is my distinct honor and privilege to be in this commentator’s booth, sitting next to you. I cannot believe it; WCW and Monday Nitro live on!

Schiavone: Indeed we do, Mike! For those of you who didn’t know, WCW has not been on air since March 26, 2001. At that time, we held what we thought was our last show ever in Panama City, Florida. However, it was only our last show on the Turner Networks because World Championship Wrestling is still alive, but now on the real station for professional wrestling, the USA Network!

Kicking Things Off

“Back in Black” plays over the PA, bringing out the one and only, Eric Bischoff! Bischoff comes out onto the entrance stage holding a microphone, and then walks down the ramp and into the ring. Bischoff is sporting a suit and tie, his hair shaved and dyed black. Bischoff receives a mixture of cheers and jeers, but “Uncle Eric” doesn’t seem to acknowledge the fans. Instead, he simply brings the mic up to his mouth to speak.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and gentleman, this is Monday Nitro!

That earns Bischoff a cheap pop from the crowd.

Bischoff: This, ladies and gentleman, is the NEW World Championship Wrestling! This is the NEW WCW on USA!

More cheap pops.

Bischoff: And you know, when I say the new WCW, I truly mean it. This isn’t the World Championship Wrestling where the guy who plays politics gets the shot for the World Title. This is the World Championship Wrestling where the best wrestlers will fight the best wrestlers for the World Heavyweight Championship! Before, WCW was ruined by egotistical jackasses who tried to pull strings behind the curtain. But that isn’t going to happen this time around. The political bastards (bleeped) who screwed this company over aren’t going to be around this time. So to those who tuned into Nitro to see crap like Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan…turn the TV off because you won’t see them in WCW ever again!

The last comment gets Bischoff some more cheers from the crowd. This WCW crowd just wants to see some wrestling.

Bischoff: This is World Championship Wrestling, damn it! This is the company that is going to give you the best wrestling in the world! And that’s what you will see tonight! You are going to see Shane Helms battle Shannon Moore! You will see Diamond Dallas Page challenge Booker T for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd again bursts into cheers at the mere mention of Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page, who are easily two of WCW’s biggest stars.

Bischoff: And you know, that reminds me of something. Booker T, will you please join me at ringside.

The crowd is quite confused, but burst into cheers as “Can You Dig It Sucka!?” hits the PA. The reigning double champion walks down the entrance ramp, slapping hands with some fans all the while. Booker is dressed up in slacks and a dress shirt, the World Heavyweight Title strapped around his waist, and the United States Title slung over his right shoulder. Booker gets into the ring, and looks at Bischoff, uncertain as to why he is out here with ‘EZE’.

Bischoff: Now Booker, I can see you are a little confused as to why I just asked you to join me here in the ring, so I will get right to the point. Right now, you are carrying two championships, the World Heavyweight and United States Championships. You are a double champion here in WCW, but the thing is, when a wrestler becomes a double champion, he must vacate one of the championships. So Booker T, I have called you out here to let you know that you must make up your mind as to which title you are going to vacate.

If Booker T really has to ponder this decision, he’s an idiot. Should he remain the United States Champion, or stay on top as the World Heavyweight Champion? Honestly! Anyways, Booker T puts both of the titles out in front of him, looking at each one, deciding which one he wants to keep the most. After a few moments, Booker T kisses the United States Title Belt, and hands it to Eric Bischoff.

Booker T: Ya’ know Eric, I don’t really like havin’ ta’ give up one of muh belts, but if I gotta’ give up one of these belts… sucka’s got ta’ know that I am stayin’ the Dubya See Dubya World Heavyweight Champion!

Bischoff: Hey Book, that is all fine with me. I am just out here to play by the rules, and keep things running smoothly. I wish you all the best tonight though when you defend the World Title against DDP.

Booker T simply nods his head at Bischoff, before leaving the ring to go backstage, raising the World Heavyweight Title Belt up in the air all the while. The crowd cheers Booker T to the backstage, and once he is out of view, the cameras and the crowd focus their attention back on Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff: So here I have the United States Title Belt in my hand. And you know, if this was the old WCW, I would probably just give the title to some random wrestler. But you know what, this is the NEW World Championship Wrestling, and if someone wants to become the United States Champion, they are going to have to earn it… in an 8-Man Tournament!

The crowd pops for the mention of an 8-Man Tournament.

Bischoff: There will be an 8-Man Tournament for the United States Championship, with the finals taking place on May 27, at Slamboree! And hey, production crew, put the brackets up on the screen.

