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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday January 8, 2007
St. Louis, Missouri

Raw kicks off tonight with the Doctor of Thuganomics in the ring as he talks on the mic for a bit about how after he gets into the Royal Rumble match that he is going to win it all and walk right into WrestleMania 23 and headline the biggest event of the year once again. Cena gets ready for his match as down comes the monster Snitsky. Snitsky gets into the ring and both men put on a decent match but it gets very little time, as Cena was able to overcome the attack of Snitsky. Cena quickly finished Snitsky off with an F-U after Snitsky missed the Big Boot and Cena advanced onto the Royal Rumble in grand style.

We take our first break and we come back we see Maria standing by with the Women’s Champion Victoria. Maria asks Victoria how it has been being the Women’s Champion for six months. Victoria says it’s great but that she needs someone to step up and actually give her a challenge. Maria says she can’t think of anybody that Victoria hasn’t defender her title against but Victoria gives Maria a smug look. Victoria then says “I haven’t defended it against you” as Victoria walks off and Maria looks a bit worried but kind of excited that she might have a title match.

In Burke’s only second match here on Raw he gets to play with the big dogs as he takes on one half of the tag champs, Charlie Haas. Haas and Burke get a decent amount of time in the ring to showcase their skills and the “Suplex Specialist” Haas was able to use his wide array of suplexes to catch the rookie off guard. Haas caught Burke with the three Germans before he got back up ready to hit a Fisherman’s Suplex. Burke however was quick to knock Haas down with a kick to the back of the head and then followed it up by hitting the Elijah Experience right in the middle of the ring. Burke quickly covered Haas after Haas made a mistake and Burke gets the win in his second match on Raw. We quickly see Benjamin watching on the monitor and smiling backstage.

We cut backstage once more this time to see Jeff Hardy talking backstage with his brother Matt from Smackdown! Matt says that this week he’s got a tag match on Smackdown and that he needs a partner! Matt is trying to hint at Jeff to be his partner and Matt finally asks him. Jeff says of course that he’d do anything for his brother. And the commentators hype up the fact that the Hardy’s reunite again this week on Smackdown.

We come back from the break once more and this time we see the number one contender in the ring, Rob Van Dam! RVD takes on Test tonight in a match that gets a decent bit of time to mainly hype the title match for the Royal Rumble. Matt Striker tries to interfere towards the ending but instead RVD hits a swinging dropkick using the ropes to send Striker flying back into the barricade back first. RVD then turns around to see Test charge at him but RVD rolls around Test and rolls him up but gets only a two count. Test then gets back onto his feet to charge right back at RVD again who this time hits a Spinning Heel Kick. RVD then quickly launches himself onto Test with the Rolling Thunder and follows it up with the Five Star Frog Splash for the win! RVD celebrates with the fans as JR and King hype the title match at the Royal Rumble.

Once the match is over we head backstage to see Armando Alejandro Estrada hyping up Umaga backstage. Estrada says that all twenty-nine men have been put on warning that Umaga is here and he is here to win the Royal Rumble. Estrada says that there is no reason for any of the other twenty-nine men to even show up because of the fact that Umaga will simply manhandle them! Estrada then says that at the Royal Rumble the fans will be witness to Umaga’s destruction first hand. Estrada points to Umaga but the lights flicker on and off for a bit. Estrada and Umaga ignore them as they walk off.

We head backstage after the break to see Randy Orton preparing and on the phone with many people trying to prep himself for his welcome home party tonight. Orton bumps into a few people “friends” on TV as Orton simply shakes their hand and walks off. He walks into his locker room and picks his phone up to see “one missed call” on the screen before he dials the number and then proceeds to dial the number. Orton talks to this person whom we can only assume he talked to last week and Orton says that he’s not needed tonight. Orton hangs the phone up and walks back out of the locker room as we head into the arena.

In the fourth match of the night we get another Royal Rumble qualifying match that pits MNM against Cryme Tyme. The match doesn’t get that much time considering the fact that we’ve still got two matches to come and then the party. MNM quickly works over JTG and Mercury takes advantage over Cryme Tyme after kicking Shad off the ropes as MNM both pair up and hit the Snapshot to secure their spots in the rumble match in three weeks.

