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Re: Being the booker

RAW; March 14th 2005; Cleveland:

Opening Video


The excitement has reached fever pitch, as the showcase of the immortals closes in. Tonight, on this final Raw before WrestleMania, who will gain the upper hand on their opponents at this Sundays event??

King: It almost seems unreal J.R. We have talked about WrestleMania for MONTHS, but tonight, we hit our final road, oh my!!!!

J.R: We know that all the major players are under this roof tonight King, so I would expect a real epic show tonight!!!

**H-B-K hits, and we see the cocky, Shawn Michaels strut to the ring, with a barrage of insults aimed at him, as he shrugs off all the heat. He grabs a mic, and poses in the ring.**

J.R: And right now, we are looking at Shawn Michaels, who is set to face the Deadman this Sunday. He has been running from him since the Royal Rumble in January, but in six days time, he will have to face his fears, and pay the price!!!

**HBK then begins to speak**

Ladies and Germs, please show some appreciation for the HEART-BREAK-KID!!!

Crowd booís.

(Smiles) Yeah, yeah. You know, The Undertaker has been running from good old HBK now for some time, but this Sunday, Iíll finally get my hands on the dead ass of his, cause heíll have no where to run, and nowhere, to hide.

**J.R: Michaels is obviously delusional, as well as an asshole. Itís been him running from the Phenom!!!**

You see, not many people realise this, but The Undertaker has NEVER beaten me, one on one. I have his number. And his WrestleMania unbeaten record number, is up. Because I said it two weeks ago, and Iíll say it tonight, Youíve never faced anyone quite like the Showstopper, quite like me!!!

And believe me Deadman, you never will.





**We see Undertaker appear on the titan tron, along with Paul Bearer**

Shawn MichaelsÖÖha ha ha ha ha. You really think that you will defeat MY Undertaker??? Ever since the Royal Rumble, your sorry career has been on life supportÖand at WrestleManiaÖmy Undertaker will pull the plug on your career, and your life support will slowly filter out, and die!!!!

Undertaker: ShawnÖ.right now, you are the living dead. In six days, you will the deceased, and I will make sure, that youÖ..restÖÖinÖÖpeace.

(Takers eyes roll into the back of his head, and the camera closes in on his eyes, then the picture on the tron turns into a video. It shows quick clips of all of Takers past WM matches, with flashing images of people being hanged, and graves being dug, then a lightning bolt strikes, and the Undertaker symbol appears at the entrance way, with a lifelike HBK doll dangling from it.

HBK is in a state of shock, and immediately rolls out of the ring, and runs through the crowd)


We come back, to the parking lot, and see Michaels packing up his rental car, then jumping in and speeding off.

J.R: It looks to me, that Shawn Michaels has been a little spooked out by the Deadman. But this Sunday he has nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide!!! But right now, itís some eight man tag action, as eight of the nine Raw competitors in the battle royal this Sunday, battle it out.

King: I love eight man tag matches J.R!!!!

1st Match: 8 Man Tag Match:

BookDust, R.V.D, Sting vs. Matt Morgan, Rhyno, Raven, Nowinski

Back and forth match, pretty quick for an eight man, but as the match starts to get going, A-Train runs in and attacks all eight men, leaving all of them down and out, as A-Train goes into this Sunday with the advantage over his fellow Raw competitors.

Winner: No Contest

Interview with Chris JerichoÖ

Chris Jericho, in six days, you face the big red monster, Kane, one on one at the Granddaddy of them all, WrestleMania. This match has been brewing for weeks, and escalated after Kane abducted Trish Stratus. Last week you freed Trish from Kane, but suffered a tremendous beating afterwards. How do you plan on defeating Kane this Sunday??

Jericho: Todd, this Sunday is WrestleMania. A night where dreams come true, and so on and so on. But as far as Iím concerned this Sunday is bigger than WrestleMania, because its not about the event for me. Its about very personal issues. Iím facing a man that by all rights should be locked up in an asylum. And it doesnít matter that he is nearly a foot taller than me, and outweighs me by around a hundred pounds, because its all about heart, and redemption. Revenge will be sweet, because this Sunday, I will beat Kane, for me, and Trish, by ANY means necessary!!!

Grisham: Well, Chris. Another question Iíd like to ask is, do you know the whereabouts of Trish?? She hasnít been seen tonight at the arena.

Jericho: Yeah, Trish is at home. I talked with Trish a lot over the last week, and I convinced her to stay there this week, as a precaution. If it were up to me, Iíd have made her stay at home for WrestleMania too, but Trish wouldnít miss it for the world, when I defeat Kane, and get that sick bastard out of her life, and mine for good!!!!

Backstage with the Brotherhood. Theodore Long is on the phone with someone, while Orlando Jordan and Rodney Mack are psyching up Jazz.

Whoís gonna be the next Womenís Champion!!!???

Jazz: ME!!!

Orlando: Whoís is the number one womenís wrestler in the world!!!???

Jazz: ME!!!

Mack: Whoís gonna stand in your way!!!???

Jazz: NO ONE!!!!!

Theodore Long: Thatís right, holla, holla, holla!!! Finally, this Sunday, we wont be held down by the man!!! They cant stop true greatness like baby girl here. Victoria may be pretty, and Shaniqua may be a man, but Jazz, is the next Womenís Champion!!!

Jazz: Oh yeah, believe dat!!!

The Brotherhood then all high five each other, as the camera fades.

We then see the arrival of Christian to the arena, with the Intercontinental Title, and a huge smirkÖ


2nd Match:

Chris Jerichovs. Mideon (One night appearance - like Viscera and Gangrel recently on WWE)

Jericho is on top form, dismantling Mideon completely, picking up a quick victory with the Walls of Jericho.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Jericho has his hand raised, but then, from behind, Kane nails Y2J with a stiff clothesline to the back, then stomps on him, and hitís a big boot, before nailing a Chokeslam on Jericho, leaving him in a crumpled mess, heading into WM this Sunday.

WrestleMania Relived:

This week, WrestleMania IV from Trump Plaza;

Bad News Brown beat Bret Hart in a battle royal, Demolition become the New Tag Team Champions, and Randy Savage wins a tournament to be crowned the NEW WWF World Champion, beating Ted DiBiase in the final.

Back to J.R and KingÖ

We said this would be a wild ride here tonight, but this has been sensational. A-Train left his mark going into the Battle Royal this Sunday, and Chris Jericho was absolutely battered by Kane. Not to forget, the creepy situation earlier between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker!!!