Disco Inferno vs. Lance Storm
Jim Duggan vs. Rick Steiner

Konnan vs. The Wall
Chris Kanyon vs. Hugh Morris
Bischoff: Over the next few weeks, you are going to see those 8-men do battle for the chance to become the United States Champion. And oh yeah, that tournament… it starts tonight!

Bischoff drops the microphone and heads to the back while the crowd cheers.

Segment Rating: 84%


Shane Helms vs. Shannon Moore- Non-Title

Shane Helms and Shannon Moore do battle in a non-title match up to kick off Nitro in terms of wrestling. Helms and Moore fight for seven to eight minutes, going through some nice sequences in the beginning of the match, until Shannon Moore gained the advantage after hitting a tilt-a-whirl head scissors and a springboard 180 leg drop from the second rope. Shane Helms ended up fighting back though, blocking a Tornado DDT attempt later on in the match, reversing it into an inverted atomic drop. After picking up momentum with several knockdowns to Moore, Helms finished Shannon off with his innovative Vertebreaker.

Shane Helms defeated Shannon Moore at 7:47
Star Rating: ** ¾ (72, 61, 83)

Tenay: Shane Helms picks up a well fought victory over Shannon Moore after hitting that innovative and lethal Vertebreaker!

Schiavone: Professor, Shane Helms is really proving that he is a great cruiserweight here in World Championship Wrestling. I don’t know about you Tenay, but I am expecting some great things from Shane Helms here in this new WCW!

Tenay: I agree with you one hundred percent, Tony, Shane Helms is going to be a huge star here in WCW! But we have to keep things running as the team of Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger will team up to take on David Flair and Crowbar!

Schiavone: This should be good!

Yeah… I bet.

Crowbar and David Flair (w/Daffney) vs. Totally Buff (w/Miss Elizabeth)

Tony Schiavone saying “this should be good” was without a doubt the most inaccurate thing to be said in WCW history. These four men stunk the ring up, but at least Crowbar made it so that the match wasn’t completely awful. The match itself was short, and was a complete and total squash. Totally Buff annihilated the team of Flair and Crowbar, beating them in less than 3 minutes when Luger made David submit to his Torture Rack.

Totally Buff defeated David Flair & Crowbar at 2:54 (Luger over Flair)
Star Rating: DUD (63, 65, 60)

Schiavone: Totally Buff just dominated David Flair and Crowbar there, winning in under two minutes!

Tenay: Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell are two men who have been around WCW for a while now, and they know how to get the job done. Tonight was no different. These two men could definitely prove to be a formidable team here in the tag team division.

Schiavone: Indeed, Professor! Well we are going to have to take a commercial break here ladies and gentleman, but coming up after the break, is the first match in the United States Title Tournament! Don’t turn the channel!


Jim Duggan vs. Rick Steiner- United States Title Tournament Quarterfinal

Ugh. This match was absolutely awful… leave it to WCW to put on two horrible matches back-to-back. Rick and Jim just completely botch spot after spot in this match, showing why they don’t deserve jobs with the company. Steiner botched several belly-to-belly suplexes, and Duggan botched a vertical suplex, as well as a running knee lift. Honestly! How do you fuck up a knee lift!? When the two men weren’t screwing up spots, they were brawling in an unconvincing manner, except for a couple of Steiner’s stiff right hands that actually connected to the skull of Duggan. Thankfully, the match didn’t go very long, as the two men ended up brawling on the outside while referee Scott Dickenson counted them both out. Steiner almost got back into the ring before ten, but Dickenson reached ten just before Steiner got into the ring. The bell was rung, and the match was declared a draw, infuriating the Dog Faced Gremlin. Steiner knocked Dickenson down with a hard right hand, and then attacked Jim Duggan on his way to the backstage, beating him down with some right hands before whipping him into the steel steps.

Rick Steiner and Jim Duggan are counted out at 4:36
Star Rating: DUD (59, 67, 43)

Schiavone: Well this is definitely going to cause some controversy! Jim Duggan and Rick Steiner both got counted out! Who advances to the next round of the United States Title Tournament? Do both? Do any?

Tenay: I don’t think either of them do, Tony! They both are eliminated from the tournament!

Schiavone: Do you know what that means Professor?

Tenay: What Tony?

Schiavone: The winner of Lance Storm and Disco Inferno will get in automatic bye to the finals of the tournament!

Tenay: What a huge break for Lance Storm or Disco Inferno!

Nature Boy in the House!

