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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw
Monday June 5, 2006

Length: Your promos were good, though one or two may have been a bit short. Your match summaries were detailed enough. However, I think you exceeded the two hour mark because you had six matches without the masterlock challenge, and then all the promos. 8.5/10

Spelling and Grammar: I really was not scrupulous here. 10/10

Triple H and RVD will be interesting for more than one reason. With all of the power Triple H has backstage, I would not be surprised if McMahon is telling the truth right now, though my guess is that RVD would have to win. Wow, McMahon shut Heyman up, I did not think that was possible.

Match #1
World Tag Team Championships
3MW (c’s) vs. MNM vs. The Highlanders

Should be a hectic match! Nitro and Mercury as a team is good because I think they are better together then by themselves. They take out everyone and win the match! Good win for MNM, and now they are the champions, so it should be interesting to see what the competition is.

Jamal and Rosey will have a small feud or be forgotten. I guess that is a plausible reaction.

Very strong heel interview from MNM, solidifying it’s heelish position.

Match #2
Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair

I have never seen these two against each other, but I would not doubt the high quality of the match. Jericho seems to have been a clean winner, but HBK intervenes, and Ric Flair gets his typical roll up win. HBK vs. Jericho is an awesome feud.

MasterLock Challenge
Chris Masters vs. Jeff Hardy

Masters had a seemingly generic heel promo before the match to get himself over a little bit, which is good for him. I really hate this masterlock crap, but it gives him something to do. Hardy will probably remain a challenger if he did not give up. Hardy even finishes off Masters!

Match #3
The Big Show vs. Rene Dupree

You are the only person I know using Dupree, but that does not work out well for him. Complete dominance for the Big Show, good win to get himself back. Chokeslam from Kane on the steel stage is brutal!

I usually do not say this, but I enjoyed the Triple H promo, where he basically listed one hundred reasons why he will beat RVD come Sunday. Triple H has some good points, and right now, I like the unpredictability of the match.

I also liked the exchange between Carlito and Striker. This is a feud that can really elevate both guys. Involving Test and Haas makes it even better. Both were very much in character.

Match #4
Intercontinental Championship
Best of Seven Series, Match #4
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Gregory Helms

I know how much you love Gregory Helms, so I would not be surprised if he won the whole series. He has already lost to Benjamin before at Backlash, so that just adds extra reason. I like both people avoiding the other’s finishing move, so it is only fitting for the match to end in a roll up and cheap win.

Egomaniac Christian sounds good to me as a face. Might as well scratch that face turn as he will have to revert back to heel if he is facing Stone Cold. I hope that Peep Show has a good amount of time since Christian is not going to be in a match. I really like the face Christian that you are using, but I am sure you are heading for Christian vs. Austin.

Match #5
Trish Stratus and Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria and Mickie James

More matches? This show is way too long. Nice win for the face women wrestlers in a showcase of women who can wrestle.

Nice little hype for the PPV.

Match #6
Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam vs. Shane McMahon

RVD wins the same style match he will be involved in on Sunday, and it makes sense for him to have the momentum going to his home field. I am surprised nobody interceded on McMahon’s behalf during the match. I was wondering where Cena was the whole show. He is sure to wrestle one of them at Vengeance.

Entertainment: It was a show with some good match ups and two very strong promos, so it was entertaining. One of my favorites I have read from you. 9/10

The Bottomline: ECW is set to be explosive, but it seems to me that you only have one match concerning Raw, Triple H vs. RVD. It is explosive enough though, the build up was great.
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