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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

We open up to see the WWE: The Power is Back video before a PPV package highlighting the history of ECW and its legacy is shown. Then clips of former ECW superstars now in WWE with their success are shown before it ends with a quick history of Rob Van Dam and Triple H’s feud over the past few months. It ends with their stare down they had at the contract signing a few weeks back with both men intent on winning the match tonight.

Match #1
“The Shooter” Dean Malenko vs. “The Crippler” Chris Benoit

Match Overview: The show opens with Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko starting the night off with a wrestling match, not an extreme rules match, as you’d expect. If this match is any indication, then the fans are in for one hell of a night. Both Malenko and Benoit put on a good friendly competition that the fans in the ECW arena are excited for tonight. “The Shooter” Malenko takes down Benoit with a quick dropkick before he heads right over to his friend Benoit. However Benoit is quick to catch Malenko with a cradle but it only gets a two count. Benoit grabs Malenko looking for a German Suplex but Malenko runs off the ropes and ducks a clothesline from Benoit only to come running right back at the Rabid Wolverine taking down Benoit with a spinning heel kick. Malenko pulling out all the tricks of the trade tonight as he walks over and grabs Benoit before throwing Benoit down onto the mat with a Double underhook powerbomb! Malenko grabs the legs quickly and flips Benoit over; he’s got the Texas Cloverleaf locked in! The deadly submission move of Malenko’s is locked in and Benoit is doing everything he can to break the hold. Benoit is scratching and crawling towards the ropes and he reaches out grabbing the ropes forcing the ref to break the hold. Malenko doesn’t seem satisfied and he goes back to pull Benoit back onto his feet but Benoit catches Malenko and delivers the first German Suplex! Benoit keeps the arms hooked delivering the second German Suplex before he finally follows through with the third and final German! Benoit makes his way to the top rope before leaping off the top rope with the Diving Headbutt! Benoit connects! The Rabid Wolverine reaches over and hooks Malenko’s leg for the win? Two count only as Benoit can’t get a break there tonight during the match. Benoit looks disappointed but he leaps on top of Malenko and locks on the Crippler Crossface! Benoit is wrenching at Malenko to tap out and finally Malenko gives up having no choice but to. Benoit helps Malenko back onto his feet as both men share a hug and the ref raises both men’s hand for the opening contest with the fans excited after the wrestling classic they just witnessed to open the show.

Winner: Chris Benoit

The camera cuts backstage to see Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon’s limo pulling up with the chauffeur opening the door and letting out Mr. McMahon. Mr. McMahon steps out and says “So this is how ECW really is” Shane whispers something to him and both men continue on before they make their way into the arena and to a private locker room that has been given to them here tonight at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Match #2
Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka

Match Overview: We head back into the arena to see the rematch the fans have been wanting to see since last year’s One Night Stand whenever Awesome and Tanaka tore it up in the ring. Both men put on once again another thrilling hardcore match that showcases what brought ECW to the dance in the first place after all. Awesome sets a table up in the corner hooking the legs of the table to the turnbuckles as well as setting a table up in the opposite corner. But first, Awesome grabs a chair and so does Tanaka as both men throw their chairs at one another but the chairs connect with one another. Tanaka quickly grabs his chair before Awesome can get his and Tanaka connects with a shot to the head courtesy of the chair. Tanaka flies off the top rope connecting with a Frog Splash onto Awesome as Awesome lay on top of the chair! The fans are going wild as Tanaka hooks the leg but only gets a two count. The fans don’t know what to think as the match continues to heat up in the ring. Tanaka grabs Awesome and places the bigger man onto the table as Tanaka is looking for some type of move but Awesome rolls off the table and climbs up the ropes! The fans are wondering what is about to happen as Awesome is on the top rope. Awesome spins around and connects with a sit-out Spinning Awesome Bomb from the top rope through a table! Both men can’t move right now and the Holy Shit and E…C…Dub chants are breaking out everywhere. Awesome can’t even move his arm right now and just imagine what pain Tanaka is going through after taking the sick move he just took from Awesome! Awesome throws an arm over Tanaka looking possibly for the win over the smaller man in Tanaka. Tanaka gets his shoulder up much to the dismay of the opponent of Tanaka’s, Mike Awesome as Awesome took too much time! Awesome grabs Tanaka off the mat and looks to connect with an Awesome Bomb in the middle of the ring but slides off the shoulders of Awesome and connects with a series of chops before he drives Awesome into the mat with the Tanaka Blaster. Tanaka throws Awesome into the corner before he grabs Awesome and throws him into the corner. Tanaka slides to the outside and grabs another table before he places that in the ring by the first table he got out. Two tables lay by one another before Tanaka blasts Awesome with repeated steel chair shots making sure the big man doesn’t stand a chance. Tanaka throws Awesome between his arms and leaps off the top rope driving Awesome into both tables with a Tornado DDT! Awesome can’t move, Tanaka quickly hooks the leg and gets the win!