The commentator’s go silent as “Sprach Zarathustra” hits the PA, and out comes ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair! The Nature Boy struts out onto the entrance stage in an Armani suit, ‘woo’-ing all the way down the entrance ramp while the crowd cheers him on. Flair gets onto the ring apron and struts on it before getting into the ring, the crowd still cheering him on. Flair gets into the ring and struts some more, before getting a microphone from ring announcer David Penzer. Flair brings up the microphone to his mouth, but never gets to start talking, as the crowd lets out a huge collective “WOOO!”. This brings an ear-to-ear grin to the face of Flair, and lets out a “WOOO!” of his own. The crowd cheers Flair some more, but finally silent so Flair can speak.

Ric Flair: Atlanta, Georgia… WOOO!

“WOOO!” goes the crowd, followed by more cheers for Flair. Uh huh, Ric Flair is a legend.

Flair: Atlanta, Georgia… The Nature Boy is here! In the NEW World Championship Wrestling!

The cheap pops draws even more cheers for Ric Flair. Flair is cheered for a little bit more before starting up again.

Flair: This is the new World Championship Wrestling, and like Eric Bischoff said at the start of this program, this ain’t the land of politics anymore! Finally, the real talent like Booker T, Rey Misterio Jr., Shane Helms, Konnan, Diamond Dallas Page, and everyone else, has an equal chance to be a star. There isn’t going to be any Hulk Hogan or Kevin Nash to try and screw people over! There isn’t ever going to be any of that crap in World Championship Wrestling again! This new WCW is the company that is formed from the guys who have love for World Championship Wrestling. The wrestlers and performers in WCW are the guys who truly love this sport, and want to be here. That is why you’re not going to see Kevin Nash, but Ric Flair! That is why you’re going to see Booker T! You all are going to see the stars that stayed loyal to WCW throughout the years like Sting! You’re going to see the best damn wrestling promotion today! WOOO!

Flair pauses to strut a little bit, while the crowd cheers him on.

Flair: You know, WCW hasn’t been gone that long. The company was on a hiatus for just a little over a month, but let me tell you something: I hated waking up every single day knowing that I wasn’t going to go get to perform for World Championship Wrestling. WCW and the National Wrestling Alliance made Ric Flair! They made The Nature Boy! And I hated every single day without WCW! But guess what!? W-WOOO!-C-WOOO!-W-WOOO!- is back! Monday Nitro, WOOO!, is back! The real number one wrestling promotion today, is by-WOOO!-God-WOOO!- back! WOOO!

Flair pauses as the crowd breaks out into more cheers for The Nature Boy.

Flair: When I woke up this morning, I had the greatest feeling a man could have. When I woke up, I knew that tonight, I would be standing here in front of all of you, in a WCW ring. There is no better feeling than that, baby! Because this is World Championship Wrestling! And I am The Nature Boy, Ric Flair! I am one of the men who helped make this company what it once was! Me! Sting! Arn Anderson! Four Horseman! We are what helped make this company what it once was. And once again, The Nature Boy is going to help take WCW to new heights! Ric Flair is going to once again help make WCW the number one promotion in the world! And I am going to do it for the boys in the back, but most of all, I am going to do it for each and every one of you!

The crowd starts to cheer again, but Flair keeps going through their cheers.

Flair: Because if it wasn’t for each and every one of you fans, there wouldn’t be a Nature Boy! There would be no Ric Flair!

The crowd’s cheers become too loud for Flair to talk through, so he stops to let them cheer. Flair sheds a tear at the love the crowd gives him… the man is speaking from the heart.

Flair: I may be getting up there in age, and I may not be able to wrestle like I used to, but by God in heaven, I am going to keep wrestling night in and night out, for each and every one of you! And to all the men and women in attendance, and everyone watching at home, I leave you with one last thing…WOOO!

“Sprach Zarathustra” hits up again, and Ric Flair leaves the ring to the backstage area, the crowd still cheering him on.

Segment Rating: 91%


Disco Inferno vs. Lance Storm- US Title Tournament Quarterfinal

Thankfully, the second United States Title Tournament Quarterfinal match-up of the evening didn’t suck like the last one. In fact, Storm and Disco put on a pretty good nine-minute match that was possibly the match of the night. It is announced during this match that the winner of this match will indeed get a bye to the finals at Slamboree. Anyway, Storm dominated most of the match, wearing down Disco with his crisp technical offense. Disco ended up fighting back, but was no match for Storm, submitting to Storm’s Canadian Maple Leaf Crab.

Lance Storm defeated Disco Inferno at 9:16
Star Rating: ** ½ (75, 72, 78)

Canadian National Championship?

