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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday May 12, 2006
Sioux City, Iowa

We open the show with the Cutting Edge as all five men are already in the ring before Edge comes down to the ring. Edge comes in and looks down at Kurt Angle, JBL, Chris Benoit, Christian, and Randy Orton; all five of his opponents for the Six Pack Challenge Elimination Match come Judgment Day. Edge runs down all five men first starting with Benoit saying that it’s pathetic it took Benoit 20 years to win a World Championship, because it only took Edge half of that to do so. Next, he tells JBL he might be Mr. Money in the Bank right now but he can cash the title shot in anytime, anywhere, whenever he wants but never, ever will JBL become champion again. Edge looks at Randy Orton and tells him that he’s killed many legends but he’s never killed one legend, a living legend at that! The Rated R Superstar! Next up, Christian is told by Edge that he always has been the dominant brother and that it was shown at WrestleMania and at Judgment Day, the peeps will be let down once again. And finally, Kurt Angle is told by Edge that last week’s win over the champion was a fluke and Edge mentioned repeatedly that Angle couldn’t keep the Ankle Lock in. Edge goes to mention something else but Angle jumps Edge and starts beating him down. Benoit clotheslines JBL over the ropes and Christian throws Orton over too. Edge gets an Angle Slam for his words and slides to the outside. But before we can head to a commercial, Smackdown General Manager, Theodore Long comes down. Long announces that he saw the troubles these men have had with each other and tonight will settle it all. Because tonight, we’re going to be seeing an ending to all of this chaos. Long announces he’s ordering JBL vs. Chris Benoit in a rematch from last week! Next he orders that Edge and Randy Orton team tonight to take on Christian and Kurt Angle!

We come back from a commercial to see the opening match. Rey Mysterio is fighting Kid Kash one on one with Batista banned from ringside. Mysterio and Kash put on a great highflying match with lots of action. The fans enjoy the match and many high moves including a Plancha from Mysterio are done through out the match. Towards the ending of the match, Mysterio starts to fight off Kid Kash’s come back as Kash goes for the Dead Level. However, Kash gets dropkicked into the ropes from Mysterio as Mysterio fell off the shoulders of Kash. Mysterio runs to the ropes and connects with his patented finisher, the 619! Mysterio leaps right onto the top rope and connects with the West Coast Pop. And Mysterio gains the win as he celebrates in the ring.

We cut backstage to see that Jamie Noble is standing by with Josh Matthews for a quick interview. Noble notes that his reign has been going for nearly four months and for all of those four months, the fans have been behind him. Noble then mentions no matter who it is or where they’re from, he can guarantee for every one of his fans that he will indeed retain the title at Judgment Day.

Up after the commercial break, we see the #1 Contender’s Battle Royal with the winner gaining a Cruiserweight Championship shot come Judgment Day. The competitors are Juventud, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Nunzio, Scotty 2 Hotty, Shannon Moore, and the next person to jump in the Open Season from Raw to Smackdown, former Cruiserweight Champion...Chavo Guerrero! In an action filled match, we see Scotty thrown out first to no surprise from Chavo showing that he’s ready to come back to his roots on Smackdown. Right after Scotty’s elimination, a dropkick from Nunzio to the outside knocks out Juventud from the Battle Royal. Super Crazy sneaks behind Nunzio throwing him out helping his partner Juventud get some type of redemption. Four men remain though as it’s Chavo, Psicosis, Super Crazy, and Shannon Moore. Moore gets tossed out by Psicosis after both Mexicools double team on Moore. We then hear the music of MNM hit as the Mexicools have had their troubles in the past few weeks with MNM! Down comes Mercury and Nitro as Chavo watches as Mercury and Nitro pull Psicosis and Super Crazy out of the ring while they’re on the aprons, which means Chavo wins and moves onto Judgment Day. The announcers note that Chavo doesn’t deserve the title match since he didn’t officially win it.

Backstage, Sylvan hypes himself up telling everyone to come visit the wonderful land of Quebec and that you won’t be sorry for doing so. Hardcore Holly, whom Sylvan cheated to beat last week, interrupts sylvan. Holly then tells Sylvan to meet him in the ring next week and this time, it will be Holly walking away with the win.

We cut backstage to see Rey Mysterio walking towards the parking lot as it seems he’s about to be leaving the arena and heading to the hotel. However, from behind comes Batista who attacks Mysterio and throws him into a car. Mysterio clutches his back as Batista simply laughs at what he’s done so far to Mysterio. Batista then gets Mysterio back up and picks the former United States Champion up before driving Mysterio into a hood of a car with a Spinebuster. Batista laughs at the damage he has done before he heads back towards the arena. We see paramedics come and help Mysterio but the damage has been done.

We then cut backstage once more to see MNM walking around after they attacked the Mexicools earlier on. MNM gets stopped by Theodore Long, the Smackdown GM, who tells them that since they’ve been messing with the Mexicools recently, they can have themselves a match against Psicosis and Super Crazy of the Mexicools at Judgment Day! Mercury and Nitro smile knowing this is their chance to head back towards the top as Melina tells them to come on, we’re leaving and going to celebrate before Judgment Day!

After the commercial, we cut back into the ring to see Brian Kendrick fighting one on one tonight with William Regal. Kendrick and Regal put on a good little match with London at ringside for Kendrick and Finlay and Burchill at ringside for Regal. Finlay and Burchill try to get involved early on but get ejected for their wrongdoings. Regal gets knocked down by Kendrick shortly after and Kendrick takes advantage. Towards the end, Regal gets a cradle on Kendrick but Kendrick is able to roll through and he gets the win! The fans cheer as Kendrick slides to the outside and grabs his tag title before handing London his. London and Kendrick celebrate as Regal looks down the ramp in disgust for losing the match.