We come back from another break to see Triple H backstage. Hunter talks about how he’s heard enough tonight about who is going to win the Royal Rumble but the rest of the WWE needs to face the facts. Hunter says that he’s got the odds in his favor because he’s endured a Royal Rumble match unlike many other superstars that will be in there. Hunter says sure there will be others that have won but that there is only “One Game” in there and that is him. Hunter says that come the Royal Rumble it will be “Time to Play the Game.”

The fifth match pits Ric Flair against Shelton Benjamin in which turns out to be a rather exciting contest. However it gets pushed back in time considering the fact that the main event needs a bit of time as Flair and Benjamin get about eight to ten minutes in the ring. They work their magic though with the small amount of time given and in the end it’s Benjamin that was able to reverse the Figure Four Leg Lock and get back up and roll Flair up by grabbing the tights and the ropes to win the match and give Benjamin and Burke a tag title match at the Royal Rumble.

We take another quick break before Maria interviews Jericho briefly asking him about his match next. Jericho says that payback is a bitch and that HBK needs to be worried about Jericho. Jericho says that HBK made a big mistake last week and that he messed with the wrong guy. Jericho walks off after staring down the camera.

The main event takes place in which it pits Chris Jericho against Shawn Michaels in a grudge match. Both men get a decent amount of time in the ring. Palumbo got kicked out from ringside very early on in the match after he tried to help Jericho but the refs didn’t want anything to do with Palumbo here tonight in this big match. Jericho was able to take a big advantage in the match after Michaels missed a Diving Elbow and Jericho proceeded to then work on the back of Michaels. Jericho did everything he could to wear down HBK and it came into full effect whenever Jericho was able to lock in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho was so close to forcing HBK to tap out but in a last ditch effort HBK was able to grab the ropes and continue the match. Jericho got HBK back onto his feet and sent HBK into the corner. Jericho charged in but HBK quickly moved and as Jericho came out of the corner, Michaels dropped Jericho with Sweet Chin Music before falling flat on top of Jericho for the win!

The night ends with the Randy Orton “Welcome Back” party. Orton has a big party with food, guests, and many friends in the ring with him. Orton says that it feels great to be back in St. Louis after having to travel and stay in many shitty cities across America. Orton talks about how tonight he’s got a few guests. First off he introduces his dad Bob Orton! Bob Orton comes down and talks about his son’s title win back at Survivor Series and how proud his son has made him. Bob ends up in tears (obviously faking it) saying that he wouldn’t ask for a better son than Randy! Randy thanks his dad and gives his dad a seat as next to come out turns out to be the World-Heavyweight Champion Edge! Edge comes down and says that it’s great to be back here on Raw. Edge talks about how his partner and friend Randy was able to help Edge and both men became world champions at the same time. Edge says that he had a gift put together for Orton and it shows a video of Orton decimating his opponents and closes out with the win in the Elimination Chamber for his title. Orton thanks Edge as Orton then finally says he has one more guest. Orton then introduces out the former owner of ECW? Paul Heyman? Heyman comes down the ramp sharing a smile with Orton as Orton and Heyman give one another a handshake. Heyman says that back when he was GM on Smackdown that he had tried his hardest to get Randy to come to Smackdown but Randy never could. Heyman then says that he’s very proud of the accomplishments that Randy has done on Raw and Smackdown and congratulates Randy on coming back to his hometown. Paul then says that just like Edge he has a surprise for Randy. Randy wonders what it is and Heyman points to the ramp as down comes a bunch of former ECW wrestlers in Sabu, Balls Mahoney, The Sandman, Justin Credible, Al Snow, and many others come down the ramp to crash the party as Randy ditches the ring. Orton heads out of the ring as Heyman says that last week Randy tried to attack RVD but that for now on Randy better be careful because now ECW is BACK!!! The fans cheer as Heyman announces ECW making its fore coming return as the show comes to an end. RVD comes down and celebrates with all the originals as the show closes.

