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Smackdown - The road to judgment Day begins!

Smack down: 15/04/04; Albuquerque

Video plays showing last week where the Stone Cold-Mr Mc Mahon match was made.
Smackdown video
Michael Cole and Tazz open the show, they tell us the road to Judgment Day will kick into gear tonight as Goldberg meets Benoit face off to determine the #1 Contender and also Bret Hart has a major announcement concerning the Judgment Day PPV. They also comment on Mr McMahon and Steve Austin at Judgment Day..

1st Match:
Lance Storm w/Hurricane vs. Rob Conway w/La Resistance
Finish: Lance locks in the maple leaf, but Dupree distracts the referee so Conway isn’t seen tapping out. Hurricane runs around the ring and beats up Dupree. Meanwhile, Grenier knocks out Storm with the French flag. Conway steals the win as the trio quickly hightale to the back.

Backstage, Sable enters the ladies locker room. She informs Torrie and Dawn of a Mud Match tonight. The ladies do not look impressed as Sable leaves.
Eddy interview. Says that now he can put Chavo behind him, and taste championship gold once again.
APA talk in office. They talk about TWGTT and their match with Big Show and A-Train later.
Kidman interview is shown from earlier in the day. The cocky champion talks about finally feeling good about himself, now he has dropped the fans, and tonight he will lay down the seeds of the most successful cruiserweight championship reign of all time.


2nd Match: Cruiserweight Championship:
Billy Kidman vs. Spanky
Finish: In a short but decent, fast paced, even encounter, Kidman picks up the win with a low blow, followed by a Kid Krusher and finished with a Shooting Star. He continues the beat down afterwards, until Mysterio runs in to save Spanky. Kidman bails out and taunts Rey with the title belt.

Bret Hart is seen backstage getting ready to makes his statement.
A video plays shoeing how the SCSA-Mc Mahon match came about.
Benoit interview. He talks about what the WWE title means to him, and how much he needs it at this stage of his career.

3rd Match:
APA vs. Big Show & A-Train
Finish: In a real slobber knocker of a match, The APA come out on top after about 6 minutes, when Bradshaw nails Train with a Clothesline from Hell, while Show and Faarooq fight outside.

Zach Gowen is backstage for an interview. He explains why he has been missing for so long, then Tajiri and Co. interrupt. They make fun of Gowen for having only one leg. Bob Holly then enters. He tells Tajiri and Co. to get lost before he gets them lost. He tells Gowen not to listen to those assholes and wishes him good luck later.


4th Match: U.S Championship:
Kanyon vs. Eddy Guerrero
Finish: Chavo and Angle interfere and take out Kanyon. Eddy wonders what is going on. The referee calls for the bell for a DQ. Eddy realises they have done this to cost him winning the title. He goes mad in the ring as Chavo and Angle laugh.

Torrie prepares for the mud match later.

Brets music plays into the arena. Even though he is now a heel, the crowd still pop for him big time. He begins by talking about Judgment Day on May 16th (5 week build up). He announces two major matches for the Smackdown only event- John Cena vs. The Rock in a Wrestlemania rematch, and also, Eddy Guerrero & a partner of his choice vs. Chavo Guerrero & Kurt Angle. Also next week, he has signed a SCSA choice vs. Vinces choice match, in which the winner will have the option of naming the stipulations in the Austin - Mc Mahon match at Judgment Day.


We return with a Brock Lesnar interview. He announces that he is McMahons choice for next week, and will also sit ringside for tonights main event.
The Rock comes to the ring and says he will be doing some colour commentary for the next match.

5th Match:
John Cena & Billy Gunn vs. TWGTT
Finish: With the rock ringside, Cenas attention is more on the great one rather than the match. They have a showdown mid match and Cena slaps the rock. Then when the match breaks down, The rock tries to get involved by attempting to hit Cena with a chair. Cena moves and Rock hits Benjamin instead. Cena plants Rock with an FU and then finishes Benjamin with a Peoples elbow. Cena celebrates on the ramp as the rock gets to his feet, irate. Cena taunts Rock with his “You cant see me” taunt.

Bret talks in his office with Sable.
We go to an interview with Goldberg. He talks about now being the right time to become the champion once again.

6th Match: Mud Match:
Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie
Finish: A typical SD divas match, the only thing to look pretty in this match is the Women. They go through the paces, (hair pulling, slapping, spanking) for about three minutes until Sable comes out to watch. She laughs at the pair for looking stupid, and with this she is pulled in. Torrie and Dawn leave as Sable is irate.


We cut to a home interview with SCSA. He talks about the PPV and next week. He announces that he has agreed with John Cena to represent him next week.

7th Match:
Zach Gowen vs. Tajiri
Finish: Another short match. Constant interference from Akio and Sakoda forces the referee to call for a DQ. The three Japanese men then proceed to attack Gowen. He is saved by Hardcore Holly who takes down the trio. He helps up Zach and then clotheslines him. He spits on Gowen and gets booed out of the arena.

Show and A-Train stop Kanyon. They make fun of his speech impediment. He then says that may be true, but at least he is a fighting champion, unlike Show.


Main Event: #1 Contender Match to face Brock Lesnar at Judgment Day for the WWE Championship:

Goldberg vs. Chris Benoit
Finish: The two warriors go at it in an all war. Goldberg takes the early advantage, but Benoit’s superior mat skills turn the tide in his favour. Lesnar watches from ringside throughout the match. Then Goldberg accidently hit’s the referee. Lesnar takes this opportunity to hit both men with the title belt. Eventually when both men get back to their feet, Lesnar tries to get involved again. This time he is speared by Goldberg. Benoit then takes Goldberg by surprise with a crossface. Goldberg looks set to tap after being held in the move for at least 90 seconds, but somehow he counters the move into a Jackhammer. Goldberg gets the win and is now going to Judgment Day to face Brock Lesnar for the title in a WM XX rematch. He holds the belt and then throws it to the wounded Brock Lesnar. We then end the show with Goldberg screaming to Brock, “You’re Next”!!!
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