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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown!
Friday June 9, 2006
Long Island, New York

Rise Up by Drowning Pool plays and the normal Smackdown video package plays as well and after it ends, we cut over to the commentating team at ringside.

Michael Cole: Hello everybody and welcome tonight to another exciting edition here of Friday Night Smackdown!

Tazz: And I’m excited Cole, two nights until ECW presents One Night Stand and I’ll be getting back into the ring Sunday night!

Michael Cole: Good luck on that partner but tonight on Smackdown we’ve got some major matches including the US title match!

Tazz: Booker T putting the gold on the line against Bobby Lashley in a rematch from last week plus Mr. Kennedy meets Matt Hardy!

Metalingus plays throughout the arena and out steps the former World-Heavyweight Champion, the “Rated R Superstar” Edge! Edge comes down the ramp to the ring which is set up tonight for the Cutting Edge, his own talk show. Edge slides into the ring before he heads over to one of the chairs and grabs a mic before looking around the arena.

Edge: Shut up, every damn one of you!

Crowd Boos

Edge: You all need to start realizing who I am, and pay a little respect to me around here! I’m a former World-Heavyweight Champion, I beat everyone that was thrown at me and yet, every damn week I come out here, I have to listen to you people boo me because I tell it like it is to every one of you fans out there.

Crowd Boos

Edge: I’m not afraid to speak the truth and I will do so. I know I’m the best superstar on this brand today and I’ll prove that to anyone that doesn’t believe so. Ask my brother Christian, Batista, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle. I’ve beaten them all and last week, had it not been Kurt Angle’s fault, I would be the World-Heavyweight Champion right now! Count it, two-time World-Heavyweight Champion sounds good right?

Crowd Boos

Edge: Well let’s go ahead and get to the matter. Tonight, I have a very special guest, a man that was in the Triple Threat match last week for the World-Heavyweight title. A man that also deserves respect for what he has done since coming not only to Smackdown but the WWE. Please everybody welcome, “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton!!!

Burn in my Light hits across the arena and out steps the “Legend Killer” Randy Orton as the gold pyro falls behind him as he throws up his famous pose. Orton continues down the ramp before he slides into the ring and shakes hands with Edge. Edge hands a mic to Orton as Edge looks around the arena disappointed.

Edge: Ok Randy first off, I want to say last week was a tragedy. In no way did I mean to sp…

Randy Orton: That’s fine Edge. It’s fine because I know you didn’t mean to but what Kurt Angle did to me afterwards, was not necessary. Look at my ankle (Angle points to his ankle which seems to be red and swollen) He could have broken my damn ankle last week and that son of a bitch has to resort to a low like that to retain his title?

Crowd Boos

Edge: Kurt, we might not be able to come after your title anymore but I swear to god Kurt if we can’t get your title, then we’ll make sure someone close to you pays. Kurt, you better be lucky that Randy or myself aren’t the number one contenders anymore because if we were, you can guaran-damn-tee that title would be around one of our waists right now.

Crowd Boos

Edge: Oh, there isn’t anything to boo about. This is the truth and whether you like it or not, you are all going to have to realize that. I’ve been held down since I lost my title three weeks ago. The disrespect I’ve been shown is unbelievable and Randy has been disrespected an unbelievable amount of times here too.

Crowd starts You Suck Chants

Randy Orton: Shut up! Look at my incredible list of feats I’ve done this year. I beat the Rock; I beat Mick Foley in his own environment, the Hardcore Match. I beat Chris Benoit, and I’ve beaten Christian too. But still the disrespect is still shown to me though it is obvious that I am not only the most talented but also the greatest superstar Smackdown has seen. It was my destiny to regain my title last week but that didn’t happen did it?

Crowd Pops

Edge: What the hell is there to like about Kurt Angle anyways? Because he’s an Olympic Gold Medalist? Is it because he is the “Wrestling Machine?” Or better yet, is it because you all li…

Medal hits across the arena and out steps the World-Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle! Angle stops at the top of the ramp before he stares down Edge in the middle of the ring and Angle holds his mic up before speaking.

Kurt Angle: I’m sorry Edge but I just couldn’t help but hear you back there but I was listening and I heard something about, beating up someone close to me? Edge and Orton, you two listen right now! I beat both of you last week, and I’ll be damned if I let you walk out here and try and talk trash about me right now. And as far as beating up someone close to me, if you mess with anyone of my family or friends, I’ll be sure to break your damn ankle!

