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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown!
Friday May 26, 2006
Springfield, Missouri

We open up the show with the new World-Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle! Angle comes down to the ring with the World-Heavyweight title mentioning he’s been WWE Champion five times, WCW Champion once but never been the World-Heavyweight Champion! Angle goes on about how he went through five other men this past Sunday at Judgment Day and that his move back to his home, Friday Night Smackdown, paid off in the end. The Olympic Gold Medalist continues on about how he made Edge tap out in the middle of the ring with the Ankle Lock! Angle challenges anyone to come down here now and fight him because he’s ready for some competition, oh it’s true, it’s damn true! Metalingus hits throughout the arena and out comes the former World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge. Edge comes down the ramp staring at Angle before beginning to speak. Edge mentions that his loss last night was a fluke and that it could never happen again. The Rated R Superstar continues on running down Angle until Burn in My Light hits and out comes Randy Orton. Orton challenges Angle tonight to a one on one match mentioning that it is his destiny to walk out, the World-Heavyweight Champion tonight. Orton talks about how he should have won, had Benoit not “cheated to eliminate him” Orton continues on until Captain Charisma, Christian comes down! Christian stops and looks at Edge and Orton before telling Orton how he got eliminated last Sunday was a fluke. Christian says tonight that he wants to challenge and be the next one to contend for the World title but that he damn sure wants to make at least sure that Edge and Orton don’t have a chance at the gold. And finally, out comes Theodore Long! The GM of Smackdown walks down the ramp and announces that tonight; we’re going to see an interesting tag match tonight. Long says that it’s going to be uneasy allies tonight whenever Edge, Christian, and Randy Orton all do battle to determine the number one contender for next week’s match for the World-Heavyweight Championship.

We come back from the break to see Sylvan in the middle of the ring, ready to issue his American Open Challenge tonight. Sylvan runs down all Americans mentioning how that the French Canadians simply outdo Americans. How French Canadians have and always will be better and finally, he promotes Quebec seeing as he is the Ambassador of Quebec. But as Sylvan speaks, he gets interrupted by The Miz? Yes, Mike Mizanin comes down the ramp yelling out “Hoorah” before coming down the ring answering Sylvan’s challenge. A short kept match seeing as it’s nothing major but a quick opener for tonight, just to get Sylvan on the show. Sylvan does work on Miz not letting Miz get too much offense in and finally, Sylvan finishes off with the 3 Seconds of Fame for the three count. Sylvan grabs his Quebec flag and begins to celebrate when down comes Hardcore Holly. Holly grabs the flag from Sylvan and bashes the flag across the head of Sylvan. Holly grabs a chair from under the ring swinging the chair and connecting with a hard shot to the head before placing the chair in the middle of the ring. The fans cheer as Holly lifts Sylvan up and delivers the Alabama Slam onto the chair with Sylvan down and out. Holly then issues out his “own challenge” so to speak as he announces next weeks, he ends what Sylvan started, in a Hardcore Match!

Backstage, we see Paul Heyman arriving wearing his normal ECW hat with his suit. Heyman walks around backstage talking to some of the Smackdown wrestlers who just happen to be standing in the back at this time. We see Heyman walking towards the door of the Smackdown General Manager before knocking on the door but Long isn’t in there. However Heyman looks across the hallway and sees a sign on a door that says “Paul Heyman, ECW Representative” Heyman walks into the room and sits down before we see two men walk up but the camera has them cut off. Heyman talks to both men asking them if they are ready before we cut to a commercial.

The normal Vengeance video airs after the break.

After the video is played, we cut into the ring to see Paul London tonight fighting in one on one action against Nunzio. Kendrick is at ringside for the match cheering on London while Nunzio is by himself tonight. London and Nunzio put on a good little match and it gets enough to get the fans into it seeing as both men are very talented cruiserweights. London delivers a Hurricanrana onto Nunzio flipping Nunzio across the ring and the match seems as if it’s starting to wear down. London heads to the top looking for the 450 Splash but somehow, someway Nunzio is able to roll away. Nunzio takes advantage climbing onto the ropes delivering the Sicilian Slice! The cover, one…two…thr…wait Nunzio is pulled to the outside of the ring. It’s Justin Credible and Lance Storm! The Impact Players are on Smackdown! The ref calls for the bell and Storm and Credible do a beat down on the outside. The ref has rendered the decision a no contest as London and Kendrick make their way to the back with Storm and Credible throwing Nunzio into the ring. Credible grabs Storm as Storm delivers a Storm Kick. Nunzio runs right into a That’s Incredible! The Impact Players have made their mark tonight and look to continue until down comes Tony Mamaluke! Mamaluke slides in as Storm and Credible slide out backing up the ring. Storm and Credible watch as Mamaluke helps his former partner, Nunzio in the ring and Michael Cole and Tazz announce at One Night Stand, it will be the FBI vs. The Impact Players

