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Ok guys I've been inspired to write my own wwe after seeing some of the other efforts which are excellent. I hope I can match up to the versions I have read. I have decided to begin the night after WMXX(March 15th) with RAW. The brand extension remains. In this first post I will quickly review what major occurences have happened between Royal Rumble and WM.

Royal Rumble: John Cena enters the Rumble at No.26 and elimates Goldberg to become The number one contender at WM.

Shawn Michaels defeats HHH in a brutal last man standing match to become Champion.

Brock Lesnar retains against Hardcore Holly

Randy Orton wins a 3 way match against RVD and Mark Henry to be still I.C champ

The worlds greatest tag team win a fatal 4 way match against Bashams, Rikishi and Scotty and Palumbo&Stamboli to reclaim WWE tag team titles

Raw february:

Goldberg defects to Smackdown, HHH is laid out for a month with a thigh injury,Kane is haunted with titan tron messages from now deadman Undertaker, Jericho wins the heart of Trish, HBK defends his title against, Kane, Ric Flair, and RVD in 3 separate weeks and Randy Orton becomes The number one contender for WM after winning a 16 man tournament. He defeats Maven, Booker T, RVD, and in the final he beats Jericho.

No Way Out (s/down):
Brock retains in a vicious cage match against Benoit
Goldberg beats Cena to become the number 1 contender at WM after interference from the rock
Angle screws Eddy as guest referee in the family feud match against Chavo
Big Show loses U.S Title to Mr. Ass

Build up to WM (raw):
Mick Foley returns to screw Flair and Batista out of the titles vs Dudley Boyz and Orton of the I.C title to Y2J in the same night setting up an I Quit match with the returning HHH at WM.
Lita wins a womens battle royal to face womens champ Jazz at WM.
Austin and Mc Mahon rekindle their feud and agree to Streetfight at WM.
Taker returns and challenges Kane to a casket match at WM. Kane accepts as the two battle for supremecy.
Eric Bischoff signs a I.C Battle Royal to keep with a WM classic.
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team make a challenge to the Dudleyz to find to the best Tag Champs.


Brock Lesnar and Goldberg go head to head on numerous occasions with both claiming to be the best.
John Cena and The Rock go through verbal tirades before agreeing to meet at WM.
Due to his heel turn Kurt is signed to take on Eddy at WM. Kurt is anounced to have Chavo on his corner and Eddy Decides to bring in WWE Legend Randy Savage to fight his corner for one night only.
Billy Kidman Defeats Tajiri, Noble, Dragon, Moore and Spanky to earn shot at his friend Rey Mysterio at WM.

WrestleMania XX:
T.w.g.t.t def Dudley Boyz in a table match and are officially the best tag team in the wwe.
Kurt Angle def. Eddy Guerrero after a mix up between Macho and Eddy.
Lita def. Jazz to become womens champ
Chris Jericho and Christian are the final two in the Battle royal when Trish turns on Jericho by distracting the ref as he beats christian. She then nails him with the belt and is easily eliminated as Trish and Christian celebrate.
Rey retains against Kidman clean. Afterwards they shake hands but Kidman is visibly frustrated.
Taker beats Kane in a bloody Casket match
Triple H beats Foley after The referee stops the match due to loss of conciousness after 3 Pedigrees and multiple Sledgehammer shots.
HBK retains against Orton in a Ladder Match after Flair and Batista and beaten off by Michaels.
John Cena def The Rock after kicking out of a chain shot to the head he beats rock withhis own Rock Bottom.
Austin def. McMahon despite interference from BRET HART. Hart entered looking the hit Vince but turned on 3.16 instead. However Austin rallied and won via stunner.
Brock Lesnar beat Goldberg in a physical war with an F5 and a Shooting Star.

Thats me up to date, I hope to post my first Raw either later on or tommorrow with SmackDown. I would apreciate any views you have for this post.


RAW 15/03/04:

We open with a 5 minute video showing the WM XX highlights.

Cut straight to pyro. JR and King sit ringside and briefly discuss how big WM was. They then proceed to tell us that Mr. McMahon will make a public announcement tonight. Plus under orders of McMahon co-gm Steve Austin is banned from the arena tonight.

Evolution music plays into arena and all four members appear, making thier way to the ring.
HHH takes centre stage and rips into the crowd who reply with chants of asshole. He proceeds to claim to be the real killer of Mick Foleys career.(stares at Orton). He then moves on to Shawn Michaels. HHH berates Evolution for failing to get the job done.(again stares at Orton). He claims his display at WM warrants him a title shot against HBK.
Suddenly the arena is darkened as the deadmans music hits. The fans set up their lighters, and the lights are back.
Undertaker is already in the ring as Evolution scatter.
Taker stands in the ring triumphantly and rolls his eyes back.
Now Kanes music erupts. Kane appears on the tron and promises revenge..... TONIGHT!!!


