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RAW - 5 weeks from Bad Blood

RAW: 17/05/04: San Antonio:

Video is shown recapping last weeks events with HBK and RVS returning to help him.

RAW Video

J.R: We are live, deep in the heart of Texas for Monday Night RAW, And what a night its gonna be!
King: Indeed J.R. Tonight will have big ramifications toward Bad Blood!
J.R: That right King, a fatal 4 way to determine the number 1 contender, but that’s not all. Shawn Michaels returns to his hometown, and tonight he goes up against Evolutions, Ric Flair.
King: Talking of HBK J.R. Big news from the GM’s office.
J.R: That’s correct King, at Bad Blood, its gonna be Undertaker and Kane vs. Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam.
King: I cant wait!!

HBK’s music hits and the hometown hero gets an amazing response from the crowd. He makes his way to the ring and on his way bows to the crowd. Once in the ring, he is given major HBK chants. Eventually they die down and HBK can talk. He starts off by saying its great to be back home. This is met by another huge pop. He then talks about his match tonight against his all time hero, Ric Flair. After this, he begins to hype up his tag match at Bad Blood with RVD against Undertaker and Kane. He calls out RVD to talk with him. RVD makes his way to the ring, with a modest pop from the crowd. He and HBK shake hands. He makes a quick speech about wanting revenge on Undertaker after what he done to him at Backlash. He then says at Bad Blood, he and HBK are gonna send Taker and Kane back to hell where they belong. Then the arena goes into darkness. Taker and Kane are seen on the tron. They promise to end the misery of HBK and RVD’s lives at Bad Blood.


1st Match:
Edge vs. Maven
Finish: In Edges first singles match back since his neck injury, he is quite impressive against Maven. They have a back and forth match lasting 7 minutes, which ends when Edge moves out of a top rope cross body from Maven, and hit’s the Edgeecution for the clean victory.

Interview with Ric Flair. He talks about all the other legends he has beaten in their home towns, and that the same will happen to HBK tonight.

Christian and Trish congratulate Edge on his first singles victory since returning. They then talk about how Jericho got into the #1 Contenders match tonight saying that it reeks of unfairness. They then hint at interfering in the match. Foley enters the room. He warns all three that if any of them interfere, they will all be indefinitely suspended, meaning Christian would lose the I.C Title.

Al Snow and Tommy Dreamer chat backstage about Cade and Jindrak walking out on the title match last week. They recall how Cade and Jindrak havent won any title match fairly yet, whether it was against the Dudleys, O’Haire and Palumbo or themselves.

We are shown highlights of last nights Judgment Day, Smackdown PPV. Afterwards, J.R talks about the way Stone Cold was beaten is the most disgusting thing he has ever seen.

2nd Match:
Al Snow & Tommy Dreamer vs. Rodney Mack & Orlando Jordan w/Teddy Long
Finish: Ina passable tag team match, Al and Tommy look set to win until Cade and Jindrak run through the crowd and nail both men with the title belts while the referee was distracted by Long. Jordan makes the cover and the brotherhood win the match. Al and Tommy run after Cade and Jindrak to the back. The Brotherhood then call out Booker T. Booker’s music hits and he sprints to the ring. The Brotherhood hightail through the crowd leaving an irate Booker T in the ring.

We go to an interview with Mick Foley. He talks about last nights Judgment Day and says that at least on RAW there is always a level playing field. He then sends a message to Steve Austin and says that he will never be forgotten and always missed.


We return with highlights of Matt Morgans recent dominance over the Dudleyz. This leads us to an interview with D’Von. He says that his two brothers aren’t here tonight, but he is, and he will beat Matt Morgan for the Hardcore Title.

3rd Match: Hardcore Championship Match:
Matt Morgan vs. D’ Von Dudley
Finish: Once again after a spirited start from D’ Von, Morgan takes control and dismantles him within minutes. He parades in the ring with the Hardcore Title as D’ Von lies in the ring motionless.

