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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

KOP's SmackDown! Feedback

OMG, I actaully think that was the smuggest opening heel segment I have ever read Ha ha, it was great to see Edge and Orton toasting themselves as the creme de la creme of the WWE right now, completely establishing the dominance over Rated RKO over both brands of the WWE. Edge's lead in was great, and the way he interacts with Randy is always good fun. Interesting to note that when Edge was listing the guys in the Battle Royal tonight that "I don’t give a DAMN!" about, he didn't mention Kurt Angle. Kurt's the guy getting the shot though imo. Solid opening.

Blimey, so now Jamie Noble is going after the WWE Tag Team titles as well? Awesome. There has been no one else {other than Kid Kash} who deserves to take the CW belt off him, so I hope his reign goes past a year. Londrick are much better as challengers chasing the belts in all honesty, so i hope they drop them soon. Deuce and Domino plz.

MVP is now a completely cemented fixture in the WWE and this thread, unlike the last time you posted a show in full Nice little interview with Porter, but as i said in Mac's thread, he needs a feud. I don't think he'll win the Battle Royal tonight, but i would definately mark.

JBL ... drinking beer? No, no, this is a man of class now; not a member of the APA The business with Long as JBL's assistant just seems a bit TOO similar to what is happening in the 'E' right now i'm afraid, and JBL wasn't entertaining at all. He should be gold as the GM. The Chavo Guerrero segment got me hoping that he might be in line for a push, but judging from JBL's reaction, it looks as though Chavito will be getting jobbed out.

With a Hardy/Kennedy feud I really struggle to know who to root for, since i love them both. Hardy getting the win makes for an excellent U.S title match in the future. I hope if it's at the Rumble you still keep both men in the RR match, as they could do with big performances there.

Nice little promo from Big Dave. Everyone who's anyone doing a WWE thread seems to be turning 'Tista into an intense, monster heel ... but you did it first Major props for that. I love angry Batista as a heel, as it makes his promos enjoyable. I doubt he'll win the Battle Royal tonight {although he make it into a Triple Threat}, but I can see him playing a MAJOR role in the RR match and setting up a feud.

Nice video package for Punk, and it's great to see him FINALLY debut in this thread. I remember you hyping him last year and he never came Great that he's using the Anaconda Vise too, as submission finishers > all.

I know you mark for Kenny, KOP, as i remember your banner from ages ago. He's pretty bland on the mic, but this was a solid promo. "“Ladies Man”" is a fairly horrible gimmick, but it's a gimmick nonetheless, and that's what Dykstra needs. You mark for him, so a push is obviously coming.

Yup, as I thought really, Chavo just gets jobbed out to a bigger guy than actually looking like someone worthwhile. Obviously Kane will be in the Rumble, but i doubt he'll do anything.

Wierd segment from Kennedy. He's a chickenshit heel, so why the hell would he want to put his title on the line against Hardy? Just seems a tad odd is all. Matt and his partner will obviously win that match next week. I'm hoping for a KK/JBL alliance.

Decent Battle Royal Main Event, but I must admit, I really hate it when the Cruiserweights get thrown out first. Guys like Kenny, Kash, Londrick and Noble should have looked more credible in my opinion. Lol @ MVP and Hardy eliminating each other; they're clearly meeting at the Rumble. No real surprise to see Angle getting the win, as he has been feuding with Edge one and off for the better part of half a year. Nice little closing speech from Edge {although I didn't like Angle's pointless input}, although, much like the Kennedy scenario, why would Edge {a chickenshit heel} want to face a nut like Angle in a "I Quit" match? It will be awesome, no doubt about that, but it just seems like some wierd booking is all.

Overall this was a vey solid show, KOP, and only your second full one in this thread for a LONG time. There were some good promos {opening} and feud advancement. Some odd booking let it down though, as I have expressed above. Good job though
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