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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

ECW One Night Stand II Comments

“The Shooter” Dean Malenko vs. “The Crippler” Chris Benoit: Good match, especially with the ring rust Dean Malenko must have from being a retired wrestler lately. Expected Chris Benoit to get the victory since he is an active WWE wrestler, looking forward to how the rest of the night goes.

Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka: Seemed a little too spoty, but hey I am completely fine with that. Looked to be a very good match, loved how Mike Awesome was able to hit that sick Spinning Awesome Bomb spot and I really liked Tanaka's DDT through the two tables. Tanaka winning is a good move for this rematch.

Super Crazy vs. Psychosis vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri: Some great junior heavyweight action here, really enjoyed the match summary. Good to see it come down to the luchadores and good finish with having Super Crazy win with the Crazy Special.

The FBI vs. The Impact Players: Not Nunzio, why is he Nunzio? Haha, whatever I guess it can pass as a World Wrestling Entertainment move. Seemed like another good ECW match and great finish to the bout, giving The Full Blooded Italians the win with the Super Sicilian Slice from Little Guido. I would love to see The FBI stick around as a tag team in this thread.

Mick Foley and Terry Funk vs. The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer: Good bout between the four Extreme Championship Wrestling veterans. Good finish to the match with Mick Foley pulling out the barbed wire baseball bat and swinging away, which knocks Tommy Dreamers through the two tables. Foley gets the pin and the older duo of the ECW veterans win this match.

Sabu vs. Taz: Awesome match to book at ECW One Night Stand, really enjoyed this match description, and good to see Taz come out the victor after locking on the Tazmission. One thing I really liked about this match was that you put Taz over as well Taz instead of adding the extra 'z' for the night. Guessing now Sabu will go on to do nothing WWE related while Tazz will go back to announcing.

Rob Van Dam © vs. Triple H: Very enjoyable main event for this great recap pay-per-view. Good ending to the match with the John Cena run in, which made John Cena a face in the eyes of the Extreme Championship Wrestling fans for this match, opposed to what happened in real life. Great match to end ECW One Night Stand II and defiantly can't wait for the RAW after this.

Overall: 8.5/10, Some great booking for the matches and some very good recaped matches. Just wish the promos were in full so I could have made this review longer, but whatever. Looking forward to RAW as it should be a good show leading up to Vengeance, only two weeks away. I will probably review the shows from here on besides Vengeance, then after Vengeance start reviewing PPVs as well.

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