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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday August 4, 2006
Manchester, New Hampshire

Rise Up by Drowning Pool hits and the normal Smackdown video package plays. We shortly head into the arena, heading over to the commentating team as usual to kick the show off.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown and only sixteen days remain until SummerSlam so we are bound to have a huge night ahead of us.

Tazz: Cole, weíve got a major night ahead of us and mainly because of a major match our GM announced earlier in the week.

Michael Cole: And I know youíre referring to Rey Mysterio taking on Matt Hardy one on one tonight for the Number One Contendership.

Tazz: Thatís right Cole, two good friends, but only one title shot against Mr. Kennedy at SummerSlam, this is going to be a big night!

Longhorn hits across the arena and out steps one of the contenders for the World-Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam, that being JBL. JBL makes his way into the ring, still wearing his red, white, and blue warm up jacket and in his tights. JBL rolls his way into the ring before walking over and grabbing a mic.

JBL: What happened last week was wrong and each and every one of you here in this little rundown, town you like to call your home know that it is true!

The crowd boos as JBL just ignores them.

JBL: Teddy Long pretty much ruined my week by forcing me to put my career on the line at SummerSlam to even get into the World-Heavyweight Championship match. He didnít do anything to Kurt Angle or Mark Henry but yet, Iím the one that is picked to put their career on the line? Well Teddy, let me just go ahead and tell you something bucko!

The crowd boos once again as JBL clearly isnít in the mood.

JBL: Iíve worked hard here on Smackdown and Iím not going to let some ďfraudĒ such as you try to end my career. Iím the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history, yet Iím treated as if Iím just some other superstar around here. Well show some respect because greatness is in your presence and that greatness is standing right in front of each and every one of you here tonight!

The crowd starts JBL sucks chants.

JBL: No, I certainly do not suck! What sucks is the fact that Teddy Long has pressured me into putting my career on the line just so he can try and get rid of me. Teddy, if you want me gone from Smackdown, just say so. Iíve never liked you Teddy and my hatred continues for you to this day because well, youíve abused your powers first off ever since you were hired as the General Manager and youíve been out to get me Teddy.

JBL shakes his head in disappointment, moving across the ring, as the crowd pretty much at this point doesnít care.

JBL: Teddy, whether you want to say it or not, you know itís true. Youíve thrown obstacle after obstacle at me and thatís why Teddy, itís time for me to make your life hell. Teddy, one day I promise you youíre going to pay for what youíve done to me.

The crowd starts ďShut upĒ chants as clearly they are bored now from JBLís speech.


MacMillitant hits and out walks the Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long. Long doesnít go down to the ring but instead stays up at the walkway.

Theodore Long: JBL, not one day playa have I abused my powers against you. You know that and I know that playa. I k..

JBL: Youíre a liar Teddy! How can you come out here and say all of this crap when you damn well know that youíve abused your powers. Youíve put me in matches when I was injured, and just most recently, youíve forced me to put my career on the line! Well TedÖ

Theodore Long: Playa, I didnít force anything! You forced this upon yourself. You said youíd do anything and well, putting your career on the line is anything. And playa, donít be cominí in here tryiní to get an attitude with me because yÖ

JBL: What are you going to do Teddy? Are you going to force me into a match tonight such as a Steel Cage Match? Are you going to try and stack the odds against me even more Teddy? What do you have against me Teddy?

JBL stands in the ring, demanding an answer from Long straight up.

Theodore Long: I donít know how many times Iíve got to tell you but I donít have a thing against you dawg!

JBL: You know what, Iíve had enough, Iím leaving and Iím heÖ

Long stops JBL as JBL is about to get out of the ring.

Theodore Long: Wait playa, you canít leave just yet. Ya see dawg; I put you in a match for tonight already.

JBL: Teddy, I deserve a night off for a change. After all, I am a WRESTLING GOD!

Theodore Long: I donít care playa who you are. But tonight, youíre going to be going one on one with the newest member of the Smackdown roster. I just signed him from Raw as he was a free agent playa so everybody give a warm welcome forÖ

Theodore Long: Kane!

