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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Judgement Day Review- ORRY420

Opening Video:
This was a great video mate, it hyped the show well and got me pumped for what is sure to be a memorable night.

Mexicools vs. MNM: Great, highflying Tag Team Match to bring the crowd to life early on. THis was the obvious choice for the opener, and I'm pleased to say these 4 men did their jobs, wrestling a highly entertaining maych. I can see atleast one, if not both of these duos getting involved in the Tag Team Title hunt soon. Great start!

Sylvan Promo: Decent promo here from the Ambassador of Quebec, and I can't wait to see how his challenge pans out this week on Smackdown. Not really high on the push he has been recieving recently, hopefully it doesn't continue much longer.

Jamie Noble vs. Chavo Guerrero: Great Cruiserweight Championship Match here with some awesome technical action! Both of these guys are very capable in ring workers and coincidently produced a high quality match which was very entertaining. Kash applauding Noble was a nice touch, will we see the reformation of the Pitbulls or will we see a feud begin?

ECW ONS Vignette: Awesome to see the Land of Extreme will be returning for one night, and the main event should be simply amazing.

Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. Finlay and William Regal: Another very solid match, this PPV has been great technically so far. Burchill makes his presence felt throughout the contest, but in the end the Champions retain with Kendrick nailing Sliced Bread Number 2! It looks as if we may see UKliq breaking up in the near future after this loss, a feud between the respective members should be fantastic!

Ken Kennedy Promo: Decent little promo here from Kennedy hyping his match with Lashley. Hopefully the Loudmouth can pick up the win and move on to bigger and better things.

Ken Kennedy vs. Lashley: Kennedy does his usual thing before the match, which is great to see. These two guys battle it out in what turns out to be a hard fought encounter, and in the end Kennedy picks up the win out of nowhere with the roll up! Hopefully this feud comes to an end now, but I wont be suprised to see the Rubber Match somewhere down the line because of the finish.

Paul Heyman/Teddy Long Segment: All right segment here between Heyamn and Long. It served it's purpose in hyping ONS, and the Extreme Rules Match this week on Smackdown should be awesome.

Booker T vs. Matt Hardy: Great match here, if not a little rushed. Hardy nails some big moves early, which sets the tone for the match. Hardy looks very strong in this one, kicking out of the Bookend. Eventually Booker retains, but this feud is far from over. Hardy will be the United States Champion soon, mark my words. This has been MOTN so far, very enjoyable mate.

Vengance Vignette: Good litte video here to promote Vengance which is just around the corner. Should be a great show!

Batista vs. Rey Mysterio: This was a suprisingly great contest, with the David vs. Goliath feel played throughout. Mysterio looks to be the underdog, and plays that role throughout the duration of the match. Mysterio has a huge flurry towards the end, and even looks like he has a chance of winning it, before Batista counters the Seated Senotn into a Batista Bomb for the win! Very good match, just behind Hardy/Booker for MOTN so far.

Edge Promo: Intense promo from Edge, but your promos in general have been a little off toinight. Edge is confident he's walking away with the win. Can he do it? I don't think so.

6 Pack Challenge: Great way to start the match, with some quick tags in and out. Dissapointed to see Christian go first, hopefully his push continues after this. JBL is next to go, followed by Orton, and the final 3 have been set. Benoit is eliminated via belt shot from Edge, and it's down to Angle and the Champ. Wow, shocking to see Kurt win the Title, a great way to end the show with a suprising Title change.

Overall: This was an awesome PPV match wise, however the promos and match hype was below par. This was not the best PPV I've read from you, but the awesome matches definately made it an enjoyable 1show. 8.5/10- Nice work.

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