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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Raw review

Michaels/Jericho segment –good segment here Two weeks without the Heart Break Kid must have been painful! I don’t think Michaels would say that good segment here there will definitely be a Jericho Michaels feud and it looks to be good 7/10

Benjamin vs. helms - great action in this match it was greatly done the only thing thee was like tree moves used in that match that doesn’t make it too interesting surprised helms do 6/10

Cena segment-nothing special here just a typical cena interview saying he wants his title back and doing his usual promos trash talking and stuff like that 5/10

Tag team match- good match I actually liked it good enough action surprise win it was good 7/10

McMahon triple h segment – I don’t what triple h and Vince are planning but I hope its something good cant wait for the tag match only thing wrong with this is a little too short 8/10

Striker segment-only thing wrong I think you should have hade the match straight after the promo other then that it was ok 8/10

James vs. Wilson – the match was ok for a diva match not really anything exciting happened 5/10

Carlito interview – good interview overall I don’t think in real life carlito would ask grisham for an apple do 7/10

Carlito vs. test –good match motn so far it was ok better then the other matches but still laking in acciment great to see carlito pick up the win 8/10

Rvd segment- it was well not bad could have been better like bringing triple h or kane in there but good overall 8/10

Rvd and sabu vs. triple h and kane –good match surprised to see sabu back in the wwe good move there surprised kane and triple h won 9/10

Mr McMahon announcement-good announcement for one night stand a extreme rules match should be great 10/10

Final view-88/100 overall great show some things you need to work on but great nonetheless also if you want to return this review my raw is up now link is in the sign

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