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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Monday Night Raw

Surprised you did mention that Jericho beat Michaels in a rematch later that year. July I think it was.

Not sure what to think of the Highlight Reel here. Sort of dipped in and out of being entertaining. Quite disappointed really with it, although I was never sure of what to expect from the outset. Looks like these two will be feuding for the time being anyway, although I cant imagine HBK being fully finished with McMahon.

Gregory Helms strikes first blood in the Best of 7 series. Can see Helms maybe building a lead, going 3-1 up possibly, before Benjamin claws it back.

Looks like Cena will have to play the waiting game for a few weeks, until JD, when I expect someone will move from SD and can start feuding with Cena, before cena finally can move in on a title shot. Realy fired up promo, and one of your better promos recently.

Hardy back next week is cool, and I cant see anything other than a win for the returning JH.

Victory for the Highlanders. I see them buffing up the tag division, but certainly cant imagine them being champions.

Bad promo between Triple H and Vince imo. Just really out of sorts. Cant put my finger on what it was, but just really not very good at all.

Followed up though with another top drawer Striker promo. Definately an MVP of this thread, and it looks like he'll be feuding with Carlito now for the next few weeks.

Quite an awkward feud you've got running in the womens division, with the heel, Mickie, taking on a bunch of faces all on her own. A heel turn from Ashley would be needed soon, and Victoria to side with Mikie too, to level things up.

Should've wrapped up the CCC promo just before Todd decided to ask if there was anything more he wanted to add. Just dragged on from there. Up until that point though, it was excellent.

Good win for Carlito to kick off the Striker feud on a good note. I can see this one rumbling for a little while.

Liking Heymans role lately, and he's beginning to add something for RVD, although the promos still do need work, as they're fairly generic.

Sabu is an awesome choice for partner, and would've made for an excellent tag team match up. Triple H pins Van Dam, and sets up the ECW Main Event, with McMahon making the match official, with ECW Rules. Didnt think I'd be interested in a Triple H - RVD match up on PPV, as they did it badly 4 years ago, but y'know, somehow, you've turned it around and made me interested.

Looking forward to more ECW Match announcements, although I hope there arent too many ECW vs WWE matches, and more ECW original matches.
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