Slow Chemical hits across the arena and out walks Kane. Kane walks out to the walkway as it looks like JBL has pissed his pants in the ring. Kane stares down JBL from the ramp way as JBL doesnít really know what to think as we head to a commercial break.


Michael Cole: And weíre back from the break Tazz, but what a major announcement for tonightís main event!

Tazz: Kane has found himself a new home on Smackdown and if I was JBL, well I donít know what Iíd be doing right now.

Michael Cole: If that wasnít a big enough way to kick the night off with, just wait because right now, weíre about to have our number one contenderís match!

Tazz: Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy, two good friends going at it for ONE shot at the United States title, only one man can get it, who will it be?

Match #1
#1 Contenderís Match for US Title
Rey Mysterio vs. Matt Hardy

Match Overview: The opening match gets a bunch of time due to the two wrestlers that are in the ring because of their talent. As a side note, Mr. Kennedy is sitting at ringside watching the match to see whom heíll have to compete against at SummerSlam in 16 days. Both Hardy and Mysterio being faces donít cheat at all during the match or use dirty moves but instead keep it a very clean and friendly contest in the ring. Hardy was able to take advantage after Mysterio leapt off the ropes for a Seated Senton but missed, causing Mysterio to hit the mat hard. Hardy went on the offense from there on taking down Mysterio with some huge clotheslines before Irish whipping Mysterio into the corner. Hardy charges into the corner and hits a huge clothesline before pulling Mysterio out with him and Hardy hits a Running Bulldog! The fans donít know whom to cheer as both men are getting mixed reactions in the ring right now. Hardy starts to size up Mysterio for the Twist of Fate and as Mysterio gets back to his feet, Hardy grabs Mysterio looking for his finisher but instead; Mysterio pushes Hardy into the turnbuckles. As Hardy comes back at Mysterio, Rey hits him with a dropkick rebounding Hardy off the ropes. Mysterio gets back to his feet, before Irish whipping Hardy into the ropes himself but Mysterio leaps off the ropes with a Cross body but got only a two count! Mysterio quickly gets back up and as Hardy turns around, Mysterio catches him with a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors! Mysterio runs back at Hardy but this time, Hardy catches Kennedy with a Side Effect! Hardy covers but only gets a two count. Hardy makes his way over onto the top rope, possibly looking for the Diving Leg Drop but Mysterio is quick to run up the ropes and he hits a Hurricanrana from the top rope! Mysterio doesnít cover but instead, heads back onto the top rope! He looks down at Hardy, possibly looking for the Frog Splash and he leaps off and MISSES! Another huge turn in the match as both men are down in the ring. Hardy crawls over and covers Mysterio but only gets a two count once again. Hardy gets back onto his feet and walks over before pulling Mysterio back up! Hardy tries once again for the Twist of Fate but Mysterio quickly drop toeholds Hardy into the ropes. Mysterio runs off the ropes, looking for the 619 but Hardy ducks out of the way! Mysterio watches as Hardy turns around but Mysterio quickly leaps onto the top rope and jumps off, this time catching Hardy with the Seated Senton! The fans cheer on Mysterio as he covers and gets the win!

Winner and #1 Contender: Rey Mysterio

Mysterio celebrates for a little bit as Kennedy watches on from the outside. Mysterio walks over and helps Hardy back onto his feet as Mysterio and Hardy both hold each otherís hands high in the air. Kennedy applauds Reyís accomplishment but really, heís doing it rather sarcastically. Kennedy taps his United States title, showing Rey that heís going to have to do better than that to beat him at SummerSlam for his title.

After the break, we head backstage to see Mr. Kennedy standing by with Kristal.

Kristal: Mr. Kennedy, just a few moments ago, we witnessed Rey Mysterio beat Matt Hardy in the ring. Now this meÖ

Mr. Kennedy: BlahÖblahÖblah! Kristal, we all know that Rey Mysterio is the number one contender. And quite frankly, nobody cares. Rey Mysterio poses no threat to my United States title because of the fact that I am on a big streak Kristal. Iíve beaten some of the biggest names in the WWE and you can now add the man that I beat for the United States title to that list, that being Bobby Lashley.