Edge stops Kurt, as it seems he wants to continue on but Edge looks completely pissed right now.

Edge: I knew it Kurt; you just have to be out here trying to steal our spotlight right now don’t you? I’ve got a good idea for you then since you seem eager to fight. How about you make your way down here, and try to mess with the Rated R Superstar himself be…

Kurt Angle: Edge, I’m not falling for your tricks. But I had a feeling you two would want to try something tonight to me so I do have someone backing me up as a matter of fact. And why don’t you two meet us later tonight in that ring, in the main event. Because I have no problem making sure someone doesn’t walk out of here without a broken freaking ankle!

Crowd Pops

Kurt Angle: Oh it’s true…it’s damn true!!!

Medal hits as Kurt Angle makes his way to the back holding his title high as Edge and Orton stare on in disbelief right now. Angle makes his way to the back as Edge and Orton make their way out of the ring walking to the back. We cut to a commercial right then after we see Edge and Orton finally make their way to the back.


Match #1
Ken Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

Match Overview: The fans get behind this match as Hardy and Kennedy put on a good match to kick start the night off with. Kennedy and Hardy fight it out during the match with Kennedy taking advantage-clubbing Hardy in the back hard with a right hand. Kennedy grabs Hardy and throws Hardy into the turnbuckles before he charges across the ring and goes for a clothesline but Hardy moves quickly and Hardy spins Kennedy around. Hardy quickly meets Kennedy with a kick to the sternum followed up by an attempt at the Twist of Fate but quickly, Kennedy pushes Hardy off away from him taking advantage. Hardy comes charging back at Kennedy but Kennedy catches Hardy and lifts him into the air looking for a Vertical Suplex right now but the agility of Hardy kicks in as he rolls through with a cradle after sliding off the shoulders of Kennedy. The ref drops down to the mat and begins the count, One…Two…Three!

Winner: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy slides to the outside of the ring and throws up the V1 symbol at Kennedy as Mr. Kennedy slaps the mat in frustration. Kennedy can’t believe he just lost the match there to Hardy as Kennedy climbs the turnbuckles and watches as Hardy backs himself up the ramp playing to the fans in the meantime too. We head over to the commentating team at ringside shortly after.

Michael Cole: Mr. Kennedy has been upset tonight by Matt Hardy and what a major win that has to be for Hardy tonight!

Tazz: Hardy has been in a hole recently as he just got his first singles win in a while tonight but what a win it was!

Michael Cole: Hardy did everything possible to try and retain that title and that is what he did here tonight on Smackdown!

Tazz: Well coming up after the break, we get to see the Cruiserweight Champion tonight here in action in a non-title match!


We see a video package begin playing after a black screen is shown.

Narrator: He’s a franchise player…

Images of Montel Vontavious Porter wrestling in OVW are shown with Porter delivering his finisher, the Playmaker, an Overdrive.

Narrator: The next top superstar of Smackdown…

Images of Montel Vontavious Porter delivering his other finisher, the Malicious Intent are shown, which is a spinning capoeira kick.

Narrator: He’s the hottest free agent of all time…

Images of MVP in interviews, and in meetings looking for contracts are shown with MVP not signing any during them.

Narrator: The most coveted man in professional wrestling today…

Images of MVP are shown in the rain as the rain comes down on MVP in this segment similar to the Wrestlemania rain segments.

Narrator: The man of the hour, the man that is signed to Smackdown…

Images of Montel Vontavious Porter signing with the WWE, Smackdown, and Theodore Long are shown on the screen.

Narrator: He’s Montel…

Images of the letter M come up; the letter is purple and is wrapped with silver lining around it as the next letter is about to show up.

Narrator: Vontavious…

Images of the letter V come up; the letter is purple as well and of course is wrapped in silver lining just like the M is.

Narrator: Porter…

Images of finally the P are shown which is of course purple and obviously has the silver lining around the letter too.

Narrator: MVP is coming to Smackdown…next week!

We cut down to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Wow, I’ve heard great things about this man called MVP and next week, we get to witness his debut on Smackdown!

Tazz: I’m so excited Cole because he could be a major impact player here in the future right here on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: We’ll have to see next week right but right now, we’ve got a little bit of Cruiserweight action coming up.

Tazz: Jamie Noble in a non-title match here tonight but it could do wonders should Psicosis gain a win over Noble.