Following the commercial break, Batista comes down the ramp looking around the arena as the fans boo the hell out of him. Batista gets into the ring and soaks up all the heat, acting as if he does actually enjoy it after what he did. Batista says he enjoyed beating the hell out of Rey this past Sunday at Judgment Day and if he had another chance, he would jump at it. Batista says the match speaks for itself, roll the footage. Clips of the match are shown, mainly the main parts before the devastating ending with Mysterio leaping right off the ropes into a modified Batista Bomb! The expression on the fans face is shown with Batista gaining the win. After the clip, we see Batista smiling and says “Wasn’t that great?” The Animal mentions how that Rey won’t be here this week due to “injuries” Batista says that since Rey has the week off, that a powerful man such as himself needs the week off. The Animal then points to the skybox and mentions that tonight, the skybox is waiting for him and he’s ready to go to it! The Animal slides out of the ring and makes his way up the steps after climbing over the barricade. People try to touch Batista but he simply punks them out before continuing on until he gets to the top. Batista walks into the skybox and takes a seat, surveying the arena before the show continues on.

After the break, we come back to see our third match of the night pitting Chris Benoit fighting Orlando Jordan. The match was designed to be a quick, squash match but Jordan does get some moves in making it a good match. Benoit doesn’t waste time though quickly finishing off Jordan with his combo of the three German Suplexes! Benoit makes his way to the top rope after taunting Jordan with his cut throat symbol and he leaps off the top rope for the Diving Head butt! Benoit looks around the arena before jumping right onto Jordan wasting no time as he quickly applies the Crippler Crossface! Benoit looks around the arena as Jordan raises his hand acting as if he doesn’t want to tap but has no choice it’s over! Benoit wins!

Backstage, we see Benoit walking around with his hard fought win before he walks right into his friend and former ECW alumni, Dean Malenko! Malenko and Benoit share a quick hug with Malenko congratulating Benoit on the win. Malenko says that he’s watched Benoit the first part of the year and said that he is ready himself to step back into the ring one last time. Malenko mentions to Benoit he wants a match at One Night Stand II! Benoit smiles and shakes hands with the Man of a Thousand Holds before both men walk off. A major match has been set for One Night Stand II making the total to 4 as of now.

Right after the break, the new ECW One Night Stand II Video Package airs.

After the video package, we get our ECW Showcase Extreme Rules Match, which turns out to be lengthy as Sabu and the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam team together to fight Finlay and William Regal with Paul Burchill at ringside. Sabu and RVD try to take advantage of the Ukliq’s abilities to not be able to get along anymore. Sabu takes down Regal with the Triple Jump Moonsault onto a chair but Finlay is quick to break up the pin fall meaning the match must go on. RVD throws a chair to Finlay as he comes in and RVD spins around for a Van Daminator but Finlay throws the chair and hits RVD right in the face. Finlay grabs his shillelagh, which is of course legal in the match as Burchill hands it to him. Finlay comes swinging at Sabu but Sabu is quick to duck as Finlay ends up hitting Regal. Finlay looks at what he just did but doesn’t have too much time as Sabu ends up clotheslining Finlay over the ropes. Sabu grabs a table that was in the corner of the ring and sets it up before tagging in RVD. RVD makes his way onto the top rope as Sabu throws Regal right onto the top of the table. Sabu sees Burchill coming in but he pushes Burchill off the ropes back into Finlay as both men go wandering back into the barricade. RVD leaps off the ropes delivering a 5 Star Frog Splash through the table onto Regal. The cover, One…Two…Three!!! RVD and Sabu have won tonight as Sabu helps RVD up as they celebrate. We see Finlay and Burchill making their way to the back, not even bothering about Regal and it seems like the dissension is continuing among the group. After the match, Sabu grabs a mic from ringside and cuts a quick promo with Sabu saying that “He doesn’t have a match right now but knows the perfect opponent for One Night Stand” Sabu heads out of the ring and walks over to the commentating table. Sabu asks Tazz if he would meet in the match that has been built for 10 years, a heated feud for one last time. Tazz looks at Sabu as he stands up and both men shake hands and it’s on! The rematch is on come One Night Stand!

After the break, we see JBL being interviewed right now by Josh Matthews. Matthews ask JBL about being eliminated second this past Sunday but JBL shares no comment, stating he’s focused on something else now. Matthews tries to ask JBL what it is but JBL doesn’t want to answer Matthews apparently but tells Matthews “Everyone can wait and see but I promise that no one will expect this coming, no one will know what’s happening” JBL walks off staring at the camera looking pissed before he walks out of view.

We cut backstage shortly after this to see Jamie Noble in the locker room tonight before Kid Kash comes walking in. Kash sits down by Noble as Noble is trying to pack his stuff despite not competing tonight. Kash tells Noble that he’s disappointed Noble didn’t even acknowledge him this past Sunday at Judgment Day and that Noble’s win was hard fought. Noble gets up and right into Kash’s face asking Kash if he want another title shot. Noble stares at Kash and Kash says “No, I don’t want another title shot but what I do want, I want an answer from you” Kash starts walking off as Noble looks at him in disgust. The crowd is confused as to what just happened as not much has been revealed in what’s going on between Kash and Noble.