Kristal: Rey Mysterio has always been an underdog in matches but at times, he has prevailed. What do you think are his odds at SummerSlam.

Mr. Kenendy: Honestly Kristal, he has none. Iím not called the fastest rising star in Smackdown history for no reason. Rey can say anything or do anything he wants because at SummerSlam, I will strip him of his dignity and pride in that ring. I want his entire family to be watching the match because Iíll have no regrets for what I do to little Rey in the ring at SummerSlam.

Kristal: Mr. Kennedy, finally one more question. Do you think Matt Hardy will play any role at SummerSlam?

Mr. Kennedy: If Matt Hardy were smart, he wouldnít mess with me at SummerSlam. Iíve beaten Hardy before on numerous occasions. Matt has tried to take me down but has failed each and every time. So now itís his little buddyís turn and well, itís not going to happen. So go ahead, from Green Bay down to Orlando, say it loud! Say it proud! Your United States Champion, Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kenneddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

Kennedy walks off but comes back quickly. Kennedy throws his US title in the face of Kristal.

Mr. Kennedy: KENNEDY!

We head backstage shortly after this to see William Regal and one of the newest members of the Smackdown roster, Dave Taylor making their way to ringside.

Michael Cole: When we come back, weíll be seeing Dave Taylor in action tonight as he goes one on one with Paul London!


Match #2
Dave Taylor vs. Paul London

Match Overview: Taylor works over London in the ring as Regal is on the outside, cheering on Taylor. Kendrick is also at ringside too supporting his tag team partner. Taylor took advantage once London missed a dropkick. Taylor quickly covered but only got a two count. Dave rolls back over and gets back onto his feet. Taylor catches London with a European Uppercut as he drives London into the corner. Taylor tries placing London on the ropes; potentially looking to end the match but London fights back with some rights. London breaks free as he runs off the ropes and hits Taylor with a flying back elbow! Taylor rolls back over as London is on the top rope. Taylor runs at London but London hits Taylor with the Mushroom Stomp! Taylor hits sternum first into the turnbuckles and the momentum is coming back to London. London makes his way over back onto the top rope, setting himself up possibly for one of his finishers. London leaps off the rope for the London Calling but he misses as Regal pulls Taylor out of the way. Kendrick runs over and knocks Regal down, brawling with Regal. Taylor takes advantage, grabbing London quickly and hitting the British-Plex! The fans boo as Taylor hooks the leg of London, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winner: Dave Taylor

Michael Cole: William Regal and Dave Taylor have cheated here tonight, causing London to lose his match tonight.

Tazz: Itís not cheating unless you get caught Cole and well, Regal didnít get caught so quite frankly, itís not cheating!

Michael Cole: Thatís not the fact Tazz! London had this match in the bag until Regal stuck his nose into the match.

Tazz: Either way, Regal and Taylor are surely solidifying themselves as a force to be reckoned with here on Smackdown, thatís for sure!

We head backstage to the interview area to see Mark Henry standing by himself.

Mark Henry: What I did to Kurt Angle last week shouldnít be a surprise. Kurt Angle is just another victim in my journey to the World-Heavyweight Championship.

Henry throws his hair back with water flying around everywhere as the fans boo Henry.

Mark Henry: At SummerSlam, the Silverback of the Jungle will take his seat upon the throne of the World-Heavyweight Championship. I will show everybody why I am the biggest and baddest superstar on not only Smackdown, but in the WWE.

Henry looks into the camera.

Mark Henry: Kurt Angle, wherever you are at right now, look into my eyes. What I did last week is just a sample of what Iím going to do to you at SummerSlam. Youíre going to be begging the referee to stop the match because I promise you Kurt and JBL, I am not going to be denied on my quest to the top of the Smackdown jungle.

Henry steps back from the camera.

Mark Henry: I will prove to each and every one of you why I am the Silverback of the Smackdown jungle!

Henry walks off as we head to a commercial break.


We head backstage after the commercial break to see Batista heading into the General Mangerís office.

Batista: Teddy, I want the Undertaker at SummerSlam!

Long stops Batista as Batista looks pissed and ready to erupt.