Match #2
Psicosis vs. Jamie Noble

Match Overview: Fun cruiserweight match that is non-title tonight pitting Psicosis fighting against Jamie Noble, the Cruiserweight champion. Both men are faces here as Noble and Psicosis put on a great match with the fans being excited for both men. Super Crazy is at ringside along with Psicosis as Noble is as always by himself tonight. The ending comes whenever Noble catches Psicosis as he leaps off the ropes for a Seated Senton but Noble tries diving Psicosis into the mat with a Tiger Driver. However Psicosis slides off the shoulders of Noble and connects with a Hurricanrana sending Noble flying across the ring. Psicosis gets back to his feet and runs at Noble taking down Noble with a dropkick. Psicosis makes his way to the top rope looking for the Leg Drop but before he does, out walks Kid Kash! Psicosis thinks Kash is going after him but Kash stands on the apron and distracts Noble. Kash and Noble get into it and Psicosis has no clue what is going on but Kash pushes Noble down and Noble falls on the mat. Right then, Psicosis leaps off the ropes and connects with a Leg Drop driving the leg right onto Noble! Psicosis hooks the leg, one…two…three!!!

Winner: Psicosis

Psicosis slides to the outside and Super Crazy and Psicosis celebrate on the outside as Psicosis has just beaten the Cruiserweight Champion. Kash gets into the ring and stands over Noble asking Noble if he’s going to get an answer now for his offer he gave Noble. Kash bends down and looks at Noble and says I need an answer Jamie.


We cut backstage to see Finlay walking around carrying his shillelagh before he bumps into William Regal. Finlay raises his shillelagh telling Regal to stand back right now.

Finlay: You got a problem?

William Regal: No I don’t sunshine.

Finlay and Regal get into each other’s faces and look ready to fight it out here until a man in a Pirate suit approaches, the fans notice its Paul Burchill!

Paul Burchill: Ahoy mat…

Finlay: Who in the hell are you? You better stand back bud before I beat the holy hell out of you with my shillelagh!

William Regal: What in the blue bloody hell are you wearing?

Paul Burchill: Maties, it’s me “Pirate” Paul Burchill! My family traces back to pirates and I want to represent me family well.

Finlay and Regal look at one another, then start cracking up laughing! They laugh at Burchill, as Burchill doesn’t find it too funny.

Paul Burchill: Maties, you got a problem?

Finlay and Regal can’t stop laughing but Burchill pulls out a sword! Finlay and Regal step back as Finlay holds his shillelagh at Burchill. Burchill holds the sword both at Regal and Finlay daring them to laugh once again.

Finlay: Burchill and Regal, you are both messing with the wrong man, I’m a tough Irish Bastard and I love to fight!

Finlay walks away rather quickly with Burchill holding the sword at Regal as Regal backs himself into a corner.

Paul Burchill: You mess with this pirate and you’re going to be walking the plank! Ahoy!

Burchill walks off and we see Regal looking at Burchill backstage as the fans don’t know what to think about Burchill’s new gimmick. Regal wants to start laughing but he holds himself back before he walks off.

Michael Cole: Wow, Paul Burchill is now a pirate, we have many characters here on Smackdown but a pirate now!

Tazz: A pirate, a fighting Irishman, and a European man that will beat your ass down, what a mixture of characters there.

Michael Cole: They are all starting to break out into their own characters since Ukliq split last week for good.

Tazz: We’ll have to see what happens between these two men in the upcoming weeks but right now, Finlay is in action, next!


Match #3
Finlay vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Match Overview: Quick squash match this week for Finlay to make his real singles debut as when he debuted, he formed Ukliq. Regal and Burchill have been barred from ringside to prevent anything from happening here tonight. Finlay pretty much throws around Scotty and toys with him towards the end of the match. Scotty doesn’t seem to be the competition Finlay thought he would have tonight as Finlay takes Scotty down with consecutive clotheslines. The Fighting Irish Bastard walks over to Scotty 2 Hotty and kicks him hard in the sternum before lifting the veteran into the air and bringing Scotty crashing down onto the mat hard with the Celtic Cross! The fans boo Finlay as he throws Scotty over and hooks the leg looking for the win, One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Finlay

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: A good win tonight here for Finlay as he has proven himself to the WWE fans he is a force to be reckoned with.

Tazz: He certainly is Cole and now that he is by himself, you don’t want to mess with a man with a shillelagh, that’s for sure!

Michael Cole: Well, we’ve still got some major matches ahead of us tonight including a tag match but what about our tag match tonight.