Winner: Masato Tanaka

We are then sent backstage to see Triple H walk up. Todd Grisham, Raw’s announcer is backstage interviewing Triple H, as apparently, WWE doesn’t want an ECW interviewer. Grisham questions Triple H how he feels walking into the ECW arena tonight but Triple H cuts him off. Triple H says that he isn’t afraid of these ECW “fans” so to speak because tonight he walks in without his WWE Championship but he will walk out with it. Triple H hypes himself up mentioning how he’s a 10-time Champion and that he truly is the “Game” before he tells to the camera “Van Dam, tonight for you, it’s Game Over!”

The Vengeance video package airs shortly after hyping the PPV that is only two weeks away from tonight live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is a Raw production.

Match #3
Three Way Dance
Super Crazy vs. Psychosis vs. Yoshihiro Tajiri

Match Overview: Our third match happens to be a classic ECW match pitting three superstars duking it out in a classic Three Way Dance. Super Crazy and Psychosis (spelt this way only for tonight) both of the Mexicools are fighting against one another tonight but this won’t lead to a future feud; it’s just a friendly competition in the match. This is Tajiri’s first match back since wrestling on the first Raw of the New Year before requesting his release. The fans enjoy the match as it goes to show the classic high flying wrestling ECW used to have and it shows that ECW wasn’t just all about hardcore matches but it had it’s action. Super Crazy tells Psychosis to get down in the corner and Super Crazy runs up his back, leaps onto the top rope perfectly and delivers a picture perfect Moonsault catching Tajiri, surprising the little man. However, Tajiri finds the momentum he needs to kick out of the cover and keep it going for himself here tonight. Super Crazy then runs up the ropes once again trying for possibly another Moonsault but Tajiri runs up the turnbuckles and looks for a Superplex but Super Crazy pushes Tajiri off the ropes. Tajiri watches as Psychosis runs at him but Psychosis ducks a back elbow from Tajiri. Tajiri throws a stiff kick sending Psychosis down as Psychosis came running right back at Tajiri. Super Crazy regains his balancing as Tajiri taunts Psychosis for the Buzzsaw Kick before Psicosis ducks the kick and he pushes Tajiri into the corner. Tajiri runs right into a Dropkick from off the top ropes and turns around into a Psycho Stunner! The fans are going wild as Psychosis jumps on top of Tajiri and covers for the three count and Yoshihiro Tajiri has been eliminated bringing it down to the two teammates in WWE, Psychosis and Super Crazy! Psychosis and Super Crazy get a little bit more of time to entertain the fans with their highflying techniques as Psicosis leaps off the top rope and connects with a diving hurricanrana onto Super Crazy. Psychosis leaps onto the top rope looking for the Leg Drop but Super Crazy runs up the ropes quickly and superplexes Psychosis off the ropes. Super Crazy looks down at Psychosis on the mat before he runs up the ropes and connects with a Moonsault! Super Crazy hooks the leg of his teammate in the WWE, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Super Crazy

We cut backstage to see the FBI talking amongst them, presumably preparing for their match tonight, which is against the Impact Players. Mamaluke and Nunzio shake hands with one another and the scene fades quickly.

