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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

First off, apologies for the lateness of the review, but better late than never they say so...

Renegade™ reviews Judgment Day

Mexicools vs MNM
A good choice to kick things off with IMO, this should be easy pickings for MNM, who could do something better than this. However, the Mexicools are all over this match, and MNM are kinda lucky to be in it, and Melina saves them from a loss! And just like that, the Snapshot is hit, and MNM pick up the win. Decent start to the show. ***

Meh Sylvan, hard to take him seriously at times, but he seems to be getting some exposure now in this thread, and a challenge is layed down for SmackDown! My guess is Holly accepts

Chavo vs Noble
Very good, quick paced Cruiser match as expected. Didn't expect Noble to lose here, and after taking some hurt from Chavo, he was able to pull out the win, but it wasn't easy, and we may soon see a new CW champion, despite how well Noble has been doing. Tiger Driver ends it. Not bad, kinda lacked that typical CW feel, but still good. ***

The ECW hype continues

London/Kendrick vs Finlay/Regal w/Burchill
Much better tag contest than the one to open the show, with the mix of youth and experience playing off well here, London & Kendrick up to their usual energetic selves, before Kendrick is isolated, but it doesn't last long as London is tagged back in. As thought, Burhcill gets himself involved and sends London groin first onto the ropes, but it counts for nothing as L&K pick up a win to retain in a very good match. ***1/4

Kennedy with a standard pre-match interview, I think he'll cheat to beat Lashley tonight

Lashley vs Mr. Kennedy
Kennedy starts to play games with Lashley from the get go by constantly moving out of the ring, before we get started. I'm not sure if Kennedy would be able to pull off that Sunset Powerbomb move you described, but it was a sweet variation to a suplex counter. A steel chair comes into the match and Kennedy ends up landing on it, ouch. Kennedy does win, and does cheat to win in the end, haha, how did I know he would. Cradle with the tights does it. ***

Long/Heyman served as more build to ONS I guess

Matt Hardy vs Booker T
Come on Hardy! Matt started off well but Booker is quick to assert dominance in this match. Hardy comes back at Booker and scores a near fall after a Moonsault. This match is getting pretty good I have to say as Booker survives a Side Effect. And Booker nails the Scissors Kick, well it's all over for Hardy, yes it is. Very enjoyable encounter, I hope for a rematch. ***1/2

Good hype video for Vengeance

Batista vs Rey
Batista is gonna maul Rey in this one. Batista dominates Rey before Mysterio tries a comeback, but Batista is looking good here. No Rey fights back and starts to make me wonder if he can beat someone twice his size. Nope, Batista wins it, thankfully. Lagged and was never gonna be pretty anyways. ***

Edge may not be leaving as the champ...

Kurt Angle vs Benoit vs Christian vs Orton vs Edge vs JBL
Excellent main event to end the night with, surprised that Christian is the first man to be eliminated after only 9 minutes, but whatever. Benoit makes JBL the second man to go with the Crossface. Benoit then makes Orton tap also and he is rolling here, however I think it'll come down to Angle & Edge. Was I right or was I right? Edge had to cheat to do it, but Benoit is gone! And Edge manages to retain over Angle. Surprising. Excellent end to the PPV. ****1/4



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