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Re: Being the booker

You sound like J.R at the end...'Don't miss it, Please don't miss it'

Anyway onto both shows, my thoughts and then my predictions, and then why I predict these and it's gonna be a long little essay....

OK, first up was Raw and the cocky HBK coming out, this is the classic 'heel' thing where the heel talks about the face, then the face interupts the heel. The Deadman saying that in 6 Days time he will kill the Showstopper...(not me of course) but Shawn Michaels. Anyway I must side with Taker on this one....

Good powerful interview with Jericho expressing his deep hatred of Kane.

Nice interaction in the Ring between Edge and Christian, who could have thought that this feud was built up over two weeks. That's pretty much my only real criticism at this point, maybe the feud could have pushed on a bit longer as it has alot of potential...

Nice little recap of the Matches seems authentic as during the I.P PPV's they have the other promotion's Announce team review the card from their Brand.

Interesting ending to the show, very interesting. I would have thought that they would have been beating the hell out of each other out of the Ring...but a show of respect ay, that's weird......


Nice stuff there between Eddie and Benoit, really good Interview there.

Love the authenticity again between the Announce Teams

I'm torn between this....will Bret turn.....or will Bret not turn? McMahon's last comment...'We'll see Bret, well see,' that indicates to me a turn and I wouldn't be suprised. I'll get onto that in detail later with my predictions. Also the ending kind of changes the whole view of the show.....

Now my Predictions

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. John Cena
Winner: John Cena, I can see the Franchise taking Raw to that new level and Orton playing catch up.

WWE Championship Match:
Triple H vs. The Rock
Winner - I can see HHH winning this one, purely for a feud with Brock after WM, to be honest I would be suprised to see Rock win. Only way I wouldn't be suprised was if Brock interfeared which might be a possibility

Intercontinental Championship; 3 Stages of Hell Match:
1st Fall: One on one
2nd Fall: Strap Match:
3rd Fall (if necessary): Tables, Ladders and Chairs
Christian vs. Edge
Winner - Not sure about this one, I got that feeling Christian will retain leaving this feud to simmer for longer

United States Championship Match:
Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit
Winner - Two great athletes going at it, I see Benoit getting the victory

WWE Tag Team Championship’s Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team
Winner - AMW to win

Women’s Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Shaniqua vs. Jazz vs. Victoria
Winner - Jazz to pull of the victory with that wonder speech.....

Cruiserweight Championship; Six Pack Match:
Tajiri vs. Noble vs. Mysterio vs. Akio vs. London vs. Chavo
Winner - Paul London to get the victory here

The Showstopper vs. The Dead Man
Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer
Winner - As said earlier I see the Deadman winning and keeping it 13 and 0 at WM, even I can't see HBK defeating him.

War to Settle the Score:
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin w/ Bret ’Hitman’ Hart vs.
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
With Mr. McMahon as Special Guest Referee
Winner - This is the biggie.....I see either Hart turning, or McMahon turning, but I've got a gut feeling it will be Hart...should be one for the ages with Austin coming up trumps.

Chris Jericho vs. Kane
Winner - Kane to end this fairytale with Trish joining him

Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg
Winner - Goldberg to show his brute force and strength and toppling Angle with it

20 Man Battle Royal:
9 RAW Superstars, 9 Smackdown Superstars, 2 Legends!!
A-Train, Booker T, Christopher Nowinski, Goldust,
Matt Morgan, Raven, Rhyno, Rob Van Dam, Sting.
Billy Gunn, Hurricane Hellms, Chris Kanyon, Lance Storm,
Matt Hardy, Rene Dupree, Scott Steiner, Test, William Regal.
2 Special Guest Legends (TBC)
Winner - Could be anyone....I'll say Booker T....Dunno why????

I'll say no more, I've said enough....but good luck with all the stuff, I'm sure this could be a candidate of PPV of the Year let alone month....hopefully this is a bright start to what should be a great year for all at Be The Booker.
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