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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Smackdown Analysis:

Well since half the time I normally end up telling or clearing up most of the storylines, I might as well start doing an analysis of the show to break down each and every match/segment like most do. So I'll stop babbling now and go ahead and get onto it now.

I really did like the opening promo. I felt it went over well and well, as far as the JBL/Long thing, it actually does tie into the Triple Threat in a way. Long put JBL in the match at SummerSlam of course so JBL feels he's being screwed over. Yeah, it's just a coincidence Kane came over. I actually had him coming over possibly later in the year but I opted to go ahead and bring him over now.

Meh, as far as Hardy goes, that's kinda a coincidence too. I don't normally just push people I like. I try and make it seem realistic as you see. I felt that at the time Kennedy, Booker, and Rated RKO all needed the wins more than Hardy. He's had a decent push this year though as I want to say he's beat Kennedy and Booker plus a few other "big names on SD!" so he hasn't really been ignored. Don't worry he's got plans for later on...

Kennedy's interview was more or less just go get him on the show. As far as Hardy's role, well that will be determined later. I actually thought of a Triple Threat Match but I opted against that considering the fact that there already is a Triple Threat Match at SummerSlam.

FBI even feuding with L and K was a short term thing because I had no other teams. As mentioned before, SD is going some changes right now to the roster and well, it's taking a slow but drastic change.

Henry right now is the least bit concerned of JBL. His main goal is to beat Angle for the title and JBL is a side thing to him. Of course, that could lead to his downfall but well, that's just how it goes.

The Last Ride Match has been planned for wow, probably two years now. I planned my WrestleMania back in 2005 around December so yeh, it's definently been a while. This was way before 'Taker/Batista had there feud going on of course. 'Taker was actually on SD a lot before the GAB but he's more or less "playing off" the chair attack from the GAB right now.

There won't be a match between MVP and Burchill at SummerSlam. MVP just came over in June, late June as a matter of fact so really, he hasn't "developed" yet. I don't think he's ready for a big PPV like SummerSlam so no need to worry about that right now.

Yeah, sorry if Hornswoggle is making the feud a little bad. Lashley/Finlay has probably gotten the shortest build of all the matches at SummerSlam other than Kennedy/Mysterio. I personally think the match is going to be good though as I've already wrote it and I think the match will make up for the lack of build. Two hard hitters in one match is always fun to watch.

Look at it this way, Noble now has one singles win over Super Crazy and SC has one over Noble. The "series" is tied at 1-1 between each other. So pretty much, their next match will be a "tie-breaker" of sorts.

Angle getting the week off was good as it sold the ribs injury. Of course as he mentioned he'll be back next week with nine days left before SummerSlam. I thought this was better to do than have him appear on SD "live"

Kane was a one off thing. He's actually going to find himself floating around for the next two weeks or so until after SummerSlam is over. After that, whenever it starts to get closer to No Mercy, he'll have a feud. As far as the Triple Threat goes, well expect all three men to be back into the "feud" next week if you know what I mean.
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