We head back into the arena as the ever so familiar music of JBL hits across the arena and he isn’t in his stretch limo tonight seeing how the entrance way is small compared to normal. JBL makes his way down the ramp before getting into the ring. JBL looks around the arena disgraced at all the beer guzzling, no life pieces of trash the ECW fans are. JBL said he was once like them, which was when he was with Ron Simmons. But JBL found his calling and since then he hasn’t looked back on his career. JBL talks about how at last year’s One Night Stand he beat up “that blue guy” and the guy went and cried about it on the Internet, challenging him to a fight. JBL dares “that blue guy” to show up tonight if he has the balls to do so because he wouldn’t mind giving him another ass whoopin courtesy of John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL waits but no one comes out and he looks around the arena before continuing to disgrace the ECW fans. JBL talks about how ECW is dead and has been for the past five years, then he looks down at the mat where the letters ECW are before he spits on the mat and rubs his boot on it! JBL then throws the mic into the air and leaves the arena with major F*** you chants breaking out.

Match #4
The FBI vs. The Impact Players

Match Overview: The reunion of one of the tag teams that were known to make an impact, no pun intended happens tonight as Lance Storm and Justin Credible team together for one night only. The FBI and the Impact Players have had their differences as of recently with the Impact Players having attacked the FBI a few weeks after their matches. However, Nunzio and Mamaluke make sure they aren’t going to be overlooked tonight during the match. Storm takes down Nunzio with a snap mare before he delivers a hard dropkick to the back of Nunzio. Storm drags Nunzio into the corner and tags in Credible. Credible leaps over the top rope and comes in knocking down Nunzio with a clothesline before he grabs Nunzio and throws the smaller man into the turnbuckles. Credible charges at Nunzio in the corner but quickly Nunzio moves and Credible collides with the turnbuckle! Nunzio jumps out and tags in his tag partner, Tony Mamaluke. Mamaluke runs in the ring and takes down Credible with a dropkick. In comes Storm who runs right into a spinning heel kick from the smaller man and the momentum sends Storm to the outside. Mamaluke grabs Credible as he gets back onto his feet and sends Credible into the ropes. Mamaluke comes back at Credible knocking him down with another dropkick! Mamaluke climbs to the top rope looking ready to leap off the ropes but first he tags in Nunzio! Mamaluke gets onto the top rope sitting down while Nunzio climbs on top of Mamaluke’s shoulders! Nunzio gains his balance and is standing right now on the shoulders of his tag partner, Mamaluke! Nunzio leaps off the shoulders of Mamaluke and connects with a Super Sicilian Slice landing hard on the neck of Credible! Mamaluke climbs to the outside and does a Lou Thesz Press to the outside on Storm knocking him down as Nunzio hooks the leg of Credible and can that be it? One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: The FBI

We head backstage to see Mick Foley and Terry Funk making their way into the arena getting ready for their match which is next. Foley and Funk are discussing their plans for the match apparently. We then see a split screen come across as it shows Dreamer and Sandman talking to one another before Dreamer and Sandman make their way into the arena but into the stands, where they can come through the crowd.

A video for Saturday Night’s Main Event airs which will return live on Saturday July 15, 2006 at the All State Arena in Chicago, Illinois!

Match #5
Extreme Rules Tag Match
Mick Foley and Terry Funk vs. The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

Match Overview: Brutal tag match that pits the old school veterans versus the tough and wily veterans of ECW as well. A friendly match so to speak as both teams are faces but of course, you know it won’t be a friendly match when weapons are involved. Pretty much everything is introduced into this match and we see a wide variety of weapons! Sandman grabs his Singapore cane and starts going wild on Foley and Funk, as they are busted open quickly by repeated Singapore cane shots. Later on in the match, we see everyone is pretty much bleeding in the ring right now with everything being put on the line to win the match tonight. Funk and Foley both grab steel chairs from under the ring and beat down Sandman in the ring with the chairs. In comes Dreamer with a cheese grater and he starts grating away at the head of Funk! Funk is yelling out in pain right now and Foley comes to help his veteran teammate, Funk. However Foley ends up running right into a hard shot from the cheese grater straight to the head. E…C…Dub chants are breaking out across the arena, as truly everything that is happening is really sick in this arena. Dreamer slides to the outside of the ring and grabs a table before throwing the table into the ring. Dreamer sets up the table before he slides back to the outside and grabs another table! Dreamer sets the table up in the corner before placing the second table on top of the other one. The fans are in awe of what is about to happen as Dreamer throws Funk into the corner. Dreamer throws Funk onto the top rope. We cut over and see Sandman preparing to swing the Singapore cane at Foley but Foley ducks the shot, kicks Sandman hard in the stomach and follows through with a Double Armbar DDT before he follows through with the Mandible Claw onto Sandman! The fans are going wild as vintage Foley is coming out tonight with everything on the line. Dreamer is trying to Superplex Funk through the tables but Foley grabs the Singapore Cane and quickly prevents that by swinging the cane hard across the back of Dreamer. Foley slides to the outside and grabs his barbed wire bat, Barbie! Foley grabs the bat and swings hard at Dreamer with the momentum-sending Dreamer crashing through the two tables and hard at that! Foley makes his way down to the mat with there being no way Dreamer can move right now, he hooks the leg. One…Two…Three!!!