King: And so close to WrestleMania too J.R!! Its totally breaking down here on RAW!!! I donít even want to imagine what else will go down.

Backstage, we go into the Evolution locker room, with the trio drinking champagne.

Man, can you believe that WrestleMania is just six days away?? Randy, your night is coming up fast. Because this WrestleMania, is the Wrestlemania, where Randy Orton truly arrives.

Batista: Exactly. itís a pity you didnít have a little stiffer competition though, isnít it?? I mean, John Cena is hardly gonna give you a run for your money, is he??

Orton: Guys, I think weíve underestimated him. John Cena, is for real. (Looks a little worried, then tries to shrug it off) But, I mean, heís not Randy Orton. Heís not the World Heavyweight Champion. I am, and still will be, this Sunday. But tonight, Iím calling him out.

Flair: ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!???? Six days from the biggest match of your life, and your calling that punk out??

Batista: Donít do it Randy. You donít need it. Just sit here, take it easy, and save yourself for Mania.

Orton: Well, I appreciate your thoughts guys, but this is something Iíve just gotta do. Iím not goin out for a fight. I want to look him in his eyes, and see if he is ready, and if he means business. Nothing more, nothing less.

Batista and Flair look to one another, and both shake their heads, in disappointment.

Back to ringsideÖ

Well King, I wasnít expecting that at all.

King: That was strange J.R. Randy Orton wants to go face to face with John Cena?? A week before WrestleMania?? A weeks after he attacked him in his hometown??

J.R: Something seems fishy on this one King. I smell a set up.

**ChristianĎs new music, ďJust Close your eyesĒ plays into the arena, and the Intercontinental Champion makes his way to the ring, mic in hand already.**

Whatís up Cleveland!!!!

Crowd Booís.

Well, tonight, we are in Peep City USA, the home of all my fans, and I Captain Charisma, salute you all!!! But as much as Iíd like to come out here and big up all my peeps, thatís not what Iím here for. I want to address the situation with my brother, regarding this Sunday, and this Intercontinental Championship!!!

You see, two weeks ago, not only did I outsmart Edge, but I outsmarted the entire locker room. I made everyone believe that I was defending the Intercontinental Championship out of the goodness of my heart. Gimme a break.

Why would I ever want to do anything for my ungrateful brother?? He has never appreciated me, and has always treated me as number two. Well not anymore!!!

In fact, right now, Iíd like to show some footage, of me screwing over Edge last week (laughs) really, youíll all love thisÖ (Footage plays of Christian attacking Edge last week, after saying he would lie down for Edge to take the title back)

Edge, this Sunday, its three stages of hell. One on One, when I prove I can outwrestle you. Strap Match, when I whip you like a government mule, and then our specialityÖwell, MY specialityÖ.TABLES, LADDERS, AND CHAIRS!!!!

You see, I was the main player in TLC. I was the one that carried Edge and Christian to all our wins, but it was always Edge and ChristianÖ.never Christian and Edge.

This Sunday, it wont be Edge and Christian, it wont even be Christian and Edge, it will be just Christian.

Edgeís music plays, and we see the former Intercontinental Champion make his way onto the ramp, mic in hand.

(Smiles) You know Christian, it has just occurred to me that youÖ.are an ass. You say TLC is YOUR match?? I wouldnít. Iíd say it was our match, The Hardyz match, and The Dudleyz match. All six of us made the match what it was, but this Sunday, its just about you and I.

You like to show footage of your best TLC moments?? Well, here some other footage that maybe you should show, really, it brings out the bad ass in you, roll the tapeÖ(Footage plays of Christian on the phone to his Grandma, being told off about not flushing the toilet after using it, and picking his nose. While he listens, he is picking his nose. The crowd has a good laugh over the footage)

Thatís a messy situation eh?? You could maybe say, you pickyour moments??

Christian: Look Edge, you want to make this all out to be a joke?? The only joke will be this Sunday when I beat you two straight falls!!!

Edge:Let me tell you, bro, this Sunday, is no laughing matter. I cant wait to get my hands around your scrawny little neck, cause I will pulverise you, and I will decimate you, but most of all, I will take back what is rightfully mine!!!

Christian: Well, why donít you give me a little preview of whatís to come?? You got the guts to come down here right here right now to face me??

Edge:Oh, Iím already there!!!

Edge drops the mic, and sprints down to the ring, but as soon as he slides in, Christian stomps away at him. He picks up Edge and whips him off the ropes, but as Edge comes back off, he ducks a clothesline, then nails the Spear!!!!!

Edge then pounds away at Christian, relentlessly, until officials run down and pull him away, as we cut to a commercialÖ


3rd Match: Triple Threat, 9 Person Tag;

The Brotherhood vs. Victoria & The Dudley Boyz vs. Shaniqua, Cade & Jindrak

Pretty long, decent match, with the three women itching to get at one another, and each time they did, things went totally crazy. Eventually, the match broke down into utter chaos, and Shaniqua got the win, after clocking Victoria with the title belt, and booting Jazz off the apron.

Winner: Shaniqua, Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak

Smackdown Rebound:

- Vince returning, and naming himself special guest referee for the Austin - Lesnar match at WM.

- Paul London wins a 4 Way to get the last place in the Six Pack for the CW title.

- HHH - Rock showdown

- Brawl at the end of the show, with Rock and Angle on top, getting the upper hand on HHH and Goldberg.

WrestleMania promo

We then cut to J.R and KingÖ

It is just six days away, and we have the final card. Firstly from Raw, its Edge challenging his brother Christian, for the Intercontinental Championship, Three Stages of Hell. One on One, Strap Match, and if necessary, TLC!!!

King: The bad blood has been brewing for weeks J.R. Edge and Christian werenít on the same page for weeks, then Edge became the Intercontinental Champion, and things broke down into chaos between them. Christian outsmarted the entire world two weeks ago, and I think heíll do it again this Sunday!!!

J.R: Chris Jericho vs. Kane!!!! Can Jericho overcome the big red monster, and gain revenge for the hell he has put Trish through over the last month??

King: No way. Kane is not only an unstoppable force, but he is an immoveable object!!! Kane will destroy Jericho, then he and Trish can live happily ever after!!!

J.R: Itís a triple threat match for the Womenís Championship!!! Shaniqua vs. Jazz vs. Victoria!!! Finally these three women will be in the same ring at the same time for the title!!! The undefeated champion doesnít have to be involved in the decision, and that title is in major jeopardy.

