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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Hey man. Just returning the review.
HBKicon Reviews RAW:

Highlight Reel: Promo seemed off. I don't know, I wasn't into it like I should have been. Both HBK and Y2J had some good jokes but I wasn't really into this promo.

Benjamin vs. Helms: Nice match to start things off on RAW. I liked how Helms won, maybe a new IC champ soon? i hope. Anyway, it was a great match.

John Cena Promo: Sorry bro, but this promo seemed off as well. I enjoyed it and it showed cena's rage and aggression but Todd grishm seemed off and idk, I wasn't feeling it.

Highlanders vs. Spirit Squad: Great win for the Highlanders on RAW. It seemed like a usual tag team match with a usual finish.

Vince/HHH Promo: man, I have nott been into your promos. Sorry dude. This was one ok but there is something about them that i am not feeling. Anyway, it got the message across and i wonder what the surprise is!?

Matt Striker Promo: Ok, I loved this promo. Striker was 100% on here. i loved it. Striker is very under rated and he deserves more. A match with carlito would be very, very good.

Mickie James vs. Torrie Wilson: Decent womens macth, just to hype Mickie james. Obviously, she gets the win which gives her some leverage in this fued with Beth. After the match, you hyped the Womens division, especially Beth.

Carlito Promo: Your problem is TG. I am not feeling him tonight. It is just not working out. Carltio was very much in charecter and I liked that. I am into a Striker/Carlito fued though.

Carlito vs. Matt Striker: Nice win for Carlito here. Typical finish with the Bck Cracker.

RVD/Sabu vs. Kane/Triple H: Nice way to end the show. RVD/Sabu are an exellent team. triple h and kane win after McMahon helps them. I see a mcMahon/heymen match at ONS? Anyway, this gives triple H leverage heading into ONS. Will he take the gold off Van Dam?

Overall: 8/10. This was a very good show. It just lacked in the promos. Sorry but Grisham didn't seem in charecter at all. Overall, it was a good show.
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