Quick Results:

Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: John Cena def. Snitsky
Elijah Burke def. Charlie Haas
Rob Van Dam def. Test
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: MNM def. Cryme Tyme
Shelton Benjamin def. Ric Flair
Shawn Michaels def. Chris Jericho


Friday Night Smackdown
Friday January 12, 2007
Peoria, Illinois

Smackdown opens tonight with Smackdown GM JBL coming down the ramp. JBL talks about how already three of Smackdown’s superstars have been determined for the Royal Rumble but that two more will be decided tonight. JBL first hypes tonight’s Contract Signing and then decides to bring someone down to the ring. JBL introduces his assistant Theodore Long who comes down to the ring and JBL talks to Long. JBL and Long get into an argument for a bit about how JBL has treated Long for the past two months since he was appointed Smackdown GM and JBL said that he has had enough! TEDDY LONG IS FIRED! Long says that is fine as he walks right out of the arena as JBL then says that he has just taken out the garbage here on Smackdown! JBL then closes out the segment by talking about the future of Smackdown and says that now Long is gone that Smackdown will rise to greater heights than ever before!

The first match of the night takes place as CM Punk wrestles in only his second week on Smackdown against Funaki. Punk puts up a good fight against Funaki who never really got a chance to get into the match as Punk was able to hit the Flying Clothesline and then follow it right up with the Running Bulldog. Punk then quickly proceeded to hit the GTS and then lock in the Anaconda Vice for the submission win once again this week.

After the match we head backstage to see Mark Henry being interviewed. Henry talks about how at the Royal Rumble he will decimate the competition and that he will prove to each and every one of these Smackdown fans that he really is “The World’s Strongest Man” Henry talks about how he is going to finally become the king of the jungle and rise to the top as the “Silverback of the Smackdown Jungle”

We take a break to come back and see MVP backstage. MVP talks about how tonight he will become the richest man in that ring at the Royal Rumble. MVP reminds all of the fans that he has only been on Smackdown for seven months but in those seven months that he has quickly shot to the top and made a name for himself. Porter talks about how big his name already is but that once he wins the Royal Rumble they might as well enshrine him into the Hall of Fame then because he will be big! MVP closes it out with “ballin” as he walks off.

The second match of the night takes place as it’s Paul London and Jamie Noble going one on one after Kash snuck away with a win last week over Kendrick. Kendrick and Kash both got into it at ringside but Kendrick and Kash get into it once again which leaves Noble and London to fight it off in the ring by themselves. Noble makes a big mistake as he tries for a Tiger Driver but instead London was able to kick Noble in the back of the head and drill him with a DDT before heading to the top and hitting the London Calling! London quickly pins Noble. We suddenly get word that Smackdown GM JBL has booked London vs. Noble next week for the Cruiserweight title in Noble’s anniversary of his one-year title run.

After the match we head backstage to see “The Ladies Man” Kenny Dykstra walking around and wooing the women. Dykstra bumps into Ashley Massaro backstage and Dykstra and Ashley flirt for a bit. Dykstra tells Ashley that he’d love to have her at ringside with him next week and Ashley says that she might just have to consider that offer. Dykstra walks off as Ashley smiles as the fans wonder what has gotten into Ashley.

We then quickly cut backstage this time to see JBL talking once again to Chavo Guerrero. Guerrero begs JBL for another chance but JBL says he can’t do that. About this time in walks the United States Champion Mr. Kennedy! Kennedy says he is yet to find a partner and JBL says he has an idea. How about tonight Chavo and Mr. Kennedy team together to take on the Hardy’s. Chavo and Kennedy have never teamed together but both men shake hands with one another as they known that they are on a common bond here on Smackdown.

Our third match takes place as MVP takes on The Miz in a brief Royal Rumble Qualifying Match. Miz gets a bit of offense in but misses big time with the Modified Running Corner Clothesline. MVP then quickly grabbed Miz and pulled him off the ropes before dropping the Miz in the middle of the ring with the Playmaker and then getting the win. MVP therefore now has qualified for the royal Rumble match in three weeks time. MVP taunts the fans as he slaps the mat and does his little walk forward before doing the “Ballin” taunt as he walks out of the arena afterwards.

