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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Pretty good opening to the show. And Szumi says my sentence structure can be sloppy
Still, was a good promo, a little meh'ish at times, but got the point across. Would've been better had a face been involved, but it seems like Rated RKO will both head into WM as champs, but neither will walk out imo. Maybe Orton.

Kash getting the win, I hope Noble loses the CW title at Mania. Not a fan of this tag feud, as they're all cruisers and it's been done for ages IRL. Still, Kash is great.

MVP is full of it. Nice promo, very much like MVP. Mmm Kristal. Keep plz. MVP could have a good run if he's in the Rumble match. Can't see him winning though.

JBL/Teddy was alright, didn't feel the JBL/Chavo promo though. Chavito needs to stay away from the mic. I wonder who he's gonna face though, hopefully someone who's gonna beat him coz Chavo doesn't belong near the top dogs.

Matt going over Kennedy is cool. Either man winning was gonna be acceptable, since they're at each other's level anyways.

Good Batista promo, Batista as a badass heel is the only way for him imo in BTB. Mac does it well, and you can do it just aswell (without the copied Wolfy layout). imo.

CM PUNK! It'd be great to see him get a Rumble spot. I'd mark. Good squash win for him here, get him over, and give him the US Title after Mania plz.

Lmao @ Kenny. Fucking jobber. He's got no chance. Kristal,

Kane beating Chavo, thank you. Wise decision. Kane in the rumble = ratings. I look forward to you not mis-using Kane in the future.

Kennedy getting a tag match next week? I can see a Hardy/Kennedy match at the Rumble or possibly at Mania actually. Either way, intruiging.

Kurt Angle heading towads the title again? I can see it maybe, although I think Edge will drop it to someone else come Mania. Good ending to the show though.

Sorry it was rushed, distracted by Szum & Mac on MSN tbh. <3.

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