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Re: WWE Unleash the Fury


Well, well. RVD looks to be in big trouble now, and the honeymoon as champion is definitely over, with Vince setting his sights firmly on the Championship. Should be interesting to see how long RVD can fend off the challenge of Vince and co. Looks like he is certainly becoming the centre of attention, which he should be as champion, and it appears he wont be on his own, with Paul Heyman backing him up. Triple threat tonight doesnít look good for RVD, but Kane and HHH will likely fall apart, both wanting the win, and ECW rules suitís the champion too. I have a feeling the build towards ONS is officially under way.

3MW donít look like stopping their vicious run as champions, and hopefully you can find a decent pair on your roster to come in and prove worthy challengers.

Hopefully Carlito keeps himself as top dog over Masters again next week, as Masters could prove to be a good stepping stone for CCC to reach the next echelon.

Back up for Trish and Ashley then in the form of Beth Phoenix. Not keen on Phoenix, but she appears to be capable in the ring, which is what matters. Another loss though for Trish was a surprise, and surely puts Stratus at the end of the pack in line for a title shot now.

A little surprised itís Test that gets the title shot tonight and not Striker, although I can see it being one of those situations where Test can get it done, so Striker then takes over to try and prise the belt from Benjamin. Strikers push is going handsomely right now.

Great match here with Angle vs. Flair. Awesome stuff Iím sure. The promo leading up to the match was good, but after this win, I think you made the right choice to send Angle over to SD where he appears to have a new lease of life now from quick glances.

I can see a top Smackdown heel jumping to Raw very soon in order to feud with Cena, just until he is able to get his title shot, which he has definitely earned, but I cant see him getting it anytime soon with Vince in the fray. Really excellent promo though.

Really pleased that Helms and Benjamin havent moved on yet. Give us the Best of Seven series please, or 2/3 Falls match - preferably on PPV, lol. Dying for the rematch.

DQ win for Carlito over Conway, with Masters getting one over on CCC. That suggests that Carlito definitely goes over next week.

Seems weird that Jericho would get rid of the Spirit Squad, then get beaten down. Donít think Jericho is ready for a face turn, but I cant see him letting the SS get away with the attack. Hard to call whatíll happen here, but weíll have to wait and see.

Test fails in his quest for the I.C Title, thanks to a vengeance seeking Charlie Haas, who is rightly after revenge following Backlash. Could be the beginning of a reform for TWGTT, against Striker and Test, although thatíd leave a certain Gregory Helms in limbo.

Major win for RVD, overcoming big odds, which is a good thing, and makes him even more of a credible champion with such a huge win under his belt here. Itíll be far from over though, and Van Dam will need to keep producing those type of displays to keep the title methinks.



Wasnít awfully keen on the Edge promo, but the interruption from KURT ANGLE adds a lot of spice to the opening promo. Huge start to open season, with Angle the first man to jump, and as I predicted a guy from Raw would take the final place in the 6 way match up. Although he seemed like a totally different person to the one I just read from Raw, whining. Tonights main event should be incredible, and Iíll be sure to enjoy that.

I <3 Finlay. Hopefully the Ukliq take the belts at JD, which I never thought Iíd say, as I love the team of London and Kendrick. Just not as much as FINLAY!!!

Not keen on the Holly - Sylvan feud, although itís pleasing to see someone like Grenier get a push for a change. Hopefully you find a better feud for him soon though, as a feud with Holly doesnít interest me.

All the build up towards Kennedy giving a reason as to why he attacked Lashley, and we get nothing. Not sure why you built it up as if itíd be some huge secret, and really it was nothing. Those two going at it at JD will be worth seeing, as the winner will be sure to rocket into main events immediately, whilst the loser will likely have to toil in the mid card for a while longer.

DQ win for Benoit is fine, as no one looks too weak for JD, although the crossface is nicely put over with JBL desperate not to get caught in it. Cant see either of them getting a chance to win at JD, as itíll be between the other four imo.

A Booker - Hardy feud should be worth doing, although itíll be just a mid card feud. Decent enough promo here, and youíre still the best guy at pushing Booker.

Glad to see Batista being put over as ĎThe Animalí with an animalistic approach to this match up, which pleases me. Hopefully he can go on a major tear as an unstoppable force, which he needs to be as a heel.

The Orton - Christian feud is certainly one that has legs, and this middle of the road promo suggests it will develop for quite some time before eventually culminating.

Match up following the promo was pretty strong too, with Orton heeling his way to a win. Christian seems to have fallen slightly from grace recently ever since his WM loss, which is a shame, although heíll definitely get a win or two back over Orton in the near future.

Main event time, and what a main event to cap off a tremendous in ring show. For me, it looks to be between Angle and Edge for the belt come JD, with Angle seemingly hitting a big stride of momentum, especially with the non title victory here, whilst Edge is still looking good value as champion.

Overall, SD certainly outshone Raw on this occasion. The in ring product on SD was vastly superior, arguably too good for a weekly show. Cant see that type of line up coming every week though, as itíll spoil the JD main event, with three one on one matches every week.
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