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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw Review

Contract Signing
: Ah, here we go. Classic contract signing. Pretty good promo here, HHH and Van Dam both seemed in character, as did Vince. There were some bleak points, but besides that it was ok. Vince vs RVD sounds like a squash, and unless something big happens, I see RVD winning that match.

3MW vs. The Highlanders: HIGHLANDERS WITH THE UPSET! Damn, wasn't expecting that. Good way of building this feud by giving the new team the big win against the champs. MNM comes out! Snapshot! Looks like we're seeing a good triple threat tag feud building. Looks good bro.

Chris Jericho Promo: Good promo here, Jericho seemed good in this promo, a FANTASTIC match should come out of this feud at Vengeance, and hopefully is topped by some sort of gimmick match at SummerSlam, but hey what am I saying. You book the show lol.

Shelton Benjamin © vs. Gregory Helms Another good match in this Best of Seven Series. Interesting to see Benjamin win the second match, as now I have no clue what's going to happen, all I know is that it'll probably go to a seventh match.

Mick Foley Promo: Funk!! Good promo here, like the tag match announced for ONS. Should be good, even though it's going to be recapped. Foley and Funk were both in character.

Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Conway: Glad to see Hardy back in the WWE BTW, I hope you give him a good run. Nice match to put Hardy over showing he has no ring rust, and great win for Hardy. Hopefully he feuds with someone before Vengeance, so we can see him in action.

John Cena Promo: Short but good promo here. I see Cena winning this match, and getting into the hunt.

John Cena vs Kane: Good match here. Nice ending with Cena coming back to win and hitting the F-U. Can't wait to see who Cena will be facing, if RVD, the match should be awesome.

Striker/Carlito Promo: Pretty good promo here, to my surprise. Looks like we're getting a feud between Carlito and Striker, which should be entertaining in my mind. I know you're a Striker fan, so I think he will end up coming out on top in this feud, but hey, anything can happen.

Mickie James vs. Ashley Massaro: Eh, okay women's match. As with everyone else, I'm not really good at judging women's matches since usually they aren't that good. Anyway, Mickie brutally wins after hitting Ashley with that devastating DDT. Good win for Mickie, and nice to see her on top tonight.

McMahon Promo: Short promo, but Vince puts himself over as he normally does. He's not coming out on top though, I just don't see it.

Rob Van Dam vs. Mr. McMahon: A good main event, glad to see Van Dam pick up the victory and nice interaction of Jericho and Michaels during the match. Won't be surprised if we don't see a tag team main event next week after this, I'll have to wait and see if my prediction's right.

Overall: 85% = B. A good show, but not your best show. No "strong" problems, but I just didn't think this was one of those "great" Raw's. Besides that, I thought this was a good show. Can't wait for ONS II, and the buildup for the ME is getting better each week.

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