Theodore Long: Whoa! Now calm down playa!

Batista: Give me the Undertaker at SummerSlam or I promise you, I will ruin everything that you have going for you on this show.

Theodore Long: Batista playa, my plan all along was to give you the Undertaker at SummerSlam but under one conditionÖ

Batista: And that is?

Long steps back as Batista shows a slight but sick smile.

Theodore Long: You will get your wish at SummerSlam dawg; it will be ďThe AnimalĒ Batista going one on one with the Undertaker for the final time! But to assure this is the final time, Iíve arranged a special stipulation for this match.

Batista doesnít say anything as Long continues on.

Theodore Long: In a Last Ride Match!

Batista looks a little worried about the Last Ride Match at SummerSlam. He walks around back and forth as the fans cheer for the huge match.

Theodore Long: Now playa if you donít mind, Iíve got some work to do.

Batista walks out of Longís office, speechless. Batista knows this is a specialty match of Undertakerís and he shows a little concern in his face. The camera follows Batista for a little bit of time before we head down to ringside.

Michael Cole: If SummerSlam couldnít be any bigger, it certainly just got bigger! Batista will meet the Undertaker for the last time at SummerSlam!

Tazz: Itís going to be huge Cole, mainly for the fact that itís going to be the second ever Last Ride Match.

Michael Cole: The rules of a Last Ride Match are simple. You beat your opponent down until you can force him into a hearse. Once the opponent is in the hearse and driven off, you will win the match!

Tazz: Itís only happened once before Cole and the first time it happened, it turned out to be a huge match!

Match #3
MVP vs. Paul Burchill

Match Overview: This match takes place after last weekís backstage confrontation between ďPirateĒ Paul Burchill and MVP after MVPís Open Challenge win last week. MVP looks a little concerned heís in the ring with a Pirate but he does eventually take charge whenever he hits MVP in the sternum and then bashes Burchillís head off the turnbuckles. MVP quickly took advantage after that whenever he charged into the corner and Burchill with a huge Playerís Boot to the face. MVP holds his boot there before pulling it back down. Burchill falls down onto the mat as MVP looks over and yells ďBallin!Ē before running off the ropes and dropping the Balliní Elbow! MVP wastes no time shortly after pulling Burchill back up, looking for the Playmaker but Burchill was quick to reverse his way out of the move, Burchill quickly grabbed MVP looking for his finisher, Walk the Plank, but MVP quickly poked Burchill in the eyes and slid to the outside of the ring. MVP makes his way up the ramp as the ref counts MVP out.

Winner via countout: ďPirateĒ Paul Burchill


We head backstage after the commercial break to see Finlay running around chasing Hornswoggle.

Finlay: Get back here yaí little bastard.

Hornswoggle continues running around for a little bit as he runs underneath the makeup ladyís legs and he runs around in circles as Finlay tries to grab him. Hornswoggle continues running until he runs into somebody.

Finlay: Haha, I got ya now!

The camera moves up to reveal the face of Bobby Lashley! Finlay has no clue that Hornswoggle ran into Lashley until he looks up. Hornswoggle has a shocking look on his face, one of disbelief as Finlay steps back.

Bobby Lashley: Whatís wrong Finlay?

Finlay: Look BoÖ

Lashley picks up Finlay and throws him against the wall.

Bobby Lashley: NO! You listen! Talk is cheap Finlay and actions do speak louder than words. You cost me my United States title at the Great American Bash!

Lashley places Finlay down.

Bobby Lashley: So Iím going to cost you something valuable of your own.

Finlay looks puzzled, wondering what Lashley is talking about.

Finlay: Donít mess with me Bobby. Iím a tough IrÖ

Bobby Lashley: I donít care what you are. Youíve messed with the wrong person Finlay and now, itís going to cost you your career!

Lashley walks off as Hornswoggle is still in amazement he ran into Lashley. Finlay berates Hornswoggle for getting him into this.

Finlay: You stupid little bastard!

Hornswoggle looks mad but runs off anyways as Finlay goes back to chasing him again. Hornswoggle is heading back to the area he came from in the first place before he ran into Lashley

Finlay: Get back here!