After the match is over, Storm throws Disco to the outside of the ring, and gets a microphone from a stagehand.

Lance Storm: If I could be serious for a moment, I have something that I want to say. I am a Canadian, and this is a disgrace that a pure-bred Canadian like myself has to fight for a dismal title that makes all of you people just have an increasing amount of nationalism in a pathetic nation. America is a fascist nation in disguise, and I refuse to fight for a title that is named after this stupid country! I will not fight for the United States Championship; I fight for the Canadian National Championship! And it just so happens, that I am already in the finals for the Canadian National Championship! Rick Steiner and the USA-obsessed freak Jim Duggan already got themselves eliminated from the tournament, giving me a straight shot to the finals. So at Slamboree, whoever it may be that I face, let me tell you something. When you step into the ring with me at Slamboree, you will be fighting a real professional wrestler, and the best damn wrestler in this company. You will be fighting a man who is going to win the Canadian National Championship for his great country of Canada. You will be fighting, Lance Storm!

Storm drops the mic and leaves the ring, the fans booing him all the way up the ramp.

Segment Rating: 75%

Schiavone: What a jerk, Mike! Lance Storm has no respect for this company, or this country!

Tenay: Lance Storm is a phenomenal wrestler, but his attitude towards other countries is just horrible. If Lance Storm would stop worrying about the United States of America and Canada, and focus more on his wrestling, he could be a Heavyweight Champion. But instead, he has to preach that he refuses to fight for the United States Championship, simply because of its relation to the USA!

Schiavone: He has no class! I hope at Slamboree, he gets his!


When Nitro returns from break, a video starts to play.

The Chosen One

The video starts off with short clips of Jeff Jarrett’s early career, wrestling in CWA Memphis, and also his time in WCCW, WCWA, and his early days in WCW. The video then cuts to Jarrett’s return to WCW in 1999, and various clips of him breaking guitars over the head of his foes and hitting The Stroke. The video hypes Jarrett as one of the nastiest players in the game, and “The Chosen One”. The video ends saying ‘Next week, Jeff Jarrett comes to Nitro!”

Segment Rating: 81%

The Champ is (Getting) Ready

As the video ends the cameras cut backstage where Booker T is sitting down on a chair in his locker room. Booker has his black wrestling trunks on, and is pulling up black knee pads. After doing so, Booker stands up, grabs his WCW World Heavyweight Championship Belt, and walks out of his locker room.

Segment Rating: 79%

Schiavone: Booker T looks like he is ready to go, Professor!

Tenay: Well he’s going to have to be ready Tony because coming up next, it is Booker T versus Diamond Dallas Page for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!

Schiavone: This is going to be a great main event, and you are not going to want to miss this match. Don’t change that channel!


Booker T © vs. Diamond Dallas Page- WCW World Heavyweight Championship

WCW gives you a main event with two ‘big’ name stars, but the match isn’t that good… how typical. Booker and DDP put on an eleven minute match that the crowd wasn’t fully into with it being a face versus face match, although the crowd did favor Booker T more than DDP. The two went back and forth the whole way, with no one ever gaining a real advantage. In the end, Booker T looked to have the match won when he set DDP up for a Book End, but DDP countered and looked for the Diamond Cutter. Before he could hit the Cutter though, Scott Steiner came out from the crowd in street clothes and hit DDP and Booker T both over the head with a lead pipe. Steiner ended up destroying both men with the pipe, and then hitting hellacious belly-to-belly suplexes on both men. Nitro ended with Scott Steiner holding up the WCW World Heavyweight Championship high into the sky, standing over the fallen DDP and Booker T.

Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page go to a no contest at 11:03 (S. Steiner interferes)
Star Rating: ** (80, 85, 71)

Schiavone: How despicable! Scott Steiner just came out here and ruined a perfectly good main event! That was uncalled for!

Tenay: And not only that, Tony, but it looked like we were close to seeing a new WCW World Heavyweight Champion! DDP was about to hit Booker with the Diamond Cutter, but Steiner had to inject himself into the match!

Schiavone: Whether DDP was about to win the title or not, we will now never know, all thanks to Scott Steiner! But ladies and gentleman, that is all the time we have for tonight! I hope you all enjoyed this return on Monday Nitro and its debut on the USA Network! For Mike Tenay, I’m Tony Schiavone, thanks for watching WCW Monday Nitro and tune in next week! So long everybody!

Overall Rating: 76%
TV Rating: 4.27
RAW Rating: 6.44
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