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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Deadman_014's Raw Review

Contract Signing: This was a good start to the show, good contract signing for their match and I liked how RVD mocked him at the end that was a nice touch in. This was a good promo from whichever superstars perspective you look at it, RVD vs McMahon tonight should be interesting I am sure someone will interfere to help McMahon win possibly.

3MW vs Highlanders:
Nice win for the Highlanders, giving a really interesting look into the title scene which should heat up soon, with a few teams off Smackdown hopefully. Decent match here, and MNM come to Raw which is a surprising yet very realistically smart choice to move to Raw.

Chris Jericho Interview:
Interesting interview, Jericho was good in here I enjoyed it, but the explanation for him working with McMahon should be good, possibly a WWE Title shot after Vengeance if he does this deed for him? Who knows, looks interesting though good stuff here.

Shelton Benjamin vs Gregory Helms: Benjamin goes over here in a good match, and we see 1-1 here at this point. I am sure you counted the weeks and we'll have the best of 7 series end at Vengeance. Their match was great at Backlash, so their match at Vengeance should be interesting to see how you innovate it.[b][color=red]

ECW Promo: I've read this a few times, so it doesn't interest me anymore. ECW One Night Stand II needs a few more matchs only 2 weeks away from the event, but with Smackdown starting to use some ECW probably will have some matchs on the card from there, looks good though interesting whats gonna happen with Vengeance 2 weeks later.

Foley & Funk Promo:
Hmm, I can't really rate this as I've never seen Funk do a promo before, it seemed alright nothing special, but a slight suggestion to you to find Funk promos as I wouldn't imagine him talking like this. Good attempt though, and this is a decent match which should be incredibly hardcore.

Jeff Hardy vs Rob Conway:
Hardy gets a small decent squash win here, and he should build up to a feud in the near future to go at Vengeance with some midcard talent.

Vengeance Promo:
I've also seen this before, but this is decent like the other one. I am very interested to see what happens at Vengeance, as this should be a really big PPV for Raw possibly one of the better PPV's you do with what I expect to happen.

Striker & Test/Carlito Promo: This feud seems to be building well, and this was a good promo. Striker was very good in this, and he came out to look very strong and Carlito was also good. The booking of this feud has been superb, I can see some type of match between them at Vengeance.

Mickie vs Ashley:
I like how you are booking the women's division, a nice win for Mickie continuing her reign and Victoria aligns herself with Mickie, Trish saves Ashley and we'll probably see possibly a fatal four way at Vengeance good stuff.

McMahon & HHH Promo:
Good promo here, I see Y2J coming out later for sure, should be interesting where you take this and I can tell RVD's title reign is gonna end to HHH at One Night Stand because I don't see RVD with the title much longer with the opponents he could have.

Mr. McMahon vs RVD: Solid main event, RVD comes out on top after Y2J comes out as expected, and HBK responds helping RVD. I am very surprised to see RVD come out on top here, but good stuff either way with a nice end to Raw.

Overall: Solid show mate, 86/100 from me. I enjoyed it and all feuds are devoloping and I really couldn't find anything bad in this show besides the Funk & Foley promo that I didn't think sounded right for Funk. Good show bud, Open Season is beginning I can tell.
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