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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

M-$kwared's RAW Analysis
...Lol, I said "Anal"


The Cutting Edge! - Nice way to start off the show man. I kinda wish it would've been written out so I could get the full feel for it, but what you have is good enough. Michales gets the RKO, and before Cena can make the save, Rated RKo high-tails it. Typical from Edge and Orton, good way to keep them in character. Then, on top of that Vince make the huge tag team event! Excellent opener!

Booker vs. Carlito - I don't know much of these two in this particular thread, but this match gave me a good idea. The two battle it out, and the match ends up a no contest. Then, you announce the Summerslam match. Nice way to fill spots on SS, and more importantly, build up the feud between the two.

Hass Backstage - Oooooh mystery. Not much to it here, but in real-life...it would be a good way to build up some suspense for the match.

Hass & *** vs. Cade & Murdoch - Huge surprise here. Bringing back an old team between the two, or so I think they used to be a team. Anyways, on point here, I noticed that you put a little OOC stuff in there. Be careful of that, "storyline" is a word that you don't want to put in, even in recap form, because WWE is supposed to be "real". That one line took away from the realism, even in a recap...but putting Cade and Murdoch over was a good move anyways.

Grisham & Jericho Interview - Very nice character work with Jericho, however it could have been a tad better. On the good side...this was a great way to brin the match up, and once again raise the tension for the match ahead.

Cryme Tyme Promo - Nice work, again. Haha very original. The video expressed the characters of Cryme Tyme well, and stuck to reality at the same time. Good.

Hass & MNM - Not much to say here. MNM rubbing it in really helps to build up the characters of MNM, and build up the storyline of Hass's tag team woes.

Mickie vs. Melina - I'm not too big of a a fan of diva's matches in BTBs, but thats just me. A good end to it, having Victoria come out, and thats really all I can say.

Cena & Michaels vs. Rated RKO - Welp, it's time for the big match eh? Let me say: nice work. It didn't disappoint, as many built up matches do, but I'm glad yours didn't. Once again, a superstar interferes....this time in the for of Christian. GOod work here having Cena and Michaels prevail anyway.

Benjamin vs. Venis - Surprised that this match came after the tag match, but oh well. Good match here, with Benjamin picking up the win. Having Hardy come out at the end was a good way to semi-hype up the match at Summerslam.

Main Event - Incredible work! Very action packed, and I felt the Extremity of it, despite the recapped writing. Having Jericho win with the "cheap cover" was good, and having his refuse RVD's hand was even better.

Dude, I can't wait to see one of you future fully written shows, and this show pulled me in to want to see Summerslam. The only thing that bugged me was that the show has so much potential and was recapped, but even that didn't bother me much. So, all in all, your show was good and I'll give it a 8/10.

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