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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

WWE: SmackDown! - Friday June 9, 2006 - Review
~ Yes, I can see that you are trying to make your thread look as realistic as can. So, Orton and Edge are alligned? Well, I donít think so. But letís see. Ah, you wanna shock up? I would love to see who Angle has tonight in his corner. I guess someone is coming from RAW to help him out. Open Season? I think it is still open. Anyway, this promo could have in a better fashion. Orton was the guest, but he didnít talk much at all.

~ Wow, I really did not believe Hardy beat Kennedy. But surprise is always good for booking. And yeah, I think that Kennedy will complain this to the GM and probably ask a match with Hardy again.

~ MVPís coming, but when is the million-dollar question.

~ The feud between Kash and Noble is really shaping up in a good fashion. Match was good, with Kash distracting Noble, it was meant to be special. Psicosis beating Noble also surprised me. Kash wants an answer? I wonder what it is. Maybe a shot at the CW Title in some kind of a gimmick match? I know that they will have a match at the next coming SmackDown! pay-per-view though.

~ I have always liked Burchill as ďPirateĒ. And now thankfully he is not on anyoneís side. I believe a triple threat is coming between them. Very interesting promo.

~ Finlay beats Scotty in the squash type of match. So, Finlayís getting some momentum, thatís nice. Alright, next please!

~ ECW getting hype is good, and so far you have build up that event nicely.

~ JBL once again does the usual anti-ECW promo, and Itíd be interesting to see what happens at ECW One Night Stand II. I guess someone would come to shut up, but let the man speak! You do a splendid job at JBL promos.

~ FBIís Nunzio gets a predictable victory. Well, I guessed that already because FBI has just restarted and Nunzio should have picked a victory, and well, he did so. Aftermath was interesting though. Itíll be even more interesting to see where thisíll go.

~ As I expected, Kennedy gets Hardy next week in a match. Good promo. I expect Kennedy to beat Hardy this time to level it and then we see it again for the third time, but at the pay-per-view.

~ A very well written summary of match here. Booker T wins and retains the title. Thatís nice, but the feuds here are getting a bit boring. Booker vs. Lashley is the same old stuff, which I donít want to see.

~ Batista looked like a true animal here in this promo. Although I donít find his promos nice, but you made him look well. Undertaker vs. Batista could be good, but you could have started it in a better way, probably with a in-ring, lengthy promo from Batista, and then have ĎTaker interrupt him. By the way, ĎTakers back!

~ A good main event produced by you, which I liked once again. I thought someone from RAW was coming, but I guess Benoit wanted to help him. But they do not accomplish the mission, and the heels win. Aftermath was very interesting, and I am wondering who that guy is in the mask. By the way, sorry for this review, and it looks like I rushed at most of the things. Well, its 1:50 AM here and I have to go to bed soon, so sorry.

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