King: This situation has been foggy for weeks J.R. For three straight weeks, Womenís matches all ended in no contest, two title matches and a number one contenders match, but all three have the chance to prove they are number one!!!

J.R: Shawn Michaels takes on the Deadman, King!!!

King: Oh my!!! I donít know where this is gonna go. Can Undertaker hold onto his unbeaten record at Wrestlemania?? It stands at 12-0, but this Sunday, HBK aims to end it once and for all!!!

J.R: Then, the Main Event, The Youngest WrestleMania main event of all time, as two men in their mid twenties battle for the richest prize in the game!!! Randy Orton, faces the Royal Rumble winner, John Cena!!!

King: This has been debated since the Rumble. Can Orton prove he is a worthy champion?? Or will Cena prove that he belongs?? My money goes with Orton. He has the championship advantage, he has Evolution, and he has more talent!!!

J.R: That sounds great right King?? Well, thatís just RAW!!! Here with the Smackdown matches, its Tazz and Michael Cole in the WWE Studios!!!

Cole: Thanks J.R, well partner, its almost here. Wrestlemania is almost set to dawn!!!

Tazz: We are so pumped, sorry to tell you guys at Raw, but Smackdown totally whoops you in terms of matches!!!

Cole: I agree, firstly, how about six pack action for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship?? Tajiri faces a huge uphill struggle, taking on the man who pinned him two weeks ago, Jamie Noble, the former champion, Chavo, Rey Mysterio, Akio, and the winner of last weeks fatal four way, Paul London!!!

Tazz: That will be one heck of a contest my friend. Gotta love that cruiserweight action, but Tajiri just cant overcome those odds, and my money has gotta go with the outsider, Paul London to take the gold.

Cole: The old time friends face off for the United States Championship, Eddie Guerrero takes on Chris Benoit!!!

Tazz: That will be off the hook Cole!!! My type of wrestling, for the U.S Title!!! And donít forget, this week on Smackdown, the two will have a sit down interview, which I would highly recommend you see, it will be extremely personal.

Cole: For sure Tazz. Lets not forget, Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg!!! This feud has ran since the summer, it has been full of twists and turns, but finally ends this Sunday!!!

Tazz: So intense, so personal. Who will come out of this epic feud, as the better man?? My pick, has to be Goldberg!!! The guy has been a machine since December, and not even the Olympic Hero can stop him!!!

Cole: Triple H vs. The Rock for the WWE Championship!!!

Tazz: Goodness me. That match will be so heated, its unreal. The Rock and The Game go so far back, you could write a book on their feud!!! You cannot miss that!!!

Cole: And, the WWE Tag team Championships are on the line, as Americaís Most Wanted face Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

Tazz: These two teams are so evenly matched, it has shown over the last four weeks, and this has to be one of the most closest matches to call for this Sunday!!!

Cole: But then, itís the most talked about match in perhaps the twenty year history of WrestleManiaÖ.Stone Cold Steve Austin, with Bret Hart in his corner, taking on Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman, and Vince McMahon as the special guest referee. Boy oh boy, what a build up for an epic showdown!!!

Tazz: It has been a roller coaster ride over the last five weeks with these guys. But this is the ultimate match at this years Wrestlemania, and I think even the Raw guys will have to agree with that.

Cole: It all goes down this Sunday, March 20th, Ford Field. Back to J.R and King at Raw. Thanks guys.

Back to J.R and KingÖ

It will be an epic night, one for the history books. And King, from those Smackdown matches, my personal favourite is of course, Stone Cold vs. Brock Lesnar!!!

King: It certainly is gonna be huge!!! I have to agree with you J.R, but I just cant see the Rattlesnake overcome Brock Lesnar AND Mr. McMahon!!!

J.R: If there is anyone who can overcome the odds, it is the Bionic Redneck, the one and only himself!!! Also at WrestleMania, a classic, twenty man battle royal. Nine superstars from Raw, nine from Smackdown, and TWO guest legends!!! And not forgetting the Hall of Fame, Class of 2005!!!

King: And Eminem performing live!!! Donít forget Eminem!!!

Interview with Kane;

Iím here with Kane, and well, in six days time, you-

Kane: Let me show you something Todd. (Kane pulls out a ring) I was given this ring last night, by my future wife to be, Trish Stratus. Chris Jericho may be saying that she is at home as a precaution, but really, she is only at home because I wore her out last night. (Laughs) Trish proposed to me last night, but wanted to keep it a secret until this Sunday, but Iím not one for secrets. I accepted, and this Sunday, we will show the world our affection for one another.

Chris Jericho, you may think that Trish is playing the role of the damsel in distress, but really, sheís just pulling you along. See you Sunday Jericho. Oh, and TrishÖ(blows a kiss) I love you.


4th Match:

Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs. Steven Richards

Total squash match, with Taker totally dominant. Picks up the win with the Tombstone.

Winner: Undertaker

After the match, Taker gets down on one knee and does his normal after match thing, but then HBK comes from behind, with a chair, and nails Taker in the back of then head, then nails Bearer too.

HBK then lifts up the urn, and empties it all over The Undertaker, and does his pose, then Taker sits up, and HBK jumps out of the ring in shock, and quickly back through the crowd, as Taker stands in the ring, with a cold long look at HBK, running through the crowd.

Back to J.R and KingÖ

J.R: What an absolute asshole Shawn Michaels is King.

King: Oh, he is so smart. We all thought he had left, but it was a ploy all along!!!

J.R: It is nearly all folks, the time has almost come, but before we go, at any moment, we expect Randy Orton to call out John Cena for what should be an almighty showdown.

WrestleMania promo


We return, with Randy Orton in the ring, ready to speakÖbut then Cenaís music hits, and the #1 Contender makes his way to the ring, with a mic in hand. He gets into the ring, and goes face to face with Orton. The crowd starts to pop big time, as Orton begins to speak.

This Sunday, is the biggest night of my life. It is the biggest night, of John Cenaís life. We are going to be involved in the biggest main event in WrestleMania history, the youngest main event in WrestleMania history, the biggest WrestleMania of all time. All eyes will be on us John, I know I will rise to the occasion, but will you?? Will you rise to the occasion, or choke??

Cena: Randy, Iíve been waiting for this match my whole life, so you bet your ass Iíll be ready, cocked and loaded for Ford Field this Sunday. Over the last four weeks or so, you, Ric Flair and Batista have all said, that Iím not ready. That Iím not competition. Well, let me remind you, that I am a back to back Royal Rumble winner, I beat The Rock at WrestleMania last year, Iíve beaten Vince McMahon, and Iíve beaten both your pals.

