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Re: WCW 2001- The Trio Ownership

April 1, 2001- Ric Flair’s Bedroom- 11:23

Ric Flair: Well Jeff, I must say, you are without a doubt the future Ric Flair, and I have thought that from the first time I saw you wrestle. WCW is going to need you to help lead the company back to the status of number one promotion in the world. Jeff, you are indeed the Chosen One my man, and I am going to agree to get you a guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship reign if it means you staying with WCW anyways.

Jeff Jarrett: That’s what I like to hear, Ric, that is what I like to hear. I’ll sign with the new WCW, and then, Jeff Jarrett is your new WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

Flair: Well Jeff, I must say, just because I am giving you this Title reign doesn’t mean you’ll be getting it right away. I mean, Booker is a deserving champion and all… we want to give him a run with the belt.

Jarrett: Hey, hey, hey, Ric, Booker can have his fun in the sun for a while, but you and I both know it, WCW will be the most successful with me on top.

Flair: And in time, you will be on top. I just want to make sure that the feud and storyline is right. I don’t want you to win the World Title in some mediocre feud; it’s going to be the big thing.

Jarrett: That’s what I’m talking about! It’s all set then, Ric. I’ll sign with WCW, you give me a guaranteed World Title reign.

Flair: Yeah, its all set.

Jarrett: Good, then I will talk to you later…

Flair: Wait, Jeff! This uh, little talk… keep it quiet. I don’t want, um, the boys to know about it.

Jarrett: Heh, sure thing Naitch. Later.

Jarrett hung up his phone, and left Ric to think about what he had just done. Ric Flair just made a secret agreement with Jeff Jarrett, giving Jeff a guaranteed World Heavyweight Championship reign. Ric knew he shouldn’t have done that, but he wanted to see Jeff in WCW. He though Jeff could be the next “Nature Boy” in professional wrestling, and he wanted to be the man to make Jeff Jarrett a big star, bigger than he was now. Steve and Eric may not like this deal, and that is why he knew he just had to persuade them into giving him a reign as Champion; he couldn’t say he promised Jeff the Title. He had to keep this deal what it was, a secret.

April 2, 2001- Ric Flair’s Mansion 8:13 PM

It was the next night, and the three men were once again assembled in the mansion of Ric Flair. The deadline the three owners had made had now passed. It was time to assemble the final roster. At the time the deadline was made, the following superstars had not yet decided on signing with WCW or staying on their AOL-Time Warner contract; Buff Bagwell, Goldberg, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, Scott Steiner, Shane Douglas, Stevie Ray, and The Cat. By now, those 9 superstars’ status with WCW was now fully known.

Steve Borden: Alright, well, this is it guys- the WCW Roster is now about to be finalized! We each were to contact 3 men and find out if they were going to sign or not. Ric, why don’t you go first.

Ric Flair: Alright Steve, let’s see. Jeff Jarrett has signed with us, as has Scott Steiner.

Steve Borden: Lex and Buff both happily signed the new WCW contract. The both said they were looking to tag team together, and I have no problems letting the two do that. Shane Douglas is going to become a free agent. He is looking to just wrestle the independents for a while.

Eric Bischoff: Stevie Ray is retiring from the business, and is going to be one of our road agents. The Cat has decided to become a free agent. He said he was looking to get away from the business for a while…

Flair: And for Nash!?

Bischoff: Let me guess, you think I probably wielded some secret deal with Nash that will give him some power backstage?

Ric swallowed hard. Ric could see Eric doing something like that, but it was really Ric who made the secret deal.

Bischoff: Well Ric, let me tell you something. Kevin Nash is an egotistical hack. That man played and controlled my mind for 4 years, and he isn’t doing that anymore! He tried to make a deal with me; he wanted a guaranteed World Heavyweight Title run! But you know what, Ric? I told him fuck no! This is the NEW World Championship Wrestling, and I wasn’t going to let there be any politics in this company. I knew you wouldn’t make a deal like that, and I knew Steve wouldn’t either. I said I am a changed man damn it, and that isn’t just me bull shitting the boys. I am a changed man. Kevin Nash is not a part of WCW.

Ric felt like a complete ass. Here Eric openly said that he, Ric, would not make a secret deal like that with anyone in WCW. But in reality, Ric was the one who made a secret deal with Jeff Jarrett, giving him the same thing Kevin wanted Eric to do for him.

Flair: I-I, I didn’t think that, Eric. I just wanted to know if that man would be a part of this company or not.

Bischoff: Yeah, I bet Flair. God damn it man, you are going to have to learn to trust me! The three of us are a team, Ric, a team! We all control the fate of WCW, and if this company is going to survive, you have to trust me! You may be the Nature Boy in the ring, but damn man, this isn’t the Ric Flair show! This isn’t ‘what Flair says, go’, Ric. You’re the Nature Boy in the ring! You’re a legend in the ring! But when it comes to running a company, to making a company a success, I am the one who is the legend! I am! So for one second, Ric, just one fucking second, get rid of your ego and try and co-operate.

Oh, that was it- Eric had hit a nerve. Ric was fuming! How dare Bischoff take shot after shot in Flair? Flair stood up, and dived over the coffee table that separated him and Bischoff, lunging himself into Bischoff, and tackling him into the chair Eric was sitting on. Flair started throwing wild right hands at the temple of Eric, but Borden quickly tackled Ric to the ground, restraining him.

Borden: KNOCK IT OFF! The BOTH of you! You two must work together for this company survive and thrive! You both have egos, and you both need to get them in check. If you both want WCW to be a global powerhouse, and it to be the number on promotion in the world, you are going to have to set your differences aside and work together! I am not going to stay here and be the one who has to keep you two in line; I’m not some person in a day care. You two are adults and professionals, so act like it.

Silence, lots and lots of silence. Flair and Bischoff exchange glares, while Borden lets out a deep breath.

Borden: Look, let’s just call it a night. Everything we have is done. Our roster is finalized, and we know what we want to do schedule wise. Let’s just all go home, calm down, get some sleep, and go from there. Eric, you leave the room first.

Eric leaves the room as said, Borden standing between the two men. Bischoff walks right out to his car and leaves. Flair retires to his room as well. WCW was a saved promotion, but how long can this saved promotion be a surviving promotion when two of the owners can’t even get along?
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