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Re: Being the booker

OK..where do I begin

The HBK segment at the start of the show was just great. As Showstopper said, Classic face v heel segment and HBK coming in later on opening the urn really shows his cocky side and I like it
Jericho's interview was also well written showing his emotions and guarantees victory at WM. Kane's interview was really freaky!
Edge and Christian segment was also great with the TLC history and Christians nose picking joke
Orton and Cena, I would say that I was more into HBK and Undertaker but after that face to face talk, Orton v Cena is the one I'm really looking forward to now from RAW!

I was really looking forward to Eddie and Benoit face-off, but I've got to say that I'm dissapointed..lol..joking..it was awesome and with all the emotions behind it, I have to agree this will be one of the best matches on the card
Goldberg attacking Angle from behind and busting him open shows that Goldberg is not a man to messed with and I like it, this makes Angle/Goldberg more harder to predict. Although I would have loved a little more time given to them
HHH trash talking Rock about those three WM losses in a row was just great and also adds emotion to this match that The Rock will really go for the title and to teach HHH to Shut His Mouth!
And finally, Bret and McMahon, Face turn or Heel turn, I'm really 50/50 on this. Can't decide at all. Plus the end where Austins stuns Bret makes me wonder whether Bret will remain face and forget the whole thing or turn on Austin because he stunned him!

And Now....The Predictions:

1. 20 Man Battle Royal:
Really have no idea who's gonna win this one but I'll go with RVD. I'm guessing one of the legends is Ultimate Warrior, maybe Hogan could be the other one!

2. AMW v WGTT:
The two clean wins are sure to make someone wonder who's gonna win this match, but not me ..I'm gonna go with AMW because they clearly haven't had a clear advantage in this feud

3. Six Man Cruiserweight Challenge:
High-Flying Match, which will be awesome! I'm gonna go with Paul London because I really do think he deserves a reign

4. Shaniqua v Jazz v Victoria
Shaniqua has held the title for some time and so there's no way she's retaining. As for Jazz or Victoria, Victoria has clearly been at a disadvantage going into this match, So Victoria is my predicted winner

5. Jericho v Kane
Kane will win this and I see a Trish heel turn again because Jericho said she has to be at WM to witness the glory, well the glory will be Kane and Trish leaving together

6. Eddie v Benoit
Awesome match-up, no doubt there! I see Eddie retaining, donno why but I just seem to think Eddie will retain

7. Edge v Christian
Definitely will go to the 3rd fall, otherwise no point of TLC being mentioned and talked about in their segment. I don't see Christian losing the title so early, Christian will win this one and the feud will continue with Edge winning the title back in the end

8. Angle v Goldberg
Goldberg may be Da Man! But Kurt Angle won the Gold Medal with broken freaking neck! Angle wins this one because Goldberg has had more 'assault victories' over Angle and Angle losing this one would hurt his popularity

9. Rock v HHH
Really looking forward to this one. Although I don't see Rock winning this because Brock will be coming for the title but still makes me wonder If Brock is coming for the title, then he needs a face opponent, which makes me wonder if Rock is gonna win. I'm gonna go with Triple H in this one

10. HBK v Taker
Would have loved to have a stipulation to this one but none the less it's gonna be HUGE!! Undertaker remains undefeated at WM because quite frankly that's where most of his popularity comes from. Plus HBK has had many last laughs in this feud so I don't see him winning the final battle

11. Brock v Austin
Probably the toughest prediction and I love it the way it is, hard to predict. McMahon turning face is really a very rare chance because you need an Evil Boss! Bret stays face or turns heel, Brock is winning this one because he is the future and needs this push, but that would hurt Austin's popularity, So now I see Bret turning heel and screwing Austin because of the stunner and probably many other past "made-up" reasons as well. Brock will win this one!

12. Randy Orton v John Cena
Finally, the Main Event and what a main event, none could have been a replacement. Wrestlemania is "where it all begins..again" and Cena and Orton will take WWE to new heights after this match. Cena will win this one and maybe we'll see a Orton face turn after the match with a handshake and show of respect and maybe exit from evolution!

Overall..An AWESOME CARD!!! And I can't wait for Saturday. Man, if there was only a way to make the earth rotate faster..lol..Wrestlemania is gonna be huge!!

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