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Smackdown - 10 Days from Clash of the Champions!!

Smack down ! September 2nd 2004: Tulsa:

A Video package airs of RAW showing Test & Steiner defecting to Smackdown, as well as Vince McMahonís speech about Bret Hart.
Opening Video

Cole: Tonight, Goldberg defends his WWE Championship for the first time, in a triple threat match against the last two men to hold the title. Tonight, he goes up against Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar!!

Tazz: Thatís right Cole, and in my opinion, we are gonna have a new champion crowned tonight!

Cole: Also folks, we hope to hear from Bret Hart tonight, regarding this comment from Mr. McMahon from RAW this past Monday!
(Video Plays of Vince talking about Bret not competing)

Tazz: I sat at home on Monday night Cole, and I couldnít believe what I heard from Mr. McMahon. Is it true?

Cole: We hope to find out later Tazz, but lets not forget, also this past Monday, Scott Steiner & Test defected from RAW to Smackdown. Both men are in action tonight!

Tazz: Scott Steiner is scheduled to face John Cena, and Test is gonna challenge Chris Benoit for the United States Title.

Cole: And that match, is NOW!!

1st Match: United States Championship Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Test w/ Scott Steiner
(Before the match, Test and Steiner talk about defecting from RAW for proper opportunities like tonight. Test then says he will take the U.S Title, and later Big Poppa Pump will lay a beating on John Cena)
Finish: Steiner throughout the match distracts Benoit, giving Test the upper hand for most of the contest. Eventually, Benoit ducks the Big Boot and nails a German Suplex. He then nails Steiner off the apron with a forearm. Test gets back up, but he is then given the trifecta of German suplexes before hitting the Headbutt. He gets a cover, 1...2...Steiner breaks the count by nailing Benoit with a steel chair. Test is disqualified and Benoit retains. Test and Steiner continue the assault afterwards, but unexpectedly, William Regal makes the save. Test and Steiner bail out and Regal helps Benoit to his feet. Regal then takes his Brass Knucks out and nails Benoit in the face. He waves to the crowd before walking away again.


We return with Bret Hart entering John Cenaís locker room. Cena looks rather uncomfortable with Bret. Bret asks Cena if he is ready to step up to the big leagues and represent Smackdown in the 10 man tag at COTC. Cena looks at Bret and nods his head. Bret then asks him if there is something wrong. Cena asks him if what Vince said on RAW was true or not. Bret looks to Cena and tells him that he will address the fans about the whole thing later.

Kanyon talks to Big Show about ending this crap with Mysterio tonight in their tag match. Big Show tells him he couldnít give a crap and just wants to beat someone up.

Rey and Eddie chat about the match coming up next. They then begin to talk about McMahonís announcement on RAW, but quickly change the subject when Bret walks to them. He shakes hands with both men, but both look rather disinterested. Bret tells them that Eddie will be part of the 10 Man Tag and Rey Mysterio will take on Rhyno in a special challenge. Neither look impressed. Bret is startled by their reaction and asks them if there is a problem, then they should tell him. Eddie then asks him just like Cena did, if there is any truth to what Vince said.
Bret looks at them and tells them that he will address the fans later.

2nd Match:
Big Show & Kanyon vs. Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio
Finish: Kanyon and Mysterio take up most ring time in this match as it mainly concentrates on this ending their feud. Mysterio gets the better of Kanyon in the early going, but Kanyon manages to tag Big Show, turning the match in their favour. Mysterio outruns the 500 Pounder for a few moments, but Kanyon then trips Mysterio, leading to Big Show dominating Mysterio. He overpowers the cruiserweight for a long period. He goes for a Chokeslam, but Eddie stops it with a dropkick to Big Shows knee. He is warned by the referee, and as this is happening, Kanyon hitís the Grand Kanyon on Rey. Big Show makes the tag, and Kanyon makes a lazy cover on Mysterio. Mysterio kicks out at two. Kanyon then whips Mysterio into the corner, but Rey counters at the corner by jumping to the second rope. He then moonsault over Kanyon, and tags in Eddie. Eddie cleans out Kanyon, and then takes down the Big Show. He hitís the triple suplex on Kanyon, and then goes for a Frog Splash, but he is pushed off the top rope by Big Show. Kanyon then hitís a Spinebuster on Eddie and gets a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!
Kanyon then bounces off the ropes, but runs right into a dropkick. Eddie tags in Mysterio, and he goes at it with Kanyon. Eddie fights with Big Show to the outside, but in the ring, Kanyon goes for a Grand Kanyon. This is reversed by Rey, sending Kanyon into the ropes. Mysterio hitís the 619, followed by the West Coast Pop and the cover, 1...2...3!! Mysterio wins!! Mysterio and Eddie celebrate in the ring while Big Show walks off irate with Kanyon.

