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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

SD Review

The opening promo was great Edge, Randy and Kurt were all very much in character. It started off a little weak in my opinion, with just Edge, but as soon as Randy came out, it picked up nicely. When Kurt came out, Randy just seemed to disappear, but that’s okay because Edge didn’t say a great deal either. Big main event for tonight, wonder who Kurt’s partner’s gonna be, I’d say Benoit will be odd’s on.

Hardy goes over Kennedy with a roll up, this was good. Kennedy doesn’t look weak after this at all, but it definitely strengthens Hardy, the only thing I didn’t like in this one was the overall flow of the match, I know it’s hard for short matches, but I thought you used the wrestlers names too often. ie. “Kennedy grabs Hardy and throws Hardy into the turnbuckle” That doesn’t bode for good reading, in my opinion.

MVP is coming, I can see you giving him a big push here, you seem to be quite high on him.

Fun match up between Psicosis and Noble. The ending furthers the storyline with Kash and Noble, I’ll be interested to see what the offer could be, I’m enjoying this storyline between the two of them, and it’s good that it’s not so predictable as well. I was surprised that you let Psicosis hit his finisher on Noble, but it’s good because he comes out looking very strong as well.

This was a good promo with Finlay, Regal and Birchall. It wasn’t your best, but it was still quite enjoyable, the only real flaw with it to me, was I thought you had Finlay out of character a little, but other than that it was good.

Finlay gets a quick victory over Scotty, as you’d expect. He comes out looking plenty strong, in preparation for his impending feud with Regal and Birchall.

Michael Cole: Well, we’ve still got some major matches ahead of us tonight including a tag match but what about our tag match tonight.
This makes no sense, no biggy though.

More ECW hype, most definitely looking forward to this PPV.

JBL’s promo was very much hit and miss. Until he got in his final line in, he just seemed off completely, I didn’t like his first two lines at all, they seemed way off, but his last line was very good, and very much in character.

Another cruiserweight match? Cool. Nice match here, it flowed pretty well. Nunzio picks up the big win, which provides a little hype for ONS and it was good to see the sportsmanship between the two teams before the Impact Players jumped the FBI.

Another decent promo, but I thought it went a little too long, the situation with the US title is pretty good though.

Booker steals the win over Lashley with the low blow. Good booking, I’ll be interested to see how you end this feud, and clear up everything with the US Title.

Another hit and miss promo, it was pretty average until Undertaker came in, which was great and Batista showed his true intensity. Batista v Taker should be an awesome feud.

As I expected, Benoit is Angles partner. Good match here, and the ending was a good way to protect the World Champion, and have Edge and Orton go over. Big ending to the show with Angle getting taken out by a masked man. Looking forward to seeing where that goes next week.

Over all it was another enjoyable show man, definitely looking forward to One Night Stand.
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