We return with an interview with Eric Bischoff.
He is asked his opinion on Vinces big announcement tonight.
E.B: Well, Coach, personally I think the idea to ban Austin...Perfect(evil grin). However, I'm a little perplexed by what the big announcement Vince has in store for these losers in New Jersey. Ha Ha Ha.(Boo's). But, I, Eric Bischoff have a surprise of my own tonight. You see, if Triple H wants HBK so badly, he'll get em. Tonights main event Coach is going to see, TripleH and Ric Flair against, World Champion, Shawn Michaels and ...... The Undertaker!

1st match: 6 man tag
Dudley Boyz vs. La Resistance and Rob Conway
Finish: With the referee KO'D, Conway brings in the tag team titles, however the Dudleyz counter and a triple clothesline puts Dupree and Grenier over the top leaving Conway to taste the 3D. Dudleyz win.

A limo pulls up and we are led to believe it is Vince, however we see Trish and new I.C champion Christian instead. They enter holding hands and laughing.

Backstage, Orton and Batista are seen talking, but with the camera so far away, we cannot hear what is said, however Orton looks visibly upset.

Cuts to Commercial

2nd Match: Womens Championship:
Lita vs. Molly Holly
Finish: After missing the Molly-go-round a dazed Molly walks right into a DDT followed by a Moonsault.
Lita retains.

Another Limo arrives. This time it is Vince. Refuses to give Terri an interview.


Trish and Christian canoodle in dressing room.
Jr and King talk about tonights events and go to speak with Shawn Michaels. They talk about his title match last night and hype tonights main event.

3rd Match:
Booker T & RVD vs. Test & Steiner
Finish: Booker makes a hot tag and takes out both oppenents. He connects with a scissor kick on Test and attempts a spin-a-roonie, but Steiner stops it with a chair shot resulting in DQ. With RVD still recovering, Booker is left to take a 2 on 1 beating. Test and BPP stand tall leaving Booker a bloddy mess.

We see McMahon making his way to the ring.


We return with Vince in the ring with a bandage above his left eye after his war with austin at XX. He begins by badmouthing the crowd, and even mentions austin. He then claims tonight is a new beginning for the WWE and can look forward to another 20 years of WM moments. However, if the WWE is to start fresh then it needs to get rid of the dead wood, He pulls out a list of Superstars names, Jon Hiedenriech, Rosey, Rico, Nunzio, Stamboli, Mark Henry, all FIRED!
Eric Bischoff then enters. He storms to the ring, and demands Vince rethink. Vince pauses, and tells Bischoff to look him in the eyes because.....YOU'RE F I R E D!!!
Bischoff is shocked as Police come ringside and escort him from the arena. Vince leads a chant of Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye. He now claims that that made him feel good, so for Paul Heyman, pick up your pink slip, Youre Fired!!
He then thinks out loud saying that maybe it were a bad idea, then again no it was, because, the first of the new GM - .......... Bret Hart. The crowd go wild to the announcement, even though he turned at WM this is too big to boo.
Vince then gets ready to leave until.... Glass Shatters... Austin enters in a pick up truck. He strolls straight into the ring and stuns McMahon.
Austin pours beer all over Vince and proceeds to the ramp when he is called back to listen to 2 words, You're FIRED!!!
A shocked Austin is distraught and walks out saluting the crowd one last time.


JR and King try to discuss what has just happened, showing highlights. Both are disgusted.

4th Match:
Hurricane vs. Garrison Cade w/ Jindrak
Finish: Cade has match under control troughout with help from his partner, however Hurricane comes back with a late flurry and connects with a shining wizard but Jindrak distracts the ref to give Cade enough time to roll up Hurricane with a hanful of tights.

Backstage, HHH and Flair talk about getting things done properly.
Lita is preparing to leave as she bumps into Matt. She thanks him for earlier and kisses him on the cheek.

We cut to the ring for a replacement of the Highlight Reel, Christians Peep Show. Christian and Trish review the sad life of Chris Jericho and explain that they planned the whole thing.
Y2J comes from the crowd and takes out Christian. He grabs Trish but can't bring himself to hitting her. She gives him low blow and Christian clocks him with the belt. They leave together hand in hand.


Main Event: Triple H & Ric Flair vs. Shawn Micheals and Undertaker
Finish: Match breaks down into 4 man brawl. Taker tombstones Flair, but interference from Kane breaks the count. They then brawl through the crowd and leaves HBK against HHH and Flair. Eventually the numbers are to much and HHH scores victory via Pedigree.
HHH raises belt. Vinces music cuts the celebration.
Vince enters at ramp. He decides to announce new GM of Raw as Bret will be S/Down. The new Raw GM is ........ MICK FOLEY!!
HHH is irate. Foley appears at top of entrance and waves

I would like feedback for this first RAW and I hope to get S/Down out tomorrow afternoon.
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