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Smackdown 18/03/04: Denver

Opens at WWE Headquarters, where we are shown Vince McMahon smiling. He welcomes us to Smackdown, and explains that tonight he will chair a sit down meeting between the GM of RAW Mick Foley, and GM of SmackDown Bret Hart, as they prepare to discuss the new era under their management, including trades and P.P.V situations. He then tells every one to enjoy the show especially, Steve Austin.

Opening Video
Michael Cole and Tazz welcome everyone to Smackdown and immediately inform us of tonights main event, signed earlier in the day by GM Bret Hart which will see WWE Champion Brock Lesnar team with The Rock to face Eddy Guerrero and John Cena, Plus we are going to kick things off with a WWE tag title match between The Worlds greatest tag team and the combination of Kurt Angle and Chavo Guerrero.

1st Match: WWE Tag Team Championship:
T.W.G.T.T vs. Angle & Chavo
Finish: Chavo and Charlie take it to the outside whilst Kurt applies the Anklelock to Shelton. Shelton looks set to tap when Eddy Guerrero attacks Angle with a steel chair causing a blatant DQ. Chavo tries to save Angle but is also taken out by Eddy who takes out some more anger out on both with multiple chair shots before leaving.


We return with a shot outside the GM meeting as both Foley and Hart are seen discussing matters.

Josh Matthews interviews Kanyon. He asks Kanyon about his match tonight with Hardcore Holly. Kanyon responds by telling Josh how long he has had to wait for a chance to shine, and tonight on Smackdown he is going to take his chance with both hands and let everyone ask, Who Betta Than Kanyon!?

2nd Match:
Hardcore Holly vs. Kanyon
Finish: Kanyon does not disappoint and gives the crowd a great performance, kicking out of an Alabama Slam and then hitting his own top rope reverse Rock Bottom which M.Cole refers to as "The Grand Kanyon" for the victory.

We go backstage where Chuck Palumbo is sitting alone. Cole and Tazz remind everyone that his partners, Stamboli and Nunzio were fired on RAW. He then looks to have an idea and gets up and walks through backstage area.

The Rocks music hits and the peoples champ enters to a chorus of Rocky Sucks chants. He takes the mic and berates the crowd starting with, Finally, The Rock has come back to De..De...Disrespect all you trailer trash in Denver. He disses the crowd some more before congratulating Cena over his victory at WM. He then gives him more credit for having no shame in being the worst Eminem wanabee ever. Immediately the crowd chants for Cena and his music hits to a deafening roar. Cena rips into the Rock with a top class rap that mimics all of the Rocks sayings, and movies. The Rock is incensed and demands respect. Cena says the only respect he will give rock is when he makes a decent movie. An upset Rock challenges Cena to see if he can get lucky again like he did at WM. Cena accepts and makes his way down the ramp only to be attacked by Brock Lesnar ending with an F5 on the ramp. Brock smiles at rock.


Rey and Kidman prepare for tag match. Mysterio goes on about their great match at WM and says to Billy he hopes they can have rematch soon. Kidman looks away with a face of jealousy.
We get another look at the GM meeting as Hart and Foley are seen still discussing

3rd Match:
Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman vs. Akio & Sakoda w/Tajiri
Finish: A mix up between all three of Akio, Sakoda and Tajiri leads to Rey knocking Tajiri and Akio off apron and gives Sakoda a 619 to set up Kidmans Shooting Star. Kidman is pulled out of the ring after the move by Tajiri and Rey steals the pin for victory. Kidman is furios and walks out on Rey to take a 3 on 1 beating.

We return to the GM meeting when Vince leaves the room and is asked for a comment from Kevin Kelly. Vince tells him the meeting has turned out well and that new ground had been broken. He tells us of the trades which have been made, they are, all three members of La Resistance,Hurricane and Lance Storm going to Smackdown, with Matt Morgan, Orlando Jordan, Rhyno, Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo heading to Raw. He also reveals that P.P.V events will change sightly, with September and October reverting to joint productions called, Clash of the Champions(world champ vs wwe champ etc.) and Nemises(no mixed brand matches). He then makes another comment about Austin and walks off.


