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Smack down : July 29th 2004; Seattle:

Highlights of last week, with John Cena winning a gauntlet match to get a match against Brock Lesnar.

Opening Video

Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to Smackdown. They tell us that tonight’s main event will be Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg, they also remind us that tonight, Dawn Marie and A-Train will defend the Inter Gender tag titles against Rikishi & Jacqui.

William Regal then comes to the ring for his first defence as United States Champion. He takes a mic and talks about Benoit and Guerrero being the worst professionals in the business. He says if they cant take being beaten by superior opposition, then they should retire. Billy Gunns music interrupts and Mr. Ass runs to the ring to start the match.

1st Match: United States Championship Match:
William Regal vs. Billy Gunn
Finish: Regal takes out Brass Knucks from his tights to hit Billy, but this is spotted by the referee. He confiscates the knucks, but as he turns away, Regal pulls another pair from his boots. He KO’s Gunn and gets the win. He takes the belt, and does his royal wave, then Benoit and Guerrero run to the ring, and both beat up Regal. Eddy hit’s the frog splash, and then Benoit applies the cross face.


We return with Regal complaining to Bret about what just happened to him. Sarcastically, Bret agrees. He says Regal should have a chance to get revenge on both men. Regal agrees. Bret then says that at SummerSlam, William Regal will defend his U.S Title in a triple threat match, against Guerrero and Benoit. Regal is irate, and says that its not fair. Hart walks away laughing as Regal goes mad.
Backstage, Rey Mysterio is joking around with Hurricane. Kanyon enters. He asks Rey why he is laughing when his match is up next. Rey tells him to relax. Kanyon then tells Rey that he shouldn’t treat his belt like a piece of crap. He walks off as Hurricane asks Rey, “What his problem?”

2nd Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero
Finish: Rey is set to win, until Kanyon runs to ringside and pushes him off the ropes. Chavo gets the roll up, and is the NEW Cruiserweight champion. Rey cant believe it. He asks Kanyon why he done it. Kanyon puts his head down. Rey pushes Kanyon, who replies with a hard clothesline. He then hit’s a Grand Kanyon on Rey.

SummerSlam Classic: British Bulldog wins the I.C Title from Bret Hart at Wembley Stadium in 1992.

John Cena arrives.


John Cena comes to the ring. He talks about all the hell he has been through over the last two months. From 3 on 1 matches, to screw jobs, to last week in the Gauntlet Match. He says it will all be worth it as now he has what he wants, a match with Brock Lesnar, when he wants it, where he wants it. He talks about when it should be. Next Week - Nah! Two Weeks - Nah! Summer Slam - HELL YEAH!! He says that at SummerSlam John Cena is gonna do what he has been waiting to do for a long time, - beat the hell out of Brock Lesnar. Then Mr. McMahon enters. He says that saying as Cena is so pumped up for his match at SummerSlam, he is going to make it a No Holds Barred match. And saying as he is so full of energy, he can have a match right now, against……The BIG SHOW!!!

3rd Match:
John Cena vs. Big Show
Finish: After 12 gruelling minutes, Cena hits an FU on Big Show. He goes for the cover, but Lesnar runs to the ring and pulls out the referee. He punches the referee, and then plants Cena with an F5. The match ends in a DQ. Lesnar and Show continue the assault, and eventually bust open Cena. They leave him lying in a pool of blood.

Chavo celebrates backstage, after his win.


We return with Cena being placed in an ambulance. At the same time, Goldberg arrives.
A-Train and Dawn Marie chat backstage.
Ivory and Bull Buchanan are interviewed. Hurricane enters. He says that Bull should be ashamed of himself for what he did to Torrie last week. Ivory slaps Hurricane. She tells Hurricane that he can take on Bull a little later, if he has the guts.
Kurt Angle and Goldberg meet backstage. They just stare down, and no words are said.

4th Match: Inter-Gender Tag Championship Match:
A-Train & Dawn Marie vs. Rikishi & Jacqui
Finish: Dawn & A-Train cheat to win again. Jacqui goes for a suplex on Dawn, A-Train holds Dawns legs, preventing the suplex. He hit’s the bicycle kick on Jacqui, and Dawn gets the win.

Backstage, Stacey talks to Billy Gunn. She says that although they didn’t win the Inter gender titles, they make a good team. Billy agrees.
Vince comes to Bret for a chat. Bret is irate with Vince. He asks him which one is the GM. He then tells Vince that if he wants to run Smackdown then he should sack him. Vince apologises. He says from now on, Bret makes the matches.


5th Match:
Hurricane vs. Bull Buchanan
Finish: Bull gets the win in a short three minute match. Afterwards, he and Ivory lay a beating on Hurricane. Lance Storm runs down to make the assist for his partner. Bull and Ivory leave as Storm helps up Hurricane.

Rey Interview. He says he cant believe that Kanyon would turn on him like that.
Brock - Goldberg showdown. Brock laughs at Goldberg. He says that Goldberg may be the #1 Contender but we all know who is the better man. Goldberg says well see.
Eddy is ready to leave in his low rider. Regal approaches him. He says he would expect anything less from the likes of Eddy to drive a low rider.


Main Event:
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Goldberg
Finish: In another physical encounter between the two monsters, Goldberg kicks out of an F5, and then hit’s the spear on Heyman. He hit’s a Jackhammer on Lesnar and impressively wins the match. He stands tall in the ring. Lesnar meanwhile, gets back up and hits an F5 on Goldberg. He then calls down Big Show. Heyman joins in and all three attack Goldberg. Kurt Angle then runs to the ring and clears house. He helps up Goldberg who then pushes Angle away. He walks away as the show ends with Angle looking puzzled in the ring.

I would like some grades for the show please, and if anyone has a suggestion's for event musicat SummerSlam I would really appreciate it.
Also, does anyone know where Sibtain is? He has posted his views on all my shows in the past, but recently he has dissappeared.
P.s. RAW is up on Monday @ 20.30 - British time.
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