We head backstage after the break to see Batista walking around. Batista walks over and Kristal stops him. Kristal asks him a few questions and asks Batista how he is feeling heading into his Qualifying Match next week. Batista says that he is on a mission to prove that he doesn’t need the fans. He is here for one reason and that is HIMSELF! Batista says that next week he will run right through his opponent whomever it may be but that they have now been warned.

The fourth match of the night takes place as Rey Mysterio meets William Regal in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match. Mysterio and Regal get a decent bit of time in the ring with one another as Regal came oh so close to qualifying for the match. But things turn bad for Regal after he missed the Power of the Punch as Mysterio was able to hit the Springboard Crossbody and then roll back over to dropkick Regal right into the ropes. Mysterio bounced off the ropes before hitting the 619 and then successfully leaping off the ropes to connect the West Coast Pop to get the win and become Smackdown’s fifth superstar to qualify for the match so far!

After the next break we quickly get back into the arena for the main event that pits the Hardy’s teaming together in an Inter-Promotional Match against Mr. Kennedy and Chavo Guerrero. If the Hardy’s win then Matt gets a US title shot at the Royal Rumble. Mr. Kennedy tries to put up a good fight against Matt to prevent this as Kennedy begged for this match last week and it shows as Kennedy shows no remorse for Matt. Kennedy has Matt backed into the corner as he just sits there and knees Matt repeatedly. Kennedy then quickly drops Matt with a snapmare and then picks Matt up before tagging in Chavo. Chavo leaps over the ropes connecting with a Hilo before grabbing Matt and hitting the three amigos! Chavo heads to the top rope as Chavo leaps off and miss the Frog Splash! This gives Matt time as Matt runs over and tags in Jeff Hardy! Jeff runs in and dropkicks Kennedy off the ropes and Jeff goes on the offense of Chavo. Jeff dropkicks Kennedy once more this time with the baseball-sliding dropkick. Jeff then quickly hits a Twist of Fate on Guerrero before Matt gets down as Chavo falls into he corner. The Hardy’s hit Poetry in Motion before Jeff climbs to the top and hits Chavo with the Swanton Bomb. Jeff then tags in Matt as Matt drops Chavo with the Twist of Fate and gets the win earning him a US title shot at the Royal Rumble!

We close the night out with the Contract Signing for the I Quit Match at the Royal Rumble. Edge comes down first and talks about how in sixteen days time that it will be Kurt being the one that says “I Quit” Edge says that he has never muttered those two words before and that he never will as long as he lives. Edge then finally signs the contract as then JBL brings out Kurt Angle. Angle sits down and gets ready to sign the contract before Edge asks him if he really wants to do this. Edge says Angle has no clue what he is getting into at the Royal Rumble. Angle says correction he does! Angle says that he’s fought everybody in the WWE and that he just might be the craziest SOB that works for the WWE. Angle says that instead it’s Edge who doesn’t know what he is getting into as Angle grabs the pen and signs the contract. Angle then gets ready to leave but as he does Edge ambushes Angle from behind with the title and delivers a beat down on Angle. Edge grabs Angle and throws him into the middle of the ring before he ends up suplexing Angle right through the table. Angle’s body collides with the table as it crashes and Edge shows a sadistic smile as Smackdown comes to a close.

Quick Results:

CM Punk def. Funaki via submission
Paul London def. Jamie Noble
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: MVP def. The Miz
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match: Rey Mysterio def. William Regal
The Hardy’s def. Mr. Kennedy and Chavo Guerrero


WWE Royal Rumble
Sunday January 28, 2007
San Antonio, Texas

The Royal Rumble Match - Winner Earns Title Shot at WrestleMania 23
Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Umaga, John Cena, Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury, Kane, Mark Henry, Kenny Dykstra, MVP, Rey Mysterio

WWE Championship Match
Randy Orton (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

World-Heavyweight Championship Match
I Quit Match
Edge (c) vs. Kurt Angle

United States Championship
Mr. Kennedy (c) vs. Matt Hardy

World Tag Team Championships
Ric Flair and Charlie Haas (c's) vs. Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke

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