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Thumbs up WOW!!!!!

WOW!!! That PPV would put WWE to shame. You really pulled out all the stops. I think you deserve a detailed evaluation for the effort you have put into this.

Kidman vs. Mysterio
Good way to start a PPV cruiserweights always put on good matches, especially these two. Iím glad Rey won the title, even though I predicted Kidman. Nice finish. 8.5/10

Holly vs. Gowen
Wasnít too keen to see it before hand, but reading the match was great. Told a good story, and even made me chuckle at times, you done well with this match, considering the performers, so although it wasnít my favourite, Iím giving a high mark for the job you did on it. 9/10

Again, it told a great story. I think you done very well again here, with WGTT trying to get out of the match, following on from the last few weeks on SD. Glad WGTT won. 8/10

Kanyon vs. Big Show
Didnít like this one, sorry. It just didnít work for me. Couldnít get into it at all. Kanyon beating Big Show, nah! However, I wont take it away from the PPV too much. 5/10.

Eddy & Benoit vs. Angle & Chavo
Excellent match. Very well done. I think this feud has dragged on enough now, and I hope they all move on. Back to the match. Nice build up to the Benoit will he or won the show. Youíve done well with the match. Would have liked more analysis rather than Eddy and Chavo go at it for 4 minutes. Still, it had a good finish, utilizing the Lie, Cheat, Steal slogan. 8.75/10

The Rock vs. John Cena
As before, this is probably the best time to end the feud. Brilliant match, tied for match of the night. Glad it was Cena who won, as it means he can now go to the next level. 9.5/10

Goldberg vs. Lesnar
Extraordinary. One of the most nail biting matches I have ever read. Full marks on this one. And I can only hope that the WM match in real life can be half the match this was. Only one problem. Lesnar won fairly cleanly. By my records, you had him beat Goldberg at your WM. Thatís 2 high profile loses to Brock. It doesnít really help Goldberg. I wonder where you go with this one now. 9.5/10

Austin vs. McMahon
I really didnít expect this. I had my mind set that Bret would help Austin in the end. What a swerve. Good match, with Austin taking on Ĺ of the Smackdown roster. Really told a story. Was this planned or do you intend it to be like Montreal 97 ? Anyways, it was a real shock to the system, but a great one all the same. I wonder if Bad Blood can follow this? 9.5/10

Overall: Great show top to bottom, bar the U.S Title. Better than what I expected (And I already had high hopes).
MATCHES: 8.75/10
BELIEVABILITY: 7/10 (could have been more only for U.S match)
ORIGINALITY: 8/10 (Finish to main event has been done before or this would have been higher)

TOTAL: 9/10 WELL DONE !!!!!
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