Winners: Mick Foley and Terry Funk

We head out to see a video shows of some of ECW’s most memorable moments that happened throughout the company’s run. Many clips are shown with previous superstars that had wrestled for the company in its major era.

We head backstage shortly after the video ends to see Mr. McMahon talking and Shane McMahon comes walking up, Shane whisper something into the ear of Mr. McMahon and he seems to like the idea. Shane as earlier has come up with another idea before the main event tonight and Mr. McMahon nods to his son showing his appreciation and support towards the idea that his son just told him.

Match #6
Sabu vs. Taz

Match Overview: The rematch ten years later takes place tonight in what was ultimately one of ECW’s greatest feuds it saw during its era. Pretty much is a technical mat/high flying match with Taz bringing the technical wrestling with Sabu pretty much doing the high flying. Sabu and Taz put on a good match that entertains the fans and gets them pumped before the main event. Sabu knocks down Taz with a steel chair before he places the chair right in front of Taz. Sabu runs up the chair and jumps to the top rope delivering the Triple Jump Moonsault landing hard on Taz but only gets a two count. Sabu grabs Taz up off the mat and delivers a DDT to Taz. Sabu grabs a steel chair and looks ready to leap off the top rope with an Arabian Face buster but before he can, Taz rolls away and Sabu lands hard on the mat with the chair! The fans are going wild as now the action is starting to break down now with everything about to start happening. Taz throws the chair to the outside and quickly goes to work on Sabu. Tazz catches Sabu as he runs off the ropes with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex. Taz grabs Sabu up off the mat with Sabu clutching onto the ropes before Taz loses his grip which Sabu leaps onto the middle rope looking for a spinning leg drop but Taz moves and grabs Sabu delivering a hard Wheelbarrow Taz-Plex! Taz has got the fans behind him as he grabs Sabu and delivers a Taz-Plex knocking down Sabu hard on the mat and Taz is waiting for Sabu to get back onto his feet. Taz grabs Sabu as Sabu stumbles right into the arms of Taz! He’s got it locked on! The Tazmission is locked on and this might be it for Sabu! Taz wraps his legs around Sabu and clutches even harder pretty much not giving Sabu any chance to get out of the hold. Sabu is yelling out in pain not wanting to give it up but Taz is yelling for Sabu to do so. Sabu reaches his hand up in the air trying to get the fans behind him but to no avail, Sabu drops his hand and taps the mat meaning Taz has got the win in his one night return to the ring.

Winner: Taz

We head backstage after the match to see Joel Gertner catching up to Rob Van Dam before Van Dam makes his way to the arena. Gertner asks Van Dam how he feels tonight about defending the WWE title in an ECW arena and on an ECW PPV. Van Dam says that Triple H really does stand no chance tonight because Van Dam has every one of these ECW fans rallying behind him here tonight. Van Dam says he wouldn’t trade this experience for the world and that tonight; ECW gets extreme once again by R…V…D!!!

Time to Play the Game hits across the arena and instantly the boos pour across the ballroom and already obscene chants come from the fans. Triple H makes his way down the ring with Mr. McMahon whom is accompanying him. Triple H makes his way onto the apron, gets a sip of water and spits it into the air before getting into the ring and taunting the fans on the turnbuckles to loud jeers. Triple H cockily smiles as the McMahon’s look on.

Stephen DeAngelis: The following contest is an Extreme Rules Match and it is for the WWE Championship! Introducing first from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 260 pounds, representing Raw, “The Game” Triple H!!!