Interview with La Resistance. They talk about being great Tag Team Champions, and twice the team as APA. They then make fun of their opponents tonight, Lance Storm and Hurricane. They question their credentials as suitable contenders for their titles. Hurricane then flies in. He questions La Resistance credentials as suitable tag team champions. He then makes fun of their ring wear, and accent, before asking, ďWhatís up wit dat?Ē He then flies off and La Resistance look bewildered.


We return with an angry Big Show ready to tear up the backstage area. Bret then enters and tells Big Show he will be in his squad for the ten man tag at COTC. Big Show just stares at Bret and tells him he never expected Bret Hart to be a coward. Show walks off with Bret looking annoyed.

3rd Match:
John Cena vs. Scott Steiner
(Before the match, John Cena concentrates his rap on making fun of Steiner. This annoys BPP and he attacks Cena from behind to start the match.)
Finish: After a sneak attack to start the match, Steiner controls most of the contest, nailing Cena with a number of Belly to Belly suplexes. Cena then fights back, nailing a spine buster, and then a throwback. He hitís the five knuckle shuffle, and then goes for an FU. Steiner fights out and hitís a reverse DDT. He then locks on the Steiner Recliner, but soon Cena finds the strength to stand with Steiner on his back. He runs backward into each corner before Steiner eventually falls off. Cena hitís the FU and then gets a cover, 1...2...Test runs through the crowd and pulls out the referee. Cena is irate and picks up his chain. He chases after Test, but Test lures him into the ring and a 2 on 1 attack begins. Test hitís the big boot, and Steiner locks in the Recliner. The referee ends the match in a DQ. Test & Steiner continue the attack, then out of nowhere, The DUDLEY BOYS run in. The hit Test & Steiner with steel chairs and then Buuba tells Dí Von to get the tables. They set up both tables and 3D Steiner through one and Powerbomb Test through the other. The Dudleyís then run through the crowd after getting their revenge.

Regal interview. He talks about his Submission Match with Ric Flair at COTC. He says that it will be an honour to make a legend like Ric Flair cry like a baby when he makes him tap.


Backstage, we see Test and Steiner try to regroup after the attack from the Dudleyís. They then grab Josh Matthews and tell him that they challenge the Dudley Boys to face them at COTC in a Table Match!

Bret goes to talk to Goldberg, but Goldberg turns away from him. Bret forces him to turn around. He is ready to explain to Goldberg, but Goldberg cuts him off and tells him to tell everyone the story, in the ring. Bret is furious and tells Goldberg he will go to ring RIGHT NOW!!

Bret comes to the ring. He takes a microphone and begins to talk.
ď I think everyone in the arena knows the story by know. But for anyone who still doesnít, have a look at this. (he shows the video of Vince talking Bret on RAW) Now, I guess a lot of people want to know why I signed a contract, clearly stipulating that I would NOT wrestle. The fact of the matter, is that I cant wrestle anymore.Ē (Crowd Boos)
ďYou see, Vince McMahon has played a clever game here, he has let on to all of you fans that he didnít know about by clauses in my contract. Do any of you honestly believe that a business man like Vince wouldnít read a contract. I rest my case.
Now, all today, I have received nothing but heat from the boys in the back. From the cameramen, to the WWE Champion. And to be honest, it has pissed me off. I signed with this company to be the General Manager of Smackdown, not a full time wrestler, not a part time wrestler, not as a commentator. But now Vince McMahon is trying to make me look the coward in all of this. Iím not a coward, Iím a five time WWE Champion, multiple time Intercontinental Champion, Tag Champion. Cowards donít win those types of accolades. Let me tell you who the coward is. The coward is VINCE MC MAHON!! Heís the one who ran me out of this company behind my back, heís the one who got me to do his dirty work when I came back, he made me recreate Montreal Ď97 back at Judgment Day. That hurt me. And now he has the audacity to call me a coward! Iím not the one who beat the crap out of my daughter, Iím not the one who turns my back on his most loyal servant. HE IS!!
Now, does anyone really want to see me put on my pink and black tights again?