Interview with Sting. He talks about proving to Test and Steiner he is good enough for the main event at Bad Blood and says he will win the fatal 4 way. Evolution interrupt. HHH tells Sting that maybe in WCW or TNA he might have been rated as the best, but this is the major leagues and he just cant cut it. Sting looks at HHH unimpressed and simply says - ‘we’ll see’ before walking off.

Snow and Dreamer complain to Foley about Cade and Jindrak. Foley tells them he has a little surprise for the tag champs later.

4th Match: #1 Contenders Match to face the World Heavyweight Champion at Bad Blood.
Sting vs. Triple H vs. Booker T vs. Chris Jericho
Finish: In a fantastic 18 minute match, Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock on HHH. Test and Steiner run to the ring, and are spotted by Sting. He gets out and begins to brawl with them through the crowd. Booker T and Jericho then go at as HHH rolls out to recover. He gets back in but is met by a Book End from Booker T. He goes for the cover, but Y2J throws him out of the ring. He locks in the Walls of Jericho on HHH. Batista distracts the referee as HHH taps. Orton runs into the ring and takes out Jericho with an RKO. HHH crawls onto Jericho and makes the cover. Booker tries to get back in but is held back by the Brotherhood who have appeared through the crowd. HHH gets the win and now faces Orton at Bad Blood for the title. Evolution help HHH out of the ring, and the brotherhood continue to decimate Booker.


Backstage, Cade and Jindrak are talking as they shine their belts. Foley approaches them. He shares a couple of jokes with them and then turns serious. He gives them an ultimatum - Defend the tag titles successfully without cheating next week or be stripped of the titles. He tells them to have a nice day and walks off. Cade and Jindrak are stunned.

Highlights are shown of Trish attacking Stacey last week. We then go to Stacey preparing for her match with Trish. Lita talks to her and wishes her good luck.

RVD interview. He talks about all the pain he has went through ever since being thrown off the Hell in a Cell at Backlash. He says he is hell bent on revenge at Bad Blood.

5th Match:
Stacey Kiebler vs. Trish Stratus
Finish: After a good effort from Stacey, Trish’s superior skills help her to victory. Afterwards she offers her hand to Stacey as an apology. Stacey falls for it and is then given a clothesline by Trish. Trish continues the assault but eventually Lita runs in to help Stacey. Trish quickly backs out of the ring and laughs.

We see HBK preparing for the match.

Triple H and Orton have an uneasy chat. HHH half heartedly thanks Randy for his help.

Jericho is in the locker room thinking about what could have been. Edge, Christian and Trish enter. They make fun of him and call him a loser. Y2J snaps he takes on Edge and Christian but the numbers prove to be too much in the end. He is left in a heap by the trio.


Main Event:
Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair
Finish: In a wonderful technical encounter, Flair was accompanied to the ring by Batista, but before the match began, the referee banned anyone from interfering and Batista was told to leave. The two legends went at it for a great 16 minute match. Toward the end, Flair worked on the leg of HBK and applied the figure four. HBK reversed it, but Flair soon reversed it back. Eventually, HBK made the ropes. Once back up Flair attempted to work on HBK’s leg again. HBK hit the énzigurie on Flair. He then hits Sweet Chin Music to pick up the win. He celebrates in the ring for a few moments until the arena goes into darkness. On the tron it simply says, ’You WILL rest in peace’ and with that the show goes off the air.

Triple H is the Number 1contender to face Randy Orton at Bad Blood. Will the tension between the two escalate.
HBK and RVD will take on Taker and Kane at Bad Blood. After the events that went down on RAW, what will this mean for the future of these four men, and who has the psychological advantage heading to Bad Blood.
The tag titles are on the line next week. We know the champions must win cleanly, but who are the opponents??
Test and Steiner are still not finished with Sting. Will any more developments take place next week.
The feud between Booker T and The Brotherhood escalated again this week. Does Booker have any ideas for revenge.

Find out all the answers on RAW!!!

Also, on another note, After some consideration, I have decided to bring in an extra title to Smackdown. I would like your suggestions for what the title should be ASAP please. Thanks again.
SMACKDOWN up on Wednesday!
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