Tazz: We still haven’t heard who Angle’s partner is going to be so I guess we will find that out later tonight too.

We cut out to a black screen before suddenly, Let the Bodies Hit the Floor plays from Drowning Pool, across the screen comes highlights from last year’s One Night Stand.

Narrator: ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling has always made an impact on the fans of professional wrestling…

Clips of the fans in ECW are shown throughout arenas yelling E…C…Dub and the fans yelling Holy Shit are shown.

Narrator: The fans made it what it was then, and what it is today…

Clips of superstars from ECW that are now in WWE including Rob Van Dam, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, The Mexicools, Nunzio, and more.

Narrator: But this Sunday, the superstars return for one common purpose, to bring back the company to what it was…

Clips of the ECW wrestlers last year holding the ECW banner are shown at the end of Raw in the ring.

Narrator: And the mission they are on, will be achieved if the superstars have any say about it at all…

We cut to see images of Rob Van Dam doing kicks in a dark hallway, throwing fists, and stretching before a match.

Narrator: For the men that embark on this mission are truly on it for a reason, to relive what they started out with…

We cut to see images of Mick Foley and Terry Funk fighting in several hardcore matches and putting their bodies on the line.

Narrator: For the moments that were lived back then, can’t be taken away and they never will be from these men…

We see images of several old ECW shows with several older stars hitting their key moves being shown.

Narrator: But the originals return with a reason, that reason being to entertain the fans and let ECW continue living on…

We see flashing images of the ECW originals all just showing their faces before the camera stops on Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman: ECW One Night Stand II, Live this Sunday June 11, 2006! ECW makes it’s return, are you ready?


We cut backstage to see John Bradshaw Layfield standing by with Kristal.

Kristal: Right now I’m standing by with John Bradshaw Layfield and JBL, last week you declared you will be at One Night Stand this Sunday.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Just like last year Kristal, I will be at One Night Stand not to watch the show but to let the fans not what I think about their little rinky dink promotion they always feel the need to chant for. I don’t know how many times it needs to be made clear to everyone but the ECW everyone knows is dead!

Kristal: Last year, you went with Raw GM Eric Bischoff at the time and many superstars went along, will anyone go with you this year.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I don’t need anybody with me Kristal. I’m there to get that over with and leave quickly. That PPV that is taking place is going to not only be an embarrassment to my hometown but will forever shit over what the city of New York means! I am not going to let them walk into New York and try to take over the town, I will take a stand for WWE and it begins this Sunday at One Night Stand!

Kristal: Anything else John?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Paul, I hope you are listening because I want you and everyone to know that if you are associated with ECW or ever was, I want you to all know that this Sunday, ECW dies forever! Never again will a fan chant ECW in any arena because the only words that will be coming out of their mouths are J…B…L! J…B…L! And that is all because I am who I say I am, I do what I say I will do, and that is because I am a Wrestling God!!!

JBL throws the mic down before he walks off storming off.

We cut down to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: JBL certainly is intent this Sunday on ruining what he claims will ruin his hometown when they get there.

Tazz: I can’t stand listening to JBL anymore. This Sunday, I will be in action and I want JBL to be there, to watch and learn what ECW was about.

Michael Cole: And now you know why I have never liked the guy at all and it’s not only because of his brash and arrogant attitude.

Tazz: Well, let’s stop complaining about JBL and let’s get a little more of some Cruiserweight action here tonight.

Match #4
Paul London vs. Nunzio

Match Overview: A fun cruiserweight match that sees Ashley Massaro debuting on Smackdown as the manager of London and Kendrick in a small move for Open Season. This is a rematch from two weeks ago whenever Nunzio met London in the ring but it was a No Contest when the Impact Players interfered. Tony Mamaluke accompanies Nunzio while London has Kendrick and Ashley as mentioned. A fun match that has some mat and high flying action thrown into the match with Nunzio trying to go ahead and end the match early. Nunzio grabs London looking for a DDT but London reverses and delivers a Hurricanrana! London climbs hurriedly up the ropes looking for the 450 Splash but before he can do so, Nunzio moves and London connects with the mat! Nunzio climbs to the middle rope quickly and as London gets back up, Nunzio connects with the Sicilian Slice right onto the back of the neck of London hard! Nunzio throws London over and hooks the leg as Mamaluke holds back Kendrick on the outside of the ring. One…Two…Three!!!

