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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday August 11, 2006
Huntsville, Alabama

Smackdown opens tonight with a huge promo with Mr. Kennedy! Kennedy rambles on about how Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy last week fought for the right to face Mr. Kennedy at SummerSlam. Kennedy compares himself to some of the greatest United States Champions such as Ric Flair, Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat but that none can hold a candle to Mister Kennedy! Kennedy says that just because Rey Mysterio somehow managed to win his match last week doesn’t mean that he is going to win at SummerSlam. Kennedy says that he has beef with Rey over this and he has even more with his friend Matt Hardy. Kennedy shows a quick recapped video of his problems earlier in the year with Matt Hardy at No Way Out leading up to WrestleMania. Mr. Kennedy says that it doesn’t matter who Rey Mysterio brings with him to SummerSlam because Mr. Kennedy will walk out as the United States Champion! This brings out the Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long. Long states that since Kennedy is looking ready for competition, and has been running his mouth, he will have a match right here and right now against Matt Hardy! But before the match can begin, Long says that at SummerSlam, he has taken upon himself to add Matt Hardy to the match! However, Matt Hardy won’t be wrestling in the match, he will be the Special Referee! Kennedy throws a temper tantrum in the ring, knowing that Matt Hardy could screw him over at SummerSlam! We then head to a commercial break before our first match is ready to start.

We come back from the break to see Matt Hardy and Mr. Kennedy already in the ring going at it. Kennedy got the best of Hardy apparently as the show began as Kennedy has Hardy in the corner as we come back from the break. Kennedy seems to be working over the arm of Hardy, which would prevent him from hitting the Twist of Fate on Kennedy. Good thinking on Kennedy’s part and he continues this attack as he flips Hardy over with a snap mare. Kennedy rares back and kicks Hardy right in the back! Hardy flinches, grabbing his back and yelling out in pain! Kennedy walks around taunting Hardy as Kennedy walks back over and locks in a headlock. Kennedy has the headlock in but Hardy gets back onto his feet and throws Kennedy into the ropes. Kennedy comes running back and hits Hardy with a Shoulder Block. Kennedy makes his way over onto the top ropes but Hardy pulls Kennedy down before he can do anything. Hardy throws Kennedy into the ropes but Kennedy reverses. Hardy however prevents Kennedy from throwing him into the ropes as he hits the Side Effect out of nowhere! The fans cheer on Hardy as he doesn’t pin but pulls Kennedy back up. Hardy tries for a Twist of Fate but Kennedy pushes Hardy into the turnbuckles stomach first. Hardy stumbles back right into Spike DDT from Kennedy. Kennedy heads over onto the top rope and leaps off but misses the Kenton Bomb! Hardy goes for the cover but Kennedy kicks out. Hardy pulls Kennedy back up but Kennedy shoves Hardy into the ropes! Hardy turns back around right into a kick straight into the lower region of Hardy as the ref calls for the bell. Kennedy pounces on Hardy, throwing lefts and rights at his nemesis before down comes Rey Mysterio! Mysterio dropkicks Kennedy into the bottom ropes before he runs off, looking for the 619 but Kennedy ducks out of the way and slides to the outside. Kennedy grabs his title as Mysterio helps his friend Matt Hardy back up in the ring as we head to another break.

After the break, we head backstage to see JBL standing by with Kristal. Kristal asks JBL about tonight’s main event to which JBL responds with that he is in the least bit worried about tonight. He responds with the fact that he is more worried about his career being on the line at SummerSlam because Teddy Long wants to screw him over. And not only that but he has to beat two men to save his career, not one! However, JBL says that if he does win, and he will, he will once again be on top of the mountain. Kristal asks JBL if he is going to be able to get along with Finlay later tonight to which JBL responds that he has no problem with Finlay. JBL says though that he does have a problem with the fact that Kurt Angle is overlooking him. JBL reminds the fans that he was Mr. Money in the Bank and that just because he lost doesn’t mean he won’t win at SummerSlam. JBL closes this out with his famous Wrestling God quote as we head down to ringside for our next match.