A-Train and Big Show talk about their match later and agree that they make a hell of a tag team and will prove it later.
We see John Cena recieve medical treatment and is advised not to compete. He looks at the doctor and tells him he can and will compete.
Rey looks for Kidman everywhere but is eventually told that he left already.

4th Match:
Sean O'Haire vs. Rikishi
Finish: Rikishi sets up O'Haire for stink face but is hit with a pipe to the head by Palumbo, the referee fails to see as he was blocked by Rikishi and O'Haire gets the 3 count. He gives a surprised look to Palumbo as he celebrates victory

We go to an interview with Eddy. He looks into the camera and tells Chavo and Kurt to listen up because we gaurentees to get revenge and tonight was just the beginning. Angle appears and has a war of words with Eddy before Chavo attacks Eddy from behind. They throw Eddy through a glass window before leaving him a bloody mess.

5th Match:
Big Show & A-Train vs. Chris Benoit & Billy Gunn
Finish: Benoit and Billy knock A-Train down with a double clothesline, then Benoit locks the crossface on Big Show who has no choice but to tap. As they celebrate, Show and Train enter the ring with steel chairs and lay out both Benoit and Billy Gunn, before challenging T.W.G.T.T to a match next week for the titles. Haas and Benjamin accept because they proved at WM they are the worlds greatest tag team and will prove it again next week.

We see Eddy given medical treatment and is ready to be taken into ambulance when Brock passes and says Eddy is a walkover. Eddy sits up and tells doctor he is going nowhere.


We return with Kevin Kelly catching up with Mick Foley outside WWE HQ. Foley says he is glad he caught him as he wanted to make an announcement. He says the first main event he will sign for RAW will be typical Mick Foley. He says the Main event will see, World Champion Shawn Michaels teaming with RVD versus Evolutions Randy Orton and Batista....versus Cade and Jindrak....versus The Dudley Boyz for the World Tag Team Championships......in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, Oh my!!! Foley walks away buts returns and finishes by saying,"And thats final!!!". Bret Hart runs over extremely pissed off. He tells Foley that this is his show and to stop promoting Raw matches. Then he says he wants to announce a match of his own for next weeks Smackdown, pitting WWE Champion Brock Lesnar against Eddy Guerrero for the WWE Championship with a special guest referee, Bret Hart!

Brock Lesnar reacts to the news with a smile. He is met by The Rock. They discuss the match and agree it will be a breeze taking on two injured men. Lesnar then says he wants to make a special announcement later. They walk off together talking strategy.

Main Event:
John Cena & Eddy Guerrero vs. TheRock & Brock Lesnar
Finish: Cena and Eddy battle through injuries to take upper hand and Cena takes on The Rock outside the ring trading blows. Inside, Eddy reverses an F5 into a hurracanrana and connects with a frog splash. 1,2- Chavo pulls the ref to the outside as Angle nails Eddy with an Angle Slam. Brock crawls onto Eddy for victory as Rock stops Cena for breaking pin. Cena chases Rock to the back while Brock celebrates with an F5 to Eddy. He then takes the mic and tells the arena to shut up. He talks about his win over Goldberg at WM and claims that Goldberg is too scared to sign a new contract as he knows Lesnar will win. Goldbergs music hits, and the arena goes wild. Goldberg comes to ring with a clipboard, he drops it and goes straight into Brock with a Spear followed by a Jackhammer. He picks up the clipboard and signs a document. He drops it and holds the title above lesnar. The camera zooms in on the document which is titled - SmackDown CONTRACT. We cut with Cole and Tazz saying, Oh my God, Goldberg signed, Goldberg signed!!!!!

Please rate my Smackdown and I would appreciate any views or ideas you have for the future. I will be back with Raw on Monday which will be the regular day for raw and Fridays for Smackdown. Until then Goodbye.
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