Randy, whether you believe it or not, Iím a big time player, and I mean business. BIG BUSINESS!!! You want to underestimate me?? Thatís fine, I like it that way, because then, Iíll take you by surprise kid, And that title of yours, will soon be mine!!!

Orton: John, Iíve known you for years. Right from when we broke into the WWE. We both came along the same time, but right from the start I was always this much better. What makes you any different now?? What makes you in my league?? Is it because I cant see you?? Is it because your untouchable??

Cena: Orton, this ainít about any catchphrases right now. Iím not out here spilling out raps, or putting you down. Iím deadly serious, because Iím deadly serious about that World Heavyweight Championship!!!

Orton: Well, that makes two of us then. Iím not prepared to let this title go. Iíve beaten the best to win, and beaten the best to keep it. Iíve won two Hell in a Cell matches, Iíve beaten Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Mick Foley, Sting, Undertaker, Triple H, you name them, Iíve beat them.

Cena: It doesnít matter who youíve beaten, or how, all that matters is the here and now. This Sunday, is all that matters to me. That one match, right now, is more important that life itself. You better bring all you got, because I for sure will be bringing everything I have, and then some!!!

Orton: Believe me, donít think Iím taking it lightly. Iím looking into your eyes right now, and honest to God, I realise that you will bring all you have, and so will I. I donít want to leave the WrestleMania main event as the loser, as second best, because Iím not second best, I am THE best. This belt proves it.

Cena: No, no youíre not. I am the best. This Sunday, John Cena proves that he belongs. Proves, that I am number one. Iíve paid my dues, and now, I want to make history.

Orton: John, we will make history. This is a match that a heck of a lot of people have been dying to see, and now they will. Iím going all out for the victory. As much as you feel that you need to proveÖI need to prove twice as much. I need to prove that I deserve this title, that I am good enough to be the top guy in the business, that I am not only the future, but I am the here and now.

Cena: You know. I donít like you Randy, and I know you donít like me, but WE are the future of the business, and WE have the chance to step up to being the here and now. But only one of us will do that this Sunday. And with all due respect, that man is gonna be ME!!!

Orton: I admit, I agree with all you just said, except for the last comment, because with all due respect, the man who steps up, will be ME!!

Both Orton and Cena drop their micís, and go nose to nose, then Orton extends his hand to Cena, which gets a mixed response. Cena steps back, then looks to the crowd, who are unsure what he should do. He looks at Orton, then slowly extends his hand, and the two shake hands, but refuse to take their eyes off one another, and their grips on each other are very tight.

Neither man backs up an inch, as the show closes outÖ

End of Show

*** *** ***

*** *** ***

Smackdown; Columbus, March 17th 2005;

Highlights from McMahon returning last week, and making himself referee for Austin - Lesnar at WM.

Opening Video


Cole: This final stop on the road to WrestleMania is here in Columbus, Ohio, for SMACKDOWN!!! After all the weeks of build up all the talking, all the backstabbing, all the sneak attacks, and all the showdowns, tonight, is the last chance for messages to be sent, as WrestleMania Twenty One is dawning!!!

Tazz: Nice introduction there Cole, you must have been preparing that for weeks. Anyways, Tazz here is gonna kick back, and enjoy the ride, because tonight is gonna be off the hook!!!

Cole: Tonight, The Rock is in action, Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Bret Hart and Mr. McMahon are in the house, but no Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!

Tazz: Well, I was a little shocked not to see the Rattlesnake show up here tonight, but my guess is that he is too busy preparing for this Sunday. Donít forget though Cole, a sit down interview between Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit, three days from their showdown at WrestleMania!!!

1st Match:

Test & Scott Steiner vs. Matt Hardy & Hurricane

Tag match between four of the nine Smackdown superstars involved in this Sundayís battle royal, with back and forth action, leading to Test and Steiner cheating to victory with the three count on Hurricane.

Winners: Test & Steiner

After the match, Test and Steiner celebrate, and grab a mic. They begin to bad mouth the rest of the competitors in the Battle Royal, which leads to a run in from Kanyon, William Regal, Lance Storm, Billy Gunn and Rene Dupree. At first, they beat down Test & Steiner, but soon, begin to bicker among one another, and a mass brawl starts, and spills into the crowd as we cut to a commercial


We then cut backstage, with Josh Matthews who is with Jamie Noble & Nidia

Jamie, Nidia, in three days, itís the six pack challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship, and Jamie, after your victory over Tajiri two weeks ago, you must be very confident??

Noble: Thatís right Josh, I must be confident, but Iím not happy. You see, I beat Tyjiri two weeks ago, fair and square. I should have a one on one title match with Tyjiri this Sunday, and not have to put up with the other idiots in the match, but Bret Hart is prejudice against Jamie Noooble boooyyy, just because I live in a trailer park, with my Nidia, he doesnít want me to be the cruuuuiserweight champion, booyy, but I will be.

Josh: Well, Iím not sure whether you have heard or not Jamie, but Bret has also just banned any ringside presence for the match, which would mean youíre in there without Nidia, Akio wont have Sakoda by his side, and Chavo wont be allowed to have his father accompany him.

Noble: Are you serious?? Iím Jammmie Noooble boooyyy, and my Nidia is like a good luck charm. I need her out there with me. (Takes his chewing gum out, and gives it to Nidia, who pops it in her mouth) But if Bret wants to play dirty, then thatís fine, Iíll still be the NEW Cruiserweight champion this Sunday!!!

Jamie then kisses Nidia, and walks off, while Nidia looks Josh up and down, then jumps on him, and starts to kiss him too. Jamie has to run back, and pull her off him.

What the hell has gotten into you girl?? Youíre too horny baby. Iím sending you to a doctor this week. Iíve already caught you in Mickeyís trailer last night, and Aunt Betties on Tuesday!!!

We then see a limo pull up. A driver steps out, opens the door, and Goldberg steps up. He has a shiner after last week.

2nd Match:

Charlie Haas w/S. Benjamin vs. Chris Harris w/J. Storm

In the first of two singles matches tonight between the two teams, TWGTT get the first win of the night, with a clean win, after Haas fought out of the Catatonic, and got a victory roll for the three, which shocked AMW.

Winner: Charlie Haas

TWGTT celebrate up the ramp, while the shocked AMW say that theyíll get them later.