We head back into the arena to the commentating team at ringside.

Michael Cole: Tazz, weíve still got a huge main event left ahead of us tonight but letís go ahead and look over the SummerSlam card.

Tazz: First off, WWE presents the 19th annual SummerSlam, live in sixteen days from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California!

Michael Cole: The Smackdown side of things are shaping up as we already have three blockbuster matches set!

Tazz: First off, announced earlier in the night, Batista will meet the Undertaker for the final time but this time, itís a Last Ride Match!

Michael Cole: Thatís huge in itself but then weíve got Rey Mysterio challenging Mr. Kennedy for the United States title.

Tazz: A first time match for those two men as they have never met before one on one so that should be great but what about the main event.

Michael Cole: Itís going to be huge because Kurt Angle must defend his title against JBL and Mark Henry and he can lose the title without even getting pinned!

Tazz: Special shout out to Chris Jericho and his boys, Fozzy for providing the theme song for SummerSlam, Enemy!


Match #4
Jamie Noble vs. Super Crazy

Match Overview: Jamie Noble, the Cruiserweight champions meets Super Crazy this week in a Great American Bash rematch. Noble has his tag partner, Kid Kash at ringside supporting him, as does Super Crazy who has Psicosis at ringside with him. Super Crazy gets some good offense in early taking down Noble with some huge dropkicks before his final dropkick sends Noble into the turnbuckles. Super Crazy runs and hits a Spinning Heel Kick in the corner, sending Noble reeling down onto the mat. Psicosis is egging Super Crazy on to take advantage right now as Super Crazy leaps onto the bottom rope and hits a Moonsault. Super Crazy quickly runs back over and hits the second Moonsault on the second turnbuckle. He then quickly gets back up to run and hit the third Moonsault but Kid Kash jumped onto the apron distracting him. This caused Super Crazy to lose his balance and fall onto the ropes splitting the up-rights! Psicosis runs over to check on Super Crazy in the ring as Kash quickly attacks Psicosis! Noble rolls back onto his feet, looking to take advantage as he pulls Super Crazy back onto his feet. Noble throws Super Crazy between his legs and lifts him into the air, looking for the Tiger Bomb but Super Crazy reverses with a Hurricanrana! Super Crazy keeps the leg hooked, OneÖTwoÖThree!!!

Winner: Super Crazy

Super Crazy slides out of the ring, celebrating his win tonight over the Cruiserweight champion. Super Crazy has now a singles win over the champion. The ref pulls Kash and Psicosis apart as Psicosis goes to celebrate with Super Crazy up the ramp. Kash rolls into the ring as Noble canít believe he has lost two weeks in a row.

Michael Cole: Another huge win for one half of the Mexicools and if that doesnít mean he deserves a title shot, I donít know what does!

Tazz: Indeed it does Cole but Iíve been told that right now, you are about to give Kurt Angle his interview via satellite.

Michael Cole: Ok, letís go ahead and get it set up. Kurt, are you there?

A video suddenly pops up with Angle in his ring gear except wearing his new t-shirt. Angle adjusts his little earpiece ďmicĒ

Kurt Angle: Yes, Michael I am.

Michael Cole now sits back and prepares to start the interview from ringside. Angle is listed as via satellite but really, heís backstage in a room. Angle sits himself up in the couch.

Michael Cole: Kurt, first off can you give us an update on your condition after last weekís brutal attack on you by the Worldís Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

Kurt Angle: Iím fine. I just have some bruised ribs but other than that, Iíll be back in the ring next week. But as far as Mark Henry is concerned, he is going to be lucky if he ever wrestles another match in his life whenever I am done with him. Hell, heíll be lucky if he is able to even walk again for the rest of his life.

Michael Cole: So itís safe to say that you still think your chances at SummerSlam are still high?

Kurt Angle: Mark Henry didnít stop me or put me out of action. Itís going to take a whole lot hell of a more to keep me out of action than a Worldís Strongest Splash. This title right here (Angle pats his World-Heavyweight title) means more to me than anything that I have done not only in my career but also in my entire life. And Iím not going to just hand it over because Mark Henry tried to take me out.