Our second match of the night is a quick squash match that sees Kane take on Nunzio! Nunzio doesn’t get in any offense and why should he? Kane is made to look super strong for now before he gets into a feud later on after SummerSlam. Kane works over Nunzio, in a rather quick fashion as he hits all his moves including the Big Boot and the corner clothesline before finishing the Italian off with the Chokeslam from Hell for the win! Kane celebrates his win as the fans cheer for the Big Red Machine.

We come back after the break once again for this time to see Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble and friend Kid Kash standing by backstage. They seem to be talking about something whenever all of a sudden, Hornswoggle comes running through. Finlay is chasing Hornswoggle throughout the arena as he runs right into Theodore Long’s office. Finlay apologizes to the Smackdown GM but Long stops Finlay saying that he has something for Finlay. Finlay looks confused as Long states that since Finlay felt fit to cost Lashley his match at the Great American Bash, well then he can feel free to step into the ring with the “Dominator” Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam! Finlay drops his jaw, not knowing what he has gotten himself into now!

Shortly after this promo, we head over backstage to see “Pirate” Paul Burchill sharpening his sword backstage. MVP just happens to walk by and gets into the face of Burchill. Burchill doesn’t say anything as the cocky and arrogant MVP takes care of that. MVP says that last week Burchill didn’t win but that MVP had “injured” his leg so he had to quit the match then and there. MVP hobbles on his leg playing this off but really of course he’s not injured. Burchill laughs at MVP as MVP wonders what is funny but Burchill doesn’t say anything. MVP says that he’s tired of all these “freaks” around here mainly stating that at Burchill and that he’s going to do Smackdown a favor and start ridding them of “freaks like you” Burchill. MVP walks off but Burchill stops him. Burchill looks at MVP and says that if you ever call me “Pirate” Paul Burchill a “freak” again, it’ll be off with your head! Burchill points the sword at MVP as MVP lets out a big gulp and walks off.

After the break, we come back to the third match of the night, that pitting Kid Kash taking on Psicosis one on one. It is announced that whoever wins this match will move into the Cruiserweight title match next Friday night here on Smackdown which already has Super Crazy and Jamie Noble, due to Super Crazy having beaten Noble twice. Kash and Psicosis put on a good match, which gets the crowd going as they get some decent time for this match. Kash was looking for an early Dead Level but Psicosis was able to use the ropes and spring himself off with a Sliced Bread like maneuver. Psicosis covered but only got the two count. Psicosis hurrily grabs Kash, lifting him back onto his feet as he hits Kash with a DDT. Psicosis makes his way onto the top rope, looking possibly for a Leg Drop but Kash makes his way onto the top ropes too! Both men are standing on the top rope and you can tell this isn’t going to be good! Kash and Psicosis both grab one another before leaping off the ropes and they hit a dual neck breaker! Both men throw arms over another at the same time and the ref is confused but counts the win! The referee goes over to the announcer and states that since both men had their hands on each other at the time of the pin fall, both men have advanced onto the title match next week on Smackdown! Noble is wondering what is going on outside, shaking his head in disgust and wondering how that is possible.
We cut backstage after the match to see a video package of the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry play. The video highlights major things in Henry’s past few months of dominance such as his matches against Kurt Angle and what not. The video ends with Henry stating that he is the “Silverback of the Smackdown Jungle” and that there is nobody or nothing that can or will get in his way of becoming the king of the jungle!

We take another break to come back to see Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy talking backstage. Mysterio asks Hardy how is feeling after earlier tonight when Kennedy punted him down low. Hardy says that he is fine and he thanks Rey for saving him from that attack. Rey says it was no problem and Rey says that he’s glad Matt is going to be the Special Referee at SummerSlam so he can try and prevent Kennedy from cheating like he tried to tonight. Hardy says that he’s going to call it right down the middle and he’ll make sure that Kennedy doesn’t try and pull something out of his sleeve.