And after the break, we get our tag match pitting Bobby Lashley and Matt Hardy teaming together to fight the duo of Mr. Kennedy and the United States Champion, Booker T. Fun little tag match between both teams and it’s given a little bit of time but not too much seeing as we still have our main event to come tonight. Booker works on Hardy trying to wear down his rival but we see Hardy reaching out to Lashley for the tag. However Booker pulls Hardy back into the ring and we see Booker tag in Kennedy. Kennedy comes in beating down on Hardy and Kennedy slams Hardy quickly down onto the mat. Kennedy makes his way onto the top rope looking for possibly the Kenton Bomb but it’s not as Hardy rolls away with Kennedy colliding with the mat. The fans cheer as Hardy finds himself making his way, looking for a tag and he reaches out, Lashley tags in and here comes Bobby Lashley. Lashley hits Kennedy, then knocks Booker off the ropes as Kennedy comes at Lashley. Lashley looks to slam down Kennedy but Kennedy quickly makes his way into the corner and Booker was up quick bringing in the tag. Booker comes running right into a clothesline from Lashley. Lashley grabs Booker and sends the champion into the ropes with a Irish Whip before coming back into a Back Body Drop. Lashley heads into the corner and runs delivering the Spear taking down Booker. Then Lashley grabs Booker and lifts him into the air delivering the Dominator before Kennedy tries to come in but gets cut off by Hardy. Lashley has the cover, One…Two…Three… and Lashley has pinned the United States Champion tonight. Michael Cole and Tazz announce at ringside that they have received word that next week, Booker T defends his United States title against Bobby Lashley, one on one!

After the match, we cut backstage to see Edge standing by with Steve Romero. Steve gets ready to ask a question but Edge simply budges in and interrupts. Edge says that he doesn’t know why he has to earn another rematch considering he already has one! Edge says that if he loses, he’ll just reuse his rematch clause next week, making the match a Triple Threat. But Edge says that his rematch might not be needed considering he will win tonight.

And after the final break, we come back before our main event which sees Edge, Christian, and Randy Orton all doing battle for the Number One Contendership next week. Edge and Orton end up double-teaming Christian, trying to keep Captain Charisma’s chances of winning low. Also, Kurt Angle is at ringside doing commentary as he is “scouting” his opponent for next week. Edge and Orton lift Christian into the air with a Double Suplex before Edge quickly shows his true colors by stabbing Orton in the back and sending Orton to the outside. Edge gets a quick cover but it’s not enough and Orton comes back into the ring. Orton takes down Edge with a clothesline before looking for an early RKO. However Edge is quick to grab Orton and once again, this time throw him through the middle ropes as Orton lands hard on the outside. Edge stalks Christian, looking possibly for the Spear and he comes charging. The fans are booing the hell out of Edge as he charges but Christian is quick to move and get out of the way of the Spear, which causes Edge to end up colliding with the steel pole! Edge grasps at his shoulder, as he knows he’s in pain right now. Christian doesn’t know Orton is behind him though and Orton makes his way into the ring. Orton starts stalking Christian himself as Christian is too busy staring at Edge looking for the Unprettier but as the fans yell at Christian, he turns around right into an RKO! Orton falls onto the mat and throws his arm right over Christian and the ref falls down to the mat counting the pin, One…Two…Three and it’s over Orton has gained a spot next week. However we see Edge climb out of the ring before heading to the time keeper’s table and grabbing a mic yelling at Angle at the commentator’s table that he will be in the match, via his rematch clause. Edge yells that he will end the fluke reign of Kurt Angle next week and become a two time World-Heavyweight Champion.

Quick Results:

Sylvan's American Challenge: Sylvan def. Mike Mizanin
Paul London vs. Nunzio was a No Contest
Chris Benoit def. Orlando Jordan via submission
Extreme Rules Match: Rob Van Dam and Sabu def. UKliq (Finlay and William Regal)
Bobby Lashley and Matt Hardy def. Mr. Kennedy and Booker T
Randy Orton def. Edge and Christian in a #1 Contender's Match

ECW One Night Stand II
Sunday June 11, 2006
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York City, New York

WWE Championship
Extreme Rules Match
Rob Van Dam (c) w/ Paul Heyman vs. Triple H w/ Mr. McMahon

Extreme Rules Tag Match
Mick Foley and Terry Funk vs. Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman

The FBI vs. The Impact Players

Dean Malenko vs. Chris Benoit

The Rematch-10 Years in the Making
Sabu vs. Taz

Notes: A few comments would be nice, doubt I will return reviews since it's recapped but if you do give a normal review, then I guess I would have to return it. Also, yes I do know if I owe you a review, please don't ask me or say review my PPV, etc. It's the holidays, plus sports and other stuff takes up time. I can't be expected to be on here reviewing shows every day, so please think before you ask like that.
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