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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Kennedy kicking off the show was good, he seemed in character. Eh, not too happy about Hardy being made the Guest Ref for the Kennedy vs Rey match, would've much rather seen him just added to the title match to make it a Triple Threat. O inpromptue match? Kennedy gets lucky that Rey didn't end up connecting with an early message there, I wonder if this Matt/Rey friendship can stand the test of time during this angle without one turning on the other

Typically JBL promo sounded alright. Kane dominates poor Nunzio as he'd be expected to, wise booking to put him over in the very repetitive way. Wow, Finlay is only chasing Hornswoggle, and instead gets booked against Lashley for Summerslam. Sounds like a decent mid card match tbh. Meh never liked the pirate Burchill gimmick, but he's good in the ring so a small feud with MVP to put the balla over could work alright. Haha MVP threatened with the short

Hmm Fatal 4 Way made for next week sounds like a goody, but really, this is the kinda match you could've saved for Summerslam to variate from the slew of single matches you have on the card. Owell, atleast SD! will be worth it next week just for this one. Henry has been dominant recently, I wonder who will take him off his high perch? As I said earlier, I dunno if this Matt/Rey friendship will last with the US title belt lingering between them, but for now, Kennedy seems to be the focus of things, so we'll see. Not alot going into most promo's tonight, it's been a quiet show on that front

Good way to keep the tag champs looking strong, picking up the win here for Kendrick over Taylor. It makes you wonder who'll beat L/K for the belts at this rate. Powerful words from Angle to put over the mans intensity is nicely done, would've loved to have seen him lay out that talentless fag Miz, but owell. Ke-razy main event with some quality stars involved and I knew Taker would make a cameo too, ending in calamity and Taker staring down Batista, the faces winning the ME and all looking good heading towards Summerslam

Solid show KOP, nothing special, but then again, you always get by on the basics. 7.5/10

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