One of a Kind hits across the arena and out walks Van Dam and the roof is almost blown off the Ballroom. Paul Heyman follows behind Van Dam whom smiles and does his RVD taunt before he walks down and walks all around the ring shaking hands with the fans. Van Dam slides in and does the RVD taunt and on D does a spinning kick to warm up. Van Dam hands over the WWE title as the cheers continue on for Van Dam as Triple H stands in the corner looking on.

Stephen DeAngelis: And his opponent from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing in at 235 pounds, he is the WWE Champion, representing ECW, Rob…Van…Dam!!!

Match #7
WWE Championship
Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam © vs. Triple H

And the match is underway. For the first time the WWE Championship is being defended in an ECW ring and Van Dam continues to get pops while Triple H is receiving many aloud jeers directed towards him. Both Van Dam and Triple H meet in the middle of the ring for a tie up but quickly Triple H takes advantage and clubs Van Dam with a right. You suck chants break out across the arena as Triple H simply smiles and runs with Van Dam pushing Van Dam into the ropes but RVD quickly shoves Triple H off of him. Van Dam leaps onto the middle rope and drives an elbow right into the face of Triple H!

RVD chants break out as Van Dam wants to go ahead and have fun with this match early on as he heads to the outside of the ring. Van Dam looks underneath the ring and pulls out a steel chair before he ends up throwing the chair into the ring. Van Dam tosses the chair at Triple H laying Triple H out before he grabs the chair and makes his way over to the ropes. The fans are chanting RVD right now as Van Dam climbs the turnbuckle. Triple H is back up and Van Dam throws the chair to him, Van Dam leaps off the ropes and with a dropkick drives the steel chair right into the face of Triple H knocking the Game right off his feet. Van Dam hooks the leg for the first cover of the night but will that be it?



E.. C.. Dub chants are running rampant throughout the arena as Van Dam rolls back onto his feet and gets Heyman to hand him a trash can full of weapons. Van Dam looks throughout the trashcan as Van Dam pulls a stop sign out. Van Dam grabs the stop sign and goes to hit Triple H with the stop sign but quickly, Hunter is able to trip up Van Dam and Van Dam’s face collides with the stop sign, which he drops! The fans are booing and You Suck chants break out across the arena towards Triple H and the Hammerstein Ballroom continues to be rampant. Mr. McMahon watches on from the outside and it seems he enjoys what he is seeing right now.

Triple H looks back in the trashcan looking for weapons and he grabs a bag of thumbtacks early on in the match. Triple H goes to spread the thumbtacks all around the ring but Van Dam quickly throws the steel chair into the face of Triple H sending the Game down. Heyman grabs the thumbtacks and puts them under the ring, which could mean they could be used later on during the match up. Van Dam grabs the trashcan and empties everything out of it before putting it in the corner before he grabs the trashcan and places it in the middle of the ring.

Van Dam grabs Triple H looking to throw Hunter onto the trashcan back first but Hunter quickly counters the move and Back Body Drops RVD onto the trashcan. Boos continue to pour in and it isn’t looking pretty right now for Van Dam. Triple H looks at Van Dam lying on the trashcan before he drags Van Dam into the corner and throws Van Dam onto the turnbuckles. Triple H climbs the turnbuckles and starts hitting Van Dam with rights but Van Dam somehow finds a way to counter and with amazing strength lifts Triple H and brings him crashing down onto the mat with a Sit Out Power bomb! The fans are cheering and RVD chants break out around the arena before Van Dam walks over and hooks the leg.



Van Dam can’t believe it as right there Triple H just kicked out! Van Dam rolls around trying to get back onto his feet right now after the move that he just delivered to Triple H took a whole lot of energy out of him. Van Dam starts crawling towards the corner where he grabs the steel chair he used earlier on in the match up. Van Dam places the chair onto Triple H before Van Dam heads to the apron on the outside. Van Dam leaps over the ropes from the apron and delivers a Hilo onto Triple H who had the chair on top of him! Van Dam is throwing everything out there tonight to come out and retain his WWE Championship. The fans start more E…C…Dub chants as Van Dam starts to slowly crawl around the mat right now.