We then cut backstage, and see the brawl continue between the Smackdown stars involved in the battle royal this Sunday. Officials eventually step in, and break the brawl up, with a lot of stare downís taking place between the starsÖ

WrestleMania Relived;

This week, Wrestlemania IX from Caesars Palace.

The whole Roman theme, Hogan & Beefcake taking on Money Inc. and then Yokozuna beating Bret Hart via some cheating, and then Hogan taking on Yokozuna right after, and beating him!!!

Well, WrestleMania nine was a heck of an event, and this Sunday, the late Yokozuna will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Tazz: Arguably the best big man ever in the wrestling business. So athletic for his size, a great competitor, and of course a former WWE Champion!!

Cole: Folks, in just a second, I will be in the ring, to conduct a special interview with Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. Do NOT miss it!!!


In the ring with Michael ColeÖ

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the challenger for the United States Championship this Sunday, CHRIS BENOIT!!!

We see the arrival of Chris Benoit on the stage, and he makes his way to the ring, and shakes hands with Cole as he waits for Eddie.

Cole: And now, the defending champion, EDDIE GUERRERO!!!

Then, Guerrero comes to the ring in his low rider, posing to the crowd, then gets into the ring, and carries the belt with him. He and Benoit stand either side of Michael Cole, but donít take their eyes off each other.

Cole: Thank you for joining me guys, and in three days, you two will reopen your long and dated history, in front of the entire world to see at WrestleMania!! You two have such a long history, you have travelled on the road together, fought in many battles, stood side by side, and been at one anotherís throats. You both know the others weaknesses, and strengths, you know what the other is going to do, and when. My first question is how will you prepare for this match, knowing your opponent so well, in and out of the ring?? How will you get the upper hand, and outsmart the other??

Eddie: You know Michael, youíre right. We have been the best of friends, we have been the worst of enemies, and we know each other so well, or so you would think. You see, Iím sure youíve heard the saying, that when you think you know someone, it turns out you donít know them at all, right?? Well, thatís how it is with me.

Chris, Iím sure you think that you know me, but in actual fact, you donít know me at all. Iím not stupid enough to let anybody in this business get to know the real me, because then, youíve lost your mystique hommes. You donít have that identity. But Chris, I know you. I know you inside, and out, because you are a nice guy, but Iím not. I lie, cheat, and steal esse. Its not a slogan, itís a way of life. And this Sunday, you better believe hommes, that I will lie, I will cheat, and I will steal to make sure that I hold on to this championship belt!!!

Cole then exitís the ring, as Benoit takes the mic, not looking too happy with Eddieís comment.

Eddie, I DO know you. I know that you lie, cheat, and steal. I know that you put up a wall around everybody in this business, but I know the REAL Eddie Guerrero. I look into your eyes, and see you as the person you are. Cheat to win, yes. Whatever it takes, and I can agree with that. But when I look into those eyes of yours, I see all your weakness, and all your strengths. Eddie, Iíve wrestled you all over the world. In Mexico, in Japan, Canada, ECW, WCW, and here.

So when you say no one really knows you, youíre wrong, because I do. (Pokes Eddie in the chest) I know you have the heart and the passion, like no one I have ever met, and I know every time I step in the ring with you, its gonna be tough, its gonna be hard hitting, its gonna take all my guts, and all my will to win, but most of all, I know that win or lose, its always gonna be a blast.

Eddie takes the mic, and looks down at the ground, then looks back up, with a tear in his eye, and a lump in his throat.

And Chris, when I get in that ring with you, I look across and see that Iím in for a long night, Iím in for a lot of pain the next morning, but Iím in for a memorable contest.

Chris, when I step in the ring with you, I look across, and I see that will to win, that desire to be the best, and I respect you for that hommes, and if I beat you, I know Iíve earned it, and if Iíve lost, Iíve been beaten by the better man, but in the end, win, lose or draw, whether its five minutes, twenty minutes, or a time limit draw, when I walk out of the ring, and back through that curtain, I know that I will have a friend.

Crowd Pops, with Eddie and Benoit looking right at each other, both looking very emotional.

And Eddie, I know too, win lose or draw, when I go back through the curtain, I have a friend in you.

Crowd Pops again, with Eddie and Benoit looking right at each other, both still looking very emotional.

Eddie: (Smiles)
But you hommes, that I do Lie, and I Cheat and I steal. This Sunday will be no different esse. And the winner of the match wont be the only winner this Sunday hommes, because fifty thousand people are gonna be winners, as well as millions all around the globe, because like we always do esse, we will give it all we got, and you know, we donít do it for ourselves, we do it, for you guys!!!

Crowd Pops

Benoit: Eddie, I know that youíll lie, cheat and steal, because its what you do, but I will be ready for it. Because, when the bell rings this Sunday, you know it and I know it, the competitive edge will come out in us, and our friendship wont exist until the bell rings again, whether it be three minutes, thirty minutes, or three hours. Eddie, may the best man win.

Benoit extends his hand, and Guerrero shakes his head. He then hugs Benoit, and two embrace in the ring to a great ovation. They then look each other in the eyes, and neither backs up an inch as we cut awayÖ

RAW Rebound:

- Kane destroying Jericho, then claiming that Trish has asked him to marry herÖ

- Edge and Christian showdown, ending in a brawl, with Edge on top, and having to be pulled away by officials.

- Shaniqua dominates the two challengers for her title this Sunday.

- HBK badmouthing the Deadman, then being spooked out, and apparently leaving, but later attacks Taker, and pours the contents of the urn all over him.

- Orton - Cena showdown, with the stern handshake at the end.

Cole: A truly emotional moment moments ago here on Smackdown. Tazz, we expected Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit to have a huge showdown, and boy oh boy, it delivered.

Tazz: Cole, these two men just poured out there souls to these people, and this Sunday, expect these two wonderful athletes to turn it up another notch, and you know, I think that Benoit and Guerrero could well steal the show in three days time.

3rd Match: Six Man Tag Match:

Tajiri, Rey Mysterio, Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero, Jamie Noble, Akio

Quick paced cruiserweight action, serving as a little preview for this Sunday. The match breaks down, and Mysterio gets the win with the 619, followed by the West Coast Pop on Chavo for the three

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Tajiri & Paul London

Mysterio, Tajiri and London celebrate the win, while Chavo, Noble and Akio argue amongst one another, heading into WrestleMania this Sunday.

Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now just three short days away from the Showcase of the Immortals, and at the event, we will see those six men battle it out for the Cruiserweight Title!!!