(Crowd goes wild)
Does anyone want to see two old men go toe to toe in a match?
(Crowd goes wild)
Does anyone want to see Vince McMahon vs. Bret ĎHitmaní Hart at Clash of the Champions?
(Crowd erupts)
I donít.
(Crowd boos)
Thatís right. Clash of the Champions wasnít were Bret Hart began his hatred for Vince McMahon. Clash of the Champions wasnít the event that changed wrestling forever. It wasnít were the greatest rivalry never to have the payoff began. Clash of the Champions isnít were this match should happen. There is only one event that Vince McMahon can face Bret Hart, and itís not Clash of the Champions, not RAW, not Smackdown, not even Wrestlemania. But only one event where Vince McMahon can wrestle Bret Hart, and thatís SURVIVOR SERIES.
(Crowd goes nuts)
The match that everyone has wanted, seven years in the making, where it all began. I might not be in the best shape of my life, and I know it wont be pretty, but I do promise that you will see, the Best there is, best there was, and the best that ever WILL BE!!!! Vince McMahon I challenge you to face ME at Survivor Series, if you have the guts, if you want me SO badly, this Monday on RAW, you will accept my challenge, now all eyes are on you Vince. Give these fans what they want, and face me at SURVIVOR SERIES!!!Ē
(Crowd goes wild)

Bret then leaves the ring and walks up the aisle with a huge grin.


We return with Michael Cole and Tazz talking about Bretís challenge.

We cut to the backstage area where Bret walks back to his office. He walks down the corridor and then he is met by a huge number of Smackdown superstars who give him a huge round of applause.

4th Match: WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
La Resistance w/ Rob Conway vs. Hurricane & Citizen Storm
Finish: After a fast start from the challengers, La Resistance gain the upper hand thanks to Rob Conway. They control the match, and when Hurricane fights back with a double clothesline, he fails to make the tag, as Conway pulls Storm off the apron. La Resistance look set to retain the titles, but Dupree accidentally runs into the referee, knocking the referee out. They grab the belts and level both Hurricane and Storm, but then the APA run in and attack La Resistance. Bradshaw hitís the clothesline from hell to Grenier, Faarooq hitís the Spinebuster to Conway, and then they hit a double Powerbomb to Dupree.
They leave and the referee slowly stirs as Hurricane makes the cover, 1...Ö2...Ö3!!!! NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!! Hurricane and Storm win the titles. La Resistance are shocked while Hurricane and Storm celebrate in the ring with their newly won gold.

Cena interview. He says that he is proud to be representing Smackdown at Clash of the Champions, and no one from RAW will be able to see him.

Michael Cole and Tazz then talk about all of tonightís matches. They then wonder if Hurricane and Storm winning the Tag Titles is a sign of things to come for the main event up next. Then they say that they have just got word from the GMís office, that next week all Smackdown superstars involved in any matches at COTC will be in action next week.


Interview with Torrie Wilson. She says that she has been training extra hard for her match with Trish at COTC. She then says that she believes that she can beat the Champion.

The camera cuts to all three competitors for the main event before we are shown the tale of the tape.

