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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

King Of Pain's SmackDown! Feedback

Sorry this is so late, man. I've had a hectic few weeks

~ With JBL kicking off the show again this week, it is becoming increasingly obvious that he is carrying this World Heavyweight Championship feud on his back, since Mark Henry and a {face} Kurt Angle can't cut the mustard in terms of promos that will entertain for long stretches of time. The sad thing is, it's quite clear that JBL will not be winning at SummerSlam, as I think he will be taking the fall and Angle/Henry will be set up at No Mercy. With Teddy Long the one asking for JBL's career and this very personal promo, I can definately see you setting up a JBL/Long program once JBL is retired, with the outcome possibly JBL becoming General Manager. Just a thought. This was a good promo to kick off with, as are most of your JBL ones. He can occasionally become a comedic character, so it's good that you are incorporating some intensity into it. One thing to be wary of though, is getting sidetracked by this business with Teddy Long instead of keeping JBL in the Triple Threat mix. Basically everything Teddy says is a lie, since he clearly does have a problem with JBL; otherwise you wouldn't try to end his career and then place him in a match against Kane. I was wondering what had become of him, and I find it funny that no sooner does he win a Loser Leaves Raw match, then he, uh, leaves Raw. Ha ha. He should work well on SD with all of your young heels [not MVP though]. The match tonight should be poor, but it's likely that Henry and Angle will get involved.

~ One hell of a match to get things under way tonight, with Matt Hardy against Rey Mysterio. Probably the two most consistent workers on SD right now in my opinion, and Hardy has probably been the most consistent in the WWE for two years. I don't really think you're that high on Hardy to be honest, since I can't remember him winning a PPV match yet in this thread. He lossed at RR, jobbed to KK at NWO, lost in MITB at WM, lost to Booker T at JD, and lost to Rated RKO at GAB. No surprise to see him go down cleanly to Mysterio here then, a guy you clearly are high on. Rey's had his U.S title run though, and a good five month one at that, so I can't see him beating Ken at SummerSlam. It should be a good match though.

~ Good interview with Kennedy next. The "Blah, blah, blah" stuff was very reminiscent of his post-MITB speech from this year, which I happened to love. I'm not really sure what to make of the comments about Matt Hardy's possible involvement in the match. I hope this doesn't mean he will be in Rey's corner. I'd rather see it become a Triple Threat match than just have Hardy not doing anything active like that.

~ So it looks as though Regal and Taylor are into the WWE Tag Team title picture right away. I can't understand why you got rid of the FBI in such a hurry, as then you would have had at least three passible team, whereas now you only have two, two teams who have feuded lots of times. Nice to see Dave Taylor pick up his first singles win, but I can't honestly see them getting the belts, as more than likely we will just see a succession of heel teams get fed to Londrick. Deuce N' Domino soon?

~ Well that was certainly a short segment from Mark Henry. I know exactly the kind of promo you were trying to recreate, and I have to admit that I am quite a big fan of them. Henry was quite in character, but it is glaringly obvious that his focus is all on Kurt Angle, and that the real feud here is between those two. He only mentioned JBL in passing.

~ Wow, you are so realistic with this thread, KOP, that you actually have The Undertaker working a part time schedule I can't really say that I'm that hyped about this feud with Batista anymore, since you have given it precisely NO build since GAB, but for Dave's shouting at Teddy. Not the best build for what should be an epic Last Ride match to be honest. What has me stumped is that 'Tista has come off looking decidely poor so far in this feud; losing at Wrestlemania and then getting DQed at GAB; if he were to go down once again in the Final Encounter, then he might look like a bit of a bitch. On the other hand, I'm not sure how high you are on Undertaker either, since you jobbed him out to Christian at the start of the thread. It really could go either way.

~ Ah, this was the feud that got me excited last week, as it was VERY unique. I thought it might get some actual build, but instead we get the 'Kane' route and MVP gets thrust into a match early on. This could work as a SmackDown filler feud leading to SummerSlam, but I can't honestly see you burying either men. I can't see it getting onto the SummerSlam card though, since both men are fresh in singles competition.

~ I didn't reall like this backstage skit between Finlay and Lashley. To be honest, I wasn't all that pleased when you introduced Hornswoggle at the GAB. It was such a great night for Finlay, as he snapped and beat the hell out of Lashley. It didn't need the inclusion of a Leprechaun really. What was a very intense and personal feud seemed very comedic here, thanks to Hornswoggle, as well as Lashley's piss poor promo skills. I'm hoping for a gimmick match between these two at SummerSlam, but judging from this kind of build, I don't we'll even get a match.

~ Another good match up tonight for the Cruiserweights. I can't believe that you will go for another Noble/Crazy CW title match when the potential for a Fatal Four Way at SummerSlam is right there. With Crazy pinning Noble for the second straight week, he is clearly in contention, and I think it's only a matter of time before Kash and Psicosis stake claims as well.

~ I wasn't too sure about not having the Champ there live tonight when I read the preview, but it actually seemed to work really well, with you tapping into Kurt's face mentality and persona well. He was suitably intense, as one would expect, and i feel that the satellite link gave it a lot, especially since it all adds to the 'face in peril' storyline. Give me Angle with taped ribs at SummerSlam and i'll ne happy

~ As I expected, this Main Event was nothing special wrestling wise, but it was a unique pairing nonetheless, since i can't ever remember seeing JBL and Kane square off. No real surprise to see JBL do the MVP and make a run for it, but I hope you don't suddenly throw Kane into the mix. This should really have been a one off. Kane could feud with Kennedy or Burchill later on I reckon.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty good show, man, although I think you could add so much more to it by giving it some more length, especially the promos. You spelling and grammar were both fine, and your booking leading into SummerSlam is looking superb. With another few matches, it could be your best PPV since 'Mania
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