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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

M’kay KOP. Again sorry, but hey, I told you I’d get it to you. Just like you said when you reviewed me, it’s been probably two years since I reviewed you. So understand the fact that I’m not up to speed…

Monday Night Raw

Opening commentary was decent enough. I’m one to always comment on commentary btw, as you may notice. I think it’s important. Otherwise, why the fuck write it? Tbh.

First off, everyone calls you the realism buff, which may become more apparent as I continue to follow. But to start off, RVD as the champ from Mania through year’s end is not realistic. Also, RVD & Sabu playing the “feuding with WWE Champion and his monster partner” type role is certainly not common. Kudos for that KOP. It’s a rather refreshing top dog scene, which eliminates any negative perceptions I had coming in…for now.

Coach was decent enough on the mic, although your sentence structure was wordy and bordering on run-on at times. Two qualifiers is cool, and Coach’s contractual obligations for Raw are interesting. McMahon coming out and vetoing Coach’s announcement kinda stunk actually, since I thought it made for an interesting stip. Giving Coach an ultimatum and all that though was okay. Looks as though this will certainly lead to Coach losing his job as GM, which is totally cool with me.

Hardy over Masters for the Royal Rumble is just fine. What the hell is the master slam though?

Cryme Tyme segment was good overall. Few minor wording flaws early on, but the Melina line was classic. And for god sakes, write out the word ASS! The way the promo ended, by creating an obvious start to a tag team angle with Flair/Haas was pure though. Gave the whole thing purpose, which is the way it should be. Being a Flair worshiper though, I am not sure what I think of him and Haas yet. Any explanation of why and how?

Burke + Benjamin = GOLD. Awesome team, and loving the fact that you seem to be emphasizing some tag team shit tonight. Burke over jobber = shitty booking tbh. It’s not the way to get him over, as this isn’t 1987, it’s 2007. Triple threat tag title match?

You really should add more to words imo. “Welcome to Raw is Jericho” just does not give to me what “Welcome to … RAAAAW … IS … JERRRICHOOOOO!!” Not even that exaggerated, but come on, you know what I mean. That said, Jericho was on point in this. HBK as guest was good, and Jericho editing out HBK was pure awesomeness. HBK and Jericho having another match is fine by me. Good call by Coach there. This segment could have been GOLDEN. But it was good enough for what is was to accomplish. Jericho was far better than the very bland and dialogue reduced HBK.

Melina over Candice = right decision.

Very, very intriguing phone conversation involving Orton. Someone is coming.

WrestleMania commercial was entertaining, and rather creative on your part. Made Umaga look like an absolute buffoon.

Triple H over Val Venis? Come on with that. Glad to see Hunter in the Rumble, although the matches tonight have been highly weak tbh.

Flair promo had a couple meh’ish paragraphs tbh, but it was a solid message overall. Pity he will lose next week. At least it’s to a decent enough wrestler. The end of it was good, and I love the “Suplex Specialist” name for Haas.

RVD’s bland non-promo’ish ass may have just cut the best promo of the night for me. I feel that maybe Sabu is gonna turn! Not sure. We’ll see though.

Main event matchup was perfectly booked, with the champ and challenger not coming into contact, and with the heel champion ending up wielding a chair in the end. DQ finish and Orton’s stare down of RVD were awesome. Royal Rumble is up in the air atm, which is good. RVD aint winning though. I still say Sabu turns on him, and they go at it in WrestleMania 23. Also, Orton takes the title to the main event of WrestleMania. Whether he loses or retains is totally unclear at this point though.

Good Show KOP. I’ll be getting to Smackdown probably in two days or so man, no time tonight.

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