Heyman is on the outside cheering on the champion as Van Dam is clutching his back in pain but still seems to be finding a way to move right now somehow. Van Dam waists no time as he places the chair quickly right back onto Triple H before he spins around and delivers a spinning kick right onto the chair, which was on the face of Triple H! RVD chants are breaking out across the arena right now as the WWE Champion is getting ahead early on in the match but the question is can he keep the advantage alive. Van Dam quickly slides to the outside of the ring and looks back underneath the ring before he grabs a table and slides the table into the ring. Van Dam grabs another table also and slides that other table into the ring.

Van Dam sets a table up in the corner as he puts the latches of the table on the ropes, as it will support the table. Van Dam grabs Triple H and tries throwing Triple H into the table but Triple H won’t have any of that. Van Dam grabs Triple H but being the Cerebral Assassin, Triple H grabs the tights of Van Dam and with momentum brings Van Dam crashing face first into the bottom turnbuckle hard! Van Dam grabs at his face as Triple H is looking for a break right now having taking a huge beating early on! Triple H looks to the outside at Vince and Vince is clapping on the challenger, wishing him well in the match.

Triple H walks behind Van Dam and pulls the champion out of the corner with Van Dam’s back facing Triple H. Triple H rares back and throws a hard right at the back of Van Dam as he holds onto Van Dam. Triple H pulls Van Dam back to him once again before he connects another hard right to the back of the WWE Champion. Triple H grabs Van Dam as he pulls Van Dam out of the corner quickly and lifts Van Dam into the air before bringing the champion crashing down onto the mat with a Delayed Vertical Suplex! The fans are booing as Triple H throws Van Dam over on his side and hooks the leg for the pin.



Triple H looks up at the ref almost in disbelief thinking for sure he had a chance there of walking away with the title early on. Triple H walks behind Van Dam and grabs Van Dam’s head before locking in a Sleeper hold! The fans are booing and you suck chants break out, as the fans don’t appreciate the sleeper hold being applied. Triple H puts on a rather cocky smile as he pulls harder on the neck of the WWE Champion yelling tap out to Van Dam, as Triple H will take any possible way to win the title here tonight.

Triple H continues to pull harder but the fans are getting behind Van Dam and this starts to motivate the champion! Van Dam starts giving elbows to Triple H, trying to elbow his way out of the match but Triple H gets back to his feet. Van Dam tries running away from Triple H towards the ropes but Triple H thinks quickly and grabs Van Dam’s hair pulling Van Dam down to the mat hard and Van Dam continues to get outsmarted in the ring. Triple H points to his brain to all the ECW fans showing he is smarter than Van Dam as Triple H walks over to Van Dam and looks for a cover but quickly Van Dam rolls him up.




Van Dam almost had Triple H there and he could have walked back home with his WWE Championship had Triple H not kicked out. Triple H goes and gets in the face of the referee yelling at the ref that was a quick count and this gives Mr. McMahon time to climb the apron. McMahon slides into the ring quickly as Van Dam is watching and wondering what is going on before Mr. McMahon comes from behind Van Dam and delivers a low blow! It’s legal in the match but Triple H has no clue what just happened! The ref doesn’t know either but there is nothing he could do about it seeing how the move is legal in extreme rules.

Heyman looks extremely pissed that McMahon of all people just stuck himself into the match and laid out the WWE Champion. Triple H looks down at Van Dam and drags the WWE Champion into the middle of the ring before Triple H comes off the ropes and slowly stops before delivering a Jumping Knee Drop he has patented for years. Triple H gets back onto his feet and he looks at McMahon and McMahon tells him to do it! Triple H lets out a big WOOO! Before he wraps his legs around Van Dam and the challenger, the Game, has locked in his mentor’s finisher, the Figure Four Leg Lock on the champion!

Triple H is yelling for Van Dam to go ahead and give it up as Triple H looks at Van Dam as Van Dam falls onto the mat back first. The ref starts to count but Van Dam sits up and Triple H gives a nice slap to Van Dam in the face! Van Dam grabs at his face, as he needs to try and find a way out of the Figure Four Leg Lock right now. Triple H pulls on the legs making it even harder for Van Dam to find a way out of the hold if he can! Triple H is yelling out “tap out” to Van Dam but Mr. Pay Per View isn’t going to give up that easy. Triple H continues pulling away on the legs of Van Dam as Van Dam falls back onto the mat and the ref counts but he sits up.