Winner: Nunzio

Nunzio and Mamaluke celebrate as Nunzio has just pinned one half of the tag champs here tonight on Smackdown! Ashley grabs the title belts and gives them to London and Kendrick before London and Kendrick slide into the ring. Both teams shake hands with one another signaling a good match seeing as both teams are faces right now. London and Kendrick leave to the back as The FBI are in the ring before they get ready to leave. However all of a sudden from behind, the Impact Players strike! Lance Storm and Justin Credible attack Nunzio and Mamaluke. Storm connects with a Superkick to Nunzio before Credible scoops Mamaluke up and connects with the That’s Incredible! The Impact Players slap hands and look down at their opponents before this Sunday as the fans are booing the Impact Players.


We cut backstage to see Ken Kennedy walking before he walks into Theodore Long’s office looking extremely pissed right now.

Ken Kennedy: Teddy, look to…

Theodore Long: Whoa! Have you ever heard of knocking and secondly, you can address me playa as Mr. Long!

Ken Kennedy: Teddy, ok listen to me! What happened tonight was complete bullshit and you know it, I can’t go out there and lose to some no name like Matt Hardy! I’m not going to live that down and I’m not expected you to either so I want something Teddy.

Theodore Long: And what would that be playa?

Ken Kennedy: I don’t want a United States title shot, I don’t want any title shot for that matter, hell I just want Matt Hardy next week one on one once again! I don’t care what you have to do to make this match Teddy but please, give me the match.

Theodore Long: Listen playa, that’s funny because I was watching tonight and saw how great your match was with Matt Hardy and I knew I had an idea. So I’ll go ahead and announce it right now, next week on Friday Night Smackdown! Matt Hardy fights Mr. Kennedy one on one in a rematch from this week, you feelin’ me?

Ken Kennedy: Oh Teddy, I’m feelin you all right. And let me ask for one more thing while I’m here right now. I know I said I didn’t want a title shot but please Teddy if I do wi…

Theodore Long: Look Mr. Kennedy, that is up for discussion at another time. As for right now dog, I’ve got to get back to work on some papers for next week whenever MVP debuts so why don’t you ask me at a later time. Holla back playa!

Kennedy looks ready to walk out but turns around as Long sits down in his chair.

Ken Kennedy: No I can’t wait Teddy. I need an answer right now. I want to know when I’m going to get my United States Championship shot. The man that is changing Friday nights on television and yet I can’t even get a United States title. Teddy, I’m aski…no I am demanding that you give me a title shot very soon or…

Theodore Long: Or what playa? You going to hit me and run the risk of getting fired? I suggest you get to steppin’ right now before you don’t have a job anymore.

Mr. Kennedy walks out of the office before he opens the door once again.

Ken Kennedy: Teddy, you haven’t heard the last of me. I’m going to be here every week until I get my title shot! You know it and I know that I am the only one that deserves that title around here. Not Booker T, not Bobby Lashley, and certainly not Matt Hardy! You’re going to regret not giving that title shot to Misterrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Kennedy finally walks away as Long gets back to his paper work looking at the papers before we head down to ringside.

Michael Cole: What a rematch signed for next week whenever Mr. Kennedy fights Matt Hardy one on one once again!

Tazz: If tonight’s match was any indication, then we are in for one hell of a rematch next week when they hook up.

Michael Cole: And speaking of Booker and Lashley, coming up right now the United States Championship is on the line!

Tazz: Lashley gets a rematch this week as last week Mr. Kennedy interfered but can he fend off Booker and take the gold?


Match #5
United States Championship
Booker T © vs. Bobby Lashley

Match Overview: Lashley is given a rematch tonight after last week’s match where Kennedy interfered and cost Lashley the title. Both men put on a decent match not being anything too big though really. Lashley seems to look like he might have the match at the end as he takes down Booker with a Vertical Suplex. Lashley heads into the corner waiting for a chance to charge after Booker for the Spear. Lashley comes charging but at the last second Booker moves and the challenger finds himself flying into the steel pole! Lashley grasps at his shoulder as Booker distracts the referee before he quickly kicks Lashley down low! Booker runs off the ropes after the low blow and he connects with the Scissors Kick sending Lashley down onto the mat hard. The fans are booing as Booker T confidently hooks the leg and this has to be it. One…Two…Three!

Winner: Booker T

We cut over to ringside to the commentating team.

Michael Cole: Wow, Lashley looked like he had the title early on but Booker had to cheat tonight to retain the title.

Tazz: First off, Lashley ran into the pole so you don’t know what could have happened had Booker not hit the low blow.

