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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


Opener: Good Cutting Edge opener that really sets up 2 big matches for later in the night.

Kash vs. Rey- Good CW match with Rey picking up the win. I wonder how his match w/ Batista is gonna be at JD. I doubt we'll see a squash but it's hard to believe it's gonna be a even sided match. Good luck with that.

Battle Royal- You seem to really love the CW division! LOL, but very good match that has Chavo winning. Chavo has a lot of momentum going into JD, Gibson (Noble) and Chavo should put on a great PPV match.

Sylvan promo- Good, quick promo to hype match with Holly. I don't know who's gonna win to be honest.

Another good Rey/Batista hype for JD. This match is looking to be and better and better every time you mention or push it.

MNM Promo- Figured this would come. Match at JD should be awesome. Surprised you put 3 straight promo segments in a row.

Kendrick vs. Regal- Good match that pushes JD match well. The whole faction thing you got goin on is really cool. The tag championship match should be great.

Angle/Christian- Nice little throw in to the show.

Tag Match- Good match that pushes the feuds well. I really like the Lashley/Kennedy feud, that is going places.

The brawl in the ring was good. Your very good at pushing feuds for your PPVs!

JBL vs. Benoit- Awesome match with a perfect ending! JBL gets some much needed heat going into his match at JD.

Angle interview was nice.

Main Event- MOTN, awesome main event! The heels get over in this one and once again you push JD great again! I'll definately be watching JD as it looks like a great PPV!

Overall- A very good recapped show, can't wait for JD. Like I said, you push the PPV matches so well, and every match is anticipated. I'll be paying attention to this BTB from now on! No wonder why you've been running with this for so long!

Overall- 88/100 B+

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Thanks man, and good luck with JD!

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