Tazz: Iíve said it before, and Iíll say it again, Paul London is the man to watch in this match, my tip for the Cruiserweight Title.

Cole: Triple H defends the WWE Championship against the Great One!!!

Tazz: So much history with these two men Cole. The people want to see it, you want to see it, I want to see it. This epic rivalry needs to be settled once and for all, and it will, at WrestleMania.

Cole: Kurt Angle meets Goldberg, one on one, in a feud born out of competition, and ignited by jealousy.

Tazz: I cant wait for this. But can Kurt Angle, as good a performer as he is, match up to the colossal Goldberg!!??

Cole: Benoit challenges Guerrero for the United States Championship!!!

Tazz: Words donít describe just how pumped I am for that match, my pick for match of the night Cole!!

Cole: And, lets not forget, Stone Cold Steve Austin will face Brock Lesnar, in the most anticipated match quite possibly in the history of WrestleMania!!!

Tazz: Very true, Cole. This anticipation for this is bigger than Hogan vs. Andre, Bret vs. Michaels, Hogan vs. The Rock, or any match in the history of this classic event.

Cole: Also, a twenty man battle royal, featuring Smackdown, two legends, and Raw. With more on the Raw side of things, here is King and J.RÖ

J.R: Thank you guys, and folks, Raw is ready to bring you some HUGE match ups this Sunday night, and arguably the biggest match from Raw, is the epic showdown set between HBK Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.

King: Oh my!!! I donít know where this is gonna go. Can Undertaker hold onto his unbeaten record at Wrestlemania?? It stands at 12-0, but this Sunday, HBK aims to end it once and for all!!!

J.R: Chris Jericho vs. Kane!!!! Can Jericho overcome the big red monster, and gain revenge for the hell he has put Trish through over the last month??

King: No way. Kane is not only an unstoppable force, but he is an immoveable object!!! Kane will destroy Jericho, then he and Trish can live happily ever after!!!

J.R: Itís a triple threat match for the Womenís Championship!!! Shaniqua vs. Jazz vs. Victoria!!! Finally these three women will be in the same ring at the same time for the title!!!

King: This situation has been foggy for weeks J.R. For three straight weeks, Womenís matches all ended in no contest, two title matches and a number one contenders match, but all three have the chance to prove they are number one!!!

J.R: Brother vs. Brother, for the Intercontinental Championship!!! Christian defends against Edge, in a best two out of three falls match, with straight up, one on one, followed by a Strap Match, followed by, if necessary TÖLÖC!!!

King: The bad blood has been brewing for weeks J.R. Edge and Christian werenít on the same page for weeks, then Edge became the Intercontinental Champion, and things broke down into chaos between them. Christian outsmarted the entire world two weeks ago, and I think heíll do it again this Sunday!!!

J.R: Then, the Main Event, The Youngest WrestleMania main event of all time, as two men in their mid twenties battle for the richest prize in the game!!! Randy Orton, faces the Royal Rumble winner, John Cena!!!

King: This has been debated since the Rumble. Can Orton prove he is a worthy champion?? Or will Cena prove that he belongs?? My money goes with Orton. He has the championship advantage, he has Evolution, and he has more talent!!!

J.R: That sounds great right King?? Well, thatís the full card guys, and weíll look forward to seeing all you guys this Sunday, at Ford Field!!!

Cole: And folks, do not miss this Sundayís event, because on top of all that, EMINEM will perform the Wrestlemania theme tune!!!

Tazz: Thatís my boy Cole, Eminem. Iím cool with him.


We go to Bret Harts office, where he is sitting down, chatting on the phone, then, Vince McMahon walks in, and Bret ends his phone call, and stands up abruptly.

What the hell do you want!!??

McMahon: (Smiles) Címon, Bret. Weíre old friends. Now, do us all a favour and drop the charade. Stop pretending that your on Austinís side, because I know, Brock knows, and Paul knows that you are not on the rattlesnakes side. This Sunday, you will screw him over, on the biggest and grandest stage of all, and you will join up with the real power in this business.

Hart: You know, Iím gonna get you a shovel, because the shit coming out of your mouth is piling up around here. You must be more delusional than I ever thought you were. Why, would I ever want to join forces with you??

McMahon: Well, for one, you have joined up with me before, remember, last year at WrestleMania?? You did attempt to screw Austin there, in MY favour. And lets not forget, it was your call that lost Austin his job last May. You remember that, right? You remember that you refereed the match, and called for the bell, even though Austin didnít tap, right??

Hart: Yeah, I do remember. But I also remember that right after that, I couldnít live with myself. I couldnít look into the mirror without wanting to smash my own face. I knew I had done to Austin, the exact same thing that happened to me in Montreal, back in 1997. I couldnít look at my own kids, I couldnít explain my actions, and then I realised that I had become so bitter, so twisted, that I would actually wanted the same thing to happen to someone else, that happened to me, just so they knew what I went through for seven years.

Also remember, that soon after Judgement Day, last May, I couldnít stand to be in the same building as you, and soon, I tried to right my wrongs, I turned my back on you, and I got my full revenge at Survivor Series. That was it. That was it!!! I was finished with you, and as far as I was concerned, you didnít even exist. You still donít, so donít dare think that I will be joining up with you any time. Its ludicrous to just even mention it.

McMahon: Can you explain the phone calls then?? You know, the ones youíve been making to my cell phone all week long??

Hart: What??

McMahon: Bret, it may come as a shock to you, but I donít lie to the fans. I donít tell them that I will call the match right down the middle, I tell the fans that I will make sure the right man wins, and believe me, the right man will win this Sunday, because you are on our side!!!!

Hart: Let me get this into your head McMahon, I WILL NEVER join you, or anybody that associates themselves with you, as long as I am breathing in and out. And this Sunday, when I stand in Stone Colds corner, you will see exactly where my loyalties lie.

McMahon: Well see Bret, well see.

McMahon walks out, with a huge grin on his face, as Bret looks on in fury.

WrestleMania Promo

We cut through to the crowd, where we see the brawl continue between the nine Smackdown superstars involved in the Battle Royal this Sunday, before cutting backstage again, where Kurt Angle is talking with one of the officialsÖ

Listen, Iíve got a lot of preparation to do for this Sunday, but Iíll spare some time later on to help with that, ok.