Michael Cole: Kurt, youíve only got sixteen days until SummerSlam so do you think youíre going to be at 100 percent come that time.

Kurt Angle: Michael, Iím already at 100 percent. I may not be there physically right now because of my ribs but mentally I am. If Mark Henry knew what was best for him, he wouldnít even show up at SummerSlam because I promise you, one of them (JBL or Henry) arenít going to walk out and if I have it my way, BOTH of them might not walk out of the building.

Michael Cole: Now Kurt, youíve had the World-Heavyweight Championship since May and you havenít had such a threat to the title such as Mark Henry. Are you a little concerned that he migÖ

Kurt Angle: Iím not concerned about Mark Henry or JBL. Iím concerned about myself Michael because I canít be worried about them. Iíve got to worry about MY title. Iíve got to go into SummerSlam knowing that I am the best wrestler in that ring, that I am the man that won a Olympic freakiní Gold Medal! And that I will be the one that will walk out of that building in Los Angeles with this title still in tact.

The crowd pops as Angle repositions himself as he shows a smile.

Michael Cole: Kurt, one more thing. You seem to be worrying about Mark Henry but not JBL. Are you taking JBL lightly?

Kurt Angle: Michael, like I said, Iím not worried about anyone or anything. I got to the top by working hard and working my butt off. But I can promise you that if either one of them have a problem with me or thinks they can take my title away this Sunday, well then they can ďman upĒ and try to take MY title. This World-Heavyweight Championship is only going one place and thatís back home with itís current ownerÖ

Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle!

The crowd pops.

Kurt Angle: Oh itís trueÖ

The crowd chants along with AngleÖĒItís damn trueĒ

Kurt Angle: Itís damn true!!!

Michael Cole: Kurt, thanks for your time and weíll see you here next week on Smackdown!

Tazz: And when we come back, itíll be time for the main event, which will see JBL going one on one against the newest Smackdown superstar Kane!


Match #5
JBL vs. Kane

Match Overview: An exciting, power based main event that has JBL take on the newest Smackdown superstar, that being Kane. Kane works over JBL, working on the throat as he tries to choke out JBL but JBL was able to counter that attack by kicking Kane in the sternum and then clubbing him right across the back hard with a few fists. JBL then went to work on Kane by Irish whipping him into the opposing ropes and knocking Kane back down onto the mat with a big Shoulder Block. Kane gets back onto his feet as JBL goes to pick him up but JBL budges and Kane knocks him down with a clothesline. Momentum is back on the side of the Big Red Machine as he goes to lift JBL into the air and he successfully does landing a huge Power slam! The fans cheer on Kane as he covers but only get s a two count. Kane gets JBL back to his feet before sending JBL flying into the opposing turnbuckles. Kane charges in the corner and nails a huge clothesline before throwing JBL out of the corner. JBL stumbles back right into the hands of Kane, whoís looking for the Chokeslam! JBL however was quick to boot Kane down low and the ref saw this, automatically disqualifying JBL from the match.

Winner via DQ: Kane

JBL wastes no time, hopping out of the ring quickly as it seems JBL is ďafraidĒ of Kane. The show ends with Kane sitting back up in the ring, much like his brother Undertaker does. JBL is up the ramp, staring down Kane as the show comes to a close.

Banner Credit: Crazian

WWE SummerSlam
Sunday August 20, 2006
Los Angeles, California
Staples Center
Official Theme Song: Enemy by Fozzy

WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) w/ Sabu vs. Chris Jericho w/ Chuck Palumbo

World-Heavyweight Championship
Triple Threat Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs. JBL vs. Mark Henry

Steel Cage Showdown
Team McMahon (Triple H, Christian, and Rated RKO) vs. Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, John Cena, and Stone Cold Steve Austin)

Last Ride Match - The Final Encounter
Batista vs. The Undertaker

United States Championship
Mr. Kennedy (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

More Matches TBA


I still need to review about three more shows so please pardon me for being late. I know sometimes it takes me a while to review but I've been so busy recently. So please, just give me some time and I'll get those reviews back to you.
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