Van Dam is doing anything and everything he can to try and get out of this deadly move as it has meant the end of many matches before. Triple H feels Van Dam trying to roll over and reverse the pain to Triple H’s side but Triple H smacks Van Dam right across the face again. Van Dam takes this as of course an insult and Van Dam rolls over and reverses the pain turning it into an Indian Deathlock as Van Dam changed the pressure to Triple H! Triple H quickly breaks the hold getting out of it before Van Dam comes over quickly and hooks the legs of Triple H going for a quick cover right now.



Van Dam obviously wasn’t going to get Triple H there but he tested Triple H to see how much energy he has left in him. Triple H slides to the outside of the ring and looks underneath the ring and pulls out a ladder of all things. Triple H grabs the ladder and looks to bring it into the ring before Van Dam runs off the ropes and baseball dropkicks the ladder right into the face of Triple H! Van Dam grabs the ladder, which got hung in the ropes and the outside before he pulls it into the ring and places the ladder in the corner. Van Dam watches as his opponent is on the outside of the ring and Van Dam sees McMahon helping Triple H up.

Van Dam slides to the outside of the ring and pulls Triple H back up before throwing the Cerebral Assassin back into the ring. Mr. McMahon tries to interfere but Van Dam responds with an Enziguri knocking down Vince. Van Dam slides back into the ring and Triple H is in the corner. Van Dam runs right over Triple H and leaps onto the top rope before bouncing off with a Split Legged Moonsault landing hard on Triple H! Van Dam quickly crawls right over to Triple H and throws the body of Triple H over before he hooks the leg of Triple H and the WWE Champion could walk back away with his title here tonight.




Van Dam grabs the ladder out of the corner and brings it over to the corner where Triple H is at and Van Dam climbs to the top turnbuckle. Van Dam clings onto the ladder and falls down onto Triple H with the ladder connecting to Triple H’s body! A replay is shown of Van Dam on the top rope doing this move and Holy Shit chants are breaking out everywhere! Van Dam is having trouble moving but we see Triple H was busted open from the move. The fans are amazed at what has transpired in this match tonight and it is going to show you anything and everything can happen here tonight for one thing, the WWE Championship.

Heyman is cheering on Van Dam on the outside, needing for the champion to get back onto his feet if he has any realistic chance of retaining the title. Heyman is cheering on Van Dam slapping the mat and getting the fans back into it. Van Dam is crawling towards the ropes and tells Heyman something as Heyman reaches underneath the ring and grabs a chair. Heyman slides the chair into the ring to Van Dam as Van Dam grabs Triple H and Hunter is having trouble standing. Van Dam throws the chair to Triple H but Triple H quickly responds somehow after being knocked out with the ladder earlier on and throws the chair back at Triple H connecting with a hard chair shot to the face for the champion!

Triple H rolls to the outside and lifts the apron up but he is still having trouble having taken a beating here tonight during the match. Triple H grabs his sledgehammer and throws the sledgehammer into the ring. Triple H throws his hair back out of his eyes and the bloody look on his face means Van Dam is about to pay. Triple H grabs a hold of the sledgehammer and prepares for Van Dam to get back onto his feet. Van Dam pulls himself up on the ropes and Triple H comes running but Van Dam counters quickly and Van Dam moves as Triple H stops himself before he runs right into the table in the corner. Van Dam grabs the chair quickly he was struck with a few minutes ago and throws it to Triple H, the Van Daminator connects!

The fans are going wild right now as Van Dam has found himself back in the midst of the match and he could be that much closer to walking back home with his WWE Championship. Van Dam makes his way onto the top turnbuckle looking ready to possibly finish off Triple H with the Five Star Frog Splash but out of nowhere, down comes Shane McMahon! Heyman is yelling at Van Dam to turn around but it’s too late as Van Dam gets shoved off the turnbuckles by McMahon and lands hard in the middle of the ring. McMahon drags HHH onto Van Dam hoping for a chance at the win but it doesn’t seem likely right now.