Angle shakes hands with the official then walks off down the corridor, but then from behind, GOLDBERG nails him with a lead pipe to the back. Angle falls to the ground grabbing his back, then Goldberg swings, and nails him in the head, busting Angle open, and knocking him outÖ

Kurt, THAT, was a preview for this Sunday. Come WrestleMania, all you will beÖÖÖis NEXT!!!!!!!!!!

Goldberg steps over the body of Angle, then drops the pipe, and walks off, while half a dozen people crowd around Angle to try and help him out.

Back to ringsideÖ

Oh my God!!! Goldberg has just totally destroyed the Olympic Gold Medallist!!! This has turned things upside down going into this Sunday!! Hoe can Goldberg explain that type of action!!!

Bret: Well Cole, plain and simple, he doesnít have to!!! Goldberg is a loose cannon, and no one can even attempt to stand in his way!!! Not Angle, not Bret, not even George Bush could control Da Man!!!

Bret: Its an absolute disgrace!!! Folks, Kurt Angle WILL be at Ford Field this Sunday, I guarantee it!!! But he may not last long, and its because of what Goldberg just did. Dammit!!!!

Tazz: This epic rivalry comes to a final resolution in less than 72 hours!!! It has ran from the summer, and ends at WrestleMania!!!!

Cole: It certainly will, but Angle wont be goin into it 100%, and that asshole Goldberg will.

4th Match:

The Rock vs. Hardcore Holly

Holly works on The Rock early, but the great one makes a quick fight back, and gets the win early, with a Rock Bottom, followed by the Peoples Elbow.

Winner: The Rock

Rock celebrates, but then Triple Hís music plays and The Game makes his way out to the stage, clapping The Rocks win. He then walks toward the ring, and grabs a mic, then enters the ring, but right away, The Rock takes the microphone from himÖ

The Rock: The Rock is giving you to the count of three to take your monkey ass, and walk it right back up that ramp before The Rock whoops your candy ass!!!

HHH then takes a micÖ

Triple H: Hold up. Iím not here to get into a fight with you Hollywood, I just wanted to congratulate you on your win. And I also want to congratulate you on being the man who never gives up. No matter how many times youíve had your ass handed to you at WrestleMania in title matches, you keep coming back for more.

Steve Austin beat you, I beat you, Steve Austin beat you again. Three years running you just couldnít get the job done, and now, its gonna be a fourth loss. You donít have what it takes Rock, and you never did. When it comes to the big stage, you cant help but choke, this Sunday, you will choke again.

Cole: Triple H, you can talk, and talk, and talk, and talk, but at the end of it all, when all the talking is done, when all the facts are passed out, when all the crap is said, then, all the dust settles, and all the smoke clears, and this Sunday, when the smoke clears, one man will hold the WWE Championship, and that man will beÖ.THE ROCK!!!!!!!

Tazz: You have to be kidding me?? You have to be kidding. Rock, this Sunday, at Wre-

Cole: Triple H, KNOW YOUR ROLEÖ..AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!!! The Rock wants all the talking to end, because quite frankly, Iíve heard enough. Triple H, you THINK youíre gonna win this Sunday, but, The Rock, KNOWS heís gonna layeth, the smacketh down, all over YOU this Sunday, and walk out, a ten time WORLD CHAMPION!!!! IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF YAAAAAAAAAA SAAAAMMMMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLÖÖÖWHAT THE ROCKÖÖISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS COO-

Triple H then attacks The Rock, hitting him with his microphone. He pounds him down, then gets up, and goes for the Pedigree, but Rock fights out, and pounds HHH into the corner, and hitís the spit punch. He then goes for the Rock Bottom, but HHH elbows him away. The two then brawl to the outside, and go punch for punch, then the fight spills into the crowd, and through the audience, still going punch for punch, and finally, they are broken up by security, pulling the two apart, and dragging them off in separate directions. Both try to break free, but are unable to. The crowd boos, wanting the two men to keep going at it, but the two are dragged away, and we cut to another commercialÖ


We are back on Smackdown, less than 72 hours away from Wrestlemania, emanating from Ford Field, and folks, what an intense brawl we just witnessed, between Triple H and The Rock.

Tazz: Oh yeah. These two will settle their differences once and for all this Sunday, but who will be walking out with the gold strap?? I cant wait!!!

We then cut backstage again, and see the stars in the twenty man battle royal still fighting, but the brawl ends, as Test and Steiner take total control double teaming all in their path, sending a message to all their Smackdown opponents for this SundayÖ

4th Match:

Shelton Benjamin w/Charlie Haas vs. James Storm w/Chris Harris

A long match, going nearly 13 minutes, with plenty of back and forth action, ending with Benjamin getting the win, cleanly just like Haas earlier, scoring with a cradle, after Storm missed an elbow off the top rope.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

TWGTT leave up the ramp, celebrating two straight clean wins over AMW in one night, giving them all the confidence heading into WrestleManiaÖbut that will be a tag match, and things could be totally different.


McMahonís music plays, and he makes his way to the ring, along with Heyman and Lesnar. Heyman is carrying Steve Austinís case of beer, and the trio laugh all the way to the ring. Vince gets on the mic first, and begins to talkÖ

This Sunday, you will all witness history in the making. The first ever match between Brock Lesnar and Stone Cold Steve Austin. In that match, Paul Heyman will be in Lesnarís corner, and Bret Hart will SCREW Stone Cold. (Crowd boos)

He will, I promise you all, he will. And then, the special guest referee, will beÖME!!!!! And I, will make sure that the right man wins. (Crowd boos) Hey, at least, I am honest with you, at least I am telling you all, that I will take sides, unlike the backstabber Bret Hart. I donít lie to you, HE DOES!!!

Austin, let me tell you, with me as the referee, Heyman in the opposite corner, Bret ready to screw you over, and BROCK LESNAR facing you, Austin, quite frankly, you have NO CHANCE IN HELL!!!!!!!!

McMahon then hands the mic to HeymanÖ

For the last week, I havenít slept. Not, out of worry for my client, Brock Lesnar, not out of worry for my well being, but for excitement. I am so excited about this Sunday, as is everybody in the wrestling world. This is the most talked about match in YEARS, and why?? Because of me!!!! Crowd boos. No, think about it. Lesnar vs. Austin?? Great, a dream match, but not legendary. Then, you have Bret Hart in Austinís corner?? Fine, because who better to bring into the match, than Bret Hartís mortal nemesis, MR MCMAHON!!!