Main Event: WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Goldberg vs. Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
Overview: The match begins with a stare down between all three men. Goldberg goes nose to nose with Lesnar, then Angle steps in and goes face t face with Goldberg, and then Lesnar pulls Angle and the have a showdown.
Goldberg takes both by surprise and hitís a double clothesline. He throws Lesnar out of the ring and stomps on Angle. On the outside, Heyman helps up Lesnar and gets him back in the ring. Lesnar then nails Goldberg from behind with a forearm followed by a German Suplex. He then picks up Angle, but Angle reverses with a cradle. Lesnar kicks out at two.
Lesnar and Angle then lock up, with Angle getting the better of the action. He locks in a headlock, but Lesnar fights out and whips Kurt off the ropes, and into a Belly to Belly. Goldberg gets back up and goes punch for punch with Lesnar. Goldberg gets the better and then lifts Lesnar for a press slam, into a Spinebuster. 1...2...LESNAR KICKS OUT!!
Goldberg then stomps Lesnar out of the ring, but as he turns around, he is met by a Kurt Angle Belly to Belly suplex. 1..2..KICK OUT!! Angle then picks up Goldberg and goes for another, but Goldberg breaks free and hitís a clothesline. He then hitís a sidewalk slam for a two count.
Lesnar then re enters and hitís a German suplex on Goldberg, who has his back to him. Lesnar then gets Angle up for a Press Slam, but throws him over the top rope to the floor. He turns back around to Goldberg, but is met by a vicious Spear. Goldberg then signals for the Jackhammer, but Heyman grabs his leg. Goldberg grabs Heyman and throws him into the ring. He then hitís a clothesline on Heyman. He sets up Heyman for the Spear, but Lesnar saves Heyman by hitting Goldberg from behind. He then goes for an F5, but Angle saves Goldberg by hitting a chop block on Lesnar. He pulls down his straps and signals for the Ankle lock, but Heyman distracts him. Angle then hitís a Belly to Belly on Heyman. He then applies the Ankle Lock, but Goldberg saves the match by nailing Angle with a Spear.
He goes for the Jackhammer, but as he gets Angle up, Lesnar Spears Goldberg. Brock then gets Goldberg up for the F5, but Angle again saves Goldberg and hits an Angle Slam on Lesnar. He covers Lesnar, 1...2...GOLDBERG BREAKS THE COVER!!!
Angle is irate. He then goes at it with Goldberg, and ducks a clothesline followed by a German suplex. He keeps the hold locked on and hits another. He gets a cover, 1...2...LESNAR BREAKS THE COUNT!!
Lesnar goes at it Angle now and he goes for a Belly to Belly, but Angle counters into the Ankle Lock. Lesnar looks set to tap, but Goldberg hits Angle. He then hitís a clothesline on Angle before setting up Lesnar for the Spear. He goes for it, but Lesnar moves, and Goldberg runs into the ring post. Lesnar hitís the F5 on Goldberg, and then he goes for the F5 to Angle, but again Angle counters and hitís the Angle Slam. He gets the cover, 1...2...LESNAR GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPE!!
Brock gets back to his feet, but Angle hitís a Belly to Belly on him over the top rope. Angle turns around, and sees Goldberg going for the Spear, but Angle hitís a drop toe hold and applies the Ankle Lock. Goldberg writhes in pain for a long time, but eventually he gets to the ropes.
Goldberg gets back to his feet, and goes punch for punch with Angle, then Lesnar re enters and clotheslines both men, with Goldberg going over the top rope and Angle getting knocked down in the ring. Lesnar then picks up Angle, but Angle fights back. Lesnar ducks a clothesline and hits an F5. He turns around and is hit by the Spear from the returning Goldberg. Goldberg then hitís the Jackhammer on Lesnar. Angle runs at Goldberg, but Goldberg side steps him, and Angle goes over the top rope.
Heyman then gets on the apron, but he is knocked off by Goldberg. Brock stands behind Goldberg waiting for him to turn around. He goes for the F5, but Goldberg reverses and hits an F5 on Lesnar. He gets the cover, 1...2...3!!!! GOLDBERG RETAINS!!! He stands in the ring celebrating as we end the show with Cole saying that we are looking at the most dominant Champion in the WWE today.
Current Card for WWE Clash of the Champions
Date: 12th September 2004
Location: Long Island, New York
Event Music: Saliva, Your Disease


10 Man Tag; RAW vs. SMACKDOWN :
Shawn Michaels, Kane, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Randy Orton
Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Eddy Guerrero, John Cena

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion :
Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Sting vs. Chris Benoit

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Hurricane & Citizen Storm vs. Edge & Christian

Womenís Challenge :
Trish Stratus vs. Torrie Wilson

Inter Gender Tag Challenge :
Dawn Marie & A-Train vs. Lita & Matt Hardy

McMahonís Choice match: Submission Match :
Ric Flair vs. William Regal

Tag Team Tables Match : (MATCH NOT CONFIRMED AS YET)
Test & Steiner vs. Dudley Boyz

Rhyno vs. Rey Mysterio
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