Shane McMahon helps Triple H up in the ring and he tells the bloodied Triple H something. Triple H grabs the trashcan he used earlier in the match on Van Dam and throws it into the corner with the table. Triple H then drags the lifeless Van Dam into the corner with his body resting against the table that is leaning in the corner. Triple H grabs the trashcan and places it on Van Dam as Triple H holds the trashcan against the body of Van Dam! Shane McMahon makes his way onto the top rope and the fans know something crazy is about to happen! Vince watches as his son looks ready to take flight and Shane leaps across the ring connecting with the Coast to Coast driving the steel chair into the sternum of Van Dam but most importantly, the table is broken as the impact of the kick sent Van Dam through the table!

Shane McMahon cannot move in the ring right now and Triple H’s first instinct is of course to go ahead and make the pin. Triple H first however helps McMahon to the outside of the ring before the Cerebral Assassin climbs in the ring and pins Van Dam!




Foot on the rope by Van Dam! Wait, Paul Heyman put the foot on the rope to keep the hope alive for the WWE Champion! Vince McMahon on the outside goes ballistic as Triple H should have had the title there had it not been Heyman’s interference. We cut and see Van Dam is busted open right now from the huge blow he took from McMahon moments ago. Triple H really can’t believe he just had a title opportunity slip from his hands just like that! Triple H heads over to the corner and grabs the other table that was lying down before he sets it up in the middle of the ring. Triple H grabs Van Dam and brings Van Dam over to the table looking possibly for some type of move to bring Van Dam crashing into the table.

Triple H grabs Van Dam first and throws Van Dam into the ropes before the champion comes running back at the King of Kings. Triple H attempts a Spinebuster and he ends up connecting bringing the body of Van Dam crashing into the mat hard! Triple H throws his hands up taunting the fans as he knows this could be it for Van Dam. Triple H grabs Van Dam off the mat before throwing Van Dam into the corner. Triple H runs and connects with a huge clothesline in the corner connecting hard with Van Dam! The fans are booing the hell out of Triple H now as this very well could be the time he regains the title.

Triple H grabs Van Dam and drags him into the middle of the ring and Triple H prepares looking for the Pedigree. Triple H lifts Van Dam up and throws him between his legs but through the crowd comes John Cena! Cena gets stopped however by Shane McMahon who takes a huge clothesline by Cena knocking down the CEO’s son. Vince steps into the way of Cena as the CEO is daring Cena to take a swing at him right now. Cena pushes Vince to the side too before he gets onto the apron. Triple H charges at Cena on the apron but Cena ducks and throws some rights at Triple H connecting hard with the shots.

Van Dam has no clue what just happened but he looks at Triple H down on the mat as he runs along the ropes and comes back connecting with the Rolling Thunder. Van Dam rolls around holding his back before he grabs the ladder and sets it up in the corner. Something crazy is about to happen for sure as Van Dam throws Triple H onto the table. Cena holds back Shane McMahon as he throws Shane into the barricade and Vince tries getting in but gets thrown to the barricade too. Van Dam makes his way up the ladder as he gets to the top of the ladder and looks down! Van Dam does the RVD thumb taunt before he leaps off the top of the ladder and connects with a Frog Splash off the ladder onto Triple H who was on the table! Van Dam can’t move and all he has left is the energy to throw his arm over Triple H! The ref counts the pin fall and this has to be it right here!




Stephen DeAngelis: Here is your winner and still WWE Champion…Rob…Van…Dam!!!

Match Length: 17 Minutes, 10 Seconds

Heyman slides into the ring and helps Van Dam back up to his feet as Vince slides into the ring to help Triple H. Shane slides into the ring too and both of the McMahon’s are surrounding Triple H after the beating he took in the match. Shane sees Cena slide into the ring as Shane runs right after Cena but gets thrown to the outside of the ring over the top rope. Vince gets back up and gets into the face of Cena. Vince tells Cena to go ahead and hit him, which Vince replies with slapping Cena across the face! Cena wipes his face before he lifts McMahon up into the air! Cena holds Vince McMahon up before he brings McMahon crashing down to the mat with an F-U! Cena slides to the outside and makes his way to the back letting Van Dam and Heyman have the glory as the ref hands Van Dam the title! Van Dam and Heyman both raise one another’s hands as Cena watches from the top of the ramp! Van Dam holds the title high above his head as all the fans are going wild in the Hammerstein Ballroom as the show fades away.
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