After that short little promo, we head into the ring for our fourth match of the night. It pits one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Brian Kendrick going one on one against William Regal. Dave Taylor made his singles debut last week getting a win over London so this week it’s Regal and Kendrick’s turn to go at it. This turns out to be a fairly decent match but as always, Regal slows down the match to try and wear down Kendrick. He does a good job as he works on the leg of Kendrick, trying to prevent the high flyer from doing what he does best of course. Kendrick however fights this off whenever he hits a huge enzuigiri. Kendrick was able to fight back while he was down and he hit Regal with a flying forearm! Kendrick gets back up and hits Regal with an arm bar toss sending Regal across the ring. Kendrick hurries himself up before hitting Regal with a dropkick to the face. Taylor tries to interfere but London pulls him off the apron and throws him down onto the ground. Kendrick quickly grabs Regal and runs off the turnbuckles, hitting a Sliced Bread before covering getting the win! London and Kendrick celebrate their win with their manager Ashley Massaro as Regal is down in the ring and Taylor is down on the outside.

We take our final commercial break before the main event tonight to see Kurt Angle backstage with the Miz. The Miz tries to insult Angle during the interview but Angle has nothing to do with it. Angle says he’s been in every match in the WWE and that a Triple Threat doesn’t scare him. As a matter of fact, he was even in a Triple Threat at SummerSlam before! Angle says that just because the odds are against him once again doesn’t mean he can’t overcome them. Angle says that he was overlooked at the Olympics and look at him now! He’s got a gold frickin’ medal! Kurt states that if JBL or Mark Henry have a problem with it, he suggests they man up and do something about it! Angle throws some of his quotes out and ends it with “It’s true…it’s damn true”

Our main event takes place as we see JBL and Finlay team to take on Batista and Mark Henry against Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley. Probably one of the biggest main events recently on Smackdown as far as “star-power” is concerned. The match gets a good bunch of time but mainly comes down to the ending. We see Lashley tagged in from Angle and now it’s Lashley and Finlay in the ring. All hell breaks loose from this point out as Lashley is beating the hell out of Finlay right now, trying to prove a point to the Irishman. Lashley literally picks Finlay up and drives him into each turnbuckle in all four corners of the ring. Lashley seems as if he is going ballistic in the ring as he drives Finlay into a corner and there is a blind tag from Batista. Lashley has no clue as he continues the attack on Lashley. Batista comes into the ring, chop blocking Lashley from behind and Angle looks pissed having no clue that he was made the legal man via the blind tag. Angle steps into the ring and starts throwing punches at Batista before he clotheslines the Animal out of the ring! This brings Mark Henry into the ring but Angle ducks underneath Henry and throws Henry to the outside of the ring! JBL comes charging into the ring but Angle side steps him and then hits a huge Angle Slam! Angle and Lashley both wait for Finlay to get back up as Lashley hits Finlay with a huge Spear! Lashley covers Finlay and gets the win for his team! Lashley and Angle celebrate their win in the ring as we see JBL and Henry backing their way up the ramp. Batista is still down on the outside and Finlay of course is down too. Angle and Lashley celebrate for a bit but all of a sudden the lights go out! Batista was making his way up the ramp at this time now! The ring had been cleared as Angle, Lashley, JBL, and Henry had all ready left as time had passed since Angle and Lashley celebrated their win. Finlay was helped to the back! Batista apparently was going to call out the Undertaker as he had a mic in hand but since the lights were out he can’t! Batista was about to go up the ramp whenever a lighting bolt hits the stage and a huge fire starts up. Suddenly a large light points to the rafters as we see Undertaker’s signature cross hanging from the rafters on fire! The show ends focusing on this signal to Batista that the Undertaker is ready for SummerSlam!

Banner Credit: Crazian

WWE SummerSlam
Sunday August 20, 2006
Los Angeles, California
Staples Center
Official Theme Song: Enemy by Fozzy

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) w/ Sabu vs. Chris Jericho w/ Chuck Palumbo

World-Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match

Kurt Angle (c) vs. JBL vs. Mark Henry

Steel Cage Showdown
Team McMahon (Triple H, Christian, and Rated RKO) vs. Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, John Cena, and Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Last Ride Match - The Final Encounter
Batista vs. The Undertaker

United States Championship
Mr. Kennedy (c) vs. Rey Mysterio
Special Referee: Matt Hardy

Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Grudge Match
Booker T vs. Carlito

Grudge Match
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay
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