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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

RAW Review
Good to see The Cutting Edge returning back, and kicking off tonightís show. The entire concept of this promo was good, and everyone looked fine to me. HBKís Sweet Chin Music to Edge, and then saying ďThat!Ē was a priceless moment. Expected Orton to make the save, but not like this, so thatís good. Cenaís run in was also expected since heís in HBKís team. The tag team match announced definitely is huge, and Iíll be looking out for that one especially. Nice promo to kick off RAW.

Looked like an okayish match to kick off the action of RAW, but just didnít like how the match ended in a No Contest, and then straight after it, you announce a match between Carlito and Booker T for SummerSlam. Just doesnít look right to announce a match through the commentator for a big pay per view like SummerSlam. That just didnít look right to me, but anyway, Iím expecting Carlito to beat Booker at SummerSlam.

Um, Iím excited to know who is going to be Charlie Haasí partner. Letís find out. Oops, Big Vis? Ugh. I know youíre trying to make your thread look realistic, but please donít have Big Vis in any kind of a match. He bores me, and to be honest, the entire match bored me too. But the ending of this match was better. Glad to see Big Vis getting pinned. Lol. Looks to me that Charlie Haas will probably get another guy for him, but who could that be?

Good to see Palumbo being Jerichoís bodyguard. Makes Palumbo look credible too. Nice promo by Chris Jericho, but it wouldíve been better. Where the catchphrases of Y2J? I needed that Ė itís my dose of getting entertained. Lol. Looking forward to the main event by the way. Hopefully Y2J takes out Sabu.

Cryme Tyme is coming back to RAW. Good work, but I hope that you still bring in more teams, and make the tag team division better. Nice, funny promo too.

Okay, this confrontation here between Haas and MNM makes me believe 100% that Haas is gonna find some partner, and feud with MNM for the tag team titles. Hopefully Haas gets a better partner (who entertains) so that we could get a good and an exciting match between these two teams. Nice promo again.

Feel good to see Mickie getting some momentum here. Good win for her, and the aftermath was even better, with Victoria taking out Mickie in her own fashion Ė definitely added more fuel to the womenís title feud.

Didnít really like this promo here between Cena and Shawn Michaels. Just looked too generic in my opinion. You need to build up this huge feud more, and in an exciting way. Excitement is lacking here. The unity however, as said by Legend, was good here though. Onto the match now, good way to finish off this match. It had just one interference and that was from Christian, but HBK took care of him. Good to see Cena and HBK getting the win and adding a lot of momentum to their team, but the opposite team now needs to bounce back.

Good promo here, but Triple H shouldíve played some more part here in this promo though. Loved the concept of this match, and Iím interested about Christian versus Austin next week. The match was on Wolfyís WM card, so letís see how you handle this one. Not sure whoís gonna win though, but I just hope that the match ends in a no contest or in a DQ so that no one looks weak.

During the whole Charlie Haas part in the earlier part of the show, I was missing Shelton, and here I finally get him. Good booking decision by having him getting a win over Val Venis. The staredown was good, as it added some more hype to their match at SummerSlam. Nice match up, and nice aftermath, but the excitement factor is still not present.

Good to see Y2J beating Sabu in a heel way here. The match between RVD and Y2J at SS for the WWE title would surely be amazing, but you need to hype their feud more through the promos too. Thatís the main problem in most of your feuds. You manage to get good matches, but only matches wonít be good. Excitement factor is still lacking Ė Iíve said it, and Iím saying it again. You need to throw in more exciting promos for your feuds too to get it real build up.

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