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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

Cutting Edge: Solid Opening Promo here between everyone, Edge gets his heel self over here very solidly but you should of mentioned what else he said instead of put he mentioned something else. Besides that it looks good, good matchs but why not a 6 man tag, I sense you probably needed to fill the card this show, so you booked the 2 different matchs good none the less probably actually saving the 6 man for before the PPV.

Mysterio vs Kash: Short ok match here, nothing really special in the end about this. Mysterio gets the win though Batista banned at ringside would of been intresting if Batista came out anyways that would of been better still good stuff here mate decent booking this is a match I'd like to read someone write sometime.

Noble Interview: Noble builds himself up figures cocky, just a way to get him a segment in here filler segment going to be interesting though who he faces.

Battle Royal: Good stuff here, the people in it and Chavo moves to SD from Raw thats cool. Chavo wins without really doing anything thats pretty cool but the note about the commentators leads me to believe someone else will be put in that match as well good segment here bro.

Sylvan/Holly Promo: Nothing special here just a little buildup for their feud, small midcard feud something small probably for No Way Out to have there decent match that would be.

Mysterio/Batista Segment: This was solid, I am happy this happend tonight Rey's left out. I see a Rey Mysterio buildup win for him against someone next week and Batista winning at JD, this was a good segment though Batista should of put him through the front window instead, just a thought to make that better and hurt Rey more.

Long/MNM Promo: Decent match I can see MNM winning at JD, looks good so far JD. Poor Melina has to party with those losers lol, this was an ok segment building up JD for the most part with this match being made.

Kendrick vs Regal: This was a good match, the banned people from ringside etc was good factor here. Kendrick gets a nice win here and celebrates with his partner good stuff here interesting to see where all of this goes.

Christian/Angle Promo: This was pretty pointless, just a filler promo and it wasn't really good Angle came off ok and Christian just came off bad here just trying to get hype for the Main Event but choice a better promo then this.

Tag Match: Kennedy/Booker vs Lashley and Matt is pretty good. This was a pretty decent match ending with Hardy & Lashley taking the win I believe via dq. Good match here and good buildup for Kennedy/Lashley, I can see a HUGE promo coming in the future, from Ken Kennedy talking about Lashley after Judgement Day.

JBL/Benoit Promo: JBL was good in this even for a recapped promo seemed good. Benoit/JBL confrontation seems good here, and JBL clocks him after not accepting a match good stuff there JBL will probably get dq'd in the match.

JBL vs Chris Benoit: This was a solid match, good match to buildup JD but I don't see JBL winning at JD for some reason. JBL steals the win and all was good this was a good match here would be an interesting match in full though.

Kurt Angle Interview: Since Angle had his segment already maybe Orton or Edge should of had one eh? Anyways this was good, Angle's jump from Raw to Smackdown I thought was great in the end. Its going to be very interesting to find out how this Main Event goes.

Edge & Orton vs Christian & Angle: Solid Main Event here overall a good end to the show, Edge & Orton pretty much dominate though if Angle fell into the barricade he could be up and in the ring before an RKO and a Title shot could occur. Good ending though with Orton & Edge in a staredown postion as Christian and Angle are down solid show here, remember to check out the Rumble KOPV, also I won't leave an overall for points etc cause I don't give points for Recaps later mate.
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