We cut backstage to see Kurt Angle sitting down wrapping his wrists with tape. In comes “Captain Charisma” Christian as he comes to Angle’s lockerroom. Angle asks Christian what’s he doing here and Christian replies “he’s wanting to make sure we’re on the same level” Angle tells Christian not to worry about himself but that he needs to watch his back. Orton is more intense than ever and could take you down at any moment. Christian looks at Angle and tells him “OK, and then exits telling Angle he’ll see him later tonight.

After the commercial, the Judgment Day PPV promo airs.

For the next match, Matt Hardy and Bobby Lashley team together to take on Mr. Kennedy and the United States Champion, Booker T. A very even match with both teams working together well but main thing to note is that Kennedy doesn’t want to get into the ring with Lashley as he never does during the match. Kennedy though makes a difference towards the end whenever Lashley is in the ring with Booker. Booker gets knocked down with a clothesline from Lashley, then another clothesline before Lashley starts to signal for the ending. Lashley lifts Booker up looking for a Running Powerslam apparently but out of nowhere, Kennedy blasts Lashley in the back with a Steel Chair as Lashley falls to the mat in pain. Kennedy drops the chair and heads to the back knowing he made an impact tonight.

Once more after the commercial break, down comes Mr. Money in the Bank, John Bradshaw Layfield. JBL mentions that he’s overcame many obstacles since being on Smackdown and that being Mr. MITB truly is the greatest moment in his career since he has a guaranteed title shot. JBL runs down all five competitors before mentioning Chris Benoit, the man he’s had problems with since last week. JBL says that tonight he cannot and will not let down all of his fans because he will not tap out to the Crippler Crossface. Out comes Benoit who interrupts JBL pissing off the former Texan and Benoit wants the match to begin now. JBL says no but he changes his mind whenever he gets a sudden idea. JBL grabs the briefcase and strikes Benoit with it signaling the beginning of the match.

After the commercial, we see JBL take on Chris Benoit in their rematch from last week. Both men put up a good fight as this seems to be an even better match than last week’s. Benoit tries to lock in the Crippler Crossface a few times early on but can’t do so. Benoit though catches JBL with the three German Suplexes and climbs to the top rope for the Diving Headbutt. However, as Benoit leaps off the turnbuckle, JBL finds the energy he needs to roll away preventing himself from being hit by Benoit and the whole tide of the match has just changed. JBL heads towards the outside looking for a breather, which he gets. JBL slides into the ring again and comes after Benoit for the Clothesline from Hell but at the last moment, Benoit moves showing he’s not going to let himself be beaten by JBL tonight. Benoit catches JBL with the Crippler Crossface as JBL rebounds off the ropes. JBL has some trouble getting towards the ropes but somehow, someway JBL rolls through on the Crippler Crossface and grabs the tights for the win! JBL slides to the outside looking at Benoit as he has just beaten Benoit nine days before Judgment Day.

After the commercial break, we cut backstage to see Kurt Angle standing by with Josh Matthews. Kurt tells Josh he’s ready for tonight and though he didn’t break anybody’s ankle last week whenever he made his return to Smackdown, tonight will be different. And he’s going to be sure to find a chance to break Edge’s ankle first!

In the main event, Randy Orton and the World-Heavyweight Champion, Edge team together to take on Christian and Kurt Angle. Both Orton and Christian have had their problems in the past month while Angle and Edge both had a match last week. Edge stays out of the ring most of the time meaning that it’s left to Orton to fend for himself and for his team. Angle catches Orton with the three German Suplexes and goes for the Angle Slam a few minutes after but Orton is careful and makes sure he slides off the shoulders making sure he doesn’t lose the match. Orton pushes Angle into Christian who is now the legal man. Orton and Christian battle for a little before we see Edge run around the ring and pull Angle off the apron and then throw Angle into the barricade. Orton distracts the referee while Edge grabs his title belt, then swings the belt and hits Christian with it hard. Orton turns around to finish Christian off with a RKO! The fans boo as Orton covers Christian, could it be enough? Yes, it is as Edge and Orton gain the win tonight! The show ends with Edge and Orton celebrating in the ring while Angle and Christian are down on the outside. Orton shakes hands with Edge but both men pull close to one another showing that there will not be any alliances come Judgment Day.

Quick Match Results:

Rey Mysterio def. Kid Kash
Chavo Guerrero won a #1 Contender’s Battle Royal
Brian Kendrick def. William Regal
Bobby Lashley and Matt Hardy def. Ken Kennedy and Booker T via DQ
JBL def. Chris Benoit
Edge and Randy Orton def. Kurt Angle and Christian

WWE Presents Judgment Day
Sunday May 21, 2006
Kansas City, Missouri
Official Theme Song: This Fire Burns-Killswitch Engage

World-Heavyweight Championship
Six Pack Challenge Elimination Match
Edge (c) vs. Christian vs. Kurt Angle
Vs. Randy Orton vs. JBL vs. Chris Benoit

United States Championship
Booker T (c) vs. Matt Hardy

WWE Tag Team Championships
Brian Kendrick and Paul London (c’s) vs. Ukliq (Finlay and William Regal)

Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Noble (c) vs. Chavo Guerrero

Batista vs. Rey Mysterio

Bobby Lashley vs. Ken Kennedy

MNM vs. The Mexicools
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