Add all this together, and you have the ingredients for the greatest match in WrestleMania history. BIGGER than WrestleMania I, BIGGER than Hogan vs. Andre, BIGGER than Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior, BIGGER than Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels, BIGGER than Austin vs. The Rock, BIGGER than Hogan vs. Rock, BIGGER than WrestleMania itself!!!!

And believe me, this Sunday, Bret Hart will SCREW Stone Cold, because Iíve heard the voicemail on Vinceís cell, Iíve heard all his plans, I promise you all, Stone Cold Steve Austin WILL NOT beat my client!!!

Brock: Paul, you and Vince have said it all really. You know, I could beat the Rattlesnake all alone if I wanted to, and I could beat him and Bret at the same time if I wanted to. But that doesnít have to happen, and it WONT happen. Why?? Because Bret would SCREW Stone Cold.

Austin, not only are you facing insurmountable odds, but you are facing ME too!!! At WrestleMania I wont make short work of you, because I will take my time, and pick you apart, dissect you, then hang you out to dry.

Oh, and Bret, STOP calling me at home!!!! (Laughs) We all know the drill this Sunday, and it will be perfect.

Brock drops the mic, then opens the beer case, and throws two to Paul and two to Vince, then takes two himself. They raise their hands high in the air with the cans, and toast to this Sunday, thenÖ.Bretís music hits!!!! The General Manager stands at the top of the ramp, mic in hand, but only gets a mixed reception from the fans, who arenít sure whether he will turn or not.

You know, you three make me sick. You actually think that these people will believe the crap you all spiel that Iím gonna turn on Austin this Sunday?? If that is all you guys have to try and cau-

Heyman: Hold on, shut up Bret!!! Shut up. Donít try and pull the wool over these peoples eyes, because thatís just not right.

Brock: Bret, how about this. Donít tell us that youíre not turning on Austin this Sunday, why donít you show us instead?? Prove that you arenít on our side, PROVE IT!!!!

Hart: Iím not stupid Brock. You want me to go down there and face you three?? I cant do that, because the numbers just donít add up. I know your plan. Iíll come down there, fight with you three, then you can beat me up so badly that I cant show up this Sunday at WrestleMania.

McMahon: CUT THE CRAP Bret!!!! You know it, I know it, Paul knows it, Brock knows it, these people know it, and STEVE AUSTIN KNOWS IT!!!!!!!! He can see it in your eyes that youíre not on his side, so just admit it. Or havenít you got the balls to admit it??

Bret: (Looks around the arena, which goes absolutely nuts, wanting him to fight the three men) You know, I say, Brock, you are right, my actions will speak louder than words, and right now, Iíll show youÖ.

Bret drops the mic, and sprints to the ring. He knocks down Heyman, then low blows Brock, and clotheslines McMahon. He then goes for the Sharpshooter on Vince, but Lesnar recovers and levels Hart with a monstrous clothesline. Vince gets back to his feet, as does Heyman, and the trio stand over Bret. Brock picks him up off the ground, and gets him up for the F5...but thenÖ

**Glass Shatters**, and we see Steve Austin enter the arena, inside his pick up truck, driving all the way to the ring. Lesnar drops Bret, and the trio stand and watch as Austin steps out of the vehicle, with a can of beer in his hand. He drinks the beer, then crushes the can. He points at Brock, Vince and Paul, then adds up to himself 3 on 1, shrugs his shoulders and gets into the ring, and immediately goes punch for punch with Brock. Lesnar gets the best, and whips him off the ropes, but Austin comes back with a Lou Thesz press, and wails on Brock.

He then jumps up, and hitís the Stunner on Heyman, and stomps away at him. Vince then attacks Stone Cold, but the Rattlesnake knocks him down, and hitís a spine buster. Brock then goes for Austin, but Austin moves, and scores with a Stunner. He then stomps on his Wrestlemania opponent, then senses that someone is behind him, thinking its McMahon and quickly turns around and nails a StunnerÖ.ON BRET HART!!!! Austin then stops in his tracks and realises what he has just done. He puts his head in his hands, and then looks to the outside, where McMahon is walking up the ramp, looking toward Austin, grinning ear to ear. He points at Bret, and then points at Austin, and tells him he has three daysÖ

OH MY GOD!!! Stone Cold Steve Austin has just stunned the man in his corner for WrestleMania this Sunday. What type of ramifications will this entail for Ford Field. Mr. McMahon is the special guest referee, itís Austin vs. Lesnar, what a cliff-hanger moment as he head to WRESTLEMANIA!!!!

McMahon smiles, as the camera goes to Austin, who still is annoyed with stunning Bret a moment ago, as the show goes off the airÖ

*** *** ***

*** *** ***

FINAL CARD for WWE WrestleMania XXI:
20th March 2005
Location: Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan
Event Music: Eminem; Lose Yourself.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. John Cena

WWE Championship Match:
Triple H vs. The Rock
Intercontinental Championship; 3 Stages of Hell Match:

1st Fall:
One on one

2nd Fall: Strap Match:

3rd Fall (if necessary): Tables, Ladders and Chairs
Christian vs. Edge

United States Championship Match:
Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit

WWE Tag Team Championshipís Match:
Americaís Most Wanted vs. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

Womenís Championship;
Triple Threat Match:
Shaniqua vs. Jazz vs. Victoria

Cruiserweight Championship;
Six Pack Match:
Tajiri vs. Noble vs. Mysterio vs. Akio vs. London vs. Chavo

The Showstopper vs. The Dead Man
Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

War to Settle the Score:
ĎStone Coldí Steve Austin w/ Bret íHitmaní Hart vs.
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
With Mr. McMahon as Special Guest Referee
Chris Jericho vs. Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg

20 Man Battle Royal:
9 RAW Superstars, 9 Smackdown Superstars, 2 Legends!!
A-Train, Booker T, Christopher Nowinski, Goldust,
Matt Morgan, Raven, Rhyno, Rob Van Dam, Sting.
Billy Gunn, Hurricane Hellms, Chris Kanyon, Lance Storm,
Matt Hardy, Rene Dupree, Scott Steiner, Test, William Regal.
2 Special Guest Legends (TBC)
Hall of Fame Ceremony 2005:

Mick Foley, Captainí Lou Albano, Yokozuna, Iron Sheik, Arn Anderson, Bruno Sammartino, Ted DiBiase, Road Warriors, Lawrence Taylor (Celebrity Wing)

Please leave thoughts on the showís, and predictions for WrestleMania, maybe even why you think each person will winÖRemember, WrestleMania is up on SATURDAY. Do not miss it, please donít miss itÖ


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