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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Okay promo to start the show, which did the job of hyping the match between RVD and HHH, and the whole ECW vs. WWE thing, but with these two, I was expecting more really, as it just didnít really excite me as much as it should have done.

A bit shocked to see the tag titles change hands, but itís a nice surprise, as I like MNM, and it gets them back over as a top tag team really, and it is probably better that the faces in the Highlanders are chasing the titles. 3MW destruct after the match it seems, which Jamal tuning on Rosey, so maybe I detect a possibility of him becoming Umaga here?

Solid MNM promo, which continues the hype job on them, and guessing that they will have a nice run with the titles now

Big win for Flair over Jericho, which gets him back in on the act here, and I could see him getting involved in this feud, and siding with Heyman and co. HBK costs Jericho the match, which is going to upset him, but this feud still hasnít quite worked for me, but it is getting better

Masterlock challenge keeps the feud between Hardy and Masters going, without making either of them look weak. Hardy didnít have the move applied to him, but Masters didnít get buried either. Going to be a nice little midcard feud to get Hardy some momentum back

Show makes his return, and he gets the squash win as he does so, which makes sense to re-establish him as a threat. Kane though comes out, and again beats him down, making this a battle between the two monsters. Not too interested in this, as I cant get into this, but Iím sure something will crop up to make it good. Got to be hardcore matches though to cover the weakness

Good promo from HHH, and he is my pick to take the title really. One thing about this feud that I will say, is that HHH and RVD havenít really been as Ďbigí as they should have been, with it more being about Heyman and Vince. Would have liked to have seen more longer promos from these two

Tag match next week will be a good match to have, and keeps this nice feud in the midcard going. Loving the way that Carlito is getting the better of Striker, but it cant last another week I would have to guess

Helms steals another one over Shelton (how many has he won with the roll up or the tights or the ropes though), and goes 3-1, which makes him odds on favourite to lose the next 2, as you are going to have to a deciderÖ even though it is predictable. Still, should make for two good matches, even though I wouldnít mind seeing some variety in these next 2 matches

Christianís promo was a lot shorter than I was expecting it to be, and probably he should have been out there longer than he was. Peep show with Austin at Vengeance will be good, and looking forward to seeing what Austin says, and how he reacts to Christian. Not buying the fact that there is not enough time for him to have a match, as 3 weeks is enough time to build a match, even if it is just a quick squash, so maybe he should have come across a week or so later if this is the angle you are going with

Face divas get the win in the tag match, which is just setting up Beth vs. Mickie, and it should be a nice match when it happens

RVD gets the win over Shane, and now he has all the momentum going to ONS, but HHH will be a tougher test. Nice match here, with some good spots, but the aftermath interests me. On one hand, I like it as it gets a rivalry between the 3 men going, but on the other hand, there still hasnít been enough between them, and it could have done with HHH taking RVD down perhaps
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