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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

As promised...

Cena with a predictable win, to qualify for the Rumble match. The one thing that proves to be a drawback on qualifying matches for the RR is that for quite a lot of them, they are very predictable in terms of winners. Anyways that's a big contender for the Rumble slotted in nicely.

You must be thin on challengers for the womens title. Maria is in line for a shot now . Six months for Victoria as champion seems like a strong reign, and certainly one that could run through a few more months, at least to WM.

Burke & Benjamin as a tag team sounds awesome. A feud with Flair and Haas sounds great too. A really great tag team feud to build the division on, with two world class wrestlers, the greatest of all time, and a promising rookie. I see a title match coming imo.

Why do I get the feeling you may be planting seeds for a Hardy Boys feud?? Hard to tell from a recap - it could well just be reuniting for ratings.

Ahh, the memories come flooding back now. Matt Striker the Teacher, managing Test. Awesome stuff Not surprised he lost here though, with RVD getting some exposure ahead of RR.

Umaga to win the Rumble, please . Lights flicker ... hmm ... I wonder ... what could that possibly mean.

Strange little segment for Orton...

MNM > > > Cryme Tyme. Of course they go over. Looking forward to their participation in the Rumble Match.

That could well have been a really strong promo from The Game. Sounded very HHH-esque, which of course is a good thing. I dont think he'll be winning the rumble match though.

Surprised to see another singles match between the tag champions and challengers. This one though gives the challengers a title match at the Rumble, and it all looks to be going swimmingly for them right now.

Interesting pairing of Jericho and Palumbo. Dont suppose you could explain how that one came together?? Michaels with a win to add to his momentum, but again, he doesnt strike me as a potential winner, despite the event coming from his home town.

And I see you went with the ECW return. Well executed here, and Heymans disciples make a big impact, but like I said to you on MSN, just make sure the ECW group doesnt get lost in the shuffle.

Hard to tell how good a show would be via recaps, but despite the odd grammatical error here and there, I enjoyed my first show in this thread in a long time.


Long fired to open up SD. Good. Long as a heel manager > Long as a referee > Long as a wrestler > Long as a GM. Even in an assistant role, he sucks. Giving him the boot from that role frees him up to do something decent now, and means you dont have to follow the real life SD GM angle.

Punk goes 2-0. I reckon you'll be pushing this guy hard, but it'll be interesting to see whether you wait until after WM, or go for a push right from the get go.

Mark Henry to win the Royal Rumble and headline WM. Unlikely. I kinda like him though

Not sure what you've done with MVP, but hopefully he's been made to look good. If not, hopefully he begins to get pushed now . Long run in the RR match please.

I love irony. And it would be really ironic if Noble lost the CW title exactly one year after winning it. It would be even sweeter if it's London to do it Should be a decent contest, as you'd expect.

Ahh, push for Kenny. Ladies man gimmick sounds decent. Maybe team him with Val Venis if the singles push doesnt work out. I hate Ashley though.

Okay, question. Why did Matt Hardy ask Jeff to team with him, if there wasnt actually a match already set?? Chances are, I've missed something, but that seems a little odd.

MVP advances, in what I'm guessing was a heel vs heel match?? I'll repeat my line from earlier ... long RR run for MVP

Batista as heel is a lot more interesting than Batista as face. Good call. If I'm thinking rightly, he might've already turned when I was last reading this thread. Glad to see an extended heel run for him.

And Mysterio disposes of Regal to seal his place in the Rumble. Y'know, I havent followed this thread in a long time, so I may be way off, but Mysterio strikes me as a possible RR winner. At least a genuine contender for a shock win.

Oh, think I've figured it now. Matt needed a partner for a match against Kennedy and a partner?? Makes sense to me know. Hardy and Kennedy at the Rumble sure has potential to be a decent undercard match.

Contract signings always end in tears. I Quit Match at the Rumble sounds awesome. Hope the feud has been strong enough to warrant such a heavy gimmick match to support it. Angle and Edge have had terrific matches in the past, and with all hell to break loose in this one, it could well top all their previous encounters.

I'll be trying to drop in as often as possible.
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