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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

Nice opening promo here, it could of been made longer, but it fit well to open the show here KOP. Orton fell off the map towards the end of the promo, as Angle came out he just went off and said nothing, so that made him look bad. Besides that good promo, looking like a good show tonight is coming up. Hardy picks up a huge victory over Kennedy nice job here putting Matt over, he looks to be gaining big momentum. MVP should make a big impact on Smackdown, I am really pondering and trying to think of who's open to face him, it should be an interesting debut to say the least here.

I am completely loving this Kash and Jamie angle, I hope its a good question at least, but it really looks like this is going to turn into a huge feud again. Finlay, Regal & Burchill promo was alright, not the best one but I really liked this one for some reason. I think this one will be a really good one when it culminates into a match. Finlay gets a squash victory here and he's looking strong, nice ECW promo it changed a bit from last time and the show so far has been pretty good KOP, SD has very much an enjoyable read so far.

Interesting JBL promo, he got his end line in there, and he looked pretty good here. I think at ECW he'll have a decent promo with someone, but I wonder who it will be, who knows really. Nunzio gets a huge victory over London, mostly because he's involved at ECW ONS II, but after the Impact Players come out and build up their match some more which looks to be a good one. Kennedy bitchs to Long and this was a pretty ok promo, borderline. I think Kennedy will face off in a Fatal Four Way at GAB with the other guys in what I believe.

Booker T and Lashley go head to head here yet another week, and this looks pretty good. Booker T steals the win this time not being able to win heads up, and I really think a Fatal Four Way at GAB is in order to settle this situation. Batista promo was mehish, but awesome The DEADMAN is BACK! The Main Event was good I thought, Orton pins Benoit, and a very very intruiging aftermath. Interesting to say the least, a new guy comes around and assaults Angle, that will make for an interesting storyline coming into GAB. Very much interested in seeing who this guy really is.

Good show man, I enjoyed this a lot, like I do with almost all your shows. This is one of your best SD's that I've read I think, good stuff, and hope ya enjoy the review, this is my new way of reviewing since I can do it faster and get down to the point this way.
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