Michael Cole: But he did Tazz and really that is all that matters since he did end up hitting the low blow and that is cheating.

Tazz: Glad to see you know what cheating is but coming up after the break, it will be time for our huge main event!

We cut backstage to see Batista standing by with Kristal.

Kristal: Batista, now three weeks ago at Judgment Day, you beat down and threw Rey Mysterio around like he was a rag doll. Now Rey hasn’t been seen since Judgment Day so do you have any words for your actions?

Batista: I’m not going to stand here and apologize to Rey Mysterio if that’s what you want me to do. Rey Mysterio simply stuck himself into my business and he tried to claim I was his “friend” Well I wasn’t and I never will be. So Rey got what he deserved and that was a beat down courtesy of myself, the Animal!

Kristal: Batista, now that you are done with Rey Mysterio, where do you find yourself heading to right now?

Batista: The World-Heavyweight Championship! Wait, my World-Heavyweight Championship. The title that was stolen from me earlier this year, I can guar…

The lights start flickering backstage and Batista looks up at the lights, wandering what is going on.

Kristal: Anything else, Batista?

Batista: What the hell is going on here?

The lights flicker on and off again before they finally go off completely. Then we hear a voice, that being of the Undertaker. However since this was recorded, the Undertaker is nowhere to be seen right now.

The Undertaker: Batista, you tried taking me out at WrestleMania. Well you failed! And when I come back to Smackdown and get a hold of you, you will Rest…In…Peace!!!

The lights come back on as Batista looks around the arena wondering where the voice came from before he grabs the mic from Kristal.

Batista: I’m not afraid of you Undertaker! You can do all your little magical powers and try to scare me but you want. I’m an Animal, you’re a Deadman and I have no problem putting you back in your grave where you belong. Anyplace, anytime Deadman! You meet me and I guarantee I will end your career forever!


Match #6
Edge and Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit

Match Overview: A fun tag match that goes a good bit of time with Benoit mainly being the one worked over by Edge and Orton. Angle tries getting the tag in from Benoit but the World Heavyweight Champion doesn’t seem to get much action tonight. Edge takes down Benoit with a drop toehold before he spins around and tags in Orton. Orton sends Benoit into the ropes as back comes Benoit. Orton goes for a falling clothesline but Benoit catches Orton and delivers a German Suplex. Orton walks back into Benoit’s arms but Orton elbows his ways out of another German Suplex and pushes Benoit into the corner stomach first into the turnbuckle. Edge notices Angle is trying to come into the ring and Edge runs over to Angle and sends the World Heavyweight Champion flying to the outside off the apron. Benoit turns around right into an RKO from the Legend Killer and Edge yells for Orton to cover him right now. Orton hooks the leg of the Rabid Wolverine as Edge watches to make sure Angle can’t get back into the ring and break the pin fall somehow. The count, One…Two…Three!

Winners: Edge and Randy Orton

Edge and Orton celebrate as they pinned Benoit tonight but Edge tells Orton to hold Benoit back up. Edge comes charging at Benoit for the Spear and he connects hard! Benoit falls down to the mat hard as Edge and Orton slap hands celebrating tonight as they head to the back. Angle slides into the ring to check on Benoit. Angle looks up the ramp at Edge and Orton but then all of a sudden from behind a masked man comes into the ring. The man beats down Angle with Angle’s World-Heavyweight Championship belt he grabbed from ringside! The man drops the belt down on the mat as we see Angle lying on the mat, simultaneous to Benoit. The man makes his way out of the ring and the fans are booing with Angle lying in the ring right now as we head to the announcer’s.

Michael Cole: My god, Kurt Angle has just been sabotaged tonight and we don’t have a damn clue who that man was!

Tazz: The main thing is though Edge and Orton seem to now have their sights set on Chris Benoit but why is that?

Michael Cole: I hope Benoit can find someone to back him up then because if not, then he might need some help for sure.

Tazz: But what about Angle? I mean our World-Heavyweight Champion has been laid out tonight by someone we don’t know!

Comments: Ok, before people get confused, just now the feuds are progressing along. Edge and Orton are going to start a program with Benoit, hince why Benoit was Angle's partner. More stuff will come out of that as long as Angle and the man that attacked him. Um, I've got a few reviews to hand out, waiting till those shows are posted or if they are, when I can find free time. Oh yeah, I'll post predics for ONS in a few days even though it's recapped except for the main event. But anyways, more on that later.
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