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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King Of Pain's Raw Feedback

~ Disappointed to see that it isn't in full, but I just have to remind myself that SummerSlam is just around the corner Good way to open the show with an old school Cutting Edge of sorts on Raw. This Team McMahon/Team HBK feud has really taken over the build up to SummerSlam in my eyes, even with my favourite wrestler Y2J being involved in the WWE title match. It was a good, high octane beginning in my opinion, with Edge doing what he does best, recapping things in slow motion and such, before getting his head kicked off my Michaels. It's wierd that this opening segment kind of reminded me of Raw earlier this year when Cena/Michaels was set for Wrestlemania, and they were feuding with Rated RKO. There were lots of run ins just like this, with first HBK getting the upper hand and then Orton nails him with an RKO, until Cena makes the save. The tag team match sounds excellent as well, worthy of a Main Event {but Jericho gets that}, but it will probably be filled with interference, as we have not yet heard from the likes of Triple H, Christian, Stone Cold or Flair.

~ Ah, Carlito and Booker T finally get a chance at one another after feuding for a while. No real surprise to see it end in a Double Countout, and it is quite nice to see this match now on the SummerSlam card. With all of the huge matches already lined up for SS, this has a very conservative feel to it, which is always a positive on a strong PPV. Both men are favourites of mine and deserve a spot on the card. As the young face, CCC will likely go over to continue his rise up the roster.

~ Lol. Oh man, Charlie Haas is really having a hard time of it lately isn't he? He tries it out with another partner in Big Vis, but the big man ends up going down to Cade and Murdoch. C & M needs to be in the World Tag team title contention if you ask me, but it looks as though Haas will be there soon enough. I'm very intrigued to find out who his new partner will be. More than likely it will be someone fresh to the roster.

~ Excellent to get an interview from my man Chris Jericho next, and I can definately see him gaining some revenge by beating Sabu at Extreme Rules tonight. Palumbo has effectively become his bodyguard, even though you told me he was just an 'ally'. This feud will give Palumbo a big rub regardless of whether or not Y2J gets the WWE title. I pray that he does

~ Some more hype for Cryme Tyme I see. Good idea for their video, even though I dislike their gimmick. Despite that, they are sorely needed on Raw right now for your tag team division, and the sooner they arrive the better. Odds are they will be thrown straight into a feud with MNM like Regal and Taylor were against Londrick on SD.

~ So with this little backstage confrontation between Charlie Haas and MNM, I can discern that Haas will indeed be feuding with these two for the tag titles soon enough. I really can't wait to see who he teams up with in the end.

~ Quick divas contest to get Mickie James some more momentum it seems. Melina has been billed as a bit more competetive in this division now, and it is likely that she will become a player soon enough, but this was more about furthering the feud between Mickie and Victoria. Nice attack by Vick afterwards, actually adding some brutality to the diva feud.

~ Everything seems to be running very smoothly so far in Team Showstopper, with thi sunity during their interview, before they actually pick up a really comprehensive victory over Rated RKO. I think soon some tension should start to appear between HBK, Cena, Austin and Flair to add a bit more excitement to the mix. As for what this result means, I think that it will be like this for a while leading up to SummerSlam, with Team Showstopper staying ahead of Team McMahon and getting the better of them; because I'm fairly certain that Edge, Orton, Cristian and Hunter will be going over at SS. They need it much more.

~ Nice backstage segment from McMahon and Austin. I expected a bit more attention on Hunter's presence, but it was barely touched on. I loved Vince throwing beer in Austin's face, but I'm even more excited by the announcement of Austin/Christian next week. I can't really see it getting a clean finish, as neither man should look weak heading into SummerSlam in my opinion.

~ Crikey, we're getting a lot of matches tonight aren't we? I was wondering where Shelton Benjamin and Jeff Hardy had disappeared to, so it's good to see them get on the card. Val gets squashed by Shelton, but the stare down between Benjamin and Hardy is very intriguing. I think we could finally see the end of Shelton's long Intercontinental title reign at SummerSlam, before the inevitable Ladder Match at a future PPV.

~ Sounded like one hell of a Main Event after a brief RVD/Sabu segment. I'm so glad that Jericho managed to regain some semblance of his momentum by picking up the win here tonight, especially in a brutal Extreme Rules match. He got a clean, arrogant win too, so it makes him look strong, just like he should heading into his first WWE Championship match in this thread. The handshake offer at the end was intriguing, but you chose well to have Y2J decline it, as he is working so well as a heel right now.

Overall this was a nicely recapped show, KOP. You have two VERY big feuds right now in the WWE title one and the Steel Cage showdown, as well as two more excellent ones in Shelton/Jeff and Carlito/Booker. One thing that I was disappointed by was the lack of Christian tonight, but other than that it worked well. SummerSlam is shaping up very nicely indeed
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