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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

SmackDown Review
I feel good after reading the opening promo. JBL was right in character, and the flow was perfect throughout the promo. Theodore Long's entry was nice too, and liked the way he put JBL in another 'obstacle'. Can't really figure out JBL's future though. A feud with Teddy? Or a feud with Kane? Oh, let's see. Nice promo to start with, btw.

Good match to start off the action of SmackDown too. Face versus face matches are always entertaining, and this entertained me as well. Mysterio was expected to me by the way, so it was no surprise to see him becoming the Number One Contender to the US Championship. Mysterio vs. Kennedy should be good, but I don't see Rey beating Ken though. Don't know what Matt is gonna do now though.

Kennedy's promo here was just okay to give some hype for his match with Mysterio. The arrogance and cockiness wasn't really there from Kennedy so I can't say he was in character. Kennedy instead sounded too bland to me. This promo would've been better.

A tough match up here between Taylor and London. It was a good wrestling contest, and I'm glad that you had Regal interfere too because it makes realistic. The brawl at the outside would've been nice too, but for some reason, I don't know why it doesn't excite me that much. Maybe try to put caps on where it needs - only to excite the readers? Anyway, the finish was unpredictable so hats off to you. Good to see Dave Taylor picking up the victory here. Looks to me that Regal and Taylor really are proving to be a threat for the tag team division of SmackDown. Let's see what you've stored for them in the future.

Henry was spot on, but the promo needed some intensity. Every promo cut by Mark Henry has LOTS of intensity in it. I don't know if any other guy doesn't find it, but to me, he's filled with intensity. Nice promo anyway, but just needed a little bit of intensity there.

Didn't really got entertained by this promo at all, and I can't blame you though because you had Bore-tista, who has got no mic skills in my opinion. 'Taker vs. 'Tista in a Last Ride Match would be good though. One thing I didn't really like in this promo, was that you didn't took importance with the fans. The reactions from the fans would've been alot better here to be honest.

I loved how the way this match ended. MVP does like that, so it was realistic. The way this match ended makes me believe that we might see a match between MVP and Burchill at SummerSlam, but I'm not sure. I hope MVP doesn't get burried in this feud though. Let's see what you've got here.

Would've loved to watch this promo even thought this was so short. I'm predicting a match between Batista and Finlay for SummerSlam, but I could be wrong too so I'll just wait and see.

Enemy by Fozzy as SummerSlam's theme song? Ooops. I think No Way Out 2005 had this song too, so don't know how you can have ONE theme song for TWO different pay per views.

Surprised to see the Cruiserweight Champion get beaten by Mexicool's Super Crazy. Not THAT much surirpsed though because I know you're a fan of Noble and Crazy. One the other note, I'm not really excited about this feud though - maybe it's because I've never liked Mexicool's? I don't know... let's see what you've booked with them in the future though.

Nice promo from Kurt Angle, but once again, you fail to create intensity. Angle also shows intensity in his promos. Anyway, this promo was decent enough to hype the main event of SummerSlam, and it looks to me that Angle will be the one to walk out with that title. I don't know why, but Angle is my pick. Nice promo.

A match between Kane and JBL would'nt be exciting. Lolz. Anyway, it was an okayish way to end the show. JBL looking 'afraid' of Kane was a nice way to end the match, but JBL now looks without a good build up. JBL is heading for the World-Heavyweight Championship Match, and he needs more momentum. Didn't like that. Anyway, where is Kane heading though? I don't really think that Kane has got any direction at all.

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