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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Mac’s RAW Review

Nice job kicking off the night with Vinnie Mac, hyping up the WWE Title match at the ECW ppv. McMahon puts over Triple H a bit before talking about the death of ECW. Heyman comes out but kinda gets big-footed in this promo with Vince talking right over him before walking away. I assume that was intentional and we’ll see some retaliation from Heyman either tonight or at the PPV.

Shocking to see the titles change hands on a free TV show, though its no big deal considering it’s the tag team titles. MNM win the belts but the real story comes after the match. Not too sure how a Rosey-Jamal feud will be but its worth a shot. Umaga??

Pretty decent promo from each member of MNM here. All three were in character and did a good job of putting themselves over.

Michaels and Flair are together against McMahon?? I assume that makes them the faces in this thread, therefore making Jericho the heel. Anyway, Flair steals a win over Y2J with the help of HBK, picking up some momentum and potentially starting a feud.

Simple but effective segment building up a Hardy-Masters feud. Not much else to say about the segment, as everything was done the way it was supposed to be.

The Big Show basically crushes Rene Dupree in a squash match. Another short but effective segment after the match with Kane taking Big Show out and choke slamming him on the steel stage. Feud has been done before but not sure if it has been in your thread.

Typical Triple H heel promo, putting himself over while hyping his upcoming WWE Title match. The sledgehammer point was driven home (no pun intended) well and may mean Van Dam could be in trouble this Sunday.

The start to the promo seemed a bit off as Carlito was slightly out of character. Striker comes in and is used to perfection, definitely in character. Don’t really like Carlito running away, as its un-face like but it does increase the credibility of Striker’s body guard, Test.

Match recaps seem to be a bit short, but I guess that’s just your style. Helms picks up the win and gets another stroke in the win column in this Best of Seven series. I don’t know what the ‘score’ is but I presume Helms is up…

Solid promo from Christian but he is not coming across as a face. Just my opinion, but I think you should tone down the arrogance on Christian just a bit. Other than that it was a good promo and it should be exciting to see Austin make his return.

Mickie loses?? I guess you’re building Beth Pheonix up as the #1 contender for Mickie’s championship. Judging by the four women in the contest, you have a solid women’s division going.

The reasoning you gave for Shane McMahon hanging with RVD was a good one, but I still think it did more harm than good. I think Van Dam should have smoked him in order to gain even more credibility heading into the ppv. Decent ending to the show with the three man stare down. Cena seemed just thrown out there but it did add a little bit of build up to the Vengeance PPV.

Good show. Your match summaries seem somewhat short but to each his own. The promos on the show were really good and most (if not all) of your characters are well done. Looking forward to the next show.

I'll get an